Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Madeleine McCann - a wide angle versus a microscope

I've written this for the sake of all those people who find themselves fascinated/mesmerised/unable-to-look-away from the Madeleine McCann case. I intend to be the very opposite of all those Madeleine forums you've been participating on. Whilst this may sound cryptic, the meaning will be perfectly apparent by the end of the piece.

First things first - forget all the details: who behaved how; who sat how many metres from whom; what was found in whose car ...all that stuff. The more details you've got and the closer attention you pay them, the less you're capable of standing back and viewing the big picture. It's like pressing your nose up against Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte - all you get is dots.

A useful starting point is to remind ourselves of the bleeding obvious - Madeleine McCann's story was HUGE. Even here in the Antipodes, on the far side of the world, it was front page for weeks and the Australian press took every AP and Reuters update there was. It was all-Madeleine-all-the-time, and no detail was too small. But curiously, in this blizzard of details, the big contextual aspects were considered unimportant. For instance, the fact that Portugal had just gone through the sprawling Casa Pia paedophile scandal (roping in senior members of Portugal's clergy, police, judiciary, and government, and this exactly on the tail of Belgium's massive Dutroux scandal) was not deemed as worthy of our attention as a blurry photo of a peasant girl. Um... okay.

Straight away we're bumping up against what you'll find is a constant theme: details - good; big picture... what big picture?

Doubtless there'll be pedants banging on the table saying that there's no link between Madeleine and Casa Pia. Sure, of course. Not that they can possibly know of course. But to hell with them - I'm actually making a different point. And that is - How could this be ignored? You'd think that a desperate media, keen for every story connected or otherwise, that sends its crews out to interview someone/anyone - "Well, we didn't know them but they seemed very nice and we're all quite upset" - you'd think they'd have latched onto the Casa Pia story with both hands and hysterically shouted, 'Holy Shit! Portugal! Paedophiles! Abduction! Scandal!' ...wouldn't you? This is the media we're talking about - hysteria is their middle name. And yet, in spite of having seen every Madeleine snippet for however many weeks the story ran for, I was completely unaware of Casa Pia until I found it on the internet a year later.

If one of those aforementioned table-bangers wants to tell me that Casa Pia did-so-too appear in the media, pointing to this article / that article, why don't we cut to the chase and do the old advertising 'hallway test'? This is where we duck out into the hallway and ask whomever is there if they remember Madeleine McCann. Prompts are permitted - 'You know that little blonde girl that was abducted in Portugal'. Then we ask them about Casa Pia - 'You know that scandal that happened just before the McCann abduction that involved Lisbon's biggest orphanage with trails leading to politicians, police etc?' I'd lay odds of 100-1 that the former will score over 90% recognition and the latter will be lucky if it even makes 5, no wait... 1%.

Go figure. The media prefers their scandals small. It's easy to puff 'small' into whatever size you want. Scandals that were HUGE to begin with - hmm... hard to control. God knows where they might go. Best just to leave it out.

So what am I saying? Am I hinting that the media was somehow in on the whole thing? Gee, the thought occurred to you too did it? Well, you'd have to wonder wouldn't you? But let's not! Let's just continue with that zooming-out big picture thing. Never mind a singular overview of the media by way of the McCann abduction - it's just one event. There have been many, many such scandals and it's not so difficult to compare. The bible for this is Dave McGowan's The Pedophocracy (technically this is the first six chapters of his book Programmed to Kill). Straight off - anyone who's interested in Madeleine McCann and hasn't read The Pedophocracy doesn't know anything. Sorry for being so blunt but it's a fact. There's a link there, go read and come back. Or you can just carry on and read it later, it's all good. If you've half a mind to skip it, let me state as earnestly as I can, The Pedophocracy WILL blow your mind - I guarantee it.

The six chapters look at half a dozen massive paedophile scandals: Dutroux in Belgium; the Franklin/Boy's Town scandal; the Presidio/West Point military childminding scandal; the McMartin preschool scandal; and last but not least the perfectly mind-boggling bust of the 'The Finders'. First up, the most singular thing about each of these headfuck scandals is how HUGE they were. They were the kind of HUGE that makes the Madeleine McCann case look scrawny.

Sure enough the media worked its magic and each of these scandals was rescripted, recast, and all shot through a blurry vaseline lens. The parents had dreamt it all! And all their churlish dreams had sprung from seeds planted in their heads by wicked attention-seeking social workers. The mother of that five year old, whom she'd picked up from day-care to find blood running from his anus, wasn't a victim. She was a troublemaking paranoid schizophrenic drunk who had undoubtedly caused his 'red bottom' herself. And she'd led all those other parents to imagine the abuse of their children too! How dare they accuse all those upstanding childcare centre staff! The fact that all the children's stories matched, that they still hold to them as adults, and that all of it was borne out by indisputable evidence was proof only of the perverse obsession of the parent's desire to blacken the good name of undeserving innocents. Bloody Parents! Have they no shame?

How then to portray a scandal like the Finder's Bust? That didn't spring from complaints from parents but rather from the police arresting two well-dressed men with a van full of kids, aged 2 to 7, all of whom were unwashed and without underpants, just as you'd expect for 'gifted' children being taken to Mexico for 'special education'. But the thick plottened when their Washington headquarters were busted. Paedophiles with headquarters... wow, who knew? And the Finders had two facilities... double wow.

There police found not only: shelves full of jars containing urine and faecal matter; a bloody altar surrounded by video cameras; and so many photos and videos (of both porn and satanic ritual) that they needed garbage bags to haul them all away, but also: computers and telexes with orders from all over the world specifying particular 'looks' for children all of whom, one presumes, were to be kidnapped and trafficked overseas. In addition to all this were procedural handbooks detailing how to infiltrate child-minding centres and how to traffic children whilst avoiding police attention. (Hmm... perhaps they should've read that last one a bit more carefully). And may I draw your attention back to the preceding sentence again? 'Procedural Handbooks' - think about that. Who makes 'procedural handbooks'? Individuals and amateurs? Or professional organisations?

Oh! Did I mention that the entire investigation was completely shut down with a single click of the CIA's fingers? It seems the Finders' leader, Marion Pettie, had been CIA since the days of the OSS. And not forgetting his spook wife and spook son. Faced with the obviousness of the Finders as a total CIA gig, the media refused to touch it at all apart from a solitary article in the US News and World Report assuring us that whatever it was the Finders were up to was "eccentric, not illegal". Oh yeah? What was in those videos? Whose names were on the order forms? And was that human blood on the altar? We'll never know and the media will never ask.

So. We've zoomed out to half a dozen scandals. Fine, let's hold that wide-angle but now search for commonalities. For mine the winner of any whose-name-pops-up-the-most competition would have to be the extraordinary False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Says the FMSF - whenever anyone remembers any stories of childhood abuse (paedophilic, satanist, whatever) it's a false memory that has been planted in that person's head by wicked social workers who are possessed of an irrational hatred. They're just like anti-Semites except they hate child minders and other innocent people.

Because the FMSF's mission is so worthy they have seemingly limitless funding with a chapter in nearly every US state. Their dedicated staff is kept busy flying all over the world testifying for just about anyone accused of paedophilia. Says they, it's the accused that are the victims, and it's the accusers who should be in the dock. They are perfect one trick ponies. And what with presumably having paid google, any search for any of the above-mentioned scandals will often as not deliver the FMSF's version of it (or possibly that of their sister organisation the Institute for Psychological Therapies) first and foremost.

