Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pedophocracy Disinfo 102 - A Simple Easy Trap for Simple Easy Paedophiles

It's been a while but let's do it. But first a recap -

Occult power in this world consists of two pillars and each has their own disinfo campaign. Occult means hidden and were it not hidden, the death cult would come crashing down. To this end, the price of doing business is control of the media. That's why we have a bloc-media every organ of which sings from the same songbook. Certainly this is used to push memes that will herd us in the desired direction of war, fascism, and the new world order. But even more crucial than this is the disappearing of all those other memes that would otherwise have mobs in the street setting fire to public buildings and hauling the deserving, by way of lamp-posts and rope, as close to heaven as they're ever going to get.

The first and most powerful of these pillars is the Jewish, zionist, banking establishment. Subservient to this, but still untouchably powerful is the satanist, paedophile, mind-control cercle. The two memes that must be hidden, which is to say, completely absent from any public discussion are, a) the senselessness of usury and the private ownership of every nation's money supply and, b) the existence of mind-control as a real thing outside of Hollywood movies, and of satanism and paedophilia as anything other than the foolish obsessions of a disparate bunch of amateur losers.

If there are any Johnny-come-latelies out there snorting in derision at the idea of satanist paedophilia as a global organised power-trip, keep reading and see if we don't stretch your mind a little. If you want to catch up there's this, and this, and this. Those links will point you at Dave McGowan, Aangirfan, the ISGP, each of which in turn will lead you to any number of detailed and explicit exposés of the whole filthy enterprise. The main thing is - so huge are each of these black entities that otherwise large organisations like NATO, or Interpol, hell, even the CIA, are merely their servants. Don't roll your eyes, just go read.

Have we gotten rid of the wide-eyed newbies? Very good. Let's carry on.

The bloc-media is one thing and the internet is another. As it stands the net is not yet owned. They're working on it and I expect they'll get there eventually but it's easier said than done. In the meantime here on the net, hitherto deaf, dumb, and blind nobodies like yours truly are learning and in turn passing the word about topics that ordinarily demand, and get, a pitch black silence. But as things stand right now, the net represents an active threat to the death cult's ability to hide and specific tactics are called for to deal with it. For the purpose of the exercise we call this disinfo.

The disinfo programme of the bankers is very obvious. Hasbara is one of them, Megaphone is another, but really there's many and I doubt anyone here hasn't encountered some aspect of it. It's not like it's hard to miss. Jews are very noisy people who love nothing better than talking about themselves (invariably as victims) and they are as plain as a white ashkenazi face in a seething crowd of Semites.

The disinfo of the satanist paedophiles is a whole other story. Paedophiles cannot defend themselves. They cannot stick up for the rightness of paedophilia. Certainly they have tried, albeit with disastrous results. That link there will take you to Ralph Underwager's notorious Padika interview where, one assumes, he wanted to start the ball rolling on a meme that had as its end goal a society somehow comfortable with the idea of adults fucking kids. God knows what they were thinking of. Instead of a barrow to sell their ideas it became yet one more thing to be jammed into their bursting-at-the-seams, skeleton-laden closet.

And then there's the time-honoured chestnut of victimhood. And the more heinous the crime the more irresistible it is as a defence tactic. To this end a gang of ex-MKULTRA spook paedophiles created the False Memory Syndrome Foundation along with their tag-team partner, the Institute for Psychological Therapies. But without a holocaust behind it, the merest puff of air is all it takes to destroy the idea of paedophiles as victims. But that doesn't stop them - the FMSF and IPT still exist and still push their semen and blood-spattered cart full of their woe-is-me bullshit stories in the hope that those who've never heard of them will buy what they're selling. Believe it or not I bought their line, but only until I encountered Dave McGowan. Tragically (for the paedophiles that is) it only takes a single voice to smash their beyond-flimsy case to pieces.

In the face of such a woeful arsenal to wage their covert war, it's therefore necessary for the paedophile disinfo reps to function as a sort of inverse door-to-door campaign. This requires an army of individuals to act not as salesmen but as anti-salesmen. They are there to make sure you have never heard of their product. Sometimes this will involve them running a website in its entirety. If you want to see what this looks like, go check out the Sargeant's (sic) Inn, a website heavily devoted to Madeleine McCann. Oh that's interesting, I've linked to my place, but I can't to theirs, because it's gone. They don't even exist as a google cache. Wow. Anyway, at the Sargeant's Inn, fingers were pointed in every useless direction they could think of but mostly at the parents of course. And trans-national, organised paedophilia was not only nowhere to be seen but was actually dismissed as the mad ravings of crazy people. Dave McGowan? Never heard of him.

