Friday, July 2, 2010

A head full of Clint Eastwood

Okay be warned. This is where it gets ugly, or as Clint Eastwood so succinctly put it in Gran Torino, Fuckin' Ugly. And we all know how that ended. Yeah well... so be it.

So be it! In a discussion of Millenarian cults, how many do we think are well-meaning efforts led by people who earnestly believe everything they're on about? Perhaps we should put that in the past tense. In all of those end-of-the-world cults that found themselves still extant when the world didn't end, what percentage would we describe as good-hearted and benevolent? I'm not talking about the followers here: our opinion of them would be very low. Instead I'm talking about the charismatic people at the top of each respective pyramid, the ones who'd talked everyone into it. In fact, for any such group or cult that might be described as millenarian/messianic/
apocalyptic, what other words would ordinarily pop into our heads in describing them? Would they be good ones?

Otherwise, who am I describing here: "social outcasts adrift, making no sense of society as it stands, and yet seeking a purpose in life. Having rejected society, and society having rejected them they float hoping for a guru, a teacher who can lead them to rightness, fulfilment, salvation." Am I talking about the losers in the Raelians? Or Scientology? Or Jim Jones' People's Temple? The Children of God perhaps? Or am I talking about us, the hell-bent, truth-seeking extremities of the internet? Ha! As if those other sorry losers are anything like us. They all fell for bullshit CIA mind-control cults and we... well, we're too smart. There's no way we'd fall for some smooth talking spook bullshit artist.

Hell, thanks to Dave McGowan we even have the spotter's profile. He's demo-ed it over and over again - we see keep seeing the same guy always popping up. Run through the checklist with me now: born into a military family; physically abused as a child; joined the military; spent time in psych-wards; spent time in jail; hung out at Laurel Canyon; is musically gifted; met Charlie Manson; took every drug known to man; is super charismatic with true-believers hanging off his every word; talks to the gods with himself as interpreter; demands our belief. Yeah well, if we see that guy we'll know him for sure.

I know that there are people who think Dave McGowan is bullshit. Like m_astera! Which is interesting, very interesting. I wrote about m_astera before. Now I'll happily admit that I know nothing about the guy apart from what he asserts about himself in Les' various comments sections (and lately most of that unread). I'll also admit that what I wrote in that demolition piece could be off the mark. All I know for sure is that there's something wrong with that picture - something off-kilter, something photoshopped out, an unlikely element lit from the wrong direction. Or perhaps it's just a smell? Hard to say, either way he makes the hairs stand up on the back on my neck. I note with interest that I'm not the only one to have violent reactions to him. Honestly, he's that kind of guy.

Anyway he's come a long way now but still lives in the shadow of others I notice. Which is to say, Les's. But still, within that shadow he's achieving great things. Seems he's become Les' own personal co-pilot: astral travelling and seated at Les' right elbow as the two bravely fly into weirder and weirder territory. With an image of him as joystick-clutching aviator may I dub him m_aster_vator? He's got a hide like a rhinoceros, so why not? And hide or no, underneath it all he's a man for all seasons: arch sycophant, platitude spouting sage, and charmless and unforgiving foe of all who doubt him. Like I said - something wrong with that picture, man. And Dave McGowan is bullshit he says. Yeah right, where's Mandy Rice-Davies when you need her? In Israel? Whatever...

Second fiddle bullshit artists aside, in wondering at curiosities it always pays to come at things from the opposite direction. Given that the CIA/mind-control/satanist/paedophile crowd has never given up on the religion/cult gag, and given that every medium that exists is considered fair game, does anyone really imagine that the internet would get a pass? Between - 'Gosh, that's a bit a head scratcher. Let's skip it' and 'How do we make this work for us' one of them is an inevitability, a 100% lock in. Okay dandy, the question now is: What would that internet version of a charismatic cult leader look like? And don't worry about differences between the versions that came in other times and other places. There's no cookie cutter here. It's whatever works.

What other clues are there? Where does Les stand in this blink/blink twin pillar world of duelling entities? In this world there's only ever one bad guy, and in spite of idiotic overlaps you have to choose your camp and then point your finger in the same direction as everybody else. EITHER - It's Mike Rivero (et al) declaring It's all the Jews, and if you listen to the pin drop silence you can almost hear the hypnosis-tape refrain Satanists? What satanists? Repeat after me, there's no such thing. OR - It's Jeff Wells (et al) certain that It's all the Satanists. And the Jews? No Jews here says he, apart from the utterly marvellous and endlessly quotable Robert Zimmerman and Leonard Cohen, bless their souls.

Les, with his perpetual spot at WRH, is definitely amongst the former of these two. But with his background he could hardly be the other, could he? I'll admit that McGowan, mind-control, and paedophilia have copped mentions at Smoking Mirrors but I think the word 'cursory' would be appropriate. What meagre mentions they do get are as likely to be condemnatory as anything else. Perhaps 'short shrift' would be the right expression. Ever eager tag-team partner m_aster_vator clearly knows which way the wind blows.

