Monday, November 2, 2009

Blink, and Blink Again

There's two kinds of people in the world. Those who split the world into two kinds of people, and those who don't. My advice: if you ever meet one of the former, run a mile! They're dreadful people!

But since we've started let's keep going. Sure enough we've all split - we split from the MSM as well as from all those incurious people who think its message is worth listening to (which is to say, everyone we know). Here on the net we found everything that had been withheld from us by the bloc-media and we no longer wish to listen to its shit. And thus we find ourselves coming under some new heading. Here's an opportunity - why don't I come up with a catchy new media-friendly name, à la Gen X and Gen Y? Hmm... how about Gen Tell Folk? Ha ha ha. There's no age limit on that by the way.

Idiocy aside, categorisations are never that simple. Here on the net, as elsewhere, things divide and divide again. Let's forget for the moment the false alternative sites like truthout, democratic underground, and daily kos etc. I guess it's possible for people to arrive at these sites and never progress, but for all of us here they were merely way stations on the journey to, um... for the purpose of the exercise let's call it Truthland™ (the unlikeliest kingdom of them all!).

But perversely, it seems that there are two Truthlands and you have to pick one or t'other. It's not difficult of course - a blink and you're there, or... a blink and you're there. Same same different. The only rule is: you can't be in both places at the same time.

Sure enough, I'm talking about the split between the either/or mindsets of ''s the Jews' and ''s the Illuminati'. And yes, I know the expression 'illuminati' is not very useful, but between that and typing out 'satanist paedophile masonic scientology CIA mind-control motherfuckers, one of them is elegant and one ain't. And as I always say, 'Inelegance? Fuck that!'

Thus if you want to blink and read about Jews, you go to whatreallyhappened, and there it's all laid out: the holocaust, USS Liberty, the Fed, AIPAC, fake anti-Semitism, Israel and Palestine, all of it. And hats off to Mike Rivero: on all things Jewish he does a sterling job. But what you won't find on WRH are any satanists, or paedophiles (apart from the catholic clergy), or (perish the thought) mind-control zombies. If Mike does discuss them it's only to tell you that there's no such thing.

Fine - blink again and find yourself at, say, Pseudo Occult Media. This is a fine site and definitely worth visiting, but it should be said that in terms of world-view it has a rather long lens focused on a rather narrow subject area. The gig is straightforward - a search for illuminati clues in the media by way of a simple checklist: butterflies, check; mirrors, check; all-seeing eye, check; checkerboard floor, check. And on and on: frankly it's relentless, but it's neither more nor less relentless than the mind-control crowd who put it there to begin with. After a while you just have to surrender and ask the question, 'Is there anyone in fashion, pop, hell the whole damn entertainment industry who isn't a zombie or a controller?' Oh, and that Zoolander flick? A documentary! Who knew?

What you won't find at Pseudo Occult Media is the word Jewish. In a long discussion that's about nothing if not the media, somehow the people who own that media are never mentioned. Perhaps none of them know that this is going on? Perhaps the satanists are doing all this right under their noses with them entirely unaware? Or perhaps they were just too busy with their own checklist: Arab villains, check; Jewish victim/heroes, check; a relentless tide of smut, violence, and racism, check, check, check.

It's almost like visiting a house occupied by two families each of whom acts like the other doesn't exist. And we the visitors do the same: Blink - we're there to see the Rothschilds, and we know it's their house because of the unmissable menorah (we pay no attention to the pentacle bedaubed altar it's standing on); or Blink - we're there to see the Kidd-di Buggerer's ("It's pronounced dee-BOO-zheray, actually"), and it's obviously their house since we can hear the screams of the children downstairs (behind that door which has a star of david on it for some reason).