If none of this makes sense, all you need to know is that the FMSF is almost entirely staffed with 'ex'-paedophiles, 'ex'-CIA heavies from the MKultra mind-control programme, and people who would be more accurately described as 'both'. Oh, and 'False Memory Syndrome'? There's no such thing. They just made it up.

If you're feeling a little breathless, a bit like Neo in the Matrix when he discovers the truth of the world he's in, you should know that we sympathise, we really do. It happened to all of us. It just is what it is and you can either keep going, or blink and go back to that virtual steak - it's up to you. But should you wish, between the links provided here and the links provided at each of those, your understanding can follow that branching process until it fills the sky. Very little will escape you.

But what has all this to do with Madeleine McCann? Okay, here is what I know as a cold hard certainty - so huge is this pedophocracy disinfo effort that what with the mainstream media all singing from the same songbook (or not singing as the case may be), there is no way the internet will be spared. And certainly not in regards to the biggest story there is: Madeleine McCann. Thus the various Madeleine forums and usegroups you frequent will have, beyond a shadow of a doubt, at least one fully paid-up and completely dedicated member of the pedophocracy whose sole job it is to make sure that no one gets near the big picture. They may be in the comments, junior, senior, whatever; or they may be the moderator; or they could even have their name right up there in the masthead. Oh, and loners are a rarity, particularly on dedicated sites. Tag-teams are infinitely more likely. The mere fact that a fellow has others agreeing with him increases the weight of that opinion by orders of magnitude. Three? Four people? No problems. We've seen it all before.

Remember - Madeleine McCann was HUGE. The thought that the likewise huge pedophocracy could ignore it and stand back with their fingers crossed hoping that ever larger numbers of people don't wake up to them is an abject impossibility. Remember - they founded the FMSF for no reason other than to convince us all that we shouldn't pay any attention to any crazy stories.

It's an unpleasant fact that full time disinfo merchants hang out pretty much everywhere that free discussions take place. As God is my witness. If you find that too unlikely it's only because you haven't challenged one of them yet. Do that and they give themselves away. It's a long-ish read but if you want to see what a paedophile disinfo spook in action looks like, stevieb provides a salutary lesson. You can actually see me wising up in real time.

And how about the sites you've been hanging out at? Have you ever had cause to wonder at certain dominant people over at the forum you frequent? Would I be right in thinking that they are heavily into blame-the-victim? Do they hate discussions that frame the whole thing in terms of the big picture? Are they big on disinfo buzz words like 'hoax', 'hysteria', 'witch-hunt', 'debunked' etc? Do they link to the FSMF or the IPT and use them as 'debunking' reference points? Do mentions of Dave McGowan have them recoiling like vampires to crucifixes?

Here's something you can try - post a link to this article smack dab in the middle of your favourite forum. There's nothing in it for me you understand. We're just conducting an experiment to see what happens. Just so you know I'm not just making this up, here's Su in the last comments (and actually the inspiration for this piece. Hi Su, smiley winky thing)
As you are aware I have been on several forums for almost three years regarding Madeleine. An eternity ago you said be careful her parents are not guilty it is the paedophocracy. (In my recollection I wasn't quite that definite - ed nobody)

And I was convinced I knew better. I had been spending hours on these forums with some brilliant posters each splicing over the events and concluding lies, lies and more lies.

And we stripped the parents bare, they killed their child of that there was no doubt. And there was an intelligent army of us believing it.

A few days ago a fellow poster was posting about child abuse and Operation Ore and she got banned. Banned for fcuks sake. And then I posed a different question - I asked whether there was a possibility she had been sold to a high powered elite pedophile network. Some fucking pervert abusing the most famous child in the world - again and again - imagine what a thrill that would be. But I did not say that I just said it was a possibility that she did not die in the apartment as alleged by the cop and then posted a link to the aangirfan thread on Haiti.

For the first time ever they deleted the link - declaring it offensive and without validity.

When I went to log in this morning I found my account had been deactivated.

I have come to the conclusion that these places that are meant to be finding out the truth of what happened to this child are manned and controlled and indeed manipulated by a small handful of people - who find what aangirfan says is too close to the truth.

E voila! And that's how it's done. And... that's all it takes. You just have to raise the topic and they give themselves away. So, who's up for it? Do any of you feel like doing battle? Most excellent. Take no prisoners and remember nobody's rule - If they've got the game, they may as well have the name. Godspeed and do pop back in and tell us how you went yeah? All the best.


Oh! And any paedophile disinfo spooks out there turning all kinds of purple apoplectic: Well, what are you waiting for? Pile in! The comments are below. Bring your buddies. Bring your straw men. Bring your pissweak bag of tricks. I'm your man and I'll eat you for fucking breakfast.

Hmm... sure enough you can't very well stomp in here and declare who you are. I recommend a kind of tut-tut approach, if you know what I mean, variously tempered with disappointment, anger, exasperation, that kind of thing ...just to break up the mood etc. Flings at my intelligence, sanity, sobriety are also good. Here's what a rather obvious bloke said the last time I mentioned Madeleine:
Anonymous said...
What a pile of bullshit. You obviously don't know anything about what you are talking about.
It's not great is it? Surely someone out there can do better than that? Don't be shy now! Show us what stern stuff kiddy-rapists are made of. We can't wait.


Post Scriptum - In the comments below Sabretache provides a link to Joel Van Der Reijden's excellent ISGP which was the website for Dutroux, the Dutroux witnesses (X1, et al), as well as a thorough takedown of Le Cercle, the 'Pink Ballets', and the entire edifice of European ruling class satanistic paedophilia. Unfortunately that link is dead but thankfully the site is cached (by Sabretache himself no less) and can be found here: Wikispooks, ISGP cache.


Edo said...

Bang on Nobby. Bang on.

My guess is no-one will take you on, but I wait with baited breath for someone to try.

Sabretache said...

Another top class post N

I didn't comment on the last piece but, in similar fashion to you, that Su comment jumped off the page at me.

I reckon I'm pretty clued up on the big picture - more so than 99% anyway - but it is so damned disturbing that focussed research becomes difficult. The instinctive human reaction to the calculated sadistic depravities involved is what effectively provides the Pedophocracy with its immunity - and 'Pedophocracy' is the precise, laser accurate word for it too. The more widespread and depraved, the less believable so that it remains hidden in plain sight so-to-speak. People simply do not want to be told of such things - Which renders them all too ready to be 'reassured' by the odd sacrificial minnow. Outrage is thus indulged for a while before relapse into the consensus trance of everyday routine, where fear of strangers and the dark are relegated to the subconscious and the odd bad dream.

What you and I and the average Joe/Jane can do about it though is quite another matter.

For my money the world (The Western World anyway) IS run by the Pedophocracy. To be enlisted as a 1st degree member (so-to-speak again) is a temptation difficult for the psychopathic personality type that aspires to power to decline. To BECOME a 1st degree member is to sell one's soul - and there are probably thirty-odd higher degrees each capable of 'making an offer that cannot be refused' by their 'juniors' - Standard military discipline simply does not hold a candle to it; Special Forces and SIS-type discipline clearly makes extensive use of it.

As you say, there is lots of stuff out there for those with the stomach for it and I would especially recommend Joel Van der Reijden's ISGP

james said...

Absolutely fantastic, Nobby. Bull's-eye!!