Finally there's that old chestnut, money. People have to make a living you know. Does no one ever wonder how some people seem perpetually able to devote themselves full time to the internet with no visible means of support? (yeah yeah, pun). Oh alright, I admit it, I live at 'home', I don't work, and I bludge off the old man's pension. But I'm happy to point to my spotty output. If you want an example of a blogger who makes sense in this regard, you need only to look to Craig Murray. A drib here, a drab there. Who's got time for more? Not me that's for sure. I'll admit that there are people out there who are driven, who tirelessly work and work and have an output that shames everybody else. Still, where does the money come from? How do they pay the bills? Really I'd like to know because after my gig here with the old man is over, I'm out on my arse. And me, I couldn't think of anything nicer than to write all day and not have to work for a living - like a dream come true...

Well, there's everyone's daily dose of bad ugliness. I recommend you all go rinse your mouth out to get rid of the taste of shit. I told you it'd be fuckin' ugly. Which is to say, I would be ...balls out without a stitch of common decency. And that's the problem when you pull on a thread - the whole thing unravels and you're standing there stark bollock naked. Yeah well, I came into the world that way and I ain't got nothin' to hide otherwise, so... what the hell.

Oh, is that the bell? Thank God. Class dismissed. Or is it me ringing at the door? It's hard to know... regardless there won't be any Hail Mary's...


Franz said...


I'm not the ONLY one who had a Catholic edu-muck-ation that didn't work AND thinks Gloria Swanson doing her "Ready for my close-up, Mistuh DeMille" is still the creepiest shot ever put on film. Yes indeed!

What tore this subject for me was all the sluts I met when I went rouge and amuck AFTER my Catholic attempt. Met Anton LeVay, nee Levy, actually an Irgun man. Met followers of Crowley, now beyond a doubt British intel, M15 according to SECRET AGENT 666, which I'm almost done reading & will send you my copy should you desire. On my last dive (trip to California...) met a New Age guru you might know and... US Army intel, finally it all fell into place.

"Simon" the mage who wrote the NECRONOMICON revealed in his book about that scam that his biggest customers were military bases.

There's NO Jews, NO satanists, NO magickians, nothing. Only the military people ALL OVER THE WORLD putting together the ultimate mutiny: Why serve moron civilians when we can own the whole shooting match?

Les and you and the SpaceGoatFarts guy are all right, all CORRECT, you just miss the big picture. Let's try it ONE MORE TIME:

What's the Hebrew bible? King Cyrus' orders to his special agents for stealing land in Canaan.

What's the Christian gospels? A handful of Caesar's orders to their priests for stealing ALL land EVERYWHERE.

That's IT! Everything else is skulduggery between the lads. They mean to own and keep it all. So there. In simple and fine. If I'd a stayed Catholic I might be pope by now and MY guys would be playing hardball, trust me, they wouldn't be kiddy-diddlers. Damn it I'd run a tight ship and the world would do a jig when I won, which I won's since I quit and ain't pope.

su said...

Intrigued by your comment I went to your blog. Like the title.
Gosh I am even doing capital letters.
Also catholic school thing with a hebrew scool thrown in for roundness or convenience, i think the latter.

Anyway what makes your blog even more profound is the absolute emptiness of it - is it likely to lose its blank state soon?

nobody, i stopped visiting a lot of blogs lately because of the 100% of the victimhood status. reinforcing our helplessness etc and puffing ourselves when we succumbed to depression over the 'state of the world". a constant reminder that the world was on fire and destructing.

my world is fine, the pecan harvest this year has been very generous, despite the lack of rains.
the children continue to question, grow, thrive, see , experience.
all around me i see life and vitality - i see light in action.

so why did i repeatedly go visiting blogs which told me about things which i have no way of validating. sort of taking away what is immediately real for me and replacing its value with what is immediately real for a blogger or an agenda.
i was having doubts about that.

when calls came in that les' latest breakdown was due to some final sublime spiritual act and now he was an avatar, i just suppressed a puke and went into the garden, never to return to that realm.

amazing attachment to personal doer ship and psychedelic experience.
in my mind, like all of us an ordinary man with better than norm writing skills and perception. high on irony, rather self effacing at times and yet a very ordinary man, pretending to be more...

that is your beauty nobs - ordinariness and in that a richness shines through. shine on.

Vanguard said...

I'm not for churches, but I am for spirituality.

I agree that all of the harm committed to self and others through history, and today, in the name of religions, and spirituality, is an absolute travesty.

I believe that people will spin around in self and world-wide situations, over more than one lifetime (unless they do horrific things on a massive scale, or saintly things on the same scale) until they balance themselves and their surroundings, and choose/perpetuate good things.

So I'm not offended nor am I calling "wrong" what "nobody" has said.

Please take my opinion in the spirit it was offered.

Some very insightful comments in the posts. My thanks.

Franz said...

Ah su you are so right.

Actually I'm saving my blog for a primer on 5th Order Industry... local farmers have enjoyed the first few installments so I'm just going to put it up. Now that Global Industry has failed, it's OUR turn, right? I got the whole thing PDF'd in chapters for scribd and now the hard part...

