Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mavi Marmara - Internet sleuths 1, Mossad bullshit-artists 0

God I love this picture. Hats off to the legends who put it together. And thanks also to AP at Twelfth Bough for pointing me at it. (Post Scriptum: The original pic is an animated gif. Best I can tell animated gifs don't play on blogger. Or maybe it's just here, who knows. Regardless I've broken it into four jpegs. You can still see the original at the first link there).

For those confused, the ticket here is to keep your eyes on the disappearing ship's name. Which is to say, the colour plate is the MV Mavi Marmara and the overlays of B&W Israeli footage is of another vessel, in all likelihood the MS TDI Karadeniz, the Mavi Marmara's sister vessel. Fingers crossed somebody tracks that down to see where it's been and who's been using it.

Otherwise I have nothing much to add apart from the fact that all the Israelis had in their defence against charges of murder was that grainy B&W footage. And even that's fake. Hmm, thinks... not only has whatever excuse they had evaporated, but their 'excuse' now spins 180° and turns their 'botched' effort into an obvious, elaborate, premeditated bloodbath.

God I love this. I feel like Col. Kilgore on the beach. "I love the smell of Israelis shitting their pants in red-faced embarassment. It smells like humiliation...
One day this shitty little country is going to end..."

PPS. Ah yes, such wishful thinking... please see the next piece in which I rethink the likelihood of all this and come to a slightly different conclusion. Yoroshiku, n.


gallier2 said...

Be careful, I have to rain again on the parade (I know old habits don't die), but I do not think that the pics are conclusive that they were faked. Don't get me wrong, these pathological liars could have faked these pictures but I don't think it's clear from these photos. You tell we can not see the name of the vessels on the night vision photos, I think that's not a proof. Why, night vision photos amplify the remaining light, reducing the contrast of light coming from the same light source. Look at that picture of an asshole in an Iraki house
The portrait on the wall is taken full on, see how faint it is? Take it 5 meters farther away and you won't see any picture at all (the frame maybe, but not the pic).
This said, there is footage from the reporters that were on board that corroborate that some guys used iron rods to counter the attack, 3 commandos have even been taken prisoner. The thing is, I can not be outraged even if the people on board had lynched these motherfuckers, they wouldn't deserve less, commandos are lowlifes (any commando of any country), the slugs in my garden have a higher value than voluntary assassins. We shoudn't forget the higher vision here, the Gaza blockade is illegal and crime against humanity, the flotilla attack had at least one positive effect, the hasbara is a little bit more exposed than before and even some mainstream believers start to see through the sionist nazi ideology. Last week Roland Dumas (former Mitterand lawyer) accused on live TV Elisabeth Levy (annoying omnipresent hasbara agent in French media) on using nazi tactics. 1 week before it would have been a major scandal, now the sionist played it low profile.
Sorry for that long, incoherent rant.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

I am a little confused -- are you advocating for the extermination of Israel?

A. Peasant said...

gallier, it is important to be careful, but also note that in the first pic, the tower is also different. the b&w has a nike scoop sort of thing and a T at the top. look at the Mavi Marmara tower.

i also posted video put up yesterday at The Guardian, which was smuggled off the ship. the video gives a different impression because it's dawn already when the ship's captain is telling the people not to resist because the commandos are using live ammo. at that time there were a couple of injured commandos on the boat, but it appears that the major raid had not occurred yet. which puts lie to the b&w video shot with night vision, which would not be necessary at dawn.

so i think this is hugely important in context with other video, which also explains why the israelis confiscated it all. so bravo to the woman who smuggled some video off in her underwear!!

kikz said...

oh and a nice recent find...

Penny said...

hey nobody;

what more is there to say about this sordid episode, it is despicable, it is disgusting... etc., etc.,

Gallier keeping everyone on their toes.

as AP pointed out, the boats are structurally different, at the stack, one picture has some kind of additional structure.

given all the fakery Israel engaged in over this wanton attack, I am not surprised

nobody said...

Hullo Andrea, what a curious question. You don't really imagine that I'm that flat-footed do you?

How about this - I call for Israel's destruction in precisely the same way that Reagan called for the Soviet Union's destruction when he said that communism would be consigned to the ash heap of history. Which is to say he called for no such thing and nor did I.

The vibe here (by way of the continuum on the front page) is that I welcome Jews (the vast Ashkenazi majority of which are neither religious nor ethnically Semitic) to feel free to renounce their perverse self-identification, the talmud, and all other pernicious hate-filled expressions of otherness/superiority/me-uber-alles and become regular humans. If you're looking for an example of the fate I think they deserve you need look no further than Bertolucci's The Last Emperor and the Chinese communists' treatment of Pu'yi.