A. Peasant said...

you are da bomb nobs.

this is great and i hope a few more people get their mind doors blown open. anytime now.

i noticed yesterday while scanning news this following comment, by "Len" on the story of the doctor in delaware who got busted, finally, for raping a hundred+ children in his pediatric practice:

Who on earth would not accompany their child on a visit to the pediatrician? Apparently at least 103 parents in Delaware thought that was normal. I am baffled to think that out of 103 that only a 2 yr old would know to say something. Delaware may be the first state, but the back-water, red-necked, inbred behavior one readily finds there is the greater tragedy here. This is probably something common in the state, based on the ability of one single doctor to cause so much damage. This backwards culture must be eradicated and parents have no one but themselves to blame. The law must now, and always should have REQUIRED that parents be present at ALL medical exams, visits, etc. What the "F" were these parents doing anyway? Unbelievable! What a failure of parenting on a societal level.

he was very prompt with that comment, to plant the little seed that it's the stupid redneck parents who are to blame, oh and write another law. yes we need more laws, that always helps doesn't it.

again, he said "the back-water, red-necked, inbred behavior one readily finds there is the greater tragedy here."

seriously. what a fucking dick. pardon moi.

kikz said...

well, all i can say, is that the subj matter sickens me.

i have no doubt that worldwide operations that exist thru all levels of civilization/gov have and do exist for this explicit purpose. kids as snacks.

if, mine were ever found to be the victim of such or any abuse - i would...

find as many personally responsible and kill them. might even go so far as to assume the role of 'Paedo Hunter'...

i make no moral stand on my supposed actions...

its strictly Old Testament.

i've stated this caveat before here.. to any and all...

if anyone outright comes after my kids - detente is ended - they have no idea what vengeance i will extract.

army of 1 indeed.

reenie said...

Hey, where are the comments you bastards?

I think your time is running out and most of us can't wait to see you hang.

Love, Reenie

veritas6464 said...

Hey nobody,.. you are on fire brother - problem I have with these fucking child-molesters is the 'anti-semitic' thing. If anyone is not convinced of organised child-molestation and ritual sexually deviant sacrifice; tell those carnts to read the Talmud! Or google the real meaning of the term "Holocaust".

Check this out, It's actually part 2, however, it is a nice start and well presented; that's if it's still up!

I have two beautiful little blonde-haired blue eyed girls 8 and 5 and boy do I fucking worry, your piece on Madeleine McCann has freaked me out as the original breaking news did so many months ago! I am very angry with the dumbies that can't see the 9/11 truth - don't get me started on the fuckwits that deny ritual child abuse, oops, I think you just did.



the Silverfish said...

There is just so much of it, it simply boggles the mind.

Here in Canada it,this thing of which you speak is as prevalent as it is anywhere in the world. The government is complicit, the RCMP which coincidentally is a government police force is complicit , the church is complicit and last but certainly not least the people themselves are complicit.
The church is not just complicit insofar as the Catholic church runs the whole goddamn show and therein lies the rub.

Sure from time to time there surfaces a story of say perhaps some 5000 native children in Northern Canada that somehow just got disappeared, well not disappeared exactly but ended up in some mass grave just outside of you guessed it some Catholic children's home,orphanage or interment camp take your pick it's all much of same same.

Now no sooner does such a story surface, then in the blink of an eye it goes away, it's not discussed in coffee shops, it's not discussed in the news forums and it most certainly is NEVER discussed on the evening news. It just goes away.

Why do people, the common man, the everyday man, the man on the street, why is it that these people do not become outraged at this obscenity that surrounds them and then force the issue into the light?

I for one believe that the answer to that question is both simple and weighty. I do not for one minute believe that these things can be covered up by a repetitively small group of pedophiles, sexual deviants or other perverted miscreants.

No I believe that it is much simpler than that, now you can make this as complicated as you wish but in the end it boils down to one thing and that is the physiology of the people.

Now in this country as in your country and virtually every country in the western world nearly 90% of the people belong to one form or another of the Christan church be they Catholic, Protestant, Jesuits, whatever it makes no difference because in one way or another they pay to this form of belief.

Now what would happen if these people admitted to, not you, not I but to themselves that the very people whom they look up to for guidance where capable of doing these things? Firstly of course they would rail with the cries of indignation and "NOT I, I would NEVER DO SUCH A THING". But if they chose and it is after all a choice, to look deep within themselves they would have to find themselves guilty by association, for it is they the common everyday man that firstly puts these these perverts in the positions of power and it is they who allow these perverts to conduct their business and it is a business completely unimpeded. I ask you then what would it say about those people, what questions would they have to ask themselves and what answers would they arrive at? Again the answer is simple, it's the same answer these people always come to and that is "WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW" because if we know then it puts the shit squarely in OUR pants and then with the snowball effect we might just have to rethink our beliefs in our non existent god, and we can't have that EVER.

Just remember the Jesuit credo "Give your child till it is seven years of age, and then that child belongs to ME". So in the end the humbled and trembling masses bow and pray before the altar of ignorance ,obscenity and perversion and they do it willingly.

So for a change lets put at least some of the blame where it really belongs. It's not fair to blame the Pit-bull for the attack on the child, perhaps it's time to blame the owner for NOT doing something about it.

And no I am not taking the blame away from the people who do these horrendous things, just adding some perspective. Also I don't think that Pitt-bulls are Catholic although sometimes they act that way.

aferrismoon said...

U write ' looks for children' , that pedophiles could order. This seems to put Noah Cyrus' and her friend Emily Grace's new lingerie line for the pre-teens into context.

Going back to Australia Day, perhaps it got 'changed' in 1966, when the 3 Beaumont children disappeared. How do Aussies view that case? Does it change inthe light of mr.McGowan's writings.


Penny said...

OMG nobody, such tough topics lately, geez!

Who doesn't like Dave McGowan?
Pow zoom to the moon!

I have to sit out the Madeleine McCann aspect of this topic,as it is not one I have followed much.

Honestly, it never got that much coverage here. Can't say why, it just didn't.

"The media prefers their scandals small. It's easy to puff 'small' into whatever size you want."

I agree with that completely.

But, then on the other hand when the scandal is big, really big, you can watch the media shrink it down.
To minimize it.
Therefore there is as little fall out from it as possible.
You know,nothing to see here move along?

Most recently noticing that with the Haiti-orphans, that weren't really orphans and tied to the child trafficker,who just happened to be Jewish, with the alredy convicted wife, who was also wanted in Canada and the US, as well as Nicaruagua.

Never mind, christian do-gooders, all a misunderstanding, move along.
Media minimization.

I'll likely have more to say but, for now I am dam tired.

Anonymous said...

Nobody,I think youre hitting at the "heart" of the black hole beast, reading you is pure sickening revelation, and a number of things came up in my mind.

The comment about the the two kinds of pedo monsters is also hitting home.
The pros and the amateurs.

Ill relate two real life tales from firsthand knowledge of them both.

Pro case:
I know a girl living in northern California.
A few years ago, she had a personal revelation, as struck by lightening. Bits of repressed memories assembled into a coherent cognition: "My father sexually abused me as a child!"

The same day, as the cognition struck, the house where she grew up in, and daddy lived, broke into flames and burned down to the ground.
Karma, poetic justice, no coincidence for sure.
Daddy had to drive down south, to his lavish second home in L.A in the middle of the night.

