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David Sassoon - a wikipedia whitewashing for the biggest drug dealer in history

David Sassoon is a most extraordinary character. During the nineteenth century he was the richest man in the world. It was said of him that "whatever moves over sea or land feels the hand or bears the mark of Sassoon and Company". And when you're that wealthy and that powerful, if a country like China declares your product of opium illegal then you merely get another country, like Great Britain, to declare war on them. Subsequently, all of that Chinese history: the Opium Wars, the theft of Hong Kong, the rampant looting and destruction of China's cultural treasures - variously depicted heroically in Hollywood pictures such as 55 Days in Peking and The Sand Pebbles, or through a lens of subjugation and humiliation in Chinese flicks like the Once Upon a Time in China series - all of that may be laid at the feet of the greatest drug kingpin in the history of the world, David Sassoon.

And astoundingly nobody has ever heard of him. He has no listing in Encyclopaedia Britannica at all - nothing, not a sausage. The only Sassoon they acknowledge is anti-war poet Siegfried Sassoon, whose idiot father got himself disinherited by the family for failing to marry a Jewess. Clearly Siegfried's dad also failed to teach his son the Talmud: "When you go to war do not go as the first, but as the last, so that you may return as the first." Oh well, never mind.

But it occurs to me that in some ways Sassoon's non-existence in the official records is par for the course. Fame in inverse proportion to wealth and power are how things are done at that level. Who was it that said, "Give me control over a nation's currency and I care not who makes its laws"? Who knows? Did anyone say it at all? It's not in wikiquotes so perhaps it never happened. Unsurprisingly, the Sassoons married into the family of whoever it was that didn't say that and who certainly don't control the monetary policy of almost every nation on earth.

Mind you, the from-on-high Britannica is one thing and the democratic Wikipedia is another. There, David Sassoon does have an entry. But the beauty of things democratic is the ease with which they may be subverted. And here (coming to the point at last) you may see that process take place right before your very eyes. The first entry here comes from my hard drive and I have it dated late 2007. This is immediately followed by wikipedia's current entry. See if you can spot the difference. Sorry, no brownie points because really it's too goddamn easy. However for those who need a hint - see if you can find the words 'opium wars' anywhere in amongst the second entry. NB. The so-called 'Legacy' section of each is a) identical, b) predictable, and, c) not worth reading, so feel free not to.*

BTW. Have a look at wikipedia's entry for the Sassoon family. See if you can spot the inbreeding. It seems the products of this inbreeding are all talmudic rabbis. Whilst I'm pretty sure you don't have to be inbred to be a scholar of the talmud, I suspect it helps.

- Wikipedia 2007 -

David Sassoon (1792 – 1864) was a prominent Bombay (now Mumbai) businessman of Jewish-Iraqi origin who is best known for monopolizing the opium trade into China and encouraging its use there.[citation needed] He was born in Baghdad into a family of Nasis, traditional leaders of the Jewish community. His father, Saleh Sassoon, was a wealthy banker and chief treasurer to the pashas, the governors of Baghdad, from 1781 to 1817. However, the Jews came under pressure from the Muslim Turkish rulers of Baghdad. Fleeing with his wife and family and a small part of the family's wealth, Sassoon arrived in Bombay in 1833.

He started business in Bombay with a counting house, a small carpet godown, and an opium business. He was soon one of the richest men in Bombay. He chose to follow the market, but he pursued all his enterprises better than his chief rivals, the Parsis. By the end of the 1850s, it was said of him that "silver and gold, silks, gums and spices, opium and cotton, wool and wheat - whatever moves over sea or land feels the hand or bears the mark of Sassoon and Company".

Role in the Opium War in China

In Bombay, David Sassoon established the house of David Sassoon & Co., with branches at Calcutta, Shanghai, Canton and Hong Kong. His business, which included a monopoly of the opium trade in China, (even though opium was banned in China) extended as far as Yokohama, Nagasaki, and other cities in Japan.