It's a shame the Sargeant's site is gone. It had been my intention to call them out. Or call him out that is. I suspect that the militarily-named Sargeants is in fact one bloke, the also militarily-named Blackwatch. Here he is in the standard black-bloc rig of hoody and sunglasses. Sure, why not? The least I could say about BW is that if he wasn't on the pedophocracy payroll he was an idiot missing out on free money. He was precisely the chap for their disinfo job description. He has If-you've-got-the-game-you-deserve-the-name written all over him. But no great loss that he's gone - there's no shortage of these fuckers and they're all as easy to take apart as each other. As we'll see...
The un-sargeants blog is the ever-mighty Caledonian collective, Aangirfan. The gang of schoolgirls there name names, make links, and otherwise lay bare the whole sordid edifice of filth that is the pedophocracy. What with statcounter numbers that make this blog look puny, it was inevitable that Aang would attract a disinfo effort. Sure enough, the abovementioned Blackwatch (posting as BW) did his level best to shepherd the discussion in the comments to sundry Aunt Sallies of his own choosing, each of course a worthless non-target. BW's problem such as it was, was that he had an identity, with that further confounded by being attached to a blog. Thus, his angles of attack were extremely limited. He could try to change the subject and point in other directions but, constrained by a requisite etiquette, it all came to nought.

Hmm... how to attack Aang?

What of the techniques of the infamous Stevieb that I discussed in earlier hit piece I did Pedophocracy Disinfo 101 and followed up with Two Disinfo Programmes Compared ? Unfortunately they work best at sites where everyone is in the dark about the pedophocracy and are easily spooked by the otherwise tired, old buzzwords of 'hysteria', 'witch-hunt', 'overzealous', 'hoax', 'debunked' etc. etc.

Time for a different technique at Aang's. And just lately we got another salutary lesson in how it's done. All it took was the simple expedient of anonymity. Thus cloaked, the disinfo merchant could attack-attack-attack and any topic would do. All of the attacks were worthless red herrings of course. But the point wasn't to invade and win. The point instead was twofold: at Aang's blog those in the comments, under the barrage of shit, would flee and find somewhere nicer to hang out; and then by taking the same shit-slinging tactics to Kenny's Sideshow (a deservingly popular site with numbers up there with Aang's) they would function to discourage the people there from giving Aang a try.

And what were these attacks? Like it bloody mattered! Anything would do. Gay something or other. Zio something or other. Censored something or other. If we wanted to sum it up in one word it would have to be 'wedge' as in 'wedge issues'. Thus everyone has to pick sides on the otherwise who-cares topic, yell and scream, and finally we all go away and stay away. The disinfo troll sure enough doesn't give a flying fuck one way or another over any of it.

It's not a bad tactic if you think about it. And sure I fell for it. But as he (or they - tag teams are beyond common) slung out different progressive wedge issues the picture of them as disinfo sharpened for me. So I made a trap. Here's the cut and paste from Aang's comments:
nobody said...

And oh look, there's a comment from anon who was just now over at Kenny's complaining that Aang had censored him. Just like he was in at my place (a poetry blog, go figure) complaining that I'd censored him there too. Truth was he'd idiotically gone to the comments page from a week earlier, where (duh!) his comment wasn't.

Mate, it's like you're hellbent on announcing as loudly as possible, and in as many forums as possible, that you are as thick as pigshit. If I had fucked up that badly I'd crawl away in shame. But not you! Over and over you continue to loudly make a complete arse out of yourself. Unbelievable.

As things stand, your criticisms make no sense, you make no sense, and I find myself being shepherded (by your goodself, ahem) towards the position of viewing you as a disinfo merchant for the satanist/ paedophile branch of the death cult. Your shtick, such as it is, is to split the crowd here on a complete furphy - zio something or other - something, anything to distract us all from Aang naming names in the satanist paedophocracy.

Hmm, I'm going to call this the 'Hey everyone! Look over there!' technique. It's pretty crummy but there aren't that many plays in the paedophile disinfo playbook are there? It's a tough gig defending the indefensible, and what's a feller to do?

But never mind all that! You can still redeem your good anonymous name yet. All you have to do is write something, anything, on global organised paedophile-based satanism. Any opinion will do. No need to fear, this is not a trap! And you won't fall in it! I swear to God.