But seriously, this blinking between only one or only the other is mad. Overcooking and really ruining the house-visit metaphor now - Blink! Blink! - It's the Menendez home and we're the cops called to investigate the shotgun murder of the parents. But let's re-imagine their defence strategy - the two point at each other and say, 'It wasn't me, it was him!'. And idiotically we fall for it! Real cops would never fall for such obvious shit, but we, the Gen Tell Folk, do precisely that. We split into two flat-foot camps each sticking up for one of the brothers, and each flinging shit at the other. And since both boys were Jewish (natch) both camps get to fling around accusations of anti-Semitism. Excellent! (In the real Menendez murders the two boys blamed the victims. I don't recall them asking for mercy on account of being orphans but would that surprise anyone?)

Leaving behind the metaphor now, could it be any more obvious? WRH's wicked Jews and POM's wicked satanists are both in it together. Thick as thieves? Thick as media moguls more like. Each is perfectly aware of what the other is doing and each is completely cool with it. Oh, and never mind the low-level, expendable pawns - what the hell would they know? The only question is: which of our media parties wears the trousers? Okay, perhaps this is a bit of a yawn given that I've covered this before, but I want to come at it again albeit from the other direction. And it's all thanks to Jeff Wells' extraordinary Rigorous Intuition. Back soon with the follow-up.


gallier2 said...

Funny that you mention POM, in my last comments I wanted to give a link to it, to show that there are other ways to interpret the world, which can be right, not mainstream at all and far away from the subject that are usually treated on your blog (and Penny's). I didn't know how to put it without making a big essay (which I'm absolutely incapable of, slacker that I am) and left it out.
PS: do you know the Celtic Rebel blog
He's on the same subject as Benjamin (isn't that jewish?) Singleton of POM, doesn't shy away of jews and tries a more explanatory path and is quite funny. IMO he is only wrong on the subject of vegetarianism but that's only a minor point.

Destiny said...

As always a good blog - For me groups like Pseudo Occult Media instantly bring to mind horrors of The Great Inquisition - they are not quite there yet ? but in time who knows what kind of dangerous frenzy they will conjure. Sometimes we can see connections where there are none - ask me - as you know NB I do it all the time ;)

And while I agree it is essential we all dig to unearth the ' truth ' it is also paramount we recognise our own individual failings as human beings - because " Malignant Egophrenia " is rife on planet earth - and I wonder if it can ever truly be eradicated ?

The gigantic catastrophes that threaten us today are not elemental happenings of a physical or biological order, but psychic events. To a quite terrifying degree we are threatened by wars and revolutions which are nothing other than psychic epidemics. At any moment several millions of human beings may be smitten with a new madness, and then we shall have another world war or devastating revolution. Instead of being at the mercy of wild beasts, earthquakes, landslides, and inundations, modern man is battered by the elemental forces of his own psyche. This is the World Power that vastly exceeds all other powers on earth.[i]
~C. G. Jung

Jung said, "…evil needs masses for its genesis and continued existence." What happened during The great Inquisition and all the world wars combined was a collective psychosis, and it is taking place again in the world right now - and its roots lie in many forms and guises - greed - desire - power and most of mankind will try to dress these human flaws up to look deceivingly innocent but they are not - in fact at times they are sickeningly transparent. My concern is as soon as we eradicate one " Malignant Egophrenic " there will be a million waiting to take their place.

su said...

With intense focus and determination I have not blinked for 38 seconds.
No doubt this will improve.
I guess it all boils down to individual programming over which we have no control whatsoever.
The only news blog I currently visit is Aangirfan.
Okay going to back to the matchstick act.

nobody said...

Thanks Gallier, I'll check it out.

Back again! Checked it out - looks good! Saved to desktop and I'll read it properly later. Spooky him going to a mall in Rio. I had an almost identical experience in Sao Paolo.

Hey Destiny, I don't know enough about Jung. The more I learn about him the more impressed I am. And if he split with Freud, he can't be all bad. As for what's coming - steel yourself.

And Su - blink for Christ's sake! And yeah, weirdly enough Aangirfan is about it for me too. To be honest I'm slowly dropping out of the whole caper...

nobody said...

