Saturday, July 17, 2010

Two men, a golden retriever, and a cat

Given the gossip (over at Henry Makow's) that Australia's current PM Julia Gillard is a lesbian whose 'boyfriend' is actually a 'beard'; further given Macow's suggestion that Paul Keating was also gay (which would explain a lot, ie. his insanely tailored suits, his fetish for antique French clocks, as well as his curious come-from-nowhere, never-to-be-discussed divorce): what are we to make of this, courtesy of the front page of Rupes' broadsheet The Australian? (click on the pic to get a full readable rez).

Well, blow me down! Plug this into Mark Latham's disparaging of Rudd, specifically for his lack of an Australian accent, and generally for his all-round effeteness, and gee whiz, you'd have to wonder wouldn't you? Then there's Rudd's famous Milky-Bar kid manner and propensity for hissy-fits and we're really getting somewhere ain't we? Ahem, not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. Unless we're in crypto territory in which case, um... there is something wrong with it actually.

Otherwise, all things being equal, I'd have declared that this is an absolute dead giveaway. I mean honestly!


Anonymous said...

So what!
Sorry Nobs but that's my reaction to what I have just read.
More of the same; Aussie has always aspired to socialism, tolerance is required for our people mix, they're not force feeding us their personal preferences, so what.
The only thing is the NWO thing and that's not going real well at the moment either is it?
You can be sure if Rupert doesn't want Labor to succeed in the coming election he will do all he can in his newspapers to see that it doesn’t happen. This’ just the start of it, again.
And of course, while we allow ‘psychopaths/sociopaths’ power this sort of shit will prevail.
Mark Latham, where are you?

Anonymous said...

What is going on down under? Only the spymaster knows fo sho?

slozo said...

Not "so what".

Let me be the first fair minded, adult, logical person to declare that no matter what you have been taught, what religion you come from, or what sexual concepts you were instructed on,

men fucking other men is not fucking natural. In fact, it's against the whole natural wiring, as it were.

That, to me, in fact DOES alert me to "bad wiring", as much as any other weird fetish or habit or mental disease would. Don't pile on me as if I hate, or am afraid, of gays . . . it's a strawman, and I won't respond to it, as it's utter bullshit.

Men were not supposed to do that stuff to each other, and it's fully within all of our rights to question it, and look down on it as a MENTAL DEFECT.

Btw, this doesn't mean I haven't had gay friends, acquaintances, etc - but they knew the score. I didn't think that being gay was natural, and thought they were screwed in the head! lol

As an addendum . . . how big of a leap is it from loving young men to loving young boys? If you have ever known a gay man very well, and know what they find "hot" or attractive . . . it's a short hop for the most part.

Anonymous said...

Slozo I am never buying it either. The Chinese taoists call it dragon yang, positive on positive and taught it was bad juju.

Anonymous said...

OK Nobby

Interesting article with some merrit. I may continue read your site becuase it does sometimes have interesting information.

However your linking to a site full of Misogynist crap sickens me at the deepest level. You would never uncritically link to a site that talked about Muslims in a similar manner.

Feminism is about freedom and equality which is what you all seem to want for Muslims, blacks etc yet you uncritically post links to the most vile crap I've ever read. At you don't really give a toss about womans rights.

American Gulag -- Feminist Laws Persecute Men

I have felt this for a long time but I have stuck around becuase of the dire international situation we are all facing.

Clearly females wanting to share in freedom is not something you really care about and so I say why should women bother fighting the new world order when those we support do not support our freedoms?

You can justify your link due to exposing a cabal that threaten humanity. I see those that are assisting you as a threat to my gender so I have nothing to gain.

As I said before you would never uncritically link to a site who described the fight for Black or Muslin freedom in the terms that this man describes feminism.

I suppose mysoginy is so wide spread it just doesnt count. That means you think what I want doesn't count Nobby so you can shove trying to save this crappy creepy world which you are in colusion with. I'll take the methane bubble thanks.

I don't wanta debate on feminism. As far as I'm concerned its a basic human right.

I think the stoning is next with you all proclaiming Nobby a hero and me a bitch. thats generally the way it goes on this planet.

I don't care for the reaction so won't be reading for a while.

As I said bring on the end of this crap. My fight is over. Theres nothing worth fighting for.

grassapelli said...