And because I'm that kind of fellow, I'll thoughtfully provide you with some talking points. If you're Americanocentric you might want to run with:

the McMartin scandal
the Presidio scandal
Dave McGowan's Pedophocracy
the False Memory Syndrome Foundation
Ralph Underwager and Padika
The Finders
The Institute for Psychological Therapies

And if you're Eurocentric:

the Dutroux scandal
the Casa Pia scandal
Jersey and Haut de la Garenne
Kincora Belfast
Margaret Hodge Islington
the ISGP
Baron Benoix de Bonvoisin
Michel Nihoul
Jean Violet and Le Cercle

That should do for now. Anything you have to say on the subject will be greatly appreciated.

And punters who've just dropped in and are wondering what some of those things are - get googling!

PS And anon - remember, this is not a trap and there is no wrong answer.
Now he's in a bind and that was the whole idea. For a pedophocracy disinfo spook a list such as the above is precisely what he doesn't want. His job is to stamp out all discussion of the aforementioned and here it is, as a google guide for the curious. Besides which, what opinion is he meant to express on it?

The flipside of this was that I didn't care if he answered or not. Me waving a flag with the words TRAP written on it was a red herring designed to scare him into running. And he did precisely what I wanted. He fled. People can get nit-picky if they want but for me this was sufficient evidence of where his head was at. But nor is it as simple as that. His failure to answer provided me with a whip to goad him with later. And over at Kenny's he fell for the second bait which this time I thoughtlessly failed to flag with the word TRAP. But it was one, of course:
nobody said...

Is that anon wanker still declaring he's been censored? God spare us. You said the same thing at my poetry blog even though your stupid fat-head comments were right there. And there you were with the same charge at Aang's the other day and equally as wrong! You're not just disinfo but you're crap at it. You dim-witted incompetent. I guess if they pay peanuts they get monkeys.

Anyway monkey boy, after I asked you to make a comment, any comment, on a long list of satanist pedophocracy take-your-pick, and you chose to run away, I'm calling you as a paedophile disinfo spook. You got the game, you may as well have the name. You're not stevieb are you? Actually who gives a shit? Either way: Fuck Off Kiddy Raper.
And now watch him put his foot right in it:
Anonymous said...

Oh and "nobody" you talk about pedophilia almost as much as "aangirfan" does. No wonder you defend him so hard. You are projecting with all that pedo talk obviously. Creepy.
Bingo! Straight out of the paedophile disinfo playbook! Time to get vicious:
nobody said...

That's word perfect mate. You are textbook.

In the avalanche of evidence Aang provides, you have nothing to say apart from 'it's all in your head'. Pedophocracy disinfo merchants are so fucking predictable. I gave you a list of twenty things, any one of which would, for regular right-thinking people, elicit a single response, that being, 'Holy Shit! I had no idea!'

Paedophile disinfo merchants on the other hand never bat an eyelid. They been there, done that, got the thousand yard stare to go with it. Mate, you are the walking dead. In your head is a blank space and the only thing that makes you feel alive is fucking children.

Comment again, I dare ya. You are so zombified and so fucked up that you have no idea how real people think anymore. I lay a trap for you, I even tell you it's a trap and all you can do is walk straight into it.

One more time: say something, anything that wavers from a paedophile disinfo line. And to make things really crystal clear - This is a trap. Do you get it? Yeah? But guess what? It doesn't matter that I warned you since you cannot stray from the paedophile line. You can only walk on a pre-programmed path even when you know the trap is there.

You fuckers are so stupid and so predictable it's almost funny. Except for the bit about you raping kids.

And if punters out there think this is a weird conversation have a read of this [link to the stevieb piece]. It's longish but regardless you'll see a textbook example of what I'm talking about above. In that case the paedophile disinfo merchant, one stevieb, precisely fulfills the description of zombie who cannot stray from the path.

Hmm... I'm going to front page this over at my place. And professional kiddy rapers are welcome to come on down. Be warned: you will be on the menu.
So there you have it. If you have an inkling that you're talking to a paedophile disinfo scum you can tear their mask off by way of the simple expedient of asking them to express an opinion on the topic. The reason this will work is because they cannot do it. They are utterly incapable of expressing an opinion on a subject about which normal humans can only have one opinion. This opinion, this humanity, is now lost to them. They no longer possess it. All they know is raping kids and covering it up. They are perfect one-trick ponies who, hobbled by their lack of humanity, will fall at the first hurdle. Anyone who wants to take them down, it's as simple as that. There ain't nothin' to it. Attack.

I address them now -

C'mon down, you worthless dead cunts! I know you're seething with rage. Well, the comments are right here, and we'll see who's blood gets spattered on the walls. Because I tell ya - and you can't say you weren't warned - it's going to be yours. You got nothing. Nothing but the prospect of a stomping. Yeah, metaphoric, whatever - what's in your head is what's in your head.