In 1836, the opium trade reached over 30,000 chests per annum and drug addiction in coastal cities became endemic. In 1839, the Manchu Emperor ordered that the opium smuggling be stopped. He named the Commissioner of Canton, Lin Tse-hsu, to lead a campaign against opium. Lin seized and destroyed 2,000 chests of Sassoon opium. An outraged David Sassoon demanded that China compensate for the seizure or Great Britain retaliate.[citation needed]

The Chinese Army, decimated by 10 years of opium addiction, proved no match for the British Army.[citation needed] The war ended in 1842 with the signing of the Treaty of Nanking. The "peace treaty" included these provisions:
1. Full legalisation of the opium trade in China
2. Compensation from the opium stockpiles confiscated by Lin of two million pounds
3. Territorial sovereignty for the British Crown over several designated offshore islands.


Although David Sassoon did not speak English, he became a naturalised British citizen in 1853. He kept the dress and manners of the Baghdadi Jews, but allowed his sons to adopt English manners. His son, Abdullah changed his name to Albert, moved to England, became a Baronet and married into the Rothschild family. All the Sassoons of Europe are said to be descendants of David Sassoon.

He built a synagogue in the Fort (area) and another in Byculla, as well as a school, a Mechanics' Institute, a library and a convalescent home in Pune.

David Sassoon was conscious of his role as a leader of the Jewish community in Bombay. He helped to arouse a sense of Jewish identity amongst the Bene Israeli and Cochin Jewish communities. The Sassoon Docks (built by his son) and the David Sassoon Library are named after him. He also built a synagogue in Byculla.

David Sassoon died in his country house in Pune in 1864. His business interests were inherited by his son.

- Wikipedia 2010 -

David Sassoon (October 1792 – November 7, 1864) was the treasurer of Baghdad between 1817 and 1829 and the leader of the Jewish community in Bombay (now Mumbai).


Sassoon was born in Baghdad, where his father, Saleh Sassoon[1], was a wealthy businessman, chief treasurer to the pashas (the governors of Baghdad) from 1781 to 1817, and leader of the city's Jewish community.

The family were Sephardim with Spanish origins. His mother was Amam Gabbai. After a traditional education in the Hebrew language, Sassoon married Hannah in 1818. They had two sons and two daughters before she died in 1826. Two years later he married Farha Hyeem (who was born in 1812 and died in 1886). The pair had six sons and three daughters.

Following increasing persecution of Baghdad's Jews by Daud Pasha, the family moved to Bombay via Persia. Sassoon was in business in Bombay no later than 1832, originally acting as a middleman between British textile firms and Gulf commodities merchants, then investing in valuable harbour properties. His major competitors were Parsis, whose profits were built on their domination of the Sino-Indian opium trade since the 1820s.

When the Treaty of Nanking opened up China to British traders, Sassoon developed his textile operations into a profitable triangular trade: Indian yarn and opium were carried to China, where he bought goods which were sold in Britain, where he obtained Lancashire cotton products. He sent his son Elias David Sassoon to Canton, where he was the first Jewish trader (with 24 Parsi rivals). In 1845 David Sassoon & Sons opened an office in what would soon become Shanghai's British concession, and it became the firm's second hub of operations.

It was not until the 1860s that the Sassoons were able to lead the Baghdadi Jewish community in overtaking Parsi dominance. A particular opportunity was the American Civil War, during which turmoil American cotton exports declined. Lancashire factories replaced American cotton imports with Sassoon's Indian cotton


Although David Sassoon did not speak English, he became a naturalised British citizen in 1853. He kept the dress and manners of the Baghdadi Jews, but allowed his sons to adopt English manners. His son, Abdullah changed his name to Albert, moved to England, became a Baronet and married into the Rothschild family. All the Sassoons of Europe are said to be descendants of David Sassoon.

He built a synagogue in the Fort (area) and another in Byculla, as well as a school, a Mechanics' Institute, a library and a convalescent home in Pune.

David Sassoon was conscious of his role as a leader of the Jewish community in Bombay. He helped to arouse a sense of Jewish identity amongst the Bene Israeli and Cochin Jewish communities. The Sassoon Docks (built by his son) and the David Sassoon Library are named after him.

David Sassoon died in his country house in Pune in 1864. His business interests were inherited by his son Sir Albert Sassoon; Elias David had established a rival firm.


