Friday, July 2, 2010

The End of the World. Again.

I shut my eyes and step off the edge. There is no ill will in this, just questions. God knows how it will end.

But first me. Where to start? Perhaps in my last year of high school. It's religion class with Brother Williams. Believe it or not, there are Catholics who aren't hateful and I was fortunate enough to be educated by some of them for the greater part of secondary school. And what with religion class mostly consisting of philosophy it wasn't as bad as you might think. Hell, a lot of it was fun. But on this particular day I was most definitely staring out the window day-dreaming. Brother Williams is up the front rabbiting on about a particular essay that had been amongst the homework he'd marked and was handing back.

Apparently this one was brilliant, the best thing he'd ever read from a student. And whilst it was too long to read out he wanted the student who'd written it to say something about it. I sit there waiting for the name of the school captain or some other worthy.
"It was written by Nobody - Nobby, do you want to tell us about your essay?" The whole class turns to look at me as I stop staring out the window and suddenly pay attention.
"Um, what? I wrote it?"
"Yes, right, um, sorry Brother Williams but I can't remember what it was about. Can you remind me?" All I could recall was that it was meant to be 2000 words and I'd dashed off 1500 and hoped that I'd get away with it.
"It was about belief."
"Belief. Yes, er... " To be completely honest I don't remember what I said next except that I drew a blank, with Brother Williams somewhat deflated that the kid who'd written the best thing ever was completely unable to remember what it was.

Anyway he took over and told the class why it was great. Apparently what I'd written was a backwards confirmation of a phrase that had been tossed around that term The Answer is in the Question. I think that's what it was called. To be honest it didn't make much impression on me, ha ha.

Finally I got the essay back and read it again. It all came flooding back to me. Madly, what I'd written was an attack on belief. All I'd done was to sequentially list all the things that humans had once prayed to as gods and which we now knew were no such thing. I'd finished up at the end by declaring that since science was a perpetual catch-up game there'd always be things we didn't understand and that subsequently we'd always believe in supernatural answers to otherwise mundane questions. Simplistic stuff sure, but not bad for a sixteen year old. Oh, and Brother Williams? Lovely chap, but I'm thinking he took my essay as a mirror and saw what he wanted to see.

What next? Perhaps we can jump ten years to me deprogramming my mother and brother from the Catholic church. Me, I'd given the church up as a dead loss somewhere around the time I'd written the essay. As for the two of them, I had no great opinion if they wanted to keep going to church - no skin off my nose. But on this night my idiot brother refused to let the subject drop. He wanted to convince me of the rightness of him believing - as if I cared. It was all rather sordid what with his fits of sobbing etc, but in the end I guess I won since they both stopped going to church. Years later I found all the arguments I'd used that night neatly summarised in Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. He's a curious cove, Richard Dawkins. Best I can make out he's transferred his faith from one religion to another, the latter being called 'science'.

Jump another ten years or so to me taking up Buddhism. Why did I pursue Buddhism? I'm struggling to think. Honestly, I don't know - it appealed, I guess. I read this-book/that-book, none of them quite what I was after, until eventually I arrived at Buddhism Plain And Simple by Steve Hagen. A bombshell in the head of yours truly. Here was a Buddhism that didn't require belief - no karma, no reincarnation, no demi-gods or demons, no heaven or hell, no nothing - just an unadorned philosophy from an ancient Indian who said (I paraphrase), 'Don't believe me or take my word for it. All I know is that this view of the world, and us in it, works for me and it can work for you.' And sure I became slightly untethered for a while (the Buddha will do that to you) but it all worked out in the end with me the pointless mad bastard you see today, ha ha. But never mind, the bird-watching is good and I make sense to myself.

Or did I get ahead of things there? Somewhere along the line, the disbelief that had been reserved for things religious I found could equally be applied to, I don't know... 'every goddamn thing'. Or everything in the media, that is. Once again, it wasn't my fault - all I knew was that they were lying about Iraq, and so badly that even a Time Magazine/Economist reading zombie like me was never going to swallow it. Honestly, Saddam in cahoots with Bin Laden was an insult to my intelligence. Fuck those lying sons of bitches. So! You pull on the thread, and once you start in on that, the whole damn thing unravels until there's very little left. I won't go into the details since there's too many, and besides if you're here reading this you know perfectly well what I'm talking about.

