Tuesday, November 2, 2010

shit or get off the pot

Craig Murray - a man who's not afraid to call a small potato, a small potato. The fans of small potatoes who populate his comments section love him for it, but me, I really have to wonder how Craig differs from a limited hangout spook. Anyway, I've been taking him to task.

Hullo Craig,

Apropos me raging at you over at a slightly earlier piece on this topic, would it be fair for me to summarise your position thus?

- Any number of tiny pissweak terrorist threats are faked (by peoples unnamed but presumably Western security services).

- That notwithstanding, the big events such as 911, the July 7 bombing, the Madrid bombing etc. are real and actually committed by real Muslim terrorists exactly as described by the same media that declares all the pissweak ones real too.

Is that right?

Because I have to tell you mate that that's an untenable position. Why would a SPECTRE/SMERSH style al qaeda carry out the biggest terrorist attacks in the history of the world and then fall down in between times thus requiring our opportunistic secret services to fill in the gaps?

It seems we're required to believe that the world's best funded, most professional security services are faking the chickenfeed stuff whilst the big stuff is done by the world's crummiest, most two-bit operation run out of caves in Afghanistan by blokes on donkeys. It's akin to having a class of eight year olds in charge of the moon programme whilst NASA gets to set off bottle rockets in the back yard. Honestly mate, it's that obvious.

C'mon Craig, seriously, when are you going to dump this unsustainable, logic-defying, wishy-washy bullshit? If you're not prepared to go full-tilt why not just pack it in? I get it that the spooks want everyone to know that David Kelly was whacked, and fair enough that you might be scared, but ditch the charade mate. As the Chinese say, 'shit or get off the pot'. Are you calling the fuckers out or aren't you?

Craig ignores me of course. And quite right too since that is the smart money. But were we face to face with him unable to run away, or change the subject or whatever, I expect I'd eat him alive. Last time, when I took him to task in that mental horse thing, he popped into the comments, cracked a lame gag, and took off. No surprises there since I completely monstered his idiotic argument of 'there's-no-way-911-was-a-conspiracy-since-there'd-be-too-many-people-and-someone-would-talk' and I doubt that there was a single germane thing he could have said that wouldn't have made him look idiotic.


Anonymous said...

I suppose Craig is being careful!

When you are a 'big name' you have a lot to lose if you are 'got at'.

- Aangirfan

Stef said...

Craig Murray has a young family to both provide for and look out for

Other 'big names' (usually American) who've crossed the line are either retired, and have a pension, or don't have those kind of responsibilities

Edo said...

I've been feeling the same way about Craig.

Aang, do you really think Craig is that big a name? Most people I talk to have never heard of him.

I'm not convinced its naivety on his part.

Stef said...

...besides, even if he did take the proverbial dump, I'm not sure he'd achieve very much

He'd either be transformed into some kind of cross-dressing messianic clown like David Shayler

Or Truthers would still continue to berate him and accuse him of being a covert asset on the basis that he doesn't endorse their individual perception of what the 'Truth' really is

I'm not at all convinced that high-profile Leaders or Spokespeople are anything but a liability and I personally ain't looking for any

Stef said...


Postman Patel acted as Murray's agent when he stood in a by-election against Jack Straw

I don't know Murray personally but I considered Lord P. a friend and he, cynical old bugger that he was, rated Murray highly

I raised some doubts with Lord P. about Murray years ago and his response was along the lines I've already covered in my earlier couple of comments

Murray, if you accept his account, has already been on the receiving end of the establishment shit machine and ended up slightly doolallly as a consequence. Maybe, with a young family in tow, he doesn't have the apetitite for a second dose

Edo said...

Good point Stef.

Pstonie said...

Correction: The two-bit operation with the donkeys are actually hiding in Pakistan, and soon probably Iran. No way to tell for sure where they'll strike next. Them donkeys are fast.

slozo said...