To summarize: Feminism is a basic human right. Say no more. Nuff said. Take that one to the bank. (Please email me some more useful cliches.)

kikz said...

i read the word 'makow' and stop reading... i waded thru his shit ages ago..... @@.....

misogynist par excellence....


Anonymous said...

Makow is afraid of titties! That lady can sure imply a lot of things that simply are not there. But like I always tell them if you must leave be sure and check the oil in the car so you don't break down on the highway.

nobody said...

Gosh! How cross people get. Is Makow a creep? Who knew? I suspect I've visited his site less than half a dozen times. He's really not my kettle. As for this link, I did preface it as gossip, you might recall.

And then there's gay - the Bob Brown mentioned in the last piece is gay. He said so. I voted for him any number of times in full knowledge that he's gay. Now I wouldn't vote for him. But only because I know that anthropocentric global warming, which he supports, is a con.

As far as I'm concerned 'gay' has been around forever. To shake your fist at 'gay' per se is madness. I understand all the arguments against it, I can see very few arguments for it, but what difference does it make? What are you going to do? Ban it? Talk about Sisyphean idiocy. It just is.

But the same token, the flipside of acting like it doesn't exist is just as weird. That article, which I suspect large swathes of people here didn't read, is the gayest thing ever, and what? We all act like it never happened? Cough and look away? Is that what we do here? What are gays? The new Jews? We may discuss them but only as heroes or victims? Is that right?

Had people read the article they would have noticed that the Prime MInister of Australia was incommunicado from every one in his party and cabinet, with the only person having any access at all being his unmarried male friend. Is that what everyone voted for? I recall his wife and kids being trotted out. If she'd been a drunk or spouted some shit about not liking Asians would that have counted for something?

Okay so imagine if Rudd's wife cynically stuck with him so that he'd get elected, knowing that it would add billion dollar cachet to her million dollar business. Then imagine that the only person nattering in his ear, to the exclusion of everyone in his party is not his public wife but his secret boyfriend.

Are we cool with that? Are we cool with cynical subterfuge of that nature? A tuppence for gay, and a tuppence for Makow, even without knowing anything about the death cult and who rules us, the above posited scenario is bullshit that needs to be publicly dealt with.

Actually now that I think about it, I could have been a lot clearer in all of this. If you're going to talk about gay, talk about gay. If you're going to talk about subterfuge, talk about subterfuge. Hmm... it seems I was having a bob each way. Okay so I apologise! This was slapdash frivolous thing slung out after slaving away on the latest too long swastika thing.

But never mind, the too-long thing is up now and we can all argue about that. Yay!

Anonymous said...

There definitely appears to be an anti-archonistic streak developing here. Not all archons are bad however, only the zarchon faction. Archons have taken all the heat due to their faction of zarchons who are colonialist in nature. Anti-archonism is something that clearly needs to be defined. This whole charade has even fooled Kaminski and sent him off on a tangent embroiling him in the Babylonian woe. These zarchons are clever even pulling the wool over the eyes of their brother archons and setting them up for the blame.

Dave said...

Nobody, I get the distinct impression from the comments that there are some who are on the verge of canceling their subscription! Whatever will you do without their non-support?

nobody said...

Um... are they Archons or Zarchons? I get confused. Mick, what are you on about?

As for me, I shall run melancholy mad. Oh wait, I did that already. Okay, more melancholy mad.

Aargh, is that the time? Off to yoga.

slozo said...

Yes, gay has been around forever, just like many behavioural defects have been around forever. Sad to see you write that I was shaking my fist at them . . . I thought my writing was clear about it:

I think we should be allowed to have an opinion on gay not being natural and socially acceptable.

Just like we should be allowed to declare that Israel is a terrorist state and that all of Hollywood is controlled by old jewish men.

You see what I am getting at?

You can't say those things, because while you will be accused of wanting to stone The Gays just by having a slightly negative opinion of them, you will literally be stoned yourself by the cowed public. And just like the other taboo subjects/opinions, you will get lumped into a certain category to be further shoved down into the gutter of public opinion.

The funny thing is, I have had the luck to have two seperate gay acquaintances in my life that I talked to in depth on this very subject, and there was no shouting or accusations hurled.

All hail the self-deprecating gay.

kikz said...

i'm not adverse to the subj.. i just discount anything out of makow's maw.... thaz all..

as far as gay or not..

just keep that shit in the bedroom.. i don't want anybody's anything in my face.. gay or not..