Finally I arrive at Les Visible's Smoking Mirrors. I don't know about anyone else but for me it was significant. If you asked people why they were fans you'd get a thousand different answers. But me, I was there for the writing. Imagine Hunter S Thompson acknowledging 911 - wow. In those terms, Smoking Mirrors was not only an inspiration but it also provided a template as to how a bloke like me might go about doing it himself. It may seem obvious now, but it wasn't then, at least not to me having walked away from the hateful zionist troll infested Indymedia. Long and short - without Les I wouldn't be here ...for what that's worth, ha ha.

The writing is one thing and then there's the old disbelief chestnut. In Les' case I'd previousy kicked it into abeyance. Hunter S Thompson had always had an obsession with the Book of Revelations, and Les' writing was like that, only more so. And that was fine for a while but lately the millenarian vibe over at, well, all of Les' blogs has kicked into some kind of messianic exponential. Who can tell his temporal blog from his spiritual one? Not me. Somewhere along the line Les became his own Book of Revelations. In his latest technicolour armageddon meltdown there was time travel, UFO's, messages from the gods, public nudity, every goddamn thing. It was a grab bag for everyone who ever said I want to believe and The truth is out there.

Now I admit that Les has been good to me. He put me on his blogroll and said some nice things about me. But the catholic church did nice things for me too, and my parents likewise, but that didn't stop me from pulling that thread, you know what I mean? Okay, so that thread is just sitting there, and what's a feller to do?

Back to Les - says he, it's the end of the goddamn world and here is what the gods have told me. Deep breath, ask the question- How is this different to every other end-of-the-world, as described by whomever was in touch with those gods? Gee whiz, I'm back in high school: will I spiel off a list of millenarian cults for us all? There's any number merely amongst Buddhists beating each other with sticks over Maitreya.

That aside, we think these times are bad, yes? I mean really super-double-bad, like no 'bad' that's ever occurred before? For whom? For white people who think that 'bad' means running out of coffee? Do we want another historical list? Perhaps we'd call it, Coloured people who'd roll their eyes at the magnitude of our suffering if only they hadn't all been genocided to complete extinction. It seems the gods slept through all those other genocides but now that the Anglo Saxons are to suffer: Enough's Enough! The Gods Awaken!

Back to the expressions of supernature now - Les' gods differ from every other false idol in the history of the world, how, exactly? And what of their alleged omnipotence? Given that nothing happens without them, that is. For them to appear before us and convince us utterly of their existence would surely be the merest blink of their omnipotent eye, no? And yet they never do. It's poor of me, but I have to shake my head. It seems that these supernatural beings never cut to the fucking chase. A click of the fingers is all it would take.

I will admit that spooky preternatural shit does take place. At Fatima in Portugal in 1917, an entity whispered in the ears of three children and then when 70,000 people had gathered, a silver disk flew around the sky. What the hell was that? Beats me, but if it was an omnipotent god keen to impress us all with his unambiguous reality you'd have to call him out as an incompetent, surely? If on the other hand, the whisperer/UFO pilot's job description was that of 'trickster', who could argue? But then, I never heard of anyone keen to tell us that they were visited by tricksters. It's like bragging that you slept with Amy Winehouse. Shudder... best keep that one under your hat. Or declare that it was actually Angelina Jolie - it's not like anyone could prove you wrong.

But forget the tricksters, we're talking about full-tilterama e-ticket gods. But big-timers or no, they seem to be uneasy Gods who feel unfulfilled, or something. Insecurity is their middle name. Wait, do gods have a first name? Or a last name? Whatever. Says these gods, or rather their earthly representatives, it's very important that we acknowledge them, and specifically their omnipotence. And God forbid anyone not do this because it's this acknowledgement by His subjects that will separate the sheep from the goats. And Les is no different. Says he, nothing counts apart from us attempting to commune with the gods. A life spent in selfless giving (er... by better people than me, sure enough) would, were these gods not sought out along the way, count for nothing.