The memories had been totally suppressed till that point in time.
Pretty sick case, abused from being less than a year old, threatened with cattle prods into not telling, damage to the genitalia, probably cant have children,
I dont know much more, dont need to either.

BTW, she is doing fine, considering her childhood, on the surface normal and healthy, a strong brave girl, and a sensitive artist.

She is also permanently "exterior" as the scientologists call it, that is, not in her body, as common with heavy traumatic learning.

Who is daddy? A big shot in local politics, hes met people like Colon Powell, Cowboy Ronnie "the snitch", and the likes.

Her uncle? Money grubbing rich bastard, and member of "Bohemian Grove".
Isnt that the place where the US select elite "sacrifice care", pee on the ground in an all male klu klux klan setting, and make kiddie snuff films?

Amateur case:
A girl I used to know. Step father was a dirty old drunk. Had his buddies come over, get drunk, then they would tie her up, and take turns fucking her as a minor of perhaps 10-12 years of age.

She remembered it all along, had been a junkie, now she douses herself with weed and king alcohol to keep the painful memories under wraps.

Step daddy? He moved on, knocked up another teen step daughter and her friend, was exposed, the thing went to court, but he died from a heart attack and shame before he had to stand up to his deeds.

to be continued

Anonymous said...


The first case is the "worst", but the victim is the most "normal" of these two cases, and it will never go to court. Fits the pattern.

"Power" is a key word.
"raping women give me power"
"hey, raping men gives me even more power"
"hey, raping little innocent boys and girls gives me even more power"
"I am the Master of the Universe!"
But why settle for that?

Ive met sickos, who wondered what itd be like to kill someone.
Or, as another sicko, a very intelligent and famous author here in DK wrote:
"..for now he finally knew, for to kill another man, is truly being a Man".
Yeah, right, and then theres me, wondering why this guy is considered a "great humanist" by his followers?
Killing other men truly makes you a Man?

I dont get it, but some unfortunately do.
Animals dont do it, should that be the prime distinguishing factor of being human?
I think people who do it, are less than animals an beasts.
Theres no real power in that kind of deeds.

Read Marquis De Sade, hes pretty spot on, learn about it from an old perverted libertine.
Sceneries of old debauched libertine bishops, that only can get of, if they are wanked by red bottomed choir boys, while a bunch of nuns get their heads chopped of, and so on.

As De Sade explains it, when you cant feel, are numbed up, the last feeling you CAN feel is pain.
Or others peoples pain.
Or not.

Also look into Reichs work on the biopathic structure, and body armouring, or his pupil DeMeos work on Saharasia.

Notice the pattern, coinciding with north africa, middle east, parts of central asia.
Afrika, with its horrible genital mutilations of girls, and then of course the practice of male circumcision.

Also notice how finely it overlaps with the homelands of the sephardic and khazarian jews?
Could that be a part of the bigger picture too?

One of Freuds first works was about hysteric girls from the bourgeousie.
He started of indicating daddy fiddlings.
"Oh no, you cant write that!"
"Shame on you!"

So he modified it to hysteric girls, dreaming about being raped by daddy.

"Hey, that sound good, sure, you can publish that Mr. Freud, no problem."
"Want another line of coke?"
"You seem to have an odd relation to your own daughter Mr. Freud?"
"Did you ever actually cure anyone for anything, including yourself Mr. Freud?"
"Im just curious?"

The True Bohemian
Avaloki Tarnhari

nobody said...

Oh! A bit surprised, me. I thought the regulars would view this as a bit of a yawn - me retreading old ground. Mind you, now that I think about it, the satanist paedophile motherfuckers still run the show, so any new angle of attack that can stick it up them is worth doing.

Hello Reenie, did you pop in before? I can't recall. You'll have to be patient in terms of spooks coming back. Last time I didn't do anything and just found myself being linked. God knows what will happen this time. Perhaps nothing.

Also, in some ways I blew it by pre-emptively calling them out like that. Besides which it does pay to own the battleground and the comments here ain't theirs. So frankly I doubt there'll be much action here. And whatever does take place in other forums will likely resemble Su's thing, ie. people just finding themselves disappeared. Should this happen to anyone do tell us. We'll see if we can't put somebody's name up in lights.

May I just leap around grasshopper-like? Sabretache - gee whiz, you always seem to nail it mate. I do like it when you pop in here. And yeah I second you on that Van der Reijden thing. I think I read everything on that site. He's amazing.

The Silverfish! LTNS. And in all your glabrous glory!

Hey Ferris. Interesting. Not that I am 'most Australians' but I'd be prepared to bet that the Beaumont thing would be filed under 'dimly remembered historical events' like the Westgate Bridge collapse etc. And then again I wouldn't have thought anything of it a few years ago either.

Just so everyone knows, I actually used to buy the FSM line myself. I remember being outraged about the treatment of the Buckeys at McMartin and Kelly Michaels at WeeCare. (For those who are ofay that's a very cool link. And Debbie Nathan again! If you look up Full-time Professional Satanist Paedophile Disinfo Motherfucker in the dictionary there's a picture of her there). (And don't ask me what kind of dictionary that is - let's just say a special one).

Hmm... Debbie Nathan in El Paso... I get regular hits from El Paso. I wonder if it's Debbie Nathan? Naaah, couldn't be. But! Debbie, if that is you... do pop in and say hello! We'd love to hear from you, see how you're doing, and otherwise tear you a new one.

Sorry Ferris! You've piqued my curiosity and I'll go check it out.

Avaloki - Nice one. I'm thinking your victim of the professionals is in all likelihood full-tilt DID. The mechanism of the forgetting is the fractured psyche. Otherwise cattle prods is a dead giveaway isn't it?

It's a nebulous thought at the moment but I wonder if there isn't some aspect of, um... you know how in Interview with the Vampire Christian Slater wants to be bitten? Along those lines, did anyone not read those Brice Taylor / Cathy O'Brien books and not find the thought of photographic memory, language ability, superior endurance and pain threshold etc. vaguely appealing? And sure, who wants to be raped and tortured as a child, but who wants to be one of the living dead unable to walk in the sunlight?

This is just a nascent thought you understand, and probably sounds trite, but it's interesting that your former victim copes better than the latter.

Otherwise thanks all. The streets aren't running with blood but you can't have everything...

Hei Hu Quan said...

Top shelf post Nobody, Spartan work that truly takes it to the fore. Let the apologists come, let the disinfonauts attempt a blog siege, I for one have got your back full mate. Let them dare and they'll see truth and fact fashioned into the most fearsome and lethal weapon that their cowardly, slinking arses have ever seen.

The thinking, feeling masses are enraged and fast reaching critical mass regarding these and a plethora of vile, stinking and obscene excesses. Heinous crimes of this ultimate abhorrence are sanctioned, protected and always kept out of reach from outraged citizenry. In every major case the outcome has been predefined and the trial a show formality used to violate the victims again publicly. To shatter any illusion that they have of a world built on a foundation of justice and equity. To piss on their innocence, decimate their futures, mock their agonies and deliver to their parents an incarceration of helplessness and terminal despair.