*Sure enough, weathy Jews are always described as 'philanthropists' in spite of the fact that they only ever give to Jewish charities. The greatest criminal in Australian history, Dick Pratt, owner of packaging mega-corp Visy, was responsible for running a cartel that bilked customers of somewhere in the vicinity of a billion dollars. The corporate fine of $36M was the biggest in Australian history but actually represented 0.75% of Pratt's personal fortune. What with being terminally ill, all charges against Pratt as an individual were dropped, and that being the case, and he being such a fine contributor to charities (all Jewish) it was fitting and proper that he be publicly rehabilitated, with no less than that shit Johnny Howard donning a yamulka and declaring him the best thing since sliced bagels. No doubt his rehabilitation wasn't hurt by the the fact that he'd had half a dozen ex-prime-ministers and state premiers on the payroll with one, Bob Hawke (the man who publicly wept for Israel) receiving up to $8333.33 a month as 'consultation fees'.

Either way it's telling that we use the word 'philanthropist' in describing a person who only gives to Jewish charities. One would think that with the Greek base of philanthropy (γειά σου Hellene) being philos 'loving' and anthropos 'mankind', a fellow who only contributes to Jewish charities would not qualify. The mistake here of course is that, as anyone who's read the talmud would know, Jews are mankind. Everyone else (ie. we Goyim) isn't so much a human as 'a beast in human form' there to save the Jews from being served by, I don't know... donkeys or armadillos or something. Thus it is demonstrated that the description of wealthy Jews who contribute solely to Jewish charities (shabbat goy politicians notwithstanding) as 'philanthropists' is perfectly correct and proper.

PS. And one does love the irony that the very people who gave us the word anthropos, the ancient Greeks, should find themselves (along with everyone else) excluded from it. Never mind.


Pstonie said...

"Whilst I'm pretty sure you don't have to be inbred to be a scholar of the talmud, I suspect it helps."
I suspect you're right. :D

Reading wikipedia these days is a bit like reading haaretz, in that there's usually more going on in-between the lines than in the whole article. For sure, haaretz might be more objective.

kenny said...

I love a good dope and banker tale. Now you've got me wondering who will go down in history as the 'greatest' dope and banker related icon of our time.

Anonymous said...

Related article at:

Anonymous said...

Good read Nobes, thanks.

nobody said...

Thanks boys and girls,

First up, I actually made a mistake here. The latter wiki entry wasn't from 2010. It was actually from 2009 and it did contain the words opium wars albeit in brackets, apropos nothing, and entirely bereft of meaning. I've now replaced the 2009 entry with the current one - from which, sure enough, the peccant words have been completely struck. Three cheers.

This 2009 thing came about because my downloaded off-line wikipedia which I used as comparison for my originally saved 2007 article dates from then. Sure enough the differences between the 2009 and 2010 are every bit as instructive as the changes from 2007 to 2009, but I shan't include them as the article would be too damn long.

The main thing one notices (apart from the disappearance of the Opium Wars) is the constant insertion of the passive tense ie. things just happened and no one was responsible for them. You can see it in the mention of the Nanking Treaty which in the latter piece is something that falls from Heaven with Sassoon as the luckiest girl in the world.

Otherwise good comments folks. And thanks for those links. That first one to Haaretz is a must-read. Here's my favourite bit: "We don't want to change Wikipedia or turn it into a propaganda arm," says Naftali Bennett, director of the Yesha Council. "We just want to show the other side. People think that Israelis are mean, evil people who only want to hurt Arabs all day."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha... oh man they crack me up. When he says, "We don't want to change Wikipedia or turn it into a propaganda arm," what he really means is, "We do want to change Wikipedia and turn it into a propaganda arm," and the second part, "People think that Israelis are mean, evil people who only want to hurt Arabs all day." would of course be followed by the qualifier, "But the truth is, we hate everybody equally!"

Anyway people should read the whole thing. It's sick-making. God, Israelis are so hateful aren't they?