High school again: aren't these yet more in a loooong line of insecure gods who, say the priests, demand that we love them? Actually when I say long line of gods, wouldn't it be more correct to say every god ever posited? Perhaps God is Gloria Swanson from Sunset Boulevard - a hollow shell who needs the adulation of millions to be real. What was her line again? "I'm ready for my close-up Mr De Mille." Ha ha ha - spooky!

What the hell would I know? I'm just wide-eyed high school kid who doesn't know what all the fuss is about. Or I'm a dry-eyed nobody who does - it's one of those two things. If there's a proper god out who thinks I'm worth the effort, I'd be happy to ask him what he wants of me. But that insecure god who demands my love and yet madly refuses to ask for it in person, who otherwise saves his favours for those who could most accurately be described as 'the credulous': I don't know what his problem is, but he can just leave me out of it. I expect that that will piss him off but, gee whiz... he needs to get over it.


This is the first part of two. The second part follows immediately below.


Anonymous said...

If there is a ball with a thread hanging on/in the internet who in their right mind would expect sense from actually tugging on the end?
Les, at his best, is a great writer.
Do we need to know more or really *can* we know more given the medium?
You're a good writer also Nobs, not as gullible as you make out to be though.
As you said to me via the exPM the other day ‘The merest flick of the screen writer's wrist, ha ha’

Jody Paulson said...

Hunter S. Thompson actually did publicly question the official story of 9-11 before he mysteriously committed suicide. The first part of your essay kind of reminds me of my most recent post at

Nick T. said...

Once again, so much of what you write resonates within me to the point that I wonder at the similarities between us.

Certainly, you are more articulate and clearer thinking than I, but given our race, heritage and cultural differences I am quite amazed at the intense familiarity in your writings.

Just dropping by again, to say hello, actually. I have miles to go before I have read even half of your blog, but I really like the way your mind works and wanted to tell you that.

Thanks for being there.
Nick T.

Anonymous said...

Nice. I had Fatima confirmed one winter's day in NY, saw the spinning silver sun while driving to the hospital on call, INSIDE MY CAR. Like a burnished aluminum disk with spikes turning until the light turned from red to green. I was able to look at it and then look away, out the window at the shops and other cars, look back at it. Thaumaturgical and to this day inexplicable.

Nice stain glass, btw.

But that's just my anecdote. I'm amazed at the synchrony between Les' recent stuff and my own little journey. He is only limited by our doubt. Only our Free Will blocks his efforts to return us to the Garden.

I think light is the visual manifestation of his love. The light from light, true God from true God thing is literally true. I'm a convert, didn't have to wade through all the stuff you did, but the "light from light" thing is more than just a toss-off phrase or incantatory trope.

Tzimtzum. All matter is frozen light. Including us.


nobody said...

Hi Boys and Girls,

And Aargh! Whenever I split a piece in two I end up on double comments duty.

Onya Tony. Sure, he is a great writer. As for can we know more, beats me, I just ask the questions.

Thanks Jody, it's on my desktop and I'll read it tomorrow. Otherwise google 'paul bonacci hunter s thompson'. If you find your self on a site flinging shit at Bonacci give a shudder because you're amongst paedophile disinfo spooks.

Thanks Nick, speaking of desktop you're in there too.

And hey anon, um... sure! Like I said, stuff happens. I ploughed through most everything connected to spooky weirdness over at Jeff Well's Rigorous Intuition (and God he can write) and walked away convinced that, er... 'supernature' exists. But apparently not in any useful fashion. Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure I pinched the stained glass piccy from him. As well as the term 'trickster', ha ha.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,...

Hope ya don't mind but;

Hey Damballah,... Just read a great piece at Nob’s place; this bit herewith posted pretty much speaks my mind...