And "responders" like me are automatic pains in the arse anyway. We don't INITIATE very well, Nobody does that too well but he don't understand that he trips a little switch in our Catholic School Skulls that says, "Uh-HAH! I got the answer to that right here!" And we have NO CHOICE in the matter. I'm five years old again and Sister Mary Nobody must have the RIGHT answer or... or...

That's the trouble right there. G. Harry Stine (rocket science for the people, RIP) and Eric Hoffer (hobo for the people, RIP) both said it better than me: There is no God and nature hates our guts. She wastes EVERYTHING and spends her days trying to KILL us. What does this tell us about the whole universe?

My five year old Catholic self has no answer to that, but it sure is the truth.

Dave said...

Hi nobody,
Long time reader; first time commenter here. I really like what you say. It rings all kinds of bells in me. I also enjoy the comments, and in today's I found su's really hit the nail on the head. I often wonder what the hell is wrong with me that I crave reading stuff that causes my blood to run cold, like Dave McGowan's stuff and things about the world-wide pedophile ring. Maybe I'll take heart at what she said and try to appreciate the "mundane" things in my life. We have a holiday week-end coming up, here in America, and I'll get to blow off some firecrackers, like I did as a child.
Have a great week-end yourself!

kikz said...

outta the ballpark noby >:)

here's one for ya...

kikz said...

shite.. i forgot to add, that doc livergood is a tad too xtian for my tastes.. but a sweet guy, that answers his emails ..

and the guru U stuff is tongue/n/cheek funny!

nobody said...

Thanks boys and girls, I must admit that I expected a 'slightly different' response, ha ha.

Oh, I get it. I just went to Frank's blog. As for who's the top dog and who works for whom etc. that is the endless discussion. But regardless of the answer I'm never going to have a Jewish Landlord (or girlfriend) ever again. Likewise, if I get a whiff of anything satanistic, I'm outta there

And onya Su. You are the 'hammer queen' what with your unerring ability to hit every nail dead on. I'm glad it's going well for you mate. A pecan harvest? That sounds so real...

No worries Vanguard, that was inarguable.

Hey Dave, yeah... that's a spooky craving isn't it? I always like how Dave McGowan constantly makes me have to rethink everything I know. I oughtn't to like it but I do.

And onya Kikz. Aargh, I'll have to check your thing out next time. Have to go home to make lunch.

ciao ciao


kikz said...

addendum.. pstonie(sp) whomever that is.. a reader over at les' place.. had broached the elephant in the blog so to speak..

i'd answered, which i hav yet to see post, thru the 'needle stuck in the scratch groove' of the repetitive repost of the 'coke/card game'... for the last almost 24 hrs, no updated commentary on mirrors...
which i assume les trying to make some? point w/... or not...

however, there could be another 'psychic attack' underway? >:)
or a simply cokebender hangover...

anyway...pstonie had called les to the mat inre vague instructional DIY for getting to god..

my observation/advice to pstonie -
les; all theatrics and literary verbosity aside.. the core message was always 'look within'. how could that be... less vague?

most peepz probs stem frm the matter of their looking for a guru to get them to god.

but, les's experiences are unique reality for him alone... as are ours.

others can serve as 'landmarks' to/away from one's own individual path.

no-one can put you on it, or share the journey w/you..

i was much more succinct in that post than this one.. but ya get the gist...
personally i've never had a real prob w/les, because to me he's justa gifted, crazy acquaintance, somewhere in the world - who tells great, provocative stories - not a middleman/guru - to my idea or path to 'source' or 'god'.

he could be a 'manchu' he does fit the profile for that, no doubt.

quite possibly i miss his agenda?
su has mentioned 'learned helplessness' and 'comraderie in misery'

i'm glad, but not surprised that, 'present company' has the good sense to realize that our separate realities are not les's, nor should we want them to be.

if we find value there.. keep it. if not, the chaff goes into the wind, just that simple.

if that groupie mindset is already present in an individual - there's no 'deprogramming' it, not at blogging distance anyway...

it seems to share psychological domain w/peeps looking to/for bigdaddy, superman, drill sarg, president, some archetypal authority figure to direct/fix their lives, give them purpose for living.

it's just not my gig.

as far as frank's theory - i do understand that resentment by mil/ inre civ control - does exist.. just hav no personal knowledge as to how deep that rabbit hole goes...?

su said...

i suspect you suspected that the pecan nut crop was a euphemism for the other crop that has been a year in growth, ripening, harvesting etc.
no truth be told there were two amazing crops this year.
and anything grown with love and care in your own garden becomes pure bounty.
why would i not celebrate that with my full attention and focus.
why would i not appreciate what is present here right now for something else that .....

hi kitz,
like how you say things.
pages turn and possibilities arise.

nobody said...

Thanks folks,

I had some further thoughts on this matter.

We all go to Smoking Mirrors etc to find things that don't exist in the MSM yes? And there we find a perpetual discussion of the Time of Revelation aka the armageddon, yes? Okay, I hate to say this but both of those sentences can't be true. And that's due to the fact that the end of the world vibe is HUGE in the MSM. It's certainly huge in Hollywood.