It looks like the statcounter is going to flip into 100,000 today. If anyone knows that it's them tap out a comment claiming credit and you can have your very own brief glimmering moment of immortality.

slozo said...

Well, as I thought before when you brought up this subject before nobody - the two are intertwined, and one is a construct that nicely serves the designs of the other.

Jewishness is like a force field of blame reflection, and there is no doubt that many, if not the core of the PTB (illuminati, if you will) are Jewish. It ties in with Israel and the old idea of a Christian homeland, protected by the jews, against a hollywood backdrop of terrorist muslims trying to kill all in savage and haphazard fashion. Jewishness provides a sort of large, secret society really, where everyone in the club helps each other out . . . well, the PTB do, anyway.

The magical cloak of jewishness provides shelter among club members; automatic victim status; and they get to promote "quaint" cultural characteristics like cheating people out of money and justice through usury and lawyering.

I don't really think that the PTB give a rat's ass about any jewish religion, however. Just a tool, and one that serves them well.

btw, just wanted to add that I almost married a jewish girl a long time ago, and one of the things I couldn't get over was the thought process that if a jewish girl has a baby with a goyim, then the baby is jewish, If it's a goyim girl, not a jewish baby. Well, I had a long argument with my supposedly non-religious gf's grandparents over that one, and I realised suddenly what a fucked up and bigotted culture it was. I also think that, in retrospect, they tried their polite best (they were always outwardly kind to me) to make it clear that I wasn't wanted as is, and that if I wanted a club member, I had to join.

Thank donuts I got out of that mess . . . ah, the folly of youth!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nobody,

Thought provoking stuff.

Destiny wrote: "My concern is as soon as we eradicate one ' Malignant Egophrenic ' there will be a million waiting to take their place."

How true.

If the 'bad guys' are a mixture of Mafia, fascists, Zionists, Satanists, Freemasons etc, what on earth do we call them?

A lot of the bad guys are Chinese and Indian, which complicates things.

Sometimes, within a school, the headmaster thinks that if he expels a certain kid, then all problems will cease.

But if you expel the Sicilian mafia, then the Neapolitan mafia may move in.

If you lock up the Zionist mafia, then the Colombian mafia may flourish.

Sometimes you have to deal with a large number of different types of 'bad guy' within an institution.


kikz said...

i think i ultimately agree.
(although aftr perusing celtic rebel & a few other of his links, i felt as if i needed a bath..*shudder* i sincerely hope that as much time/effort as he has devoted to that website, that his interests are much more varied..if not, he inhabits a very 'sick' plane of existence.)

warring factions.. and sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my enemy...other times, my partner in crime.

inre freemasonry. everything i've investigated...institutionalized religion, freemasonry, philosophy, politics...and a lot of subheadings under/connected to each.

i'll go w/what is attributed to j the c.

'by their works shall ye know them.'

i have no doubt that there are factions and individuals w/in freemasonry that work for the 'dark side'... but as an institution - what they publicly espouse - is fine by me.

as unc' al sez... in the opening of Morals & Dogma, his seminal work for the Scot Rite; 'Every one is entirely free to reject and dissent from whatsoever herein may seem to him to be untrue or unsound. It is only required of him that he shall weigh what is taught, and give it fair hearing and unprejudiced judgment.'

the scot rite (& unc' al as its spokesman) also echo(s) the immortal words of jefferson - which are found inscribed on his rotunda.
"I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." as unc' al might add, be they mitre or crown.

if & when i find some 'dark works' w/in scot rite freemasonry, i'll be the first one to denounce it and tell anybody who'll listen why.

Anonymous said...


Slozo, you express my thoughts so well - no more to say ;-) -(SWT)

nobody said...

Aangirfan! And there we were talking about you! (Speak of the convent girls etc etc). I do hope the people here are stopping by Aangirfan's regularly - they are far and away the most tireless schoolgirls on the internet.