“Finally I arrive at Les Visible's Smoking Mirrors. I don't know about anyone else but for me it was significant. If you asked people why they were fans you'd get a thousand different answers. But me, I was there for the writing. Imagine Hunter S Thompson acknowledging 911 - wow. In those terms, Smoking Mirrors was not only inspiration but it also provided a template as to how a bloke like me might go about doing it myself. It may seem obvious now but it wasn't then, at least not to me having walked away from the hateful zionist troll infested Indymedia. Long and short - without Les I wouldn't be here ...for what that's worth, ha ha.”

Thank you Nobody and...

Thank you Les; for the inspiration, the education, the new acquaintances, the camaraderie and the spice that enhances my humble life.

Nameste brother Visible,... y’all.


A Loose Cannon.


Nameste Nobby,...


nobody said...

PG Now we're talking! You're more than a pretty face mate and no mistake.

DaveS said...

I hate to ruin a good conspiracy, but Herr Doktor Thompson was in poor physical shape... the reason he did it at his desk and not outside is because the man couldn't make it outside on his own.

His physical problems are well documented in the press, and I know enough people close to the man that I trust the reports.

It was a sad day when he'd done himself in... a really interesting book is Gonzo, by Jann and Cory from Rolling Stone. One thing I find interesting is that Jann treats Hunter as though he was washed-up after leaving the Stone and totally ignores Thompson's ESPN column post 9/11. Hmmm I wonder why?

That said, the book itself is genius, and well done (except towards the end) Worth reading if you want to know Thompson.

And Nobody... excellent piece. Well done.

Part of me thinks les is messing with people's heads, waiting to see how many are willing to make him the ONE, then showing them how foolish they are to be led by another human.



slozo said...

Yep, Thompson did publicly question 9/11, and obviously, you never heard of it. He committed suicide in his home while relatives were staying with him, but they didn't rush in because the gunshot sounded like a book falling on the floor. Funny stuff, must have been an absolutely huge house for a gunshot to sound like a heavy book, lol.

I have been turned off of Les myself, Nobody . . . sorry, I have no sacred cows, and I know Les is one of them for many people. He is an excellent writer, and knows how to tap into emotional stuff that really resonates with others . . .

. . . unfortunately, it doesn't mean that he hasn't been caught with a touch of the disinfo bug. He at times tries to slip in and validate peak oil, and goes on and on with the mystical bullshit that is totally based on a lucid dream while stoned on something.

I actually now consider him one of the "controlled opposition", if you can believe it . . . but that's just my opinion.

But you Nobody - you're still alright with me, mate.

Anonymous said...

Yo, me, Anon again. You're right, I thought I recognized the stain glass, it was used by Wells.

Too bad what happened to his site.

So much good stuff in the early days, but then a pattern emerged: a little solid Deep Politics followed by some UFO/mothman crap. Until the disinfo was laid on so thick it became painful to watch.

But when Jeff wrote well he wrote well(s) indeed.

DaveS said...


I believe the gunshot was rather muffled because Thomson used his head as a silencer.

The Woody Creek cabin is actually quite small – the 'main' house would probably fit smartly into the great rooms in many of the neighboring homes. But it's all log construction, and that/combined with a loud television and a big head was why it sounded like 'a book falling'

It's a shame that Thompson's skeleton had deteriorated to the point that he couldn't get around on his own. His doctor said Dr Gonzo's internal organs were in quite good shape considering the amount of alcohol and drugs he'd done. I can vouch for the alcohol and drugs – the guy had a bottomless pit for such things, and a magical constitution that allowed him to cocktail most everyone under the table.

Not that any of that crap matters in the big picture of the world... there are plenty of conspiracies that are smoldering waiting for folks to give a shit. Thompson's death ain't one of them.


nobody said...

Hey boys and girls,

What with the double posting it seems that the main conversation is going on in the piece that followed this one.

What's more, the conversation here seems to have bogged down into a big who-cares boondoggle. Given that I suggested people google 'paul bonacci hunter s thompson', the topic of Thompson, Hunter S, death of, mysterious or otherwise suddenly becomes a flea on the room occupying gorilla's butt. And no I don't know how well insulated the room is, nor if there are any other gorillas in close proximity.

slozo said...