It was always popular (like in Armageddon) but now the paradigm has shifted whereby the world no longer gets saved and there's nothing for it but for us to all die.

Anyone see that Nick Cage flick Knowing? It's pretty bad but then, isn't everything with Nick Cage? I have him pegged as the successor to Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson, constantly in movies in spite of being a perfect one-shtick pony. Anyway, forget him - Knowing says that there's nothing to be done we may as well just go home and die. Pile in with Keanu Reeves in Day the Earth Stood Still, both those Roland Emmerich flicks (2012 and the other one), Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Deep Impact etc etc.

Anyway, there's tons of it - the armageddon vibe hangs very heavy. This is not an accident. And it doesn't pop out of the 'zeitgeist' neither. The zeitgeist is manufactured. And Les is right there, riding that wave.

Does anyone remember m_aster_vator pushing his perpetual Chavez wheelbarrow and complaining that no one else was covering it. Ha ha ha, no one except for the mainstream media that is! The MSM never saw an anti-Chavez story it didn't like. Best I could make out m_aster_vator's role was to dish out an endless string of off-topic stories that were so stupid that even the MSM wouldn't touch them. I recall him telling us that Chavez was responsible for people waking up with their kidneys missing. Pathetic.

Along those lines, who got sucked in to Mike Ruppert's Peak Oil scam? Apart from me, ahem. Thank God for Dave McGowan. And let's also thank God that Dave McGowan and Les come from two separate universes, because was they to come into each other's orbits it would be two universes colliding. Somehow I doubt he'd buy Les' line about being lucky with money, you know, how it just appears in his pockets or something. Honestly, when Les wrote that did we really just read it and think nothing of it? Why did we do that? It's obviously idiotic. Lucky with money. Pah!

nobody said...

Hey Su, no, I assumed that they were pecans, ha ha. But the other crop went well too did it? Yay.

Thanx Kikx, off to check it out.

gallier2 said...

Hello down-under, wanted just to give a nod to your story. As for Les I have to say that I couldn't read him, much to much words for really simple concepts. His essays are laborious and verbous and absolutely not catchy. I tried to read them, I can remember that I read some long time ago when they were linked from WRH, but there was never the, as we germans say "AHA Effekt" that I get when reading McGowan or yourself. In your posts or McGowans there's always a new idea, or another perspective, or way to see to things one thought were knew. There's always a challenge pushing one to reflexion even if the point made by the author is false (never happens with your essays but by McGowan you know where I stand concerning the Apollo missions).
As for Ruppert I have to say that I found him appealing in the beginning (beginning being defined as the time of awakening aka as 911 when I had a lot of time to read on the internet) when he talked about the CIA drug trades, but what got me to avoid him, was his peak-oil apocalypse sensationalism. At that time I also still believed in peak-oil but knew that a change would be gradual and not really a problem. While not being a "real believer" of Austrian economics, I knew that the market would adjust to the smooth decline (Germans in WWII had a lot of fuel made of coal with the Fischer-Tropsch process and South-Africa makes 60% of its domestic fuel that way). Discovery of the Kenney site with the soviet papers about abiotic oil did the rest (and btw the Gulf oil spill is the last nail in the coffin of peak-oil and fossil oil).

Anonymous said...

When you look at specific incidents such as Lockerbie or Dutroux you see mafias, millionaires, the military, Mossad and much more...

- Aangirfan

slozo said...

So Nobody,
Now that I've read through your second installment, where you most politely call out Les as I did in my first response . . . tell me: Do you think Les is purposeful, or accidental disinfo?

Disinfo being, the funnelling of people who question things like we do to peaceful (see: do nothing) spiritualism and recreational drug use so that all the talk amounts to a hill of beans. That, and the sprinkling in of other propaganda . . .

I remember I actually comented a time or two at Les', so long ago, and I disagreed about a thing or two and asked him about this or that, or why he thought it . . . and answered with "peace brother" bullshit and basically ignored what could have been a discussion. Was seriously not impressed, and it led me to believe that Les only wanted a bunch of followers, and did not want to clarify any real points lest he scare anyone away. Well, of the questioning 9/11 crowd, anyways.

I often think people who comment on the "important" blogs are tracked in a database . . . in fact, I can be quite sure of it, from what I know.

Oh, I forgot - congrats on smashing down an old hero . . . that took guts. My respect.

nobody said...

Aha, it's the old they-don't-pop-in-so-often-but-it's-always-worth-it-when-they-do crowd.

Gallier, yes, all of that. Perhaps I'll correct a thing I said earlier. Les can be a great writer but lately my eyes have glazed over at the monotony of it all. Otherwise mate, believe it or not when I mentioned McGowan and Ruppert I had a line in there about the current oil spill and I even used the phrase 'last nail in the coffin' (hmm... is that an idiom in French? Or is your English that good?) Anyway, it was one point too many so I cut it. Happily, here you are to fill in the gaps. Very good.

Hullo Aang. What are you doing here? Go and holiday. Otherwise, yeah, nothing is simple. Oh and mate - fresh sugar cane juice over ice with a squeeze of lime. The best drink in the world!