Or, I tell you what. Stay away! It is the spook's smart money bet after all. And sure it's chickenshit, but then again, you ARE chickenshit. You know it and I know it. As if anyone who rapes kids was ever going to be anything else.

Watch me predict the future - it's easy because you got no option - you're going to run to Kenny's, and every other forum you can find, and you're going to squeal bloody murder like some vicious Thai ladyboy. You'll jabber about every thing under the sun except for that thing, the thing that can't be spoken of, the only thing in your black hole of a head, the only thing that propels your worthless zombified corpse through your dead grey world. You worthless cunts.


Sabretache said...

Well said Nobby

And here's another thought: The wellsprings of revulsion, disgust and betrayal that so clearly underpin your post are identical to those of ANYONE with an ounce of humanity in them. Pedophillia is unique in provoking such a powerful combination emotions in fact. It should therefore be self-evident that our esteemed SIS's must always be profoundly involved with it.

nobody said...

Tache! You still here? Mate, how do I drop you a line over at wikispooks? I hit it every day and I love it but I find it somewhat impenetrable for getting in touch.

Has he gone? He did this last time too.

Anyway Tache, hopefully you'll pop back in and see this and tell me how I can get in touch. Nothing special, there's just been a few occasions where I wanted to say hello.

And thanks for popping in mate. Lovely to hear from you.

Kosta said...

You're right, they just don't get it.
It may have been you or Kenny or Ang on one blogg theorising that they must be missing a chromosome, that it's perfectly natural to want to muster around the young in defence of predators, as in the animal world, but these guys just don't get it.

Throw them to a group of shopping mothers I say.

Love your passion nobody; may one of these types fall at your feet one day soon.
Pederast hunting should be an international sport.

kikz said...

love the all call, noby. glad ta see ya bak in the saddle, it's been too long!
hope the van hunt is goin well...

i feel a little shame i've shied frm this subj. it tears me up. i know this monster exists on every level of 'society'.. but i just can't do the deep dive into the factual specifics of cases. it would shatter me, literally.

the best i've been able to muster is a mostly personal vigilance, in informing my 3 girls and their friends on the importance of listening to their own 'gut' on this particular predator danger and others . the bod knows...well before the mind that one is danger.. the mind will ignore the blaring warnings, then it's too late...and one is in deep shit.

when they were little i kept close watch on them, never let anybody have access, no church- no coaches-nobody. tried to teach them all the ruses and grooming techniques these kiddie fukers use to get to them. i hope it has served them well, and will continue to do so.

only one incident gnaws at my mind..a yrs ago overnight stay at a girlfriend frm school's house. they all came home kind of wacked the next am, and i knew something wasn't right.. what ever had them zombified had nothing to do w/lack of sleep. and a report of 'virgin pina coladas' being served after dinner...combined w/an 'off' feeling i'd gotten frm the friends' father once... was enough. ended the friendship. they never went over there again. they'd all slept in the same room, so, i don't think anything physical irritation/damage that i could see. may've been a test run for later...

so anyway... i applaud all of your efforts noby, aang, & kenny in documenting the horrors of this shit head on. and, for taking these sick bastards to task in their disinfo campaign.

fight the good fight, y'all.

kenny said...

That was great nobs. The little diseased trolls have met their match with your eloquent responses, hitting them in their programmed black hearts. The best I could do was to just tell them to fuck off.

While on this subject, I heard some good news yesterday. An out of state landowner in one of the most beautiful and isolated areas of our county several years ago had drug in a bunch of run down trailers, scattered them over around a 1000 acres and rented them. I guess word got around and it became populated with registered sex offenders including pedophiles. The cops were called out there fairly frequently for drunken disturbances and even a couple of mysterious fires burning trailers to the ground didn't stop the slumlord from bringing in more. But for unknown reasons the plug has been pulled and all the renters are gone. The neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief.

majestika said...

Good to have you back!

I recommend you check out the Mondo films (Bizarro & Freako) if you haven't already for more insight into the Laurel Canyon/Process/Manson/MKULTRA/PedoSatanist scene.

Can I also recommend Stuart Syvret's blog for an excellent insight into the Masonic Jersey set's workings

nobody said...

Thanks everyone for piling in. Can I just make a distinction? And then trash it? This mostly by way of Kikz's comment. And I'll preface it by saying that the truth of ''As if a parent would give a shit" is made of granite.