Dave S:
Here's an experiment. Rent a log cabin with more than one room, and fire a pistol into a stack of 5 large books (to replicate the enormous, sound-squashing cranium of Mr. Thompson), and do this with another person who doesn't know you are doing this in the other room, door closed. Fire the pistol into the books, and await a response.

If the other guy doesn't come running in right afterward, it's because he hit the ground and is under the bed. Also, you'll have to explain the gunshot to the neighbours who live a mile away who may report it to the landlord.

A gun cannot be muffled by a head or mouth . . . unless you have a guy who can shove his entire hand with pistol down his throat.

Your explanation sounds like so much bullshit it's not even funny. I can only figure you have never heard a gun fire inside a house; your logic and reasoning are severely defficient; you are a troll or disinfo spook.

And lastly - there is no "good conspiracy", as you intimate . . . as if people like us on these blogs loved to invent things out of thin air for entertainment. We actually raise suspicion and doubt where it should be raised, when the MSM ignores it.

My vote is disinfo spook.

slozo said...

And Nobody - I did look up your suggestion on Paul Bonacci, definitely more food for thought. None of it good, of course . . . but definitely even mor reason to suspect that Thompson's death was murder.

I think the whole reptilian thing is just part of the disinfo Thompson was a courier of. Thompson's military background and the way he was released suggests to me a mind control subject and disinfo tool.

DaveS said...

Um, slazo,

I wish I were a disinformation spook. Then I'd have plenty of work and also money.

The only way to recreate the sound would be to try such an experiment out at Owl Farm. You want to come out to Aspen I bet I can arrange a trip out to the place and we can find-out for ourselves. I don't know whose head we can use, lately I'd be tempted to use mine, but I suppose we could improvise with some towels and a watermelon.

The idea of it might freak Anita out, not surprising, but I think she might be ok if we convinced her that we were doing this in the name of TRUTH and SCIENCE. She might go along with it. Bring Sheriff Braudis along as our weapons expert...

But I don't want to go to the trouble if you're not serious about finding-out the truth. It was a .45, not a 12 gauge, and such a weapon is surprisingly easy to muffle, especially if the barrel is stuck right up to something that will dissipate the gasses escaping from the barrel.

I went and uploaded a little gift for fans of the good doctor, the memorial issue of my 'zine:

I was quite broken hearted when I got the news, and thoughts of conspiracies also sprang into my mind, but I know enough of his 'crew' that I soon found the truth was as it was reported. No conspiracy, just a tired and hurtin' old man who realized his time was up.

Nobody- yeah, the Thompson conspiracy is nothing more than a pimple on the gorilla's hindquarters, but the fact that it's not a conspiracy and yet so many are willing to believe it, is telling about the pedestals we place our heros upon. But it isn't like the comments at part two are any more numerous or telling. At least in my little opinion.

It's best to put certain conspiracies behind us and focus our collective energy on the ones which are much more important. Why would the PTB kill Thompson because of his views on 9/11, when it would have been just as easy to paint him as a freak of nature whose mind was addled by drugs and alcohol? If anyone was gonna be killed because of 9/11 don't you think Dr David Ray Griffin would have died mysteriously a long time ago? If anyone has been a thorn in the side of the PTB about 9/11 he is certainly one of the standouts.

Pat Tillman is another one of those people that I figured was off'ed by the PTB until I read a really intelligent article recently that explained why such a thing wasn't probable. But I'm sure even in the face of such evidence, people will still believe what they want to.

And just as a side note about all the reptilian mumbo-jumbo... come on, haven't you seen enough human monster that you don't need to create some farfetched master race that is even more evil than our human brothers and sisters. And you guys think Les is out on cloud nine... The only time I see folks looking like reptiles is when I'm eating mushrooms. But I think that's due more to how they act then how they really are.


DaveS said...

My God!

I only wanted to post once... google said I had too many words so I split the thing up, after trying to post it a couple of times.

Nobody, sorry to span your blog with the same crap four (or is it five times) Shit! Damn either google or my ignorance, or both.