Interesting comments by some here, postulating that Mr. Murray has publicly given 'establishment' positions on the big issues to curry a reprieve from the bad guys who might whack him.

Makes one wonder, what if I was in that position? What would I do, and, if truly scared for my own life or the life of my family, what lines would I peddle?

Myself, I think there'd be two options, if I really was a public face: I'd become non public (stop writing) by giving some lame-ass reason, or, I'd get really cryptic.

Myself, it's a no brainer, having a family myself and knowing how much I value my loved ones over educating some of the folks out there on the shenanigans of the world.

Murray's tack, on the other hand, if taking this argument, seems . . . well, to be sort of doing the job of the evil fuckers he is supposed to oppose.

And when did Murray take this establishemtn tack on 9/11 and the Madrid bombings? I am no follower, but I'd guess it was pretty much right from the beginning, eh?

Smells like disinfo.

Stef said...

You do not necessarily have to be scared of being whacked to tow the establishment line

We've all got to eat and pay our bills

Like I said in an earlier comment, most establishment types who cross the line are on pensions

As a general rule, being a Truther isn't much of a living. Unless you are receiving support from persons unknown

And I can't quite see Murray peddling gold coins and water filters

nobody said...

Hey Boys and Girls,

Sorry my attendance has been spotty. The old man has had a shocking couple of weeks and is currently in hospital. Kidneys it is. The hospital is very distant and just visiting every day eats about four hours. Quite tiresome.

As for Craig Murray, one's forced to ask the question: What's the difference between Craig and a limited hangout spook? That he's well-meaning? Here we all are, second quessing his reasons and making excuses for him because, I don't know ...we like him or something?

But really what does it matter why someone is limited hangout? Every spook runs on a combination of carrot and stick. Okay so perhaps Craig is all stick, but either way we get the same result.

As for how big Craig is, he pulls 75,000 hits a month. For me that's big biscuits, more than I pull in a year. But I don't know ...maybe for people like Aangirfan and others it's nothing special. Who knows?

As for what I'd do, well, I'm doing it. Which is to say 'remaining anonymous'. They could figure me out if they wanted to, but frankly I don't think I'm worth it. Not with 75,000 hits a year.

Otherwise I'm down with Slozo's idea. I'd just get all kinds of sideways.

Other-otherwise, it seems that everyone needs to stand up and be counted, unless of course they're scared, in which case they should act as an unpaid limited hangout spooks and restrict all their activities to those which no one would find objectionable. Is that right?

PS. Someone over at Craig's comments section said that my blog was scatological and I wondered what he was talking about until I read the first sentence again. Gosh, he was right! How did that get through? I must have been away with the pixies. Anyway I changed it to include a phrase that popped into my head the moment after I'd posted. And I rewrote the tail. Just in case anyone was wondering...

PPS Thanks Pstonie (smiley winky thing). I was half hoping some nit-picking drone would pop in and declare that they have 4WDs or something equally stupid, but no such luck.

I mean honestly, al qaeda can't even afford a fucking handicam! The organisation that pulled off the biggest terrorist attack in history is so hapless that Bin Laden can only manage sound files. God spare me. It's not just that we're being lied to, but it's that the lies are so bad. There's nothing I hate more than having my intelligence insulted.

That's why I get angry at Craig and his curious ability to limit his eye-rolling to only those events in which there are no casualties.

ciao ciao

Penny said...

whatever his reason for doing so, he seems to be offering 'limited hang-out' scenarios.

So from there you can accept or dismiss him.

I guess that is about it.
I don't read his stuff.
So I can only go by what I read here.