Otherwise mate, yes, albeit up to a point - it takes a very particular type of villain to be untouchably global, which is to say a coordinated-reserve-bank variety of global.

And FB - yes! Pointing me to Slozo - yes! Sorry Slozo I got distracted by your Jewish Girl story (what with me having something vaguely similar) and I didn't pay enough attention to your preceding. Which I know realise effectively steals my thunder. But happily, as an ex-advertising hack I am well versed in the art of pinching someone else's idea, dressing it up, and making it look like something new. ("Put it in a different type-face and no one will ever know the difference...")

And Kikz, funny you should say that. I've been on a bit of an SRA survivor binge, so to speak - I've been reading Cathy O'Brien and Kathleen Sullivan, and the latter was saying exactly that. She's not prepared to write off any organisation in toto. Even the CIA!

kikz said...

well, your SRA survivor reading binge aside...
well no, let me step back.. are you implying that i might be such a victim of 'SRA' because i happen to hold the opine i do on the subject of the scot rite?

noby...i can assure you, i am not a victim of any kind of recurrent abuse at anyone's hand.

you are aware of my background w/this organization...your other readers most probably are not...

my reasons for my feelings inre scot rite are as follows.

1. familial multi-generation history w/scot rite.
ergo, i've grown up around its influence.

2. studied its philosophy for over 9yrs now.

3. my daughter's scoliosis surgery of last yr, performed gratis as it would be for anyone. they've never asked me for anything.. my father's affiliation had zip to do w/it.

4. i have never been presented w/any 'credible' evidence to the contrary, that the scot rite is anything but decent & moral.

like you said... who holds the keys to the kingdom? media/entertainment wise...whom ever they answer to, controls the content.

Penny said...

I am going with aangirfans take being the one I have to say yes to.

"Sometimes you have to deal with a large number of different types of 'bad guy' within an institution"

Interstingly in my sick repose of two days on the couch, I watched alot of movies..

One I watched almost all the way through was the money masters, I had started this one way back....

I am going to use the word "money changers" to describe them, because bankers doesn't quite cut it, but money changers, is really it.

I mean they can make money whatever it needs to be for profits sake.
They can create flow, restrict flow, increase value, decrease value, have the gold standard or not.
They can "change the money" for whatever purpose is profitable, by whatever means.

Back to persons of Jewish origin, in the bible when Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple, for being the thieves that they were, the money changers, were extracting wealth from the Jews inclusive of everyone else.

And this goes with what slozo was saying, the money changers don't care, jewish or gentile, muslim,atheist or whatever they just want your money.

Religion or whatever means nothing to them, the "money changers" and their lackeys just want the control that comes through the money.

It is really about power,control, wealth.

Anyway, hope that makes sense?

Anonymous said...


Changing the subject here back to the flu situation, Baxter as predicted by their whistleblower microbiologist released a mutated H1N1 early in the week in the Ukraine. Here are the latest figures I have at 2200hr 4Nov at GMT+1

Reported Cases in Ukraine Double in Two Days
Recombinomics Commentary 14:34
November 4, 2009
478,456 Influenza/ARI

24,003 Hospitalized

60 Ventilators

81 Deaths

ARI = Acute Repertory Illness

Main symptom is haemorrhaging into the lungs.

There is a MSM blackout but I have heard from a contact in the Chernobyl area of southern Belarus that the situation is serious although the borders and the schools remain open for now.

Anonymous said...


Here are some random thoughts following on from Slozo’s remark “It ties in with Israel and the old idea of a Christian homeland, protected by the Jews, against a Hollywood backdrop of terrorist Muslims trying to kill all in savage and haphazard fashion.”
Yes the old chicken and egg situation of Western reprisals against terrorist Muslims. Well the greatest superpower in the world couldn’t let a rabble of towel headed miscreants stick a finger up in their general direction and get away with it could they? So that is why the West is bombing the hell out of them in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and trying to erase them from the map.