Would you, could you remove a few of those post, please?

kikz said...

dave.. as author of those duplicate posts.. you can delete them.. look for the 'trashcan icon' at the end of the posts.. that should help :)

DaveS said...

kikz I wish it we so, I thought the same thing, but there ain't nothin' to click on. I don't get the trash can icon. Must be either a mac thing or that I don't have a google account. Or maybe I'm a booger eatin' moron. Or all the above.

slozo said...

You misspell my moniker - it's slozo, as you can read - then talk as if the only way to truly prove there is no conspiracy is to take towels and a watermelon to Owl farm where Thompson supposedly offed himself . . . you correct me with the phrase "it was a .45, not a 12 guage" when I used the word pistol (a .45, btw, is still called a pistol) and never used the word shotgun, which is what a 12 guage is . . . you use the familiar term "Anita" to refer to his wife, and infer that asking the local sherriff (who you also call up by name) might assist us in our imaginary undertaking to find out the truth, as if you personally know these people . . . then you go for broke and tell me that a .45 is easy to muffle by putting the muzzle close to something (like his head) as if the sound travels only out the barrel, rofl . . . you then intimate that he was my hero and that's why I might place him on a pedestal (he wasn't a hero of mine, quite the opposite; if you had some literary skills you'd know that ie. reading comprehension) . . . you then intimate that I think they might have killed him because of his thoughts on 9/11, when I just said that his potential involvement in snuff films and child pornography would further warrant his death . . . you then try to include Tillman among the 'conspiracies debunked', telling us you were convinced otherwise about his obvious murder, citing an article (please provide a link, I would love to tear that apart as well - if it exists) . . . and lastly, you accuse me of believing in the reptilian disinfo, something I never purported to believe in . . .

. . . you really are too much, DiveS.

Looks like a duck; walks like a duck; quacks like a duck . . .

DaveS said...


Well you're proving yourself less and less of a firearms expert all the time. How the fuck do you think silencers work?

Shit, sorry I spelled you're rather weird moniker. If I wanted to insult you I would have called you a stupid ass or tell you to go fuck yourself.

I thought you wanted to know some truth, so you didn't need to run around like a freak with your head up your ass. Child porn and snuff films? Damn, I guess you have even stranger thoughts than I do.

My comment about the shotgun was in reference to your insistence about the sound the weapon made. What experience with weapons do you have? Do you even live in a country that allows the common folks to have weapons. I live in the country out in fuckin' colorado, trust me I know a thing or two about firearms, and unlike what you think, most handguns don't make a big fucking blast like you hear in the movies. Trust me.

As for proving the conspiracy or not, how about you take a pistol and prove it for yourself. Save yourself a plane ticket and an adventure. Like I give a fuck. I thought I'd help you clear a little bit of your mind space for shit that matters.

That's the biggest problem with conspiracy theories... the more outlandish and crazy, the easier it seems for folks to believe in.

Why make things complicated. As you said if it walks like a duck, yada, yada, then it must be a duck.

If you're truly willing to tear the Tillman piece apart, I'll find the link. I'll agree that thing stinks to high heaven, but now I belief it's only because of the cover-up and trying to make the guy seem like a hero when he was killed by friendly fire. That was pure bullshit, and is probably why I thought there was more to it.

I try and find the link and post it for you.

Damn you're an angry one. Focus that anger on the 'elected' assholes who are causing problems. If I was a troll would I link my website? Go read some of the rants I've written in the paper I publish and you might have a different opinion of me.


nobody said...


Perhaps you are confused. If you want to have endless conversations about your own pet topics feel free to fuck off back to your own blog. Otherwise I got no time for your bullshit waste-of-space clabby nonsense, certainly not when I hold the trump card clixby.*

Thus moderation is turned back on and you're history. Feel free to write in a protest and see how far it gets you. But before you do I want you to visualise something for me. Imagine you've just typed 100, 200, hell, a thousand words and you've hit the 'publish your comment' button and then you wait. And wait, and wait, and... nothing! Your words never appear. I expect that various thoughts will then occur to you but only one of them will be worth thinking, and that is Why did I bother? Hell, I'll even pre-emptively agree with you. Why did you bother? Of course you could prove me wrong by not bothering to write anything at all. Then you may revel exultant in the thought, 'I'll show him!' But do whatever you like mate. It's no skin off my nose either way.