And thanks for that second link anon. I thought I had an article detailing the the exponential growth of in the number of bags of opium that Sassoon was shipping into China but couldn't find it. Which is a pity because it was insane. But never mind that article gives a pretty good idea. And hey Kenny, hey Tony.

Sabretache said...

Belated thanks from me too Nobby.

FI, I've put the original - with a few additions - up on WikiSpooks

Also, there's an extended article about the Wikipedia Hasbara too.

I've taken to saving early WP articles of any stuff potentially irritating to Authority that I find. They usually contain gems which are soon removed. For example there are plenty of stub articles consequent on the release of all those MKULTRA (and related) docs last year. I'm gradually getting them up on WikiSpooks too.

Anyone fancy helping out with docs, editing, authoring etc, most welcome

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever wondered how people like Pratt or Lowie can arrive from "middle Europe" as yet more penniless "Holocaust Survivors" and - apparently without effort, or illegal behaviour - suddenly become multi-billionaires? Without apparent effort, the richest men in Australia.

Get real. Just read about Robert Maxwell in the UK and how he was ditched off his luxury cruiser because he refused to pay Mossad back for the loan.

They all get seeding money and only the most unscrupulous survive. Truly horrible slime.

A Hellene said...

Γειά και σε εσένα, Κανείς!
(Γειά or 'γειά from υγεία: health; [έχε] υγεία: '[do have] health'; εύχομαι να έχετε υγεία: 'I wish [you] health')

"Talmudic Humanity and Philanthropy..."
You are so right, my friend! So ////ing right...

By the way, is it only me who gets the impression that Talmud-speak does not seem to be so far from our contemporary legalese?

P.S. I guess that you leave me no choice but to officially pronounce you A Honorary Hellene! :)

Anonymous said...

talmudic inbred scholars
dictators of unequal
deranging lower frequency
hatred used as vehicle
with ornamental goyim
serving at their feet
slave mankind continiously
owner of wall street
seller of the air
falsifying cultures
dominating all around
in death of true conscious
engineering chaos
profit from the hell
poisoning respect
manipulating in details.
the house of inequality
stretching untill it break
sold itself to nothing
bought itself to its mistake.


Anonymous said...

Pleased to see someone else mention the Sassoons.

Albert Sassoon married Aline Caroline de Rothschild

Number Six said...

"They all get seeding money and only the most unscrupulous survive." Yup.

Hope and Change =

Hebrew Opportunities Plenty Enough
Can't Help Any Needless Goyim Ever

Great article
Amazing how they blend into any society and
succeed materially.
Simply no spiritual element to these characters.
Nada zilch.
Their loss.

Number Six

Nada Zilch.

slozo said...

Great little piece on the evolution of propaganda, Nobody. Nasty business, it is, the re-telling of history . . . and it is done on a grand scale to enslave all the sheep in ridiculous fables and doctrines of thought so that they can twist and turn you at the right moment when they need to.

Always they hide their power. This is the key . . . you cannot be so powerful if other truly know it, and in so doing, make yourself a target.

The PTB truly are the shadow masters of the earth.

I think I need more pictures, Nobody! :)

nobody said...

I don't know about anyone else but I'm grooving on the comments.

First up - has everyone here visited Sabretache's Wikispooks? It's really something. And all his own work, unbelieveable. Thanks for those links Tache, excellent stuff. Mate, I'm still trying to figure out how I might contribute. I'd have to put my neutrality hat on and scale back the hyperbole but that's not an impossibility. Otherwise I do love the idea of wikispooks as a central resource/ depository for ebooks, sound files, movies etc.

If only I was online full time I could make a sensible contribution. As is, I'm not sure what I can do in this constantly harried state I exist in.

Thanks Hellene. I do love having a bloke pop in here with classical Greek. It's makes all of use look a bit cleverer, ha ha.

And thank you anons, especially the poetical ones. I really like both those efforts. In some ways they're more accurate than a thousand words of rant. Otherwise I suspect one of those anons is actually a schoolgirl collective from Scotland. Thanks for the links Aang. I do realise that others had been here before (hell I've been here before) but still it's worth having another bash at a figure as historically significant as Sassoon.

And Slozo, yes, more pix. Quite right.

