Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Global Warming Bride Stripped Bare

Non-Media Truth
The climate changes. It always has and always will.

Previous climate changes could not possibly have been caused by humans.

Media Truth
The climate is changing! There has never been anything like this before!

Current climate change could not possibly have been caused by anything but humans.

There's a expression to describe an argument of this nature and it is, an insult to my intelligence. And that goes double when the only 'solution' to the 'problem' is a centralised carbon tax regime administered by a New World Order.

Otherwise there's only two aspects to the argument:

The Weather

All discussions on the craziness of the weather are proof of nothing more than the fact that climate changes. Or to put it another way - The climate is as changeable as the weather, ha ha ha. Waitaminute! Am I the first guy to crack that joke? Seriously, sub-editors live to write shit like that. Hmm... interesting how not a single media soul has mentioned the irony of the very thing we use as a definition of changeability is somehow now a thing we imagine should never change. With this in mind (along with the sheer obviousness of it all) any argument for carbon tax that consists of stating how bizarre the weather is, is completely worthless.


There is only one question that counts: Is this current period of climate change truly different to every other period ie. with natural causes completely absent and humans being promoted to a status that would previously have been the very definition of hubris?
Given that previous climate change has been disappeared as have the natural causes that led to it,

Given that the people who declare that it's-humans-wot-dunnit have been caught flat out lying, have acknowledged that they're lying, and have discussed means of lying more effectively,

Given that these same people have been on the receiving end of staggering sums of money, promotions, Nobel prizes etc,

Given that the only solution on the table consists not of actually curtailing pollution so much as subjecting everyone to yet another contrived and convoluted means-of-exchange,

Given that this must necessarily be administered by the exact same geniuses who think it perfectly right that they receive world record bonuses in the middle of world record economic collapse (that they, sure enough, made),

Given that we're being stampeded into it like it was some kind of "Sponge-O-Matic! Three for the price of one! But only if you call now!" TV crap,

Given that the only reason that the lies-is-all-they-got death cult motherfuckers who rule us wouldn't do this is because they didn't think of it,

Given all these things... I'm going to call it! IT'S BULLSHIT! Of course they would do this! It's not like they've got anything better to do. A Rothschild can't spend every waking moment fucking kids and mind-control zombies, can he?

Frankly, the only reason to believe this latest New World Order shit is that old chestnut outlined by Hitler when he described the Big Lie. Say it with me now,

"There's no way this many people could lie about something this big."

Sure! That's how the Big Lie works! It's not like it's climatology rocket science or anything!


Penny said...

Bravo nobody, bravo!
The more I dig into it the worse it gets. And this is a person, who believed that we (man) was the cause of global warming.

Then I heard an interview, and read a paper that got me thinking, and it is not bad to think. In fact it is better to think, for yourself.

Keep on thinkin' nobody!

Anonymous said...

It's a big lie alright.

Nothing to do with real pollution. Well, outside of the fact that the perpetrators are pollution of the humankind.

This biggest hint to this, as you say, just look at those involved - politically.

I imagine there are many who feel quite betrayed right about now. Question is - what will they do about it. Currently all I see is bloody denial.

Good post Nobody.


A. Peasant said...

hey there nobody. watch out for the giant iceberg headed your way.

tag cloud: farther north, way out of the zone, once in a lifetime sighting, not linked to global warming, could see *more* of these due to global warming....yeah that's it. we're freezing, no we're melting. no. freezing. hell. frozen over.

nobody said...

Hey Pen, yeah that was me too. I don't think I ever wrote anything here but I suspect I did back when I was living in the smoking mirrors comments. It was that rotten Mike Rivero that turned me around.

AP - Urgh! I've got hot and cold flushes!

...oh, that's weird, do men get menopause? Hmm... if we were to put three exclamation marks at the end of it, declare it'll be the end of the world with the only answer being a tax administered by a one world government, then the answer would have to be a resounding YES!