The thing is for me, is that there are two paedophilias. One is the paedophilia we see on our televisions. This is the paedophilia that belongs to those people that a non-internet friend of mine refers to as 'sad cunts' (BTW I normally avoid that word like the plague. It's really hateful. But! Sometimes, once in a blue moon, it's the only word that does the business. And here I am four years into this blog and... have I ever used it here before? Maybe once? Whatever - I truly hate the sound of it. And that's where I'm at with that).

Back to the people on the telly, I view these as the amateurs. They're there to be publicly sacrificed so that those ensnared in the professional satanist-paedophile blackmail gag will know the meaning of terror. It functions as super juju for the blackmailers' big don't-argue.

Funnily enough, this distinction is what got me started on this in the first place. This was before I read Dave McGowan and before I was aware that organised paedophilia existed (never mind satanism). So I wrote about it. This was effectively me trying to guess what the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle consisted of.

But back then, what with me dividing my time between WRH and smokingmirrors, I thought it was all about Israel. Given the otherwise inexplicable hold the Israelis had over the US government - with all and sundry wondering, 'how can this be?' - I hypothesized that the only way that people could be blackmailed into destroying their own nation was by the threat of exposure as a paedophile: A junket trip to Israel, a mickey finn, a weird dream-like night, and wake-up call from a Mossad agent with a DVD of yourself copping a blowjob from an eight year old. And I have no doubt that that takes place.

But such an event represents the merest tip of the iceberg. As we all know.

Mind you, the division isn't that simple. In the above-linked piece I gave a pass to the Australian photographer Bill Henson. Knowing what I know now I'd view him with extreme suspicion. Hell I'd peg him as a dead cert.

And whilst I'm convinced that there is a division between amateur and professional, it's also not that simple. Professionals, if caught, will when all else fails attempt to pass themselves off as amateurs. And flipside to this - the amateurs make a perfect recruiting pool for the professionals. Subsequently there is no hard line.


nobody said...

As for Kikz's sleep-over father, is there any way of knowing which he was? Absolutely not. He could be on his own. Or he could be in a circle. It's impossible to know and only a fool would think of pursuing the answer.

Anyway Kikz, in a world of Johnny Goschs the only thing that counts is that your daughter is at home and none the worse for wear. If it's any consolation, provided you have antennae (metaphorically speaking) it's easy to spot these people. I'm given to thinking that these fuckers only succeed if those they prey on (or more to the point the parents) have no idea that such things are possible.

At McMartin, six of the seven people there were women. Who the fuck would suspect that? Same-same the Presidio scandal. That blew up when one mother, for no particular reason went one way and then another and through sheer luck observed a female kindergarten teacher playing with her daughter's genitals.

But here's the thing: had she known that such things exist as a possibility, that inkling would have set off alarms waaaay earlier. In fact I suspect it would have been quite obvious. Likewise the parents of McMartin had been observing evidence of abuse for months and months with no idea what it meant. The possibility of organised paedophilia was just too alien a concept to even occur to them.

So! We look into the abyss but there's no need to get hypnotised by it. Just knowing that it exists is enough, and armed with that knowledge keeping one's children safe is not so difficult at all.

Or to put it another way, these fuckers are only capable of operating because what they do is inconceivable. The problem with that as an operating mechanism is that if a parent can conceive of such things then they don't stand a chance. None. They'd fall so quickly it'd make their heads spin.

Which is reassuring I think. Like I said on the front page, it doesn't take much to defeat them.

Hmm... I might re-write this and whack it on the front page. Not bad. I do like the comments. I often find myself pushed in all sorts of interesting directions that I would never have found by myself.

nobody said...

And thanks to everyone else, and Kenny particularly.

And Kenny, you poor bastard, ha ha ha. We gotta sympathise mate: having your comments choked with such bullshit must be quite frustrating. I'd hate it. Anyway, I do like hanging at your blog. I don't know that I could put my finger on it but there's a nice vibe there that I, and lots of others obviously all groove on.

And speaking of Kenny's blog! Happily the vast majority of the punters there were too grown-up to pile in on my off-topic thing. They all carried on with an interesting conversation about what was on the front page. Hats off to them.

But anon couldn't help himself sure enough and piled in with two textbook responses, viz:

Anonymous said...
Don't forget to take your meds.

Anonymous said...
Satan-worshipping child molesters?
Sounds like an episode of the Geraldo Rivera show.

Me again - How perfect were those answers? I take that now as triple-point proof. Like I said, he cannot discuss the topic. He's physically (well, mentally really) incapable of it.

Oh wait, thoughts plug into each other! The front page comes clearer. It will be entitled Pedophocracy Disinfo 103 - A Guide For Parents. Thinks: yeah... yeah... that'll work a treat.