Hey Slozo, good question. All I can say is - I don't know. When I did those pieces on stevieb and Howard G Fass I knew that they were bullshit and I even knew what kind of bullshit. With Les, I don't know man, I don't know...

In fact some of the things I put in here could be complete red herrings, perfectly explicable. To be honest what tripped me over the line in all of this was the following from the m_aster_vator in the smoking mirrors comments.

I'll share this and hope I'm not speaking out of turn. Les was under attack the other night; he had been surrounded and blockaded. I read the two posts that got through to here and went to help. I only know what I perceived, the dark and somewhat formless beings and dark energies that were surrounding his home and property. For unknown reasons they were not effective against me and I did what I could to stomp them (literally), then cast them into the formless void. That aspect I was embodying/manifesting at the time also saw fit to bring in two powerful symbols/forces of nature, the North Pacific seacoast and the giant sequoias, and form a protective dome over the area. I don't know what others did.

I waited for Les or someone to roll their eyes or do the comment section equivalent of 'ahem', but no such thing happened. For mine, this was the equivalent of Les picking up m_aster_vator's bitumen soaked brush and tarring himself with it.

I like how he stomped them (literally) - ha ha ha ha. Apart from my pet hate of people misusing the word 'literally', you'd have to ask the question, What would it take before the denizens of Les' comments section spat the dummy? I suspect that he could say that monkeys flew out of his butt and get away with it. Honestly.

Oh, and hat tip to she-knows-who-she-is, ha ha.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,..Hhhmm,.."And there we find a perpetual discussion of the Time of Revelation aka the armageddon, yes?"


Revelation is an anglicized term - Apocalypse - those things that were hidden are revealed - hence revelation.

Armageddon - Har Megiddo - hebrew - Valley of Megiddo. The term refers to the geographical location of the 'war to end all wars', not now or ever have they been the same thing.

Why do many people think they are the same thing?

"Oooh, oooh (hand waving in air frantically) “Pick me, pick me"...

YES! Well, the almost complete control of everything by the tribe of monsters (lizards need not apply) that are always pretending to be that which they are not, have managed to twist the concept of their own violent end to appear to be some vague esoteric scriptural reference.
Not so, the battle that is prophesied to happen in the Valley of Megiddo will be a clash of nations based on secular ideals not differences of spiritual/religious interpretation. jews are not religious in the sense that say, catholics believe themselves to be, or hindus, or buddhists for that matter. The tribe is a secular cult that has for the purpose of social-engineering (micro-managing day to day conduct) a few books written for reference by essentially ‘make-it-up-as-you-go-along’ pharisaic rabbis as a means to an end; materialistic control and social domination. The evil monsters that are jews are not interested in a G-d or enlightenment or any of that sexy Les Visible mantra. They are pure and simple a gang of materialistic murdering thieving lying monsters!

I believe (and yooo can believe anything you like) that we are spiritual beings. This is not a mystical ‘adopt the lotus position thing’; my experiences in combat, love relationships, hate relationships and as a bystander on the street-corner of life have manifested as a belief in ‘love light and peace’, why? HELLO! The alternative, that’s why.

The tribe fears a weapon they use constantly: Egregious Will; they seed the MSM with horseshit biased in their favour because they need an existential energetic support for their existential victim status against their existential enemies – us, or anyone not devoted to thieving lying and murdering while they gorge their lust on all things we (normal folk; heh heh heh, sorry, I make me laugh) find abhorrent.

We are dealing with mind-set manufactured psychopaths. By no fault of its own a child of the tribe is born into a nest of insidious vipers.

As for Les’s Blogs and his tangential monologues of late – big deal, he’s a Showman, he’s a performer and he’s selling a product he may or may not from time to time believe-in. He needs a crowd and the friendlier the crowd the better, not that he doesn’t mind a fight, if he’s sure he can win. Les is one of us; no better no worse, just a slob like one of us. That he is gifted as a writer is obvious, we can take it or leave it.

Oh, DaveS and Slozo; the resonance and percussion created by a weapon depends on the ballistics of the weapon; things like; calibre, grain-loads, is it an automatic pistol or revolver? Revolvers make more ‘Bang’ noise, sliding-breech pistols make more mechanical noise – per se, if the device is silenced, you will hear the working-parts of a sliding-breech pistol as they are engaged in reloading, etc: So, without the additional data your semantic argument is mute and boring - get a grip.

On a personal basis regarding Blogs, I like this blog because it is intimate and comforting, not that I agree with all that Nobby writes, so what, that’s him, he’s quirky and funny (to me) and I like him – the Blog ‘entity’ that I am familiar with that is.

So, fuck it all; we know the bad guys by their stripe, we know the good guys by their stripe...Let’s all climb into a clock tower near our town halls and make a difference, HEH heh heh heh!

Nameste Nobs,

Billy Pilgrim.

veritas6464 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nobody said...