And since I'm first to describe it, I bags Al Gore's role as filthy rich popinjay! Yay! Nobel prizes and blowjobs, here I come!

slozo said...

Can I just express my love for my fellow man right now? I'm tired, should be sleeping, but . . . it is so nice to have so many people out there have functioning logic meters . . . to be able to actually dissect a social issue without uttering a single talking point that is clearly not their own. I don't watch tv, don't have cable, but I always realise that someone is uttering a learned talking point (they are parroting at that point) because it sounds trite, neat, and doesn't pass the sniff test for anyone of above average intelligence.

Back to my love for my fellow man - and that includes all the ladies out there - thank you, sincerely, thank you, for taking the time. For you all to share your thoughts, sometimes internationally and cross-globally, offers such introspection for all of us . . . as we examine other rational beings out there and bounce our thoughts around. It is so important for us all to feel community, especially when rational, logical beings are so scarce as they always have been throughout history, and it is so utterly heartwarming to find so many kindred spirits here, even ones that I sometimes disagree with.

Penny said last post that I seemed spiritual without religion . . . well, that's just a healthy need for community. We've lost that in the west, as it's been purposely weeded out and replaced by Big Brother . . . but it is the most important tool against fascism in all its forms. Helping your fellow man, and not allowing harm to them.

To not totally disregard your post Nobody (excellent as always), I'll try tying it in . . . climate politics attempts to pit us in competition with each other, for carbon credits - a kind of money. What we should be doing is trying to prevent harm to our environment and fellow man . . . stop the water pollution, the dumping of chemicals and crude oil and pig shit and fluoride (a byproduct of heavy industry like mining) . . . stop approving things that are harmful to our health that are everyday products we use . . . instead of trying to make MONEY from our health issues, make like the Chinese and exercise together for free to help others and give encouragement , , , and above all, give back as much to the earth as you take.

Let's not stop talking about this stuff just here, in this self-affirming community where we are all pretty like-minded. Try talking some sense to others when confronted with a catchphrase . . . just put it out there. Ask a probing question like, "You know, it seems you're really into this climate change/global warming thing . . . what for you was the one big deciding factor that linked any climate change with what we humans are doing? What was the solid proof for you personally?"

The best way to change someone's opinion about matters they haven't really thought about it so make them think about it. Simple, effective . . . it doesn't always work, but it's a good start.

Al Gore is the most famous witch doctor that ever lived, and that is his legacy. Let's all do our part to make sure people actually see him as they should, shall we? :)

nobody said...

And we love you too Slozo!

That's not gay is it? I meant it in a sort of 'fellow-manly' sort of way. Oh dear I'm just digging this hole deeper aren't I? Um, why don't I just give you a blokey punch in the arm and bite my bottom lip Michael Palin style, ha ha.

slozo said...

Gayness is a way for the social manipulators to seperate us as men who can love each other and apreciate each other for what we have to offer:
the sharing of knowledge, the testing of ideas, the feeling of brotherhood when we reach similar conclusions, and the bond that only same sex people can have when sharing moments of fraternity between each other.

None of it is even remotely sexual, do not believe the advertising that demands that we should explain these natural community-like feelings of appreciation for each other . . . it is merely an attempt to debase intellectualism and deride and ridicule brotherhood and love for your fellow man.

Also, I may be drunk.

Sometimes, though, like a ship that suddenly becomes clearly a ship in one second although the second before you weren't sure through the fog . . . a tenet becomes clear, whereas before it was just a passing, unclear thought.

I appreciate my life as much as possible, Nobody, and it has been an honour to meet you and share ideas, mostly listening to yours. I can see through millions of miles of ethernet cable that you are a good man, a logical intelligent man, and you are worthy of all our respect.

It is one thing to comment and criticise . . . and quite another to create. Kudos to you sir, we all love you without reservation.

Destiny said...