But first, No-Planers!

off I go now

ciao ciao


nobody said...

God, I'm writing up a storm lately aren't I? My mother and her husband have gone on holiday and I have the place to myself. And that's all it takes - I get some space to myself and I write like a maniac.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the link and the support.

You are absolutely correct in saying that these disinfo merchants will not go into any detail on such matters as Dutroux, Jersey child abuse etc.

The target should not be some harmless girl guide leader who hugs a young lassie, but the guys who organise such things as MK ULTRA.


- Aangirfan

slozo said...

I think the time off was great for you, Nobody. A crystal clear, bang-on piece here, straight to the heart of the matter, like a frozen icicle stab in the chest.

From first yourself, and then aangirfan, I started heading into the heaps of reading and research into all the pedo-rings and such. It was a massive undertaking, and I have to admit that I just became exhausted by its immensity, and its horridness.

I consider myself a pretty empathic person, and I just became too upset, too angry at a lot of this stuff frankly. I had to stop looking into it (and there is indeed so much of it) as I was getting too many bad dreams and such, seriously. This was when I just had my first kid, now I have two, and it's just too dear, too close. Seriously makes one want to become a pedo "Punisher" (from the comics) and start taking them out, at least it did for me.

If I ever have nothing to lose, it'd be a great gig.

But I applaud your efforts, and thank you knowing that it's a very dirty, crappy job to have to wade through all that shit, and bring it out to the light.

slozo said...

"But first, No-Planers!"

Speaking of no-planers, I have to tell you that I turned another corner on nine-eleven, if you can believe it mate. I mean, after the extensive - and I do mean extensive - reading and research I would have thought that I had exhausted any big change in what I thought happened and how it basically happened.

Unh-unh. Wrong.

It all started with listening to the Sat broadcast of "A view from space" (am640 Toronto radio), day before the tenth anniversary of 3 cubed double ones.

See, I was always of the mind previously that the no-planers were disinfo people - and I speak of course of the people who say that there were no planes hitting the TOWERS people, as of course anyone with half a brain knows that with no plane wreckage in Pennsylvania and at the pentagon, there were clearly no planes there.

Anyways, he goes on about talking about the FIRST LIVE broadcasts of the first and second planes hitting, dissects the replays, talks about some of the plants (Gumbel talking to the wife of the producer, for instance) and it hits me, after I go look into a bunch of those clips and info for myself . . .

. . . I had fallen into a stupid disinfo trap myself, without realising it. I had made the mistake of lumping the idea of "no planes hit the WTC towers" with the disinfo merchandise that the "laser beams from space melted the towers" people! Judy Woods et al, you know them.

So, with that in mind, be gentle, my firend . . . because when I say I have become a "no-planer" of sorts, I mean this (to be clear):

1) I now believe that no plane hit the first tower. Naudet bros. released one of the only two videos of it, and you should take a look at it on you tube, where you will also find the same one with a guy who has pointed out the inconcictancies in it.

2) I believe that either a) a small splane, or b) a missile, or c) no plane hit the second tower.

As with the first, most firsthand legitimate (non-compromised people) reports were of an explosion, not a plane. Some reported a plane, but not a big commuter plane.

And with both, the impact holes are STILL too small for the supposed planes we are told went in, even after "editing". And that's disregarding that most plane crashes into any building the impact "imprints" are about a third larger than the plane itself due to the debris field. And disregarding the total absence of debris for the towers, where before the demolition we surely should have seen wings, those two huge engines, etc.

If you're not on the same page as me, look it up yourself. But it's a real revelation for me, at any rate. And a real amazing example of mass mind control and manipulation, if you follow.

kikz said...

hey noby.. thx.

some more particulars. it was all 3 of girls that spent the one night at the friend's house. we'd known them awhile. they are pak/ismaili. mom works in an office, dad is a realestate agent. their daughter had had a hard time making friends as she was shy. the father's mother who lived w/them.. kissed my hand the first time i'd met her, thru a family interpreter.. it was relayed that she was soooo very glad for her granddaughter to have some friends. needless to say i was touched.


a few months later gramma passed. we were the only anglo non-family to be invited to the funeral, which is an honor. it was at the funeral i got the first 'up antenna' on the father. they have a cousin who is pak/anglo, a girl about the same age as mine and the friend. the father, her uncle hugged her that day, and it just wasn't right, the kid gave a visible shudder.
i filed that away.