Anonymous said...


Hi Everybody, I was going to came in yesterday but I got caught up surfing and you know how it goes. It was mainly two sites, Tache’s Wikispooks and another on use of language. First off on Tache’s work, I didn’t realise until this morning that Tache was Wikispooks and vice versa. Wow! I just thought Tache was a contributor/editor but as the song says, “How wrong can one man be.” I would love to come in and help but at the moment my time is not my own, mainly house renovations for family. Nobs wrote “If only I was online full time I could make a sensible contribution.” And he doesn’t have a parrot on his shoulder telling him how antisocial all this computer time is, at least I don’t think so. When I stop and think about it though she does have a point. It is just that I find her favourite 5TV equally appalling :-) Enough of this self indulgent whinging and back to the subject in hand, I have to come clean and say that I didn’t realise the Arab Israeli battle was being fought on the pages of Wiki, this had completely passed me by. One thing where I have to agree with the Zionist editors is in the tedium of minutia and this is where the turf battle is being fought but both sides are like a dog with a bone, neither is willing to just let it go. To make an analogy of how I see it, everybody will notice a wage cut of 10% but nobody will notice that wages are not increased but inflation rises by the same 10%. It is the Fabien idea of creeping changes. Whether the place where a group of people reside is called a village or a settlement may not seem that important but if one side’s views are always accepted without challenge then the change becomes an established fact and Israel’s right to the land becomes undisputed. Problem is that Israel wants the occupied land but doesn’t want the people on it to become Israeli citizens so they are going for a policy of crowding them out and hoping they will just go away instead of claiming the land as a spoil of war. Gaza is a different situation.

The other site I went into was not as extensive as Wiki but sprawling none the less. Some time ago I found a site which unfortunately I can’t find back which demonstrated Newspeak as a fact. The author had a number of English dictionaries published at roughly ten year intervals. He took ten everyday words, not esoteric or scientific and from edition to edition noted what was not included as time progressed. Yes, I know language is a living thing and no body today speaks in the style of Chaucer for example but there does seem to be a policy of dumbing down afoot. The site I found has pages which deal with Newspeak (the narrowing of definitions); double speak; Spin; PR and Propaganda etc, etc. It was all good stuff but where we parted company was when I finally found a page dealing with the Protocols which he regards as forgeries although he notes the mainly Arab countries who take them at face value. Here are the pages dealing with Newspeak and the Protocols respectively.

Anonymous said...

no problem nobody,good post from yourself,I suppose if we all do our little bit,things get better..neil

kikz said...

bangup job noby!

and Sabretache's Wikispooks is quite the effort..

i wish i had the time/energy/savy to help...

Anonymous said...


Tache, I am very impressed with WikiSpooks and would like to do something towards the project however what I said above about not having too much time at the moment is also true. I am somewhat of a cuckoo in that I never registered with Blogspot but tend to inhabit other peoples blogs; in other words whenever I find the need to wax literary, I can usually find a real blogger to put it up as a guest piece. There is no real reason for this except that what I do tends to come in short bursts with long gaps between. I never felt I wanted the pressure of having to do a piece every week or so to entertain/keep an audience. What I don’t want to do for the moment is register with WikiSpooks and start banging stuff up. I would prefer to run some of my old stuff past you to see if it is what you are looking for. Is there a way to do this?

kikz said...

another interesting little footnote i found on stormfront...
no linkage to sources though..

:Sassoon "Monopoly Rights" Wrecked Lancashire - England's Textile Industry - Made Roosevelt Wealthy

Sir Albert Sassoon, the eldest of David Sassoon's sons took over the family "business" empire. He constructed huge textile mills in Bombay to pay slave labor wages. This expansion continued after World War One and ended up putting mills in Lancashire, England out of business with thousands losing their jobs. This did not stop Queen Victoria from having Albert knighted in 1872.

Solomon Sassoon moved to Hong Kong and ran the family business there until his death in 1894. Later, the entire family moved to England because with modern communications they could operate their financial empire from their luxurious estates in London. They socialized with royalty and Edward Albert. Sassoon married Aline Caroline de Rothschild in 1887 which linked their fortune with that of the Rothschilds. The Queen also had Edward knighted. All 14 of the grandsons of David Sassoon were made officers during World War One and thus most were able to avoid combat.