I agree with Slozo

" What we should be doing is trying to prevent harm to our environment and fellow man . . . stop the water pollution, the dumping of chemicals and crude oil and pig shit and fluoride (a byproduct of heavy industry like mining) . . . stop approving things that are harmful to our health that are everyday products we use . . . instead of trying to make MONEY from our health issues, make like the Chinese and exercise together for free to help others and give encouragement , , , and above all, give back as much to the earth as you take. "

To be honest I was kind of relieved when issues regarding global warming became front page news. Mankind is wasteful lazy and greedy - and takes shortcuts at every given opportunity = pollution / waste. Over the last 100 years we have damn near laid waste to our natural habitat - pretty sad indictment on the last three generations but I don't agree with Governments enforcing extra taxes on the populace either - because as we all know the money will never be used for the purpose intended ? It's just another con to increase revenue.

Sorry if I ranted lol

Anonymous said...


The last time we saw icebergs this far south was in 1912 and I don’t think global warming was the hot (ha) topic of conversation in the lifeboats.

Have any of you seen the 2007 documentary “The great Global Warming Swindle”, subtitled ‘The definitive answer on Al Gore’. It is pretty cool (ha again). There again probably not, I don’t think it got a lot of airplay. They point the accusing finger firmly at the Suns activity and say all the rest is bullshit. Along the way they take he IPCC nicely apart. The only criticisms I have was that one of the contributors was clearly a ‘keep on consuming’ hack for the oil companies and they rubbish the precautionary principle which is benign in nature. It demonstrates, as Nobby says, the contempt in which the public is held. If any of the regulars want a copy then I am willing to send one out, we can swop e-mail addresses through Nobby if he would be so kind. I suspect the makers are more interested in getting the word out than getting the royalties in.

Slozo, thanks for the explanation in the previous. It is just like my Henry K remark a couple of weeks ago, you write these things and expect everybody else to be travelling along your thought lines but when all they have got is the written word then the meaning behind the words is sometimes lost. Incidentally I got a lot out of your exchanges with James, there were lots of nods in the general direction of the screen. I was going to pile in again but the occasion has passed so I will let it go. I hope you didn’t find the Cheney thing a bit brusque; putting you on the spot was not the meaning.

I have just found the Great Global Warming Swindle in 8 parts on You Tube here:

nobody said...

You know what's truly weird? People taking what I say seriously. Mind you, I'm sure you all get it. Everyone who hangs out here will effectively have two personae: one for the people who 'get it' and one for the people who believe the world is whatever the TV tells them it is. Anyway thank God you folks are here or I would have long since run melancholy mad.

Penny said...

It is hard to be a square peg in a circular space?

come one, that has to be how each of us feel at some point in time, dealing with the regular folk.

Times I was looked at like I had two heads..

Telling people Iraq had no WMD's...
and I was right.
Telling people Obama wasn't going to change anything,
Just last week, someone I had said that too, said "You were right"

Yeah, well next time I tell ya something, don't look at me like I got two heads and just roll your eyes. Perhaps you had, seriously, better take it into consideration.
And, get informed.

And I get labelled a "conspiracy theorist" ?
I am not the one buying into every penny ante piece of bullshit out there.


kikz said...

well... there are many levels/degrees of madness...they come/go like the winds.


A. Peasant said...

sanity is a commitment to reality at all cost. of course this vectors directly into depression, which is then countered by silliness, biting sarcasm, swear words, and perhaps a few chemical substances. we do what we have to do to get through it, but someday it will be better. hey anon thanks for the links to the global warming smackdown. i will check that out.

nobody said...

And AP, not forgetting yoga. Well it works pretty well for me, anyway...

Anonymous said...


Penny, thanks to the internet there are many more conspiracy theorists out there than would otherwise be the case and all of them theorise about something or other. The point is that there are all these silly, easily influenced people keeping themselves busy with some piece of nonsense or other. Well I suppose that is harmless enough so far as it goes but you do realise that while these things all remain a theory there are no conspiracy facts; a nice turn of phrase for playing the whole thing down. Perhaps with the exception of the top of the pyramid, the deeper you dig the more you find out. Perhaps we should put out a new phrase, like ‘conspiracy investigator’ or something similar.