For example, most recently in the news, there was the account of a paediatrician in Lewes Delaware, U.S. that currently has 471 felony counts of child rape and molestation committed on over 103 children. For years parents and a few ex-employees both went to the authorities to report these crimes and NOTHING was done about it. His knowing colleagues were silent and closed ranks when the heat increased about their friend Dr. Earl Bradley. His crimes went on from 1998 until his arrest on December 16th 2009, and police stated investigating Bradley a year ago after receiving complaints from the mothers of toddlers. Their pathetic, ill-fashioned excuse? "He was not immediately arrested because police did not have enough evidence to charge him". To which I cry horse-shit as they had eyewitness and victim testimonies which would be enough to secure a warrant which would have revealed caches of evidence videos with him featured prominently, at least 6 cameras handheld along with another more elaborate system of cameras.

Here are some case highlights, or in this case — lowlights if you will, with an alert to those who may be easily distressed.

- The doctor's office included Disney-themed exam rooms, a merry-go-round, and a ferris wheel. There was also a basement toy room, where he took children for candy and treats - then raped them.
- Officials said Bradley routinely requested to see patients alone, without a parent or nurse accompanying him.
- Court papers say videos, ranging from 30 seconds to 11 minutes, show multiple forced sexual acts. Some show the doctor, wearing blue scrubs, yelling orders at babies and toddlers who are crying or trying to run away.
In one video, Bradley has a "violently enraged" expression on his face as he pursues a 2-year-old, police wrote. Bradley stands 6 feet tall and weighs 225 pounds.
- The victims on videotape were girls ranging from 3 months old to 13 years.

A detective, noting that he had viewed thousands of horrid child molestation images, described the video as "one of the most violent and brutal attacks on a child of any age that he has seen captured on video," the documents say.

Will this be the case that perhaps reveals the network to which he belonged? Fucking well doubtful, as the investigation is being overseen by none other than the Attorney General of Delaware himself, Beau Biden who is the son of current U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. No, instead what will occur is that they will isolate and seal the investigation to focus only on the serial child rapist Bradley, whilst the others involved are very discretely obfuscated just as in every case. To secure Bradley's cooperation and silence regarding his background confederates, he will be placed in protective custody away from the general prison population, who would deliver to him the most instant of karmic retributions.

For those who prey upon the young there can only be but one sure cure... multiple lead injections, after sustained broken bone therapy.

james said...

The DID enables the trauma to be carried and also live a functioning life. That's its purpose. Someone who has been a victim of severe and prolonged trauma such as satanic ritual abuse or similar will start to recover their past but not all at once. The past surfaces as the survivor is able to handle it mentally. Initial and continuing recovery of memories (for want of a better word) depends a lot on the safety and support the survivor has access to. There is a part of the mind that regulates this stuff. It is uncanny.

Traumatic memory is split up into different parts and stored in different parts of the brain. So the visuals will be in one part and the audio in another and the emotions in yet another. And these parts may be further split. So the former victim that Avaloki refers to may have visual recall of some trauma but not the emotions of the time which are still buried some where else in the brain. So she may be able to describe incidents but is still protected from reliving a major part of the terror by not having access to the emotional state of the time which is locked in her brain somewhere as real as it was the day it happened. That's a possible explanation, anyway. Though the process will be at work in the woman one way or another.

I hope this is useful for you Avaloki

Nobby, as an old hand, as you say, at this, what was so good about your essay for me is that it put an extraordinary amount of info into a cohesive whole and gave that clear overall picture that we all lose sight of and wonder from time to time, "We're the Fukarwee".

It will make a great resource to refer neophytes in this area to.

Edo said...

Hey Nobby, this post caused me quite an argument with my girlfriend yesterday. I should explain, that the stuff I research isn't exactly the stuff my gf looks at online. Nevertheless, we do talk occasionally about things, and yesterday I wanted to tell her about this post, seeing as we'd talked about the Maddie McCann case in the past. It's the first time I touched on the pedophocracy, and the idea that these things don't happen in isolation but instead are part of a much wider scheme.
I sensed it was distressing for her, but carried on regardless until the point she stopped me and claimed that, "you can see this is distressing me, and yet you still carry on". That put me in a position where I felt I had to stop talking and this frustrated me. I said something along the lines of, "well, it's that kind of response, when applied to the masses, which equates to turning a blind eye", "you know it goes on, you feel defenceless in doing anything about it, and you'd rather not know"...

Of course, this was taken personally, as I'm not known for being tactful, and an argument ensued. All sorted now, but I do believe I had a point.

A fellow blogger summed it up for me on a post i did ages ago about trying to talk to friends about difficult subjects when he stated, "I was having a chat with a good friend last night and in the course of that chat a couple of 'conspiratorial' things came up - the huge increase in opium production since the NATO occupation of Afghanistan, the symbolism on the new £20 note and that Olympic handover ceremony which featured a London bus with a collapsing top deck

He got quite agitated at one point and I asked him if he thought I'd started going bonkers

and because he's a good friend and an honest man he said...

'No, you're just presenting me with possibilities but the implication of those possibilities makes me feel very uncomfortable and I can carry on living my life without thinking about them'"

Do you peeps encounter this?

suakahumanist said...

Well Nobody,
Wrote again to a certain forum owner again asking why I had been banned.
Especially as she has started a fund to protect the cop who has having his free speech denied.
Much song and dance about this.
She cut and pasted my last comment here onto the e mail and nothing else.
So "it" (the monolith) obviously is snooping around here.

Kikz agreed - anyone messes with my kids I will kill - but actually I will kill anyone who messes with any kid if I find them.

A very good read is this:
When you read through his stuff you see actually who is involved.
He does not mention pedophilia but just ties up the connections in an incredibly detailed way.
You know exactly who is involved.

Why does no law enforcement agency deal with this?
Yeah dumb question.

Is anyone actually tackling this monster?

It reminds me of last year that creche in the UK where children had been abused and footage sold on. Such a big thing had been made of the woman who worked there (rightly so) but nothing about those who purchased the images and contents.
It lasted the statutory two weeks in Murdochs suck me news and then vanished into Posh's latest handbag or some other earth riveting crap.

And I am not claiming the parents are innocent in this case.
I personally believe they sold the child on - but having watched this case so closely I have seen patterns emerging.
I often commented on the forums that setting them up with Clarence the Mitchell as a spokesman was just to make them the sole guilty partners.
Looking at readers comments on three publications last week the comments were totally against the parents.
Mission accomplished.
We will all be satisfied with the parents arrest in the case of Madeleine -
Not me - every single person who obfuscated the case from the British Home Secretary who refused access to medical records and such - the Leicester Police who withheld information from a social worker on her association with David Payne. Just google Gasper statement.
The list goes on and on.
To the poster who says lead injections following continued broken bone therapy I say - I release my pacifism at this point and join your ranks.

Edo said...

Joel has a new post up at ISGP.

Anonymous said...


This may be of interest to you:

Kind regards.


kikz said...

i know it's been covered b4.. but i've forgotten..... i've never seen an eye look quite like that one.... what the hell could cause that?

slozo said...

Well written, Nobody. Great comments all around as well, I am 100% in agreement with Hei Hu Quan.

It's just too tough after a long stressful day to think about, frankly . . . after all, I am a father of a young child, and it is the stuff that nightmares are made of. Not that it isn't a nightmare for anyone to think of, but it becomes that much more poignantly emotional and personal when one has a young child, I think.

I have done a lot of research, led by yourself and Dave McGowan and Aangirfan on this subject . . . but as a human being, I need a rest from it, personally. It's too much to think about, and it blackens my mind, like watching a dark fire from a distance and wiping away the soot from one's face.