so, the morning aftr the sleepover, i hadn't heard frm anybody by 10A and so i called.. and was told by the mom, they were still asleep.. o...k.... tell to call me when they do get up, pls. and oh, by the way, she was just before leaving for work, and the father would bring them home later. an hour passed, still no call. the twins are vampires.. but the baby is an early bird. she'd of been up for sure.. they've always called. no call.. so i called back.. the mother answered again.. so i'm thinkin wasn't she gone to work over an hour ago???? hmmmm... finally got one or two of kids on the phone, they didn't sound right.. kinda dreamy.. not too talkative.

i didn't hav a car that day, or i'd of gone/gotten them then. so about an hour later, he did bring them home.. but they were still spacey.. and not glad to be home like usual and hungry (picky eaters)....and gee.. he got lost getting over here..

i don't know how he got lost, he's a freakin realestate agent?.. and he'd been here multiple times picking up his daughter up frm here...

that was it... too much weirdness. my girls were allowed to be friends w/the girl at school, but i advised them to back off it, and NO they were never going over there again.

in the meantime, i was presented w/a graceful out....
another little friend entered the picture, and treated the shy pak girl badly, and therefore mine didn't want anything more to do w/her as she seemed to want to be mistreated by this new kid. mine even told her, she was being mistreated, she didn't seem to mind. i dunno if she was so desperate for friends she was willing to be mistreated for it?

so a few days later the mother called me at work, pleading to continue the friendship..told her NO the girls didn't want it, and i was not going to force it. but, i felt i had to explain, that mine had seen her daughter be repeatedly treated badly by this new kid at school.. i was giving her a heads' up....
she didn't even hear me..didn't even register, it seemed.

so w/all the above.. we were best rid of that situation.

so that's the sketch in. hope it wasn't boring..

kikz said...

re 9/11

just found this...
5mins ;)

thought y'all might like it :) i certainly do!

nobody said...

Thanks Kikz, and sorry I'm not replying at more length. I'm just too tired. I wrote all day and then threw it out. I started again but then had to quit on account of losing the plot.

And Slozo, I have a big problem with no-planes. The John Friend cove at Kenny's posted a bunch of links and none of them did it for me. It still all comes down to one crucial question. Why? As in, why bother? No one has answered that in any useful fashion yet. Actually the John guy did provide a link called 'why they used no planes' or something and I thought the logic was so skimpy that if you wore it to the beach they'd arrest you.

The 'why' should be the starting point. Instead it seems to be an afterthought driven by pieces of evidence that are not just at odds with each other but at odds with themselves. Or just plain wrong. Anyway you can pile in there.

ciao ciao

Oh wait, I intended to apologise in advance because God knows I'll be my usual hyperbolic self. Don't take it personally.

Oh bugger, I just thought of a different way to arrange it. Fuck. Start again. Anyway, tomorrow.

A. Peasant said...

hot damn nobs. it's good to see you back in fighting form. i don't know anyone who can call them out like you can.

kikz said...

news on the 9/11 vid..

i had no idea until this am, that...
the guy had a site, and the excerpts frm the official 9/11 report are embed/linked :)
9/11 in 5mins

just keep in mind.. this is.. the official story :)

slozo said...

Awesome first link, had not seen that one before. Classic!

In any investigation, one never starts with "why did they do it that way", one starts with checking inconsistencies and things that can't be.

If the plane was too big for the hole, for instance, disregarding all other potential eye-raisers . . . then it logically follows that the plane they said went in that hole could not have fit in that hole. Hence, that official version of the story if false. Full stop.

Any other suppositions afterward have to based on clues, and followed to their logical conclusion, and this would be talking about physical evidence, or in our case, visual evidence, first hand live accounts and our knowledge of editing.

Answering your question "why do it that way" is pointless at this point. I do, in fact, have many suppositions as to why, namely the first being that it is so damn difficult to get a good hit by plane in the first place . . . but I don't want to get drawn into that. It'd be like asking why they decided to try and pass off an 8 mile debris field and a small ditch where an explosive was set off as a crash site of a jumbo jet liner . . . it sounds ridiculous, inane, and laughable, and yet - here we are.

An investigator (I did used to be a PI, and I work in the security business, so I speak from experience) NEVER starts with motive - always evidence.

sylync said...

why did i get the word verification "vagies"


anyway, establishing motive is first base in contemporary crime investigation. john douglas, the founder of quantico, penned an excellent book titled, the anatomy of motive.

motive is key to understanding people and events.

motive:crime as

sylync said...

there is one glaring thing that seems to have escaped douglas' notice...

he goes into some detail about the frequency of ex-military people being serial killers and mass murderers, but says it is because of PTSD.


The Realist Report said...