Compare that with the situation in Europe. It is established fact that for a population to be sustainable every female needs to produce 2.15 or more offspring. The extra 0.15 is to compensate for females that die without ever having children. Indigenous populations of every European country are currently running between 1.3 and 2.15 with some of the lower levels predicted to be none recoverable. Help however is at hand from our same Muslim friends that we are bombing into oblivion in Asia. Many are escaping to Europe and the new influxes of females are producing on average 8 children each. Colonel Gadaffi has said that within 20 years Europe will be a Muslim continent without a single shot being fired. If we accept that nothing ever happens without a reason then why are the PTB trying to eradicate Muslims from Asia whilst at the same time allowing them to overrun Europe?

nobody said...

And Kikz, let me step forward (ha ha) and declare NO, absolutely not. This latest SRA piece I'm reading is by Kathleen Sullivan who is the savviest of all of them. No I only quoted her there because I thought she made a lot of sense.

And FB, Europe needs 2.15 kids? But that's only IF one wants things to carry on as before. What if they don't want that? What if what they're after is a global version of year zero? And given the scale of the criminality and the fact that what happened to Mussolini is a cheap, do-able, one-size-fits-all-bankers response, it would pay to have the hoi-polloi shaking their fists at all the wrong people. Okay - cue the coloured people!

Um, anyone out there think that the coloured people will cop it but we'll all be fine? This time, it ain't going to go that way. I keep reading that there's plenty of everything for everybody but I don't think it's that simple. It's a cold hard reality that we're running out of fish.

Besides all those European and US fishing fleets being decomissioned etc, in the Great Southern Ocean warships are battling pirates over Patagonian toothfish, a mad deep sea fish that we never ate before because there were too many surface fish. And they're all gone...

And it wasn't the third world fuzzie-wuzzies what ate them. It was us rich white people. We're 'it'.

I don't call them a death cult for nothing you know. They really want to kill us. And think about it - there's no way the global population can be reduced from 6B to 500M without the arse falling out of everything. Dig it, it's going to be like Mad Max except there'll be plenty of petrol ...but only for the cops and military.

Oh and thanks for the Ukraine update. Are those numbers due to people having been given the vaccine or was that some sort of air-borne release? I'm half wondering if we shouldn't all be wearing masks now as a matter of course?

james said...

Nobby , are you aware of Kay Griggs?

"As head of NATO's Psychological Operations, Colonel Griggs was a Marine Corps Chief of Staff. He was also, his wife realized, entirely mind-controlled."

james said...

Here's another link- Kay Griggs Talks

Some interesting quotes there.

Vanasto said...

While watching the film Salo' last night, I kept seeing your paedophilic secret society graphically represented throughout. Swap a bit of the iconography around, and Salo' uncannily depicts my darkest visions of their sick activities. Turns out the movie is based on "The 120 Days of Sodom", set in Nazi-occupied fascist Italy... I couldn't watch it all - too much for me to handle at once! I recommend it if you aren't at all squeamish to scenes of increasing debauchery and sexualised power-trips.


Anonymous said...


Like the rest of the 6.5bn, I don’t want to be one of those to die just yet. In fact I am rather leaning to Woody Allen’s way of thinking that most famous people achieve immortality through their work; he wanted to do it by simply not dying. Having said that, even at the lowest indigenous reproduction rates of 1.3 or thereabouts per female, we will start to run out of resources before the world population becomes sustainable even despite China’s noble effort. No government wants to run out of people so nothing is done, which has brought us to the present insoluble situation. Personally, I think that if there is to be a cull and we can do nothing against it, then countries should go in order of their per capita eco footprint which leaves the dollar a day, or is it per week dependent lot as the last men standing. I have no problems relating to peoples of different cultures no matter if they are black, brown or green and come from mars. The only observation I was making was the different way Muslims are treated in Asia compared to Europe and asking how this difference fitted into the overall plan.