Hey PG, I read your comment mate. Er, I read it at gmail that is. Then I popped over here to see it on the page and it wasn't there. Nor was it at the blogger log-in page waiting for approval. What with me turning moderation back on (for those who don't know, this is due to a 'clabby/clixby' conflict in the comments of the preceding piece) um, where was I? Oh yeah what with that and assorted other comments weirdness, not to mention you posting it twice, I wondered if it had been disappeared by blogger or by you? Just comment yay or nay and I can cut and paste it back in for you.

Is that cool? Yoroshiku.

slozo said...

veritas - I would have thought by reading my comment and explanation that it was plain to see that I didn't want to get into a semantic argument over firearms. I only made the point to begin with that the explanation for people in the room besides to respond to a an un-silenced gunshot with indifference was ridiculous, and worthinvestigation.

Unfotunately, I had a conversation with a troll, and it was my error to continue it as long as I did. That is the problem with earnest and open people like myself that don't mind defending their points and discussing things . . . it always looks like I am 'biting' on a troll like Dave S's. What can I do? My nature is to not stand by while someone espouses ridiculous points and puts words in my mouth, at least for the first volley.

I blame Al Gore. :)

As to your point about 'spiritualism, veritas - can you define it for me? Because for me, it's a 'guru' word, only meant to be entirely vague, so that it can fit into anyone's paradigm, thus meaning a hundred different things to everyone, and essentially losing all meaning.

veritas6464 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,...Slozo, I didn't use the term 'spiritualism'. However, FYI, I will explain as best I can; that which I mean about a personal relationship to the ineffable connexion 'I' believe we have to this electric universe. For example; I don't accept the theory of gravity, 'gravity' as a concept does not adequately explain Earth’s relationship to its moon or the centrifugal energy required to obtain a constant orbit. Also, gravity does not explain the ability to walk around on a planet travelling tens of thousands of kilometres an hour on a constant bend: Try and pour a cup of tea on a Roundabout.

As with Egregious Will, the affectation of time and motion by thought process alone is an example of energetic influences beyond the scope of ‘mainstream science’ – a device controlled by the tribe for disinformation. Period.

Déjà vu explains the quirk of a space time continuum that is ineffable yet presently experienced many times daily to many people everywhere.

I don’t know the reality of the universe and everything etc. I do however, have a considered opinion and this has manifested as a belief system – “Do as you would be done by” and shoot monsters that lie, murder, molest, rob and cheat under the guise of being a ‘chosen’ tribe with carte blanche to lie, murder, molest, rob and cheat anyone anytime with no responsibility to the rest of earth’s community.

I prefer to laugh and love; I have no problem shouting and fighting if I feel either me, my family or my community is being victimised! Investigate thoroughly first, then shoot without mercy later.

We, as a universal community of ‘nice’ people are the Avatar.

Free Palestine!



The Midnight Rambler.

veritas6464 said...
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veritas6464 said...
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nobody said...

Back on the topic, I'm not too fussed about the precise definition of whatever it is Les is banging on about. Let's just put it this way: God/the gods have spoken to him and this time they're really pissed off and they're finally going to get off their arses and come down here and stomp people (literally).

Whatever we call it, it's millenialist. All of what went before is ending and we should listen to Les as the messenger of God/the gods when he tells us to adopt his model of worship, or appreciation, or whatever hair splitting definition is required.

And three cheers etc etc but can somebody sort me out on a minor question. Did I read right (over at the Smoking Mirrors comments) when Kikz wondered if Les had been on cocaine and Les said that he had? Is that right? Was that whole trip one long cocaine delirium? Certainly the entire following conversation then seemed to be about cocaine. Was this as a metaphor? Or (literally)?

Because if all of that brouhaha was the result of too much coke, then... then... what the fuck are we all doing there paying attention to it for? God, it's like watching Hurly Burly, my idea of a hell movie. There is nothing more worthless than a drug-fucked conversation unless you are equally as drug-fucked.

Speaking of hell, never mind all those classical descriptions of it, with the flames, the gnashing of teeth, and all that stuff. True hell is an eternity of sobriety spent with drug-fucked people endlessly telling you about things that are very important to them. Tell me I'm wrong.

Further: what then are we to make of m_aster_vator piling in and stomping (literally) the phantasms that were assailing Les? Was he on coke too? Or was it just complete and utter bullshit?

Fucking hell. Why are we taking any of it seriously? At all?

nobody said...

And I don't want anyone to think that I'm any kind of high-and-mighty about drugs. I ain't. I've taken plenty of drugs, coke included. People have bagged Les out for drugs before, but I never have. He talked about drugs and I was cool with that. But this is different.

Here's a question - if a piece of artifice is driven entirely by drugs and yet utterly fails to mention that its chief protagonist is completely wired, all the while declaring itself to be real, real, real, and all with a relentless you-must-live-your-life-thus counterpoint, then what is that?

I'm thinking it's like Alice in Wonderland but with the charm replaced by mean spiritedness and then that delivered as a fire and brimstone sermon ...kind of thing. I don't know man... I'm just shaking my head.

Oh, and now that I think about it Alice in Wonderland is a fave of the mind-control crowd... sheesh, through the looking glass...

su said...

it is becoming more and more apparent to me that the greatest problem affecting most of us is over identification with our user names.

nobody said...