A. Peasant said...

"As a general rule, being a Truther isn't much of a living."

that's true. it's no living at all. but the fact remains that there are many people who have poured thousands of hours into truthing, taking the associated risks, for no pay. because it's not for nothing. it is done for a damn good reason. we've all got to eat and pay our bills, true. and we with families also have to look at our children and be able to say you know i tried to do something to make this right. i didn't just sit around on my fucking thumbs year after year of this bullshit and not take any risks because i wanted to be safe and let someone else do it. and that is what separates those who are serious about the truth and those who only go there when it is convenient to do so. what good is it to be able to eat and pay the bills as a lifetime slave? if this hellish future facing us down like the barrel of a shotgun with a psychopath on the other end isn't worth taking some risks to avoid, i don't know what is. i mean just standing still is not going to save anyone.

and i make no judgment about craig because i don't read him either.

nobody said...

Thanks you two. Speaking of money, you won't have seen the photos that Craig posted of the house he'd bought and was renovating but I think we could safely declare that he's 'not short of a quid'.

Fact is, I quite like Craig. He's pretty much all the way there except for his daft insistence that 911 was real. Why couldn't he just do what Pilger does and declare that LIHOP is a possibility? Would that kill him?

Anyway, it's all a bit of a tempest in a teapot. Time to move on.

Greg Bacon said...

7/7: Practice Makes Perfect

Most of us who have been paying attention have known for some time that there were two ‘drill’- type events associated with the 7/7 London bombings.

The first was the Panorama programme of May 2004 during which one overground and 3 underground explosions take place over a short space of time during the morning rush hour.

The second was the famous ‘drill’ revealed by Peter Power on the day of 7/7 itself when he said that drills were taking place in the same 3 stations and at the same time as the bombs actually went off.

For many, including this author, these were coincidences beyond all reason.

However, astonishingly, it has been revealed to the 7/7 Inquest, in documents presented by J7 to the court last week, that there were at least two other separate drills in London prior to 7/7 that used as their template the same 3 underground bombs scenario.

We now have a group of public services practicing FOUR TIMES for the exact circumstances that prevailed on the terrible morning itself.

Does it not eventually become reasonable to suppose that those that organised ALL THESE VERY SIMILAR DRILLS also organised THE IDENTICAL EVENT ITSELF?

The media, as usual, has failed to report these staggering facts but let us appeal to them right now.

All the anomalous evidence in this Inquest points in the direction of 7/7 being a classic ‘false-flag’ state-sponsored attack. The evidence that supports the official narrative is dubious and much of the evidence nailing the new (twice-altered) timeline has not been seen before this Inquest.

Here is a detailed run-down of the drills:


nobody said...

Nice one Greg, thanks for that. I'll never forget that Peter Power interview. It was mind-blowing. If only I'd been interviewing him, the obvious question to ask would have been "...and in amongst these 1000 people you tell us about who were carrying out this terror drill, was anyone employed to play the part of the terrorists?"

Anonymous said...


I am also sticking my hand up for not knowing who he is either.

It seems that like his former compatriot A B Ladin, Anwar al-Awlaki is putting up patsies from beyond the grave after Uncle Sam shot themselves in the foot and their own asset to bits from a jet fighter attack in Yemen on Dec 24 2009. Well if he is dead then we no longer have to look for him which kind of gives him a freer hand to get on with his job of riling up the true believers. For what purpose you may ask? Well to restore Obama’s flagging popularity prior to the elections would sure be a good reason. So as you say, how can donkey toting towel heads in Afghanistan caves pull off the major events and the greatest military the world has ever seen keep pulling off dud events. It is purported that if no one is actually killed, the effect on the public is the same without the need for any official judicial or military investigation and life goes on. Doesn’t it give you a warm fuzzy feeling to know that they still have to go to such lengths to get us on their side? Why do the words tails and dogs come into my mind?

Anonymous said...

Hello Mister Nobody

It's me, your favourite Foreign Affairs Minister (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) and my 'friend' Hil just dropping in to keep you up to date.
We get on so well, Hil and I; she thanked me for helping her understand China you know - lovely girl.
I think the pollies is US are just as dumb as their people; pity really.
All for now, will be in touch.

The Milky Bar Kid
(Previously your favourite Australian Prime Minister)

ps Not much has changed

aferrismoon said...