Franklin D. Roosevelt's fortune was inherited from his maternal grandfather Warren Delano. In 1830 he was a senior partner of Russell & Company. It was their merchant fleet which carried Sassoon's opium to China and returned with tea. Warren Delano moved to Newburgh, N.Y. In 1851 his daughter Sara Married a well-born neighbor, James Roosevelt - the father of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He always knew the origin of the family fortune but refused to discuss it.

The Sassoon opium trade brought death and destruction to millions and still plagues Asia to this day. Their company was totally operated by Jews ONLY! The corrupt British monarchy honored them with privilege and knighthood - to the disgrace of the Crown! To this day the Sassoons are in the history books as "great developers" of India but the source of their vast wealth is never mentioned!"

Sabretache said...

Thanks to all for kind words.

My motivation for wikispooks is selfish.

It is a therapy. It goes some way toward assuaging feelings of despair and utter impotence in the face of the globalisation monolith and the malevolent evil that is driving it.

I have no illusions about its potential. The cyber-warriors of the NSA have ways of ensuring that things deemed threatening to their agenda hit obstacles and do not go viral. Search engine algorithms are massaged; gateway traffic is monitored and key hit counters auto-adjusted; where automation breaks down, co-option and/or infiltration takes over - all the usual spook stuff plus a lot else besides. If the threat continues - well, no need to spell it out.

The idea with Wikispooks is simply to document and catalogue evidence that the Powerful would prefer remained hidden and to make it easily and simply available using the same technology as Wikipedia but with a polar opposite editorial policy. Which means enforcing a rigorous assumption AGAINST authority and The Official narrative on anything and everything. That may produce error; but sure as hell it will produce a more accurate picture than its opposite which screams its obscenities 24/7 from just about every MSM source of "Information" available to Joe public.

I'll just keep plugging away. Any help, suggestions etc welcome.

Anonymous said...


Tasche, wrt to your para 3 above, do you ponder the possibility that Joèl ven der Reijden was shown a different way? In the little personal information he has given away, he describes himself using the Dutch term “Anders Globalist” which I take to mean that he subscribes to the John Lenon view of globalisation rather than the giant snowball that is currently approaching the village at the bottom of the hill.
Anyway, congrats on backing up his site in its entirety, is it the final version? I have one which is about six months out of date but apparently he made some changes towards the end. Does the fact that his site went down cause you any concerns?

Anything practical that you need help with? Gosh so many question in such a short comment!

nobody said...

I don't know if anyone is interested in these (particularly so long after original posting), but I'll ask the question anyway - what the hell is going on with these statcounter hits? They make no sense to me.

They all arrive from Georgia USA. They all come from an image search for Morton Downey Jr. Three of them arrive within seconds of each other and another ten minutes later. And yet they all arrive from different IP's, at different corporations, in different towns. But are the towns different? Roswell, Kennesaw, Marietta - is it me or are they all on top of each other? Is there some connection? What's going on? Any ideas?

Have a look:

Sbc Internet Services ( [Label IP Address]

Roswell, Georgia, United States, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
11th November 2010 22:25:03 Page View

--- ( [Label IP Address]

Kennesaw, Georgia, United States, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
11th November 2010 22:15:22 Page View


Power Industry Consultants ( [Label IP Address]

Marietta, Georgia, United States, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
11th November 2010 22:14:51 Page View


Leaseplan Usa ( [Label IP Address]

Roswell, Georgia, United States, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
11th November 2010 22:14:09 Page View

nobody said...

And why Morton Downey Jr? Or is he a red herring? Perhaps the question should be, Why the 'obsequious apology' post? It's just hyperbole, there's nothing significant in it.

I should also say that this has been going on for a while. In fact there's been another couple of hits since I cut and pasted those four, the most recent from New York. Hell, here it is -

Rcn Corporation ( [Label IP Address]

New York, United States, 0 returning visits

Date Time Type WebPage
12th November 2010 14:20:02 Page View

nobody said...