Dear nobody,

I should have started reading your blogs long ago. I remember running into your comments at Aangirfan's blog when I first started reading there. But I was pretty new at all this back then, and didn't know what to make of what you were writing. I told Aangirfan that when I first stumbled across his/her/their blog I didn't know what to make of it either! LOL, it was just a lot of new information I had never been exposed to. It took me a couple weeks of reading to catch on. Since then, I've learned quite a bit.

Shortly after I really started looking at 9/11 (fall '09), I found a book my folks had called "The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska" sitting on the kitchen table when I was visiting from California. I don't even think my mom or dad or sister read it, but I picked it up and was like, "What the fuck is this?" I sat down and read the whole damn book in 3 hours. I've never been so devastated in my whole life. This happened in my own hometown, when I was a fucking kid no less, that involved some of the same people and organizations I would later associate with. For instance, the Omaha World-Herald. I read that damn newspaper front to back every single day from 9th grade until I read John Decamp's book. They published every single 'letter to the editor' I submitted. They were involved in this pedophile/Satanist ring. Fuck them, they can burn in hell.

I do want to address what you said here:

"And Slozo, I have a big problem with no-planes. The John Friend cove at Kenny's posted a bunch of links and none of them did it for me."

When you describe me as "cove", what are you implying? I took it as John Friend "cover", as if that were a cover name or something. John Friend is my name. Seriously. Nice to meet you nobody.

"It still all comes down to one crucial question. Why? As in, why bother? No one has answered that in any useful fashion yet. Actually the John guy did provide a link called 'why they used no planes' or something and I thought the logic was so skimpy that if you wore it to the beach they'd arrest you."

LOL- you must be referring to Killtown's excellent post, "Why They Didn't Use Planes To Hit The WTC" which can be read here for anyone not familiar:

If you wouldn't mind, could you please elaborate on how exactly the logic in the above blog post is "skimpy"? BTW- I don't know anyone getting arrested around here for wearing skimpy clothes to the beach. In fact, it's often encouraged through the media and fashion industry. It must be complete tyranny where you're living if girls are getting arrested for wearing skimpy clothes to the beach for God's sake.

Is pointing out the fact that the MIC has the ability to alter live video footage illogical? Is pointing out the fact that there is no evidence, literally, of any Boeing 757/767 debris or wreckage anywhere on 9/11 illogical?

You ask, "Why bother?" I suppose you mean why bother faking the videos, planes, ect.? Well, they had to. The cover story wasn't even physically possible, so they had to make shit up. Obviously, this was a completely staged event from start to finish. There were plenty of slip ups, which everyone points out (BBC with WTC7 for instance), but overall the operation was successful.

Either way, you are an extremely talented writer, and always bring an interesting perspective to the forums we're all familiar with. Cheers buddy!

The Realist Report said...

One more thing, could you or Aangirfan, or anyone really, provide your insight into the whole "Paul is Dead" issue.

I love the Beatles, and I really want to know what's up with this situation. LOL, thanks!

A13 said...

Hi Nobody!
Great to see you back writting here again, and I do like the expose on BW , who i've always though is uber suss..
as Kosta says pederast hunting should be an international sport..i agree, it would put my archery skills to practical use for sure ;)
and look !! word verification = graill....mmm

Kosta said...

It was just today I'd read a blogg addressing the No-Plane theory, couldn't remember who's blogg so I checked the "Blggers I'm Following"
and lo and behold... I looked and found nobody

A couple of you guys mentioned "no debris" at the WTC and I remember seeing pics of an engine, so I looked it up for you, but unfortunately some are claiming it's not the right engine.. OR so someone claims.

Pilots for 911 Truth.

Pilots for 911 Truth.

Pilots for 911 Truth.

Or start at the home page

Pilots for 911 Truth.

That should keep you busy for the next few months at least.

But for me, after so many years of reading and videos and pics and talking and listening and arguing and writing emails .... I'm a bit over it...
I've seen enough, to 'know' that the boys with the $2.50 box cutters x19 = $47.50 couldn't have beaten the greatest power in the worlds history without inside "help".
Not even Sun Tzu could pull that one off with 19 men and $47.50.

To "sell" the "inside job" "theory" the average punter needs a plausible explanation, something to get their teeth into, something tangible,and holographs ain't gonna cut the mustard. Give'm what they want, and that's no-no-planes.
No-Planes is the most often offered theory to discredit the whole 911Truth movement by association to the average punter.

Kosta said...

So I reckon anyhow.
You'll have to work it out for yourself... It's the wisest move.
No Pain, No Gain.