We are now into day eight of the Ukrainian event and the situation is more confused than ever. Current thinking is that Baxter Pharmaceuticals have ‘released’ by whatever means, pneumonic plague on the Ukrainian people and the initial symptoms of this closely resemble H1N1 flu so there is a lot of misdiagnosis going on. I seem to remember reading a long time ago that this was treatable with antibiotics but I am no medical person. Some reports say that the Ukraine has used this outbreak as an excuse to impose martial law as a political move re the upcoming general elections. Since there is a media blackout, the situation is chaotic and unclear.

nobody said...

Thanks James for that pointer to Kay Griggs. I just spent half an hour tooling around looking for a transcript. As per usual, there isn't one. And there's no way I can download eight hours of interview. Still, fascinating stuff eh? And all this in 1998! Unbelievable.

More grist for the mill for the next thing I want to do. Sadly it's ground to a halt, and mostly on account of me having declared that it would be about Jeff Wells and then changing my mind. It's not going to be about him at all and I just have to figure out how to say so. Oh! Perhaps I just did?

Hullo Vanasto (or is that James? A bit confused there), it's weird you should mention Salo. I saw it several years ago (long before I'd twigged to the bullshit nature of everything) and it made very little sense to me at all. Oh, and I never made it to the end either. Anyway, what with all the satanist/occult stuff I've reading lately Salo floated back into my head and made a great deal more sense. Perhaps I should steel myself and watch it again.

Thanks FB, hmm... a media blackout eh? You know, I was going to declare I hadn't seen anything about it on the news but then I realised I've hardly been watching any. Thank God for Penny, Aangirfan, and your good self.

james said...

No transcripts so far, Nobby, but there's an interview with Kay Griggs by Greg Szymanski here

An a two piece short clip here

Edo said...

ps.. nobody! don't publish that comment with my email in it!!!

nobody said...

Ha Edo! Thanks mate but it's cool. And thanks James, they downloaded fast. Yeah I went pretty nuts on Kay Griggs. What with having spent so much time over at WRH I'd never heard of her, but I've heard about her now though! I got a ton of stuff off google.

james said...

Here ya go, Nobby and all. A friend kindly stripped off the audio and posted it as MP3 files on her site, True-TV Blogspot in 10min chunks.

You can listen to them here

james said...

Here's an interesting court deposition from the daughter of Col. Al Carone who worked for (concurrently at times a la Col.Griggs) the Military, the CIA, the NYPD and the Mafia!
People mentioned are GHWB and Clinton together with Oz's favourite boutique bank, Nugan Hand. The main point for me was that it backed up Kay Griggs' assertion that the various orgs and agencies are co-mingled personnel and operations-wise. Cash is the glue and sex and drugs is the fly-paper

Zip file here
Or for a brief intro and link, scroll down here to "Carone Deposition"

I also stubbled on Fletcher Prouty's book "The Secret Team" online here

nobody said...

Thanks James, that's cool. I got both of those and already got hooked on that deposition. It's a very cool proposition - all she wants to do is sort out her father's headstone. Sure enough the spooks think, 'where's the harm in it?' and next thing we know we're down the rabbit-hole. Anyway I'll read it when I get home.

As for Fletcher Prouty I had him pegged as bullshit, but... I had Ted Gunderson pegged as bullshit too until Aangirfan gave me a Scottish schoolgirl rap on the skull. It wasn't unpleasant or anything. Anyway the convent girls pointed me at some stuff that made a very strong case for Gunderson.

The thing is, if Ted Gunderson were for real, of course the motherfuckers would attempt to paint him as fake. And same-same Fletcher Prouty. I ain't giving either of them the Nobody Seal of Approval, but I can't condemn them out of hand neither. That's the problem with spooks - you can never know.

Anonymous said...


James, I spent a few hours today reading that deposition and have passed your comment on here:

james said...

I don't know much at all about Prouty so can't add much to that, Nobby. I just thought a link to his book was interesting. I should have qualified it, though.

Gunderson, however, looks for all the world to be a shill. The thing is that in any case that threatens to blow the cover on what's going on, at least one shill will turn up to "help". The only question really is "Who is it?" or "Who are they?".