Just to make things clear, 'morton downey jr' comprises the number one search topic delivering hits to my blog.

In what mad alternative universe is that possible? He was a second rate zero when he was alive and there's no way his career has undergone a revival since his death nine years ago.

What's going on? What am I missing here?

Sabretache said...

FB - 8.09

When I first put the ISGP archive up, it too was an early 2010 version. I emailed Joel to advise what I was doing and he advised the latest was linked from the holding page at the original ISGP domain address, so I updated it.

He also asked me to remove reference to the site's original name (PEHI) in the 'Mission' box, which I did. No further word from him.

I believe he is writing a book.

I'm also fairly sure he felt threatened; not necessarily from overt incidents and probably just from an acute awareness of both the power and extreme ruthlessness of some of the people that only he has named publicly on the site. As you say maybe he's been shown a different way.

I cannot claim to really know Joel at all, other than through the site and that brief email exchange. I certainly don't agree with much of his world view. For example he is scathing about the possibility of something other than a Boeing 767 hitting the Pentagon. He makes it clear he is not necessarily opposed to the Anglo/US/NATO/European globalisation project - just the concentrations of unaccountable power - and a lot of other positions you can deduce from reading between the lines. I don't hold any of it against him though - apart from the Pentagon thing he doesn't evangelize his views on the other stuff.

The reason I rate the guy is for the painstaking research that he's put into that site and especially on the Dutroux/Pedophile phenomenon and its clear links to REAL power. IMHO that work needs far wider circulation.

I had a bit of a tif over 'The protocols' a couple of months ago. Don't recall the precise details but it will be in the article history. You may like to have a look at the 'Wikispooks Comment' section to see if it can be improved. Otherwise just edit and author away.

kikz said...

dunno.... a google on mort didn't bring up anything related to your site.. how odd....

maybe a comparison was made to you.. on another site, and whomever read it was curious...?


and on a slightly related matter... moses israel sieff.. often mentioned inre zionistas/deep pockets and euro-banking...often mentioned as being in italy (i think).. and utilized as a redherring/strawman when no info can be found on that bank, w.the sieff name attached.

i have pulled together some doc on that if ''spooks' is interested.. but it's not in any 'form' like noby's post... if wanted i'd be glad to email the links.. where ever :)
i think it would make a nice entry, as one has to dig to find the connection to banking/finance thru his UK chain stores marks & find the banking connection.

anyway.. lemme know..

kikz said...

afterthought... maybe sayanim, would/could make an informative subcategory?

aferrismoon said...

FRom 'Jews and the Slave Trade' at Wiki[d] -

"Like their Christian and Muslim neighbors, Jews owned slaves and participated in the slave trade. Despite exaggerated statements by Anti-Jewish organizations,[1] it is now clear that Jews did not dominate the slave trade in Medieval Europe, Africa, and/or the Americas,[2][3] and that Jews had no major or continuing impact on the history of New World slavery.[2][3][4][5] They possessed far fewer slaves than non-Jews in every British territory in North America and the Caribbean, and in no period did they play a leading role as financiers, shipowners, or factors in the transatlantic or Caribbean slave trades.[6] In 1995 the American Historical Association issued a statement condemning any statement alleging that Jews played a disproportionate role in the Atlantic slave trade.[7]

The Secret Relation between Blacks and Jews in 1991, which asserted that Jews played a major role in the Atlantic slave trade. The book was widely criticized as anti-Semitic and led to additional scholarly research on the subject, including books such as Jews and the American Slave Trade by Saul S. Friedman, which concluded that Jewish involvement in the slave trade was minimal and comparable to other groups of slave-traders such as the English."

...such as the English [ try saying such as the Jews online!!]

Note the squirming actiopn of extrication and the TOTAL lack of any apology or remorse.

I think the word is SNIDE.

Also 'thou protesteth too much' seems to work here.

"Many of the ethnic Jews in the New World, particularly in Brazil, were New Christians or Conversos, some of which continued to practice Judaism, so the distinction between Jewish and non-Jewish slave owners is a difficult distinction for scholars to make."