You lost me, Su.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,... What a fucking pain in the arse it has been to comment - wow, I mean fuck me! I must have fucked around for two hours to get ONE up and then FUCK ME I see three! Please everyone excuse my vulgar expletives - If the zio-orks are messing with this Blog then, whatever, however if it is a corruption because Nobs changed the comment format and a virus was created by the corruption, maybe you should consider going back. I don't think Mr Smarm (Dave Smarm that is)is gonna come back soon.

You probably don't remember my comment some months ago Nob about exactly the same issue I faced with comments crashing - I was hotly shit-canned by all and sundry for not allowing comments - it wasn't me - I went from un-approved to approved and whammo! It all turned to shit, go figure.



Let's see if this publishes first go.

slozo said...

Actually, Veritas, you used the term spiritual, and I asked you about your point on spiritualism. Quote:

"I believe (and yooo can believe anything you like) that we are spiritual beings"

This was after you referenced the battle of Meggido as being the root of the word armageddon (something that is not universally accepted, btw, if you look up the root of the word).

At any rate, not sure if I catch your meaning . . . but basically it's 'one's personal connection to the universe', and I take the universe to mean it not as a single astrological entity, but the endless amount of entities encompassed within our universe, that is, our sphere of being.

However, I fail to see how your disbelief of the nature of how gravity works as explained by current science applies to your definition of spiritual - hence, my confusion over your explanation.

And frankly, my "argument" (to go back to the exchange I had with DaveS) was not about semantics, and what's with the "get a grip" comment for me? If the comment is boring, ignore it . . . and the word is 'moot'.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,...Slozo,...Har Meggido, 'literally' means Hill of Megiddo, the anglicized term Armageddon is exactly as it translates; the hill of Megiddo and as for "something that is not universally accepted, btw, if you look up the root of the word", where do you reference your SHYTE?
As for picking the peanuts out of my shit - why don't you go and swap spit with rub-a-dublin mick over at Les's, he's a fucking wanker too. Moot schmoot, I feel that your pompous approach to such pedantry is a cover-up for your intellectual inadequacies or a tactic to disrupt – perhaps that toss-pot DaveS was the one dragged into a pointless off-topic argument, he is normally not so offensive as tedious and cloying – you are both offensive and tedious. I rarely accuse anyone of being a troll because the term is over-used; however, you fit the criteria: You have managed to change the topic, annoy a lot of people and you are totally remorseless; infact you are playing the victim! Is is slozo or SCHLOMO?
FUCK OFF Schlomo!!
My apologies to everyone else, it is not fun to have to comment through all the technical errors and then put up with a lame fuck-wad like schlomo.


Not happy Jan!

slozo said...

Boy, doesn't take much to piss you off, veritas . . . just some simple, logical questions and discussion and you start spouting off at me. I did not expect that, I have to say!

From wiki:
"Other scholars, including C. C. Torrey, Kline and Jordan argue that the word is derived from the Hebrew moed (מועד), meaning "assembly". Thus, "Armageddon" would mean "Mountain of Assembly," which Jordan says is "a reference to the assembly at Mount Sinai, and to its replacement, Mount Zion."[8]"

You can look it up yourself, only took me one google.

How is discussing what you were talking about "changing the topic" and how exactly is that being a troll? I would have thought you'd be happy to discuss you theories and thoughts on the world (your references to us being spiritual beings, your rejection of gravity as a scientific concept), and yet, at the very first examination or questioning, you claim I am being a troll, changing the subject, and being abusive!

It sounds a lot like an Israeli.

(sorry, couldn't resist)

kikz said...

ah well, i'll try again w/the post..

lemme see if i can remb. frm this am..

i'll reply using my daddy's fav adulterated paraphrased line...

we'll speak of many things...
of coke & smoke
and cabbages and kings...
and if little piggies do hav wings...


veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,...I rest my case – ‘Schlomo the Sayanim’ uses wikipedia as his source - tutt tutt. Har Meggido MEANS: 'HILL OF MEGIDDO' which is a geographical location in occupied Palestine - knucklehead! It is the prophesied site of ‘The’ culminative battle of good against evil. It is not open to conjecture! Annoy someone else; you are making me look belligerent (on purpose?).



nobody said...

Yeah, yeah, fuck the topic. And fuck the obvious hints. I give up here, I'll leave everyone to it. Have fun.

I'm off to the haiku blog.

Otherwise there'll be a new thing here eventually.

su said...

i don't think les has been writing on his blog for a while now.
about 8 months i would say.
something different stepped in at that time.

m-astera and you have had issues but i don't believe that is him writing either.

les had moments of huge ego stuff but generally he knew who he was - i recall him once saying he would not follow e. tolle into the desert. he was doing a butcher job on the writer/thinker - and in my comment i wrote that i would not follow les into the desert and he replied that neither would he expect me to.

and the strangest thing is if les has had his sites taken over - how would we ever know?

slozo said...

That is an excellent, excellent, point Su.