This comes from my own experience and the experience of friends, people I know and people I know of and cases I have read about. The shills are most often lawyers but have included people from the media and police, retired and active.
So getting back to Gunderson, Aangirfan may well be right. But if Gunderson wasn't the shill in the McMartin case, for instance, who was?

I'd be very interested to read the material Aangirfan pointed you to. Could you give me a link, Nobby?

nobody said...

Hey James, yeah, that's what I used to think too. You may have read this article already but Aangirfan added to it following a chat we had in the comments.


Hmm... I just had a search on my hard drive for what I've got on Gunderson and found a point by point rebuttal of Gunderson's attack on McGauley (that I found by following a link on one of Aangirfan's links). The rebuttal comes across as pretty credible and between the two you'd have to plump for McGauley. (No need to search since both pieces are in the above link).

It's all very well to write off Hartwell and McGauley as two isolated froot loops, but it seems that there's half a dozen people who swear Gunderson is bullshit. And Kathleen Sullivan is one of them. I'm in the middle of her book right now and she strikes me as pretty solid. So far Gunderson seems to have more enemies than friends and his enemies seem to mostly consist of innocent bystanders rather than people with an agenda or a history. Gunderson on the other hand is an old-time FBI heavy.

Hmm... seems I'm back to my starting point. Between an evil cabal of innocent bystanders ganging together to slur the good name of the brave Gunderson, and... and... hell, any other alternative is going to be more credible than that isn't it?

Did I just flip-flop again? In the space of three paras? Yup! And quite right too. Always happy to change my position, me.

And what's this got to do with the Fletcher Prouty? Beats me! I just make this shit up as I go along...

Anonymous said...


Keeping on the paedo subject, somebody smuggled two laptops into the paedo’s in Namur prison Belgium which contained hard drives full of child porn. The authorities were not happy bunnies.

james said...

Thanks for the 'heads up', FB

james said...

Fletcher Prouty was my (unintentional) red herring, Nobby. Mea culpa!

Thanks for the links. My opinion of Gunderson is unchanged so I'm with you (now you're back!) and Jeff Wells, too, if my memory serves me well. I remember reading some stuff by Kathleen Sullivan a few years ago on Jeff's site and thought she was the genuine article. I know some SRA victims and they tend to be either like Kathleen (level headed and at times dispassionate) or, at the other end, like Barbara Hartwell or flip from one to the other presentation. So while Barbara Hartwell's attack reads like a classic ad hominem there is also a true ring to it to me. But that's all personal opinion on my part.

So back to Gunderson and some argument. For a few years around the time of McMartin there was an FBI guy whose name was either Ken or Keith Somebody (his surname was something like Langdon, I think, which narrows it down to a mere few million). Anyway this guy is running around and getting himself in the papers at every opportunity saying there is no such thing as SRA (shades of J.Edgar). "Where are the court convictions?" he would say. Well, there were many court convictions and he would have had to have been well aware of them. So here's an FBI spokesman spouting bullshit and so this would have to represent the wishes of the FBI upper management otherwise he would have been stopped. What's he doing in the papers, anyway?

Now we have an ex-FBI man in Gunderson apparently helping SRA victims and their supporters and he's in the media front and centre. And Gunderson would have been on a retirement pension, no? So he would have been infinitely manageable with his former? bosses' hands on his purse strings, if not more besides.
The FBI is famous for viewing their agents, including their retired ones, as 'family'. There is a conflict of interests here for the FBI, even betrayal from their point of view, unless Gunderson is still on the FBI team as a shill. Otherwise it just doesn't make sense.

The shills and their defenders always want to argue details and create a second version and leave the matter unresolved. But they are most vulnerable to exposure whenever someone steps back and asks "What's wrong with this picture?" And, "Who is most likely to be the shill here?"

Anonymous said...


I put my comment direct up on Aangirfan – same link.