Now the bad Jews are Xtians , handy.

Repeated so u don't make any mistake:

"Jews and descendants of Jews converted to Christianity participated in the slave trade on both sides of the Atlantic, in Holland, Spain, and Portugal on the eastern side, and in Brazil, Caribbean, and North America on the west side.[31] However other than a momentary involvement in Brazil and a more durable one in the Caribbean, Jewish participation was minimal"

"According to Bertram Korn, there were Jewish owners of plantations, but altogether they constituted only a tiny proportion of the industry.[46] In 1830 there were only four Jews among the 11,000 Southerners who owned fifty or more slaves.[47]"

So there u go, the underlying racism of the article is like a bit of snot that u can't flick off your finger.

They note that historical details are incomplet and unclear further on in the article, though they apparently accurate enough to exonorate JewDear!


Sabretache said...


Send to That will find me

nobody said...

Thanks boys and girl.

And that's the spirit Kikz! Pile in. And there I was thinking, don't forget the sayanim ambulance driver in NZ who got sprung with Zev Barkan in that passport scam, but I realised that I should probably write it.

Then I thought that the ideal story I should write, since I haven't seen anyone else touch it, is the world's worst coup attempt that happened in East Timor a few years back. That was the nuttiest story.

God all the things I should write...


Hey Tache, given that the likelihood of actual spooks attempting to climb on board wikispooks is a cold hard certainty, I for one think it's imperative that you never cede (or devolve, or whatever) Super User status. That has to be you mate.

It would be bad enough if you were hosting articles critical of the spook/satanist/paedophile crowd, or of Jewish/zionist money/media control, but to cover both means you're doubling your chances and entering 'dead cert' territory.

As for writing, I'm in the middle of attempting to say something coherent about veterans, or more exactly to veterans for the church but I might stop that and have a spray on Wikispooks.

Ha, given how big I think Wikispooks is going to be, I'll grab the kudos attached to being the first blogger to mention it in a front page article. Yeah yeah, Sabretache doesn't count since it's his site.

Otherwise I'm still staggered by how much work you've put into this, Tache. It makes me look like some kind of indifferent, part-time amateur. Oh wait, I am an indifferent part-time amateur now that I think about it...

Peter said...
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Peter said...
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Peter said...

Here's Morton Downey Jr on video

wv fiestse (fiesty?)

Anonymous said...


Here is a to the point article by John Pilger.

Greg Bacon said...

Sasson was a bigger illegal drug dealer than those lovable lugs at the CIA?

That is a record!

kikz said...

sigh.. outlook mail probs ystrdy morn..

then, one of my source doc's links is dead..
i'll hafta do some more digging..

2 are actual wiki's.. but the other was off some odd site... i'll get bak to ya w/em.. soon..

kikz said...

cripes... afterthought..
possibly i could find it w/the waybackmachine...
we'll see...

kikz said...

while i'm still diggin on the sieff bank issue..

got sidetracked by TSA scanner co; ICTS...connections to chertoff and other mossad stickiez..

is there no fuking rock you can't turn over and NOT find the tribe?

...shakin head....

Anonymous said...


Kikz, this is amazing how a guy with clear conflicts of interests in a position of public responsibility can just adopt a fuck you attitude and bludgeon his way through whilst Commissioner Connorette in the Dutroux case was thrown off the investigation because he said “Hello” to two of the escaped victims who happened to be at the same public function. It seems the ones who make these weighty decisions have all the subtlety of a lynch mob when it suits their purpose and when it doesn’t it is a case of “Move on right along, there is nothing to see”.

Obliquely connected with 9/11 have you noticed the disparity in the media attention given to the events of that day and the gutting by fire of the Shanghai tower block over last weekend?

nobody said...

Hey FB, well that's the power of the media for you. A given identical act my described as a crime or an act of heroism and all depending on who did it. It's as simple as that - you own the media and you confer upon yourself the god-like power to decide was comprises sin and what comprises virtue. That's a power worth having if you're a criminal.

Hey Greg, keep in mind that these things are unknowable and was someone to say my claim was mere hyperbole, well, who could argue against them?