Peace, kids.

su said...

Is is called a colaba - a defect that occurs during gestation.
It could be indicative of other development issues.
It was alleged on the forums that Madeleine could have had Turners syndrome. She was very small for her age.

But the most interesting thing about that iris marking was that the Portuguese police early in the investigation asked the parents not to mention it because then whoever had the child would be forced to get rid of her. But they went ahead and three days later had the poster up (copyrighted) and when Gerry was questioned why he did this he said it was a good marketing ploy.
Your daughter goes missing and you think of a marketing ploy.

Beam me up please.

nobody said...

Oh no! I've made someone's girlfriend unhappy. Shit happens of course but as a fellow with an appalling reputation of being perpetually single, I'm dismayed to think that I've caused my bad luck juju to go sideways. It may all have calmed down Slozo but if needs must feel free to blame it all on me. It's 'virtually' the least I can do, ha ha.

As for losing friends - sure! Between having departed Sydney for this distant tourist-town-nowhere, and the friends that I did have either vaguely or out-and-out viewing me as some kind of crazed anti-semitic commo nazi freak, I've just had to get used to doing without friends. Real world friends that is.

And thanks for those links boys and girls. They look interesting, I'll read them later.

And wasn't chock full of details! A perfect blizzard of them. And no surprises that searches for 'mcgowan', 'pedophocracy', and 'mcmartin' produced zero results. And what's that on the 'who we are' page?

"And before people ask: no I don't believe 9/11 was an inside job, I don't think groups like the Bilderberg are out to master the world (although Build-a-Bear might well be) and I think Freemasons pose as much a threat as Oxfam volunteers and Boy Scouts"

And his favourite authors are Mearsheimer/Walt and Naom Chomsky. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, yeah right! And how busy they are, our two sargeants! They put Aangirfan to shame. I wonder how they make a living?

Sorry suakahumanist, I'm sure your vague malodourousness is all in my head, but since you mentioned your last comment here (apropos proof of the monolith's involvement etc), I have to ask, what was your last comment here? Thanks mate! Talk to you soon.

nobody said...

PS This piece seems to have delivered the biggest numbers here since the days of me appearing on WRH. Many are from Aangirfan of course (thanks Aang), but it's not just the schoolgirls. Madeleine seems to carry some heavy juju.

nobody said...

It's been a while since I've had USAISC pop in - (Headquarters Usaisc) [Label IP Address]

Massachusetts, Natick, United States, 0 returning visit

Date Time WebPage
26th February 2010 02:36:48

I'm guessing they'd be regulars in at Aangirfan

kikz said...

thanks su, for the info on the kid's iris deformity...

........ w/the issue and its prevalence seemingly so intertwined (heartworm like) into the very structures of law/justice that we expect enforcement and protection from... i'm at a loss... other than duty bound to scream it from the rooftop to any/all, if/when it comes to one's small sphere of personal influence...

the threat can come from any direction.. even w/the family.........discovery of abuse and action - can only be taken in hindsight.. so it's a game of 'catch up' to rid offenders from our midst.

back to the parents...(totally agree w/a peasant) who lets anyone have free reign w/their baby...... especially until the time that they are able to talk?
that's just nuts....

other than my mother, and one sister in law..... mine were never ever left alone w/anyone until well after the age they could speak...

i only ever had 2 babysitters for my 3 kids, both younger teen girls.. whom i watched for months w/my kids b4 they were ever left alone w/them... even for an hr........although this was limited danger - from sheer inexperience and underdeveloped prefrontal cortex issues :))))) ie., not being able to play 'baby death chess' ,,,, anticipate 5 moves ahead of a toddler on the move - and preempt/subvert bodily harm/death....(toddlers are very inventive in trying to kill themselves, in the second you're not looking at them)-

young teen girls are decidedly off profile... as far as paedo's go.. not entirely dismissable.. but hopefully of limited danger...

ultimately we parents/family are only line of least until the child itself reaches the age of limited reason and can be taught its sovereign rights - for its person...
no one, even other children - is/are allowed to touch what is covered by a bathing suit...what that covers - is yours alone....

and that bad people can not be recognized by looks... ted bundy...

and the numerous ploys that predators use in hunting them.. puppies, candy, gameboys, money, other kids...even women w/kids..the whole online's endless really....

all you can really tell them, is pay attention to your 'literal gut'... it will tell you when you're in trouble - before you're in trouble... and it never lies...

if positive action/eradication of paedo's can't be made on a societal scale and life in this aspect is reduced to 'predator/prey on the savannah'

i don't know what else we can do...other than be.. ever vigilant, restrict access to our kids and revisit the lessons as the child ages to encompass the bag of tricks they use to abuse?

nobody said...

Su! Now I feel like a dill! Sorry about that. 'suaka' = Su...AKA... Right. Sorry. Yes.

Is that enough of me channelling Hugh Grant? Oh, thank God.

But mate, I still stand by my being less than impressed with The site is a perfectly impenetrable blizzard of details with no hint of the true scale of the problem.

Rather than try to tear apart any particular edifice looking for clues, why not go the other way around and wonder, "If we were going to make a disinfo site, what would it look like?"

Remember, the spooks can't very well declare that it didn't happen. And people are going to be looking, and they'll be looking for sites that declare that they're there to get to the bottom of things. The sites must, and will, appear credible. Actually it'll be more than just an appearance of credibility. Since if they tell lies they'll be sprung, they'll tell nothing but the truth.

But all their truths will be useless. And whilst they may be useless, at least there'll be tons of it. Tons and tons - you'd drown if you were to open your mouth.

But nowhere amongst it, ever, will there be any mention of the big picture. Dave McGowan never existed. The Pedophocracy? No such thing. Honestly mate, the reason sites like don't mention the Pedophocracy isn't because they never heard of it. They've heard of it. A long line of people like you wrote to them saying, "Wow! Have you guys heard of this?" and were promptly banned.

Hmm... how about another rule?

Preamble - Three years down the track is plenty of time to discover Dave McGowan, and since no one can read McGowan and write him off as bullshit, there can be no more excuses.

Thus - Any Madeleine site that hasn't framed the discussion in terms of the big picture, a la McGowan's Pedophocracy, is hereby declared to be a bullshit disinfo site run by paedophile spook motherfuckers.

Is that blunt enough? Time to storm the ramparts boys and girls. I'm sick of this shit. Let's call the fuckers out.

nobody said...

Since I started in on statcounter, I thought this might amuse the regulars - (U.s. House Of Representatives) [Label IP Address]

District Of Columbia, Washington, United States, 0 returning visit

Date Time WebPage
27th February 2010 05:25:55 Fass Tibet

For those who aren't familiar I lay it all out here.

And just to put a 'whatever-happened-to' fullstop ('period' for Americans) to that story...

Oh wait - for those who don't know, the whole thing revolved about me calling Howard out as a spook assigned to the destabilisation of China, and then having two people turn up to defend his good name. Both arrived by way of google searches, and both in the space of two weeks. Me, I reckoned that both of them were in fact Howard himself.

So! If anyone out there is thinking to themselves, 'Wow, two in two weeks. I wonder how many have popped in to stick up for Howard since then?' - I'd say, 'Good question, and the answer is a big fat ZERO.'

Ha ha ha, Howard, I hate to tell you this but it was a trap and you fell for it. When I said you had two options (pile-in versus stay-away) there was actually a third option that I chose not to mention. And that was - get a bunch of other people (with various disparate IP addresses) to pile in and swear, a) that they are not you and, b) that you are for real.