Who knows? I find it unlikely myself, but certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Myself, I think he was always someone planted there, like many others, to gather followers who might question things. Turn the followers into thinking about inward things, self introspection, so-called "spiritualism" (ie - for the most part, letting your mind wander while high on something), thereby making you an ineffectual, useless, unmoving turd. The key is unmoving, that is, taking no action, verbal or physical, against the hundreds of assaults on us.

That's why the peace movement was started out by the PTB, as detailed and hinted at by Dave McGowan - because, then you can be easily controlled.

Fact is, we have always had the power . . . we just don't use it. Like cattle convinced to stay in a field by a fence any of us could easily break through, if we only knew we were strong enough and that it didn't really hurt that bad. And if one of us gets that idea in their head, there's a few cows to keep you in line and tell you what an idiot you are for thinking about it.

Even the farmer with a shotgun in hand would run straight away from us if we all stampeded toward him.

We have that power, and the PTB wants to make sure to convince you that we don't.

john said...

That's interesting su. Now that you mention it I also thought that M Astera's recent comments seemed different in some way, in tone and content.

Les fits the profile for internet cult leader but he always said that he didn't want to be anybody's guru or for people to follow him. I think he also said something along the lines of "take what's useful and leave the rest".

I don't know what to make of the recent business there and I don't read all the comments but it would be a useful place for certain people to get control of.

Not trying to be off topic but in regards to slozos comment did anyone read Andrew G Marshalls recent piece at Global Research?
The Global Political Awakening and the NWO

slozo said...

I did read that John, as I follow that website closely.

I think key to my point is that the truly questioning public, the people who want to fight for real freedom and true democracy (perhaps people like you or I) will attempt to be gathered up in one of the myriad of opposing groups. Family history, cultural trappings, and the media will all influence an individual to associate themselves with some sort of 'accepted' group that opposes the current regime. Then, the groups are set upon each other. Whether it's the "tea party" people, or Ron Paul "edit the fed" people, or the Noam Chomsky/Huffington Post reader "leftists", or the "less taxes for the middle class" people, etc etc etc - each of them have been set up by the PTB, or have already bee co-opted for their concerns, or is actively run by an agent for them.

Never will there be an actual people's movement truly started by a real representative of the people who will work FOR the people . . . the PTB would never let that happen. Co-opt first, maybe replace, maybe subvert, change, poison the group with disinfo or propaganda, murder even . . . the past has taught us that they will stop at nothing.

Remember, they have pretty close to absolute power, and they mean to keep it.

btw - Les saying something like "don't follow me" is akin to a politician saying "I'm not running for president".

nobody said...

Yay, three cheers for the grown ups. Good points there, Su's being the wildest.

I heard similar things when I used to hang out at Xymphora. Allegedly he'd changed as well. I had no opinion on that matter what with only having read him after the supposed change. Xymph ludicrously ignored all and any aspects of the pedophocracy, was unintelligible on 911, and insisted that there was no way banking had anything to do with anything. Along the lines of a different Xymph the question is, did he write about those things before and then overnight quit? Somehow I doubt it.

And I'd also be hard pressed pointing to any similar thing with Les. The god thing had always been there with Les but somewhere along the line it became all there was.

Hmm... I was about to mention the first time I ever mentioned paedophilia as a possibility for blackmail (believe it or not, without ever having heard of organised paedophilia, and all that Dave McGowan stuff, I knew that there was an empty space in the discussion and I knew that only paedophilia could be what was occupying it. What a clever monkey I am!) anyway Les picked it up and put it in his next piece and I was about to quote that as a point in his favour. That is until I realised that my assumption then had been that (what with the discussion being about every member of Congress being beholden to Israel) that it must be Mossad that was running the show, ie. it was very limited.

Such a postulation would have to come as something of a stumper for member of the SRA/mind-control crowd. It's an opportunity to point the finger at Israel but really the whole thing is fraught and best not to go there really. You know what I mean? For what it's worth, it got one (maybe two?) mentions at Les and was then never pursued further.

Eventually someone piled in saying we should all go read McGowan (whoever you are, I thank you) with yours truly piling in con much gusto and with Les giving it short shrift.

The other aspect of any replacement-of-author thing is that these are real people who presumably have friends and relatives (amongst which there must be at least one person who knows about their blog and is capable of informing the punters that whomever it is has disappeared or whatever). Hmm, thinks... I must give a friend of mine the password here so that he can pop in and inform everyone should anything happen to me. An unlikely prospect but whatever...

As for the presto change-o thing - easier said than done.

And people do change you know. For instance I was a fan of Diane Arbus, the photographer, and there was clearly a before-depression Arbus and an after-depression Arbus (who was no good, ahem). You know - shit happens. People change. Except for me! I shall never change. The nature of monkey is irrepressible!

Otherwise, thanks John, thanks Slozo. I've got that link, but gee whiz, it's a biggie ain't it?

Anonymous said...

That is good to know because m. Astera thinks Sitchin"s 15 book form translations of the Babylonian clay tablets are bullshit too. Neither they nor Dave McGowan are bullshit. Now Sitchin is tribe but still the books are translations of real tablets from the Berlin Museum.

I get a lot of that, he Zec is tribe as if because he translated them the tablets don't exist.