Did you not know that?

Gallier - bingo!
AP - bingo!

I did roll my certitude around in my head and decided to go with it. Besides which, if I'm wrong I'll say so. I was wrong about global warming and peak oil, and compared to those this is small potatoes. Nothing is graven in stone and I might write a thing one day and change my position the next. Nothing is fixed.

Why don't we just view my hyperbole as stirring the pot? Right or wrong, I'm happy to be corrected. Unlike motherfuckers like Mark Regev and all those Israel-uber-alles motherfuckers who never tell the truth. Ever. They will make bullshit assertions and never back down from it. Well, I ain't them.

Otherwise, if the Israelis didn't do this it's because,
a) they didn't think of it
b) it was unnecessary because they knew that if they shot people from the air they'd get the Israel-as-victim footage they were after

With b as a best case scenario they're still damned as murderous motherfuckers and the only thing to have suffered will be my reputation. And as far as I'm concerned I don't have a reputation so what does it matter? smiley winky thing!

slozo said...

A brutal terrorist-styled attack in international waters on an unarmed peaceful ship attempting to bring supplies and aid to a people under siege. Numerous murders and executions, then kidnappings, and releases are secured only under dire threat from Turkey with strong diplomatic pressure.

Did anyone hear about this state-sponsored terrorist attack on the unarmed ship? Shouldn't it be bigger than the Michael Jackson story was, you know, getting 24/7 airtime and with all kinds of coverage on the developments in the aftermath - countries ceasing all political ties with Israel, all aid from the US stopped, banned from the UN, labelled a terrorist state, and countries banding together to put the whole country under seige until it gives up it's nuclear weapons facilities to UN inspectors, allows its chemical weapons factories to be inspected by international agencies, moves all illegal settlements back to 1948 boundaries, and ceases and desists all appartheid practices and dismantles the largest open air prison in the world, Gaza?

Weird, but I didn't hear that story.

As an aside Nobody, I find these moves by the puppet masters too big, brash and obvious to ignore, that they seek final confrontation in the very near future. There will be more obvious moves in the future I feel, ones where you will be left scratching your head as to why they would do that, knowing it will not be to their benefit. I think Israel will soon be pushed hard into a corner, and the war will begin after a potential beginning of the new Palestinian state.

Stock up on gas.

Anonymous said...

jurys out for me on this footage, the T bar in sleuths picture is not in the sky footage, and the sky footage tower looks more like the mavi tower than the sleuths picture, making me suspect the sleuths more than the footage

it smells a bit fishy

either way it's irrelevant, israel hijacked a turkish ship in international waters and murdered pasengers, mainly turks, then kidnapped the remaining passengers, terrorised them with laser guns sights, stress positions, hoods and threats of death, not to mention no medical care and no water

and our media - scrambled to downplay it for israel

and from america - a big...deafening...silence

Franz said...

Welcome back, Nobody!

And while you're at it:

"How about this - I call for Israel's destruction---"

Better call for ours too, pal. I checked up on this. It's bring the roof down time. They've GOT to destroy the USA, their no longer dependable slut. Dammit, Diebold started rigging the elections just when we NEEDED them.

So -- Israel butchers on the high seas, the Gulf of Mexico is now a cosmic sinkhole... and the rest?

Well... prediction: Property values in the Southern Hemisphere are about to hit the stratosphere.

You've been warned!


Anonymous said...

It's a nightvision thing, I think. See at the 26 second mark you can make out the words "Mavi Marmara" where the words are supposed to be:

They were dozens of miles within international waters. With invaders coming from down from the sky, why the hell shouldn't they lay into them with metal pipes?

Peter D

gallier2 said...

I just wanted to give a link to an interesting video that almost changed my mind concerning the fakeness of the night video

but Peter D is right between 0'23 and 0'29 the name of the ship is visible, extremely faint, but absolutely visible. This said, suraci is absolutely right, it's completely irrelevant if the video was faked or not.

Anonymous said...


Off topic and just responding to Franks “They've GOT to destroy the USA, their no longer dependable slut.” It may be achieved sooner than you think in a way that makes 9/11 look like very small potatoes.

Link from Dublin Mick on another blog.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Muhrrteyn 7:48 PM
To quote an elderly White House correspondent
'Get the Hell out of Palestine'