Actually I'm thinking I may as well have mentioned it since it was always a non-starter anyway. Honestly, like you have any friends! I have no way of knowing which of these is most likely - that you have no friends, or that were you to ask your acquaintances to help you out you'd make yourself a laughing stock, but one of them is true.

How is that spook caper going Howard? Is it as James-Bond as you imagined? Did you know they're looking you up in the House of Reps? You must be chuffed! It's a pity they arrived here but never mind, into everyone's life a little rain must fall.

Ha ha ha ha, ya git!

A. Peasant said...

in reply to kikz...

while it's true that we have to be responsible parents and protect our children, the point of my showing the comment from "len" was not to pile on that bandwagon so much, but to show how he was *blaming* the red-necked parents as actually being "the greater tragedy here"... which, needless to say (but i will say it), is Total Fucking Bullshit just like nobs said these miscreants do it in the post. divert the topic. gatekeeping. blame the parents. NO.

and in defense of these particular parents, i note that plenty of people suck up to doctors, bottom line. doctors have authority, and they can abuse it, and furthermore, i think many doctors do on things like suggesting vaccines, for instance, to nice middle class non-red-necked peoples. so there's that...

and in further defense of these parents, many of them did complain and were summarily ignored.

and nobs, the natick mil people have been all over at my place too, and lucky for me, they're only like three towns away haha.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback Nobody and others.
Found your blog via Smoking Mirrors, like your style and humour.

I want to add some more of my personal observations.
I have a friend who used to be a Sai Baba devotee.
Then he found out that Baba was a molesting pedophile scum bag, and went to India, trying to obtain irrefutable proof of this, a mission that failed.
Babas network goes right into the top of Indian government.

I met a swede at a party some years ago.
He told me he had just come out of prison for manslaughter.
When he saw a grown man with his hands in his pre teen daughters panties, the reaction was swift and spontaneous.

Then there was a documentary on public TV here the other.
About a US prison programme for reintegrating pedophile molesters into society.
Why not if it would work?
But the public psychiatric sector has grown immensely over the later decades, with very little to show in terms of succes.
As I said, Freud never cured anyone of anything, so why is he so famous?
And what about other prisoners with relative minor offenses?
Do they get such lavishly funded programs?
I think not.

And then, as if by synchronicity, THIS article pops up at truthseeker:

I would like to pose a sort of open question, that is a returning subject of me and my "conspiranoid" friends?

Like us of the 911 truthers, that see how for instance chem. lector Niels Harrit of Cph. uni., is ridiculed, having published on "the loaded gun"/nano thermites found in 911 rubble.

Knowing that we are being lied to on 911, El Qaeda, HIV/AIDS, swine flu, global warming, pedophile networks and on and on and on...... often feels in cognitive dissonance with most other people, even close family and friends.
Open your mouth on some of the tabu subjects in public, and you risk ending a social outcast, seen as a looney, even get physically assaulted.

Also, using ones time and energy on these things, doesnt cheer up ones own life, rather the contrary.
Isnt it playing right into the hands of the dark forces anyway, if one feels gloomy, depressed, and powerless, from knowing of their acts and lies?

Why not just put on the blinders, and go BAAH with the other sheeple?
Wouldnt it be so much easier?
What matters Truth, if no one is buying it?
Any pointers?

Creeped out to the max. in the rotten state of denmark:


kikz said...

a peas
"...divert the topic. gatekeeping. blame the parents. NO.

and in defense of these particular parents, i note that plenty of people suck up to doctors..."

agreed totally... and i was remiss in not mentioning it...authoritarian (professional)figures are difficult for most to stand up to, even as adults.

i wasn't trying to misdirect - i'm just very pessimestic as far as society righting this most heinous nastiness...

i just don't trust therefore, the responsibility is ultimately mine, as a parent.....too much to lose, w/misplaced trust when it comes to one's kids.

nobody said...


Oh, we can can dig it mate - everything you just said. Otherwise I reckon that since there's no purpose to be served by depression or fear or dismay (I don't know, pick a negatively connotated response), I figure I'll take them as read and then respond in the most usual fashion possible.

Or to put it another way, these fuckers groove on fear, so why give it to them? Hell, I'm not even going to bother getting angry. I figure the best I can do is merely keep cool, calm, and collected and then heap on the ridicule. It's not like they don't deserve it!

Hey kiddy rapists! Wake up to yourselves! Your whole much-vaunted self-impressed self-image pivots around having sex with children. Tell me that that isn't pathetic. In the patheticness stakes, it's right up there with shagging farm animals. Do sheep shaggers have a thousand yard stare? Do you? Ha ha ha ha ha - you fuckwits! You're all kinds of murderous stepp'd-in-blood, and for what? So that you can have sex with children. God spare me that's pathetic.

Edo said...

Meanwhile, the accusations of belonging to the pedophocracy extend to the British premier...

A. Peasant said...

nobs you have the correct answer as usual: ridicule them mercilessly. no fear. i have arrived at the same conclusion and you know what? it's so much fun they provide endless material, do they not? they do.

ha mate, you are such a pirate. i so get that. (little salute thingy and a wave of me flag!)

nobody said...

AP! Cue the existential pirate joke -

Why are pirates pirates?

Because they Aaaarrrrhhhh!

nobody said...

PS It seems 'dill' is an Australianism. Thanks John for clueing me in on this. I've subsequently amended the lexicon. In the Australian vernacular a dill is a silly person.

Penny said...

I am going to take this off topic, sorry, but, I just have something on my mind.

I was reading the comments...
First, if you want to understand the gist of silv's comment, in the sidebar at my blog, I have the movie,
Unrepentent.Kevin Annett.

It says something about holocaust, but, it is much more then that, so much more..It is about the organized, abduction, abuse, sexual and otherwise and the murders of literally tens of thousands of native children in Canada.
Take what you learn in that movie and apply it to every country in the world.
The institutionalized, organized, abuse.
The church, the government, law enforcement, all complicit.
All covering up.

I don't believe when that movie was made, that Kevin Annett understood, how much can be taken and applied to the pedophocracy.

Go back in history, to the 'home boys'. When Britian took kids, stole kids and sold them to the highest bidder.

Again you see the institutionalization of the abuse of young children.

Have you noticed the way that is spun at this present time.

Well britian realizes it was wrong, but, they meant well at the time, they wanted to give these poor unfortunates the benefit of a better life.

NO, no they did not!

They (Britian) were broke. And the one resource they had lots of on hand was poor children, not all orphans either, just masses of poor children.
So they took them and sold them.
(And they sold, who knows how many of them, what the exact total was, and what happened to all of them)
And many of them were sexually abused, physically abused, killed.
And the British government surely should have known this would happen.
But, they simply did not care.

As of late, I read this justified as a good thing, a just and right thing. And people will go along with this rather then face reality.
People will pretend to themselves that these institutions are benevolent. They want to pretend.

As it was then, so it is now.

Apologies, for the off track, these thoughts just all popped in my head as I read through the comments

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. Penny; passionate and relevant, nice shoot'n. You reminded me of the 'The Children's Crusade', anyone interested in the pathology of these monsters that trade in flesh should google 'The Children's Crusade'. Without spoiling it for anyone: The only notable accuracies from any information regarding this topic though were that jewish traders were involved in a deal with the Pope's Agents (Clergy) and that the children were sold into sexual slavery - with very few chroniclers of the day not refering to the children as familiar with personal vices of relative value to thier own youth. I prefer to see innocence for what it is, until of course; corrupted by the sophistication of others.



nobody said...