*google 'clabby clixby'

nobody said...


Perhaps you are confused. If you want to have endless conversations about your own pet topics feel free to fuck off back to your own blog. Otherwise I got no time for your bullshit waste-of-space clabby nonsense, certainly not when I hold the trump card clixby.*

Thus moderation is turned back on and you're history. Feel free to write in a protest and see how far it gets you. But before you do I want you to visualise something for me. Imagine you've just typed 100, 200, hell, a thousand words and you've hit the 'publish your comment' button and then you wait. And wait, and wait, and... nothing! Your words never appear. I expect that various thoughts will then occur to you but only one of them will be worth thinking, and that is Why did I bother? Hell, I'll even pre-emptively agree with you. Why did you bother? Of course you could prove me wrong by not bothering to write anything at all. Then you may revel exultant in the thought, 'I'll show him!' But do whatever you like mate. It's no skin off my nose either way.

*google 'clabby clixby'

nobody said...

Oh and Slozo, you have officially scored one nobody 'yah-boo sux' demerit point for falling for a clabby. But don't worry mate demerit points lapse after 24 hours and your score is restored to, um... whatever it was before. Yay!

nobody said...

Oh, that's weird. If anyone was here reading in real time, all sorts of weirdness happened with comments disappearing and reappearing. Anyway it's all sorted now.

And yes we are back to the tiresome 'comments moderation on'. And just as well too since in the time it took me to write the last two comments Dave had written us another clabby comment, this time about Pat Tillman. Don't ask why, since to do so is to fall for the clabby.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,..Hhhmm,.."And there we find a perpetual discussion of the Time of Revelation aka the armageddon, yes?"


Revelation is an anglicized term - Apocalypse - those things that were hidden are revealed - hence revelation.

Armageddon - Har Megiddo - hebrew - Valley of Megiddo. The term refers to the geographical location of the 'war to end all wars', not now or ever have they been the same thing.

Why do many people think they are the same thing?

"Oooh, oooh (hand waving in air frantically) “Pick me, pick me"...

YES! Well, the almost complete control of everything by the tribe of monsters (lizards need not apply) that are always pretending to be that which they are not, have managed to twist the concept of their own violent end to appear to be some vague esoteric scriptural reference.
Not so, the battle that is prophesied to happen in the Valley of Megiddo will be a clash of nations based on secular ideals not differences of spiritual/religious interpretation. jews are not religious in the sense that say, catholics believe themselves to be, or hindus, or buddhists for that matter. The tribe is a secular cult that has for the purpose of social-engineering (micro-managing day to day conduct) a few books written for reference by essentially ‘make-it-up-as-you-go-along’ pharisaic rabbis as a means to an end; materialistic control and social domination. The evil monsters that are jews are not interested in a G-d or enlightenment or any of that sexy Les Visible mantra. They are pure and simple a gang of materialistic murdering thieving lying monsters!

I believe (and yooo can believe anything you like) that we are spiritual beings. This is not a mystical ‘adopt the lotus position thing’; my experiences in combat, love relationships, hate relationships and as a bystander on the street-corner of life have manifested as a belief in ‘love light and peace’, why? HELLO! The alternative, that’s why.

The tribe fears a weapon they use constantly: Egregious Will; they seed the MSM with horseshit biased in their favour because they need an existential energetic support for their existential victim status against their existential enemies – us, or anyone not devoted to thieving lying and murdering while they gorge their lust on all things we (normal folk; heh heh heh, sorry, I make me laugh) find abhorrent.

We are dealing with mind-set manufactured psychopaths. By no fault of its own a child of the tribe is born into a nest of insidious vipers.


veritas6464 said...

part 2/.