Re: Conspiracy and/or Theory

Surely conspiracy is the norm on this planet as we have 150+ sovereign nations and innumerable corporations ostensibly in competition with each other necessitating various conspiracies. Within states and corps we have internal competition thus more cons-piracy.

How is it that the Jet-plane expert-flyer Coke-addled-boxcutter Jihadists story does not constitute a conspiracy yet imagining their ability to carry it out is?

I guess if one creates the anybody-can-do-it scenario it -
1: Scares the hell out of impressionable types who then run around directly contacting family, friends and colleagues creating stress and tension and arguments.

2: Those with half-a-brain become demoralised by the acceptance of highly improbable official storylines. Explaining this to those using 1/3 of their brain makes them frightened at the 1/2 brainer. ' Oh my gooood, how can u say that the govt. had some thing to do with it' , rings round friends and family , voice in shrill fear mode claiming the 1/2 brainer needs psychological help.

3: The aggressive pro-official storyliner - loves to hate, shout u down, in a loud voice 'Oh right so you fucking think that , u fucking stupid twat, oy listen to this fucker, haaaaa! haaaa! haaaa!'

4: Using brain is essentially counter-revolutionary as evidenced by Marxist-Leninist removal of intelligensia in setting up the regime [ except for their brand of intellectual discourse]. The unthinking-proshock-selfabsorbed are given jobs in the media and pummel the public with repeatedly similar stories [ essentially ones that make the public feel less and less powerful. Demoralisation becomes the norm.

Thankfully evolution has attended to this situation developing [ among other things] the ability for us to communicate intelligently outside of our physical communities and to create our metaphysical network which developing omniscience will eventually defeat omnipotence.

All Hale


Anonymous said...


Aferrismoon, wrt your point 1, I reckon that as the economy falls into decline, family tensions will increase as you suggest. Instead of standing together against a deliberately created situation with a ‘wartime effort’ most people will not recognise it as such and fall back on blame and retribution. I see this as part of a created policy of divide and rule.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry Alina, did you say you knew Edward Bernays personally?

Anonymous said...


Whilst the subject of Legal scams has entered the conversation, if somewhat sideways, then everyone should check this out from max Keiser. You should become aware of how ludicrous the whole economic mess has got. Companies who are exposed by economic default of the citizenry are employing fake sheriffs to haul the unfortunates into fake courts in front of fake judges who then beat the living shit out of them. I really don’t think the whole thing is sustainable for too much longer.


Anonymous said...

fack! why did i click that?
great blogging nobody, i'm enjoying it.

nobody said...

Sorry boys and girls, it took me a while to get back here. And in the meantime I left that bullshit link to whatever it was sitting there for a couple of days. Sorry njt - you and me mate, I clicked it too. You'd have to wonder why they bother, the whole thing reeks of desperation. Otherwise nice to have you pop in.

Thanks ex-PM, good to see you're still in amongst it. Did you have a lovely time with Hil? I can imagine her, you, your playschool buddy, Julia, and her hairdresser male friend all at a particular variety of art-directed cocktail party. Perhaps it would be a 'Berlin' theme. Remember that party scene in JFK where Kevin Bacon is in gold paint and in the company of Clay Bertrand and David Ferrie? That would work wouldn't it? I can so imagine Hilary at a party like that.

And FB, 'sustainable for too much longer', that is the $64,000 question isn't it? God I've been waiting and waiting and it still hasn't happened. You got to give it to the death cult, they're nothing if not patient. As is, if you hang out at WRH every day it seems like the collapse is coming tomorrow and here we all are however many years worth of tomorrows later and it still hasn't happened. I'm not saying it won't, I think it will and I've said so, but gee whiz...

Actually you know what it is? A million years ago I predicted that what with my father and the world economy plotting similar curves of stupidness, they'd both come to their ends at the same time. Weirdly enough I still think that that's the case. So there you are - since he hasn't died we're all safe for another day. Yay.