Thanks PG,
Well that was interesting. I had a bit of a wander, first to a wikipedia entry that was that familiar (and seemingly unwarranted) variety of nothing-to-see-here, through to this.

Very interesting. Globheu, eh? I had a bit of a wander around and was quite intrigued. I couldn't figure out who, what, where, nor even when, ie. if the site was still up to date or long since abandoned. Anyway, it was all very interesting.

PS Not forgetting the story of the pied piper of Hamlin... plug that into the Children's Crusade and all sorts of lightbulbs go off.

Anonymous said...



Daphne said...

You got right to the heart of the matter here nobody. Right to the core of it all. I was on a forum when Madeleine Mccann was fist was missing and I KNEW something was hinky about many of the "anti" posters. They would literally lunge at you from off the screen if you dared implicate a pedophile or just say what was so obvious - Madeleine was most likely taken by a pedo acting alone or with others and Jane Tanner saw him carrying her off" Just stating that obvious statement would send mny into such a rabid tizzy and whole litany of B.S. remarks about how Jane must be in cahoots with the McCanns. It was revolting how they coyly tried to divert from the obvious.

Why is it that pedophile crimes still carry prison terms that fail to equal the crime? hy are we so light on these repeat offenders who too often resort to murder to cover themselves? Obviously we need harsher penalties and imo castration may be more humane than not - though I can't see why some of these monsters need our humanity (sigh) I suppose we cannot become monsters ourselves.

It is absolutely horrifying that our children are being plucked up, tortured and murdered so often, one after another, and no public outrage to match the enormity of the crime and sea sized problem. As you so brilliantly worded we fail to see the big picture. Each incidence is treated as an isolated one and public energy seems more directed at assuaging the grieving parents rather than at changes to our judicial system.

Kieran Alexis said...

@ Edo;

'No, you're just presenting me with possibilities but the implication of those possibilities makes me feel very uncomfortable and I can carry on living my life without thinking about them'"

I get this alot, with people being quite upfront about the fact that they WILL NOT look at any evidence you could show them, as they
[eventually, if you use the right wording] admit that they just want to carry on in their bubble, and don't wish to know about these horrid things.
It used to make me despair, but now I just chip away as and when.

Nobody labels me a nutter, at least not to my face, thankfully.

But yes, this path[of truth] certainly rinses out most 'friends'...and shows you just
how pathetically many people must see themselves.
They're actually scared to even think about these things.

Sorry if these cases have been covered elsewhere around here...

Dutroux documents found at Cardinal's

Jersey's Haut de la Garenne.

Dunblane / top suspects in the Operation Ore investigation, including senior members of Blair's government.

nobody said...

Hey Dayzero,

Um... the conversation is a little old here mate. I'm probably the only person who's going to notice. But that's cool, I appreciate the links. I read everything I can find about SRA, MKultra, the pedophocracy etc etc.

And for the record I did not label you a nutter. Perish the thought!

ciao ciao


Kieran Alexis said...

no problem dude...
and i didn't think you had labelled me a nutter! - it was to do with an earlier comment ....


Genie said...

This was an older post but I just read it, (fascinating and disturbing as I also read from the link you provided) sometimes I find things even years later.
I have not been educated on the Pedophocracy although I run across the topic here and there, I know it's there. MalcomX discussed in his autobiography how well known DC elites were his clients while he worked for a Madam in Harlem. Nothing to do with pedophilia but gives us the idea that the elites are demented perverts. So it's not hard to believe the Pedophocracy ring stuff.
Then you look at all the satanism involved in Hollywood, D.C. etc and nothing is too surprising.
After reading this I figure that Natalie Holloway was probably a victim of Pedophocracy, Joran's dad being a judge and all. yep. It figures.
Anyway, very interesting post, like your blog, I am a new reader.

nobody said...

Hey Genie,

No one is educated on the Pedophocracy mate, except for those wot are in it. The only way to find out about it is to search. Otherwise the pedophocracy is so huge that the smart money assumes that any given case of paedophilia is part of an organised ring for many reasons but mosty because it saves time.

Otherwise, nice to have you pop in.

Anonymous said...

I remember once as a small kid my dad took me to mexico for a bull fight and I pushed the sword into the bull and it dropped, the guy that cooked its nuts for me for breakfast said it was straight through the heat, he served it with eggs like on your page. The place was with bricks and smelled of burnt wood.

nobody said...

How marvellously lost on me that story was.

... said...

Hello nobody, I've found your blog and comments very interesting (found from the aangrifan blog, where I left you a message today).

The reason I stopped my research into the Mccann case - (I was one of those forum frequenters who was looking for info and then got hooked back in 2007/2008) was because I was being directed to read all about the Dutroix case and all the organised pedo rings etc...I just couldn't take it - it was FAR TOO DISTURBING to read, never mind to understand or believe.

To be clear - I do believe that it IS what is going on, even without doing any substantial reading on the subject of a world-wide organisation. I may read the book you refer to now and see if I can get through it.

My love of mysteries and 'strange-stuff' causes me to get involved in researching high-profile cases like murder for example. But after a while, when the stuff goes global and feels like its actually true - its too disturbing to continue the research.(lol)

Recently, I got back into the Madeleine Mccann case because of a blog about their court proceedings against a Brit. who will not stop asking questions about them. I ended up getting e-mail from the man being prosecuted - I did not want to get this involved again because I feel what you are saying is the truth and this is very scary indeed.

Anyway, to get to the reason why I am commenting. I wanted to say that your words about the False Memory Syndrome people is absolutely correct. I know this because, in my teenage years I use to be researching ufology in the a lot of young people do. Once I inadvertedly contacted a ufologist about ufo abductees and possible misconduct taking place during a hypnotic regression event. Out of the blue a man called me from the British False Memory Syndrome 'society' asking me to visit them, to interview them at their HQ somewhere (I can't be sure) in Wiltshire. They pestered me by calling my home a few times - you can imagine what my parents were thinking was going on!!!? Anyway, I realised that I HADN'T given my telephone number to anyone so this (and other events) freaked me out so much that I immediately stopped researching the area of false memories - I believed and still do, that the it is all bogus for the reasons you mention.

As a side note: I've started a sort of autobiographical blog where I talk about some of the weird stuff - nothing as interesting as your blog - but you might like it as some light relief. Please check it out if you like.

For the past few years I've gotten heavily into researching synchronicity, as an offshoot of all the conspiracy theory stuff on the internet... this is how I got to your blog...!

A circular root from Ufology to Pedophilia....what a sick world indeed!

aka Marty

nobody said...

Thanks Marie,

And yeah, it is disturbing, but you get over it. Well I did. My first couple of posts on the pedophocracy were really arduous and I dropped it after the first two. But you know... a surgeon gets used to blood and since then I've written tons about them.

Sorry I'll keep this short since it's 1am here and I just finished a longish post about crop circles. Since you were into UFO's you might groove on it. It's on the front page. I'll check out your blogs tomorrow and otherwise see you around the traps.

ciao ciao


PS. Speaking of movies, I have a cinema blog too. I haven't been there for a while but the link is on the front page if you want to check it out. Ciao.