Friday, January 11, 2008

Give us your money or fuck off

Is there any business quite like banking? It is possible to withdraw your custom from every corporation, business, service provider, or shop and continue to function in a relatively normal fashion in Western society. Except for banks. Without a bank account you are cut out of participation with what is nominally 'your' government. Government payments, rebates and tax refunds absolutely require a bank account. No bank account - no payment. 99% of employers require you to have a bank account since they only pay by cheque. It's not impossible to find an employer prepared to pay cash. But it makes no difference. The cash is income and you are required by law to declare it for tax purposes. The tax office doesn't actually mandate that you have a bank account but if you don't they won't deal with you. It's an inescapable fact that merely choosing not to be a bank customer renders a person outside the law or outside society. Or both.

Again, is there any other business, which by law, we must be customers of? Having gone through this entire process it's my considered opinion that our freedoms are nothing more than a choice between the following - bank customer, outlaw or penniless hermit.


Anonymous said...

Join a credit union. Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Nat employee lied to my face
Confronted management
Tsk. Tsked.
Withdrew funds
Went to Credit Union

nobody said...

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Credit unions are to banks what Ford is to Holden. The choice I'm talking about isn't what kind of car I want, merely that I choose not to buy a car. Do you get it?

Keep watching the news. See if the credit unions in Oz behave in a non-cartel way and offer real competition to the banks by not raising their rates.

To put it in context - I have a philosophical objection to usury. It wasn't a sin for millions of people for no reason. I'm not religious but the reasons its 'sinfulness' are perfectly valid, even for an arch atheist. Cut to the chase - watch 'The Money Masters' on googlevideo and see how banks (and credit unions too) work.

nobody said...

correction - 'the reasons its sinfulness'
should read - 'the reason for its sinfulness'

nobody said...

Sorry Tony,

The derisory tone wasn't for you.

The comments approval process is somewhat curious and I missed yours at the time. Doing your own blog is enlightening. Things I wondered about when I wrote only in Les's comments section now make sense.

Otherwise, you remind me of when I dropped Telecom and went with Optus on account of the perfectly abysmal service I got from Telecom. When sales-reps from the new Telstra knocked on my door I gave them hell saying I didn't care what they called themselves - for what they'd done to me I would never give them my custom ever again. I switched to Optus and, sure enough, they made Telecom's ratbastardry look like amateur hour.

The point is? I can withdraw from all phone service providers and still function. Truly! I'm living proof. Banks (okay, okay, banks/credit societies) are the ONLY corporations for which it's compulsory for you to be a customer.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with what you say, It's dispthickable that I MUST have a bank account or I won't get paid. And then the bastards want to charge me to use my money. And then (in the past) if I want a debit card and I don't have a credit rating they hang up on me. Rude.
My Telstra story exactly. And then to add insult to injury when I complained about service charges the Optus man tells me to go to Telstra! Aaahhhhh! Mum.
Only in America.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Sorry!
John and Kevin just let me know it should have been, 'Only in Australia'. Sorry. Sorry. Please continue.

annemarie said...

You've made an excellent point there nobody. And one which I'm sure that enough people think about.

I wish there was a choice, particularly a better choice. Bartering is a workable system for some. But it's not practicable (or practical?) for most people, and for all circumstances.

As I see it, the main fault with the banks (and the banking system overall) is that it's really extortionary (is that a word) for the most part. The bankers designed it that way. And their servants, the politicians let them have it that way. Greedy fuckers all.

I hear that Islam (or certain aspects of Islam) have an alternative, non-usury, non-extortion approache to banking. Don't really know much about it, but what I've heard sounds a lot more fair and humane than what we've currently got.

Balance. Much more balance is required before our current banking system approaches any semblance of fairness.

Also credit unions do seem to be more on the fair side of banking. Though I've no experience with them to speak of.

make care, annemarie

nobody said...

Hi Folks,

And anyone who wanted to argue that the real reason the Middle East is being smashed is because it's not under the thumb of international banking would find an interested listener here. Remember, no alternative models may be suffered to exist.

and Tony - Who can tell the goddamn difference any more? A whole generation of gormless Paris Hiltons and gormless fuck-movie boyfriends.

Anonymous said...

penniless hermit

Anonymous said...

I see a co-incidence with all the targets in the "War of Terror" are countries that are not of the Rothschild central banking system. Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Cuba, Lybia, Venezuala, Afghanistan.

nobody said...

Well spotted.

I'd love to know how you find out who is and isn't 'owned'. Given that the media's number one targets are Muslims, Russia and China, I expect you'd have to add them to your list. Since Putin seems to be at war with the oligarchs who stole everything in Russia, I'm pretty certain that he's not under the bankers' thumb. Likewise I'd be astounded if the Chinese let foreigners of any description run their money supply. After their history with David Sassoon, the Chinese know all about the Jewish way of doing business. Google 'david sassoon opium wars' if you're not up to speed on that one. It's an eye-opener. And you'll never watch a Wong Fei Hong movie the same ever again, ha ha.

Anonymous said...

I figure wars are about power and in this world "Money" is the way to obtain power. Almost everyone has a price. The people that are demonized are the ones not owned. If there are complaints about "Human Rights", like in China or Russia, it is because the jews don't have the power or "money". Russia has no free media because there are no jews in the media there. Putin knows who the Bolsheviks were and what they did. If the jews don't own it then you will see it ridiculed.