AP, that reminds me of the old phrase “Reality is for those who can’t cope with drugs”.

Hei Hu Quan said...

The self-dubbed "elite's" climatist mission is to use panic and blind emotive zealotry to bring forth their true Trojan horse currently being conjured up at Copenhagen. Such a pretty horse all painted brilliantly with pomp and dazzle it arrives. Flowers strewn before its path whilst the shell-shocked world watches captivated and enraptured. Besuited pimps are full about the parade route dispensing the finest grade of dream-candy for every palette. Spectators eyes wide with fool's promise openly tie off and shoot hope deep into their veins whilst nodding submissively off to the Disney-esque proceedings. Through all of it few catch the unmistakable stench emanating from the horses insides, and those who do quickly dismiss it full away. Deep within its foul insides roils the foul rot of Carbon tax enslavement intermingled with copious amounts of crypto-eugenocide. An essence of hell called Parfum de Rothschild.

The true face of cryto-eugenics is revealed under the mask of global warming here:

A. Peasant said...

you're right. i don't know how i could forget yoga. it musta been the beers and the nutty irishman made me do it. tomorrow, yoga. absolutely right.

European American said...

Whether it's heating up or cooling down isn't the point, and never has been. It's whether or not humans will ever be able to pull their heads out of their hemorrhoid laden ass's to understand their relationship with a landscape that is so intimately apart of themselves while simultaneously learning how to create balance with the Elements (and themselves) that make up the landscape.

Penny said...

FB: I like that conspiracy investigator!

So people should take everything presented msm as factual and investigate it,for starters.....

Oh and slozo, I think your pretty special too!

slozo said...

You mentioned the two personae . . . one for people who "get it", and one for the rest of society. And I readily admit, I have done this before . . . but not without great regret, as IMHO it makes me a kind of liar - often to myself.

Thus, I now strive to rid myself of any "fake" persona - a difficult proposition to say the least. This doesn't mean I can't leave politics or social commentary out of the workplace, because that's just being professional. But it does mean that if/when people in any walk of life at any time make a comment to me about conspiracy theories, 9/11, the need for wars, supporting our troops, global warming, paying taxes, the state of the economy, media disinformation, H1N1 swine flu hype, vaccines, fluoride in the water, formula for babies, big brother/gov't wanting to help us, liberal vs. conservatives false paradigm, how the west is so free versus how the east is a backward dictatorship, how China is communist, how backward/savage darker skinned people are, protectionism, muslim terrorists, bad countries arming brutal regimes, etc etc etc ad nauseum . . . at any rate, if they make a comment to me about these and many other topics? I will give my true opinion.

It may be a watered down, palatable version . . . but it'll be my true opinion.

It's been a difficult road so far, to tell you the truth . . . I've had vicious fights with my brother-in-law about global warming and vaccines; I almost lost a friend over calling him out on the "support the troops" meme; and, as usual, I have had long and ridiculous arguments with my father about nearly everything, before I finally gave up and now don't make much of a comment about anything with him. It's been a tough go, like I say . . . but by golly it has been rewarding. I'll leave it at that, because I don't want to make it seem like I am bragging about being so righteous - just want others to know that I put my money where my mouth is, and that it can be done.

So, you say there is human caused global warming? That the extra CO2 we now pump out has bumped up our 2% of total global emissions enough to change the weather?

And the only way to save us is . . . carbon tax credits and more taxes, allowing industry to continue polluting unfettered while further reducing the general public's expendable income?

Anyone who believes that is a gullible fool.

The salesman who started the sale (Gore) should have been the tip-off to all . . .

nobody said...

Slozo - the story of my life. You've pretty much nailed my line. I leave things alone unless someone else starts the conversation. But even then, there's no point getting hell bent if the person I'm talking to is going to view me as a loon and everything connected to the topic as bullshit. In that case I tend to put it out there and then leave it.