As for Les’s Blogs and his tangential monologues of late – big deal, he’s a Showman, he’s a performer and he’s selling a product he may or may not from time to time believe-in. He needs a crowd and the friendlier the crowd the better, not that he doesn’t mind a fight, if he’s sure he can win. Les is one of us; no better no worse, just a slob like one of us. That he is gifted as a writer is obvious, we can take it or leave it.

Oh, DaveS and Slozo; your semantic argument is mute and boring - get a grip.

On a personal basis regarding Blogs, I like this blog because it is intimate and comforting, not that I agree with all that Nobby writes, so what, that’s him, he’s quirky and funny (to me) and I like him – the Blog ‘entity’ that I am familiar with that is.

So, fuck it all; we know the bad guys by their stripe, we know the good guys by their stripe...Let’s all climb into a clock tower near our town halls and make a difference, HEH heh heh heh!

Nameste Nobs,

Billy Pilgrim.

P.S. fuck me!

DaveS said...

Sorry about my 'tedious' post.

No need to settle nothin'

Remove my post and have a pleasant life.

Peace (or whatever)


nobody said...

Rather than comment here can people take it to the Clint Eastwood piece that follows?

nobody said...

And DaveS, on the front page sidebar are links to Dave McGowan's various pieces. Do go read, particularly his serial killer analysis and the pedophocracy piece (chapter 6 is crucial). Then we might be spared your clueless utterances about paedophilia etc.

Round this neck of the woods we've been through enough knock-down-drag-out fights with paedophile spook motherfuckers to waste time being polite with people who accidentally, but precisely, resemble them.

So, malice-aforethought motherfucker or clueless git you can take your choice between fuck off and die, or go away and come back when you've wised up. I can't say fairer than that mate.

Or if you want a shortcut read this.

john said...

regarding comment number four quoted from the Zelator:

It was something more like a small
explosion of light, almost like a nova star, which would illumine itself in the air, yet illuminate nothing around it. Perhaps this was what the alchemists had called the floral fire, for it resembled the expanding calyx of a flower, formed from a flame that did not burn. This flower-star pulsates, and seems to hover in the air, yet it is unlike any star one might see in the skies. It is a pinprick of exploding soft light, and so clearly of a Spiritual genesis that one has no need to ask anyone in the room, or in the street, if they too can see it. This star was not designed for ordinary eyes.
It might even be the same type of star which guided the Magi of old, save - in the hermetic accounts - this warning star does not move.The star appeared, a circle of light beckoning from another plane of being.

Kieran Alexis said...

great stuff. am enjoying.
if I could be so random as to post
a comment about the actual topic, [unorthodox though that may be, ]
now, about this god thing.....

we appear to be the 'gods' as the maya so succinctly put it [ 'we are the ones we've been waiting for' ]
and this awakening is us reMembering this, and therefore the 'coming judgement' of Les's [which I have also articulated myself from time to my own way...] is the inability to 'hide things in a room where the walls have disappeared'...and is not from 'god' but from we are the main emissaries here of the life-force of endless choices.......thus the veils are thin. or time is ending. or it's the time of the sixth sun, or we're headed for the 5th dimension...or the second coming.. they're all the same meta-meme as far as I can tell it... this reality contsruct is approaching [we're heeere!] the galactic reset/all change button.

you ever get into Krishnamuriti?
he [was] hilarious..a brilliant man.

as for H S T - i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say he was repetitive and overrated.... I'd take lester Bangs over him anyday..
or maybe even Bukowski.

nice, look forward to reading the rest of yr stuff here.


nobody said...

Hey Kieran, would I be right in thinking you're a Moebius fan?

Otherwise, your guess is as good as mine as to what it all means. And Krishnamurti? This and a thousand other things I should be familiar with. Funnily enough I'm at at a yoga school that has books on him so I should check him out.

And read away mate. Good to have you on board.

su said...

thought this article said it well and would interest you.

nobody said...

Hullo Su, did you mean to post here? I cut and pasted it into the comments at the death cult love fest thing. I thanked you there but I can thank you here too! Thanks!