Monday, September 7, 2009

Mind Control - The Series

I, the undersigned,

Do hereby agree to produce and screen the following described TV series 'Mind Control' in return for paying the author, nobody, enough money to, a) fund a large property in the country where he can grow organic food and build a village for right-thinking people which shall be called 'Selflessness', and, b) further fund a charity, created by the author, nobody, to aid the victims of mind-control experiments.*

I further agree that this series will accord with the following descriptions and conditions -

1) Each episode begins with a montage of MKULTRA experiments and the following voice-over - "Since WWII the CIA and the US military has been conducting a mind control program against the American people. In league with satanists and paedophiles, they have sought to corrupt government at every level and are wicked beyond description. Two people, Doctor George Gilray and his spiritual partner, Diana Devere, seek to tear down this secret government and bring about world enlightenment in the process."

2) The pilot movie-length episode starts with Dr Gilray in his lab in a non-descript NASA facility. He is typing in a computer - "Analysis of brain wave data of subject dosed with 10mg of toluphenobarb and subjected to 'blue spectrum' alpha waves..." Cut to close up of the military recruit subject's mindless face as the noise of typing continues. The subject leaves - enter his next subject, a female who, according to her clipboard, has been administered LSD41. 'What the hell is that?' says Gilray. He proceeds to administer blue spectrum alpha waves to the catatonic woman.

When it is finished she says, "Hello Dr. Gilray. Don't be alarmed, I am awake. My name is Diana and you need to listen to me carefully now..." Over a series of flashbacks, she then explains to Gilray the nightmarish experiments and torture she has been subjected to for the purpose of producing mind control slaves. He is astounded. She tells Gilray that his role has been unwitting, as has his discovery that LSD41, in combination with blue alpha, can overturn the entire process and restore all memory. Diana states that she knows all this now because her many fractured 'alters' are united. Not only is she one within herself but she is one with the universe. She is fully awake.

Gilray is in awe of her and since he too is now in danger, agrees to help her escape the facility. They are seen and a chase ensues. After casting off their pursuers, they plan on how to find the formula for LSD41 so that they might liberate more mind control subjects and bring down the satanist paedophile cabal who run the whole thing. To find the drug they must break into another military facility. They do so and lock themselves into the lab overnight.

Here they discover a morgue-like room full of humans on life support. One of them is a clone of Gilray. It was made from a DNA sample of his from seventeen years earlier. Diana tells Gilray that physically it is identical to him but she sees its brain and it is perfectly blank apart from the ability to breathe. All of the bodies are the same and possess neither mind nor soul nor have any aura. "They are unnatural travesties of nature made by perverse self-worshippers," says Diana. Gilray wonders how she can know this. She declares that she is different now and demonstrates to Gilray what she is capable of by possessing the mindless bodies and making them all sit up and look at him. She apologises for spooking him out and says, "I am really very powerful now. I can feel it."

They leave to look for the drug formula. They do not find it apart from a single dose left in a drawer. They both agree Gilray should take the treatment. He too awakes but not to the level of Diana who, as part of her abuse, was smashed into dozens of MPD/DID alters and subsequently has multiplied powers. He now perceives her nearly goddess-like nature, a tiny part of which has transferred to him and which will forever connect them. They make love.

In the morning they are discovered and forced to escape through the 'morgue'. Here Diana animates the bodies to assist them in their escape. As they flee in a car with Gilray's clone in the back seat the facility explodes behind them. Adventures and chases follow, each trumping the other until they/we realise that enormous forces (the entire US military, CIA, FBI, local police everywhere, as well as sundry MIL mercenaries) are trying to kill them. Hiding out in an old warehouse they realise that the only way for them to shake off their pursuers is if they are dead.

They decide to publicly immolate themselves in front of the headquarters of the CIA. This will make their deaths indisputable and also shine a spotlight on the villains. The key to the plan consists of Gilray's mindless DNA match (animated by Diana) being burned in his place. Diana argues that yes, she has no clone, but the mission is too important and that if only one of them survives to carry on it's better than nothing. Gilray, full of awe and love for her tearfully agrees.

An A-team sequence follows in which our heroes build websites and place cameras and laptops at the location they've selected. In amongst this we see various examples of Diana using her extraordinary powers to assist George: seeing the future thus enabling them to avoid government agents; possessing and bamboozling people; telepathically guiding him through buildings he has never been in etc. Finally everything is arranged and Gilray and Diana enter the plaza. As the music swells we see the spectacularly beautiful slo-mo sequence of our two lovers burning. They are perfectly serene. Cut to Gilray watching from a distance, shattered at the loss of his goddess. He drives away, desperately evading the security forces who start arriving.

At the Mexican beachside shack that comprises their meeting point, Gilray checks to see the internet reaction to the footage he uploaded and finds small numbers and all of them trolls. He is very disheartened and in a montage of all that has gone before he breaks down and calls out to Diana. She appears to him and explains that she is not dead. Her energy was too great and that when she burned it was only her body that was destroyed. She loves Gilray in a way he will never truly understand and will always be there for him. Together, as body and spirit, they will fight the cabal, rescue the victims, and otherwise bring truth and enlightenment. Turning, she shows him the internet hit counter spinning off the dial as the truth of Mind Control goes exponential. The final shot is of Diana as she dances in slo-mo through the water's edge splashing Gilray as he stands there his face wreathed in smiles.

3) Each following weekly episode will feature the pair as they pursue the formula for LSD41, occasionally coming across some and administering it to other mind-control victims thus making new and exotically powered allies, and all the while variously hiding from, battling with, or fleeing the paedophocracy. They find themselves in various situations: amongst a small-town ring of satanists; in the White House with the Vice President and a reverse version of 'the most dangerous game'; bringing down a Michael Aquino/military childcare ring; doing an inside-out 'Get Shorty' featuring the unmasking of a Laurel Canyon-style psy-op; breaking into a video production facility with links to international child abduction; a white witch/black witch battle with Diana tangling with another preternaturally powerful mind control subject (her evil twin sister, ha!) etc. etc.

4) The foreground action of our heroes will take place against the constant backdrop of social upheaval brought on by our pair's internet revelations, with each strand plotting a rising arc of frequency and intensity. Constant strands: service personnel and police variously deserting or forming themselves into militia; disillusioned people explaining what they participated in, the wrongness of it, and why they are now filled with hope; background televisions constantly featuring examples of local media outlets being retaken by people's councils; the collapse of the old order of corruption with the rolling up of paedophile and satanist networks, the throwing down of banks, and the establishment of various ad hoc people's councils. Constant phrases: time of revelation (specifically in terms of things being revealed); lack of fear or desire; selflessness; anti-buddhas; black paragons of selfishness. (Ha ha ha, a little nobody buzz-word checklist there. And Les Visible, sure).

Against this constant decline in the power of those pursuing our heroes, their need for anonymity will likewise fall away and they will slowly become known and revered by more and more people. Their immolation was a circular twofer: it rendered them invisible and thus freed them from government depredations, but also brought about the government's destruction with their invisibility becoming unnecessary.

5) The character of George Gilray is to be played by James McEvoy. Gilray's pre-awake character is somewhat uncertain and confused. Afterwards he is broadly more self-possessed. If he could give off a beatific vibe, a la Jim Caviezel, that would be really marvellous. Infrequently Gilray will perform martial arts. He is clearly a variety of martial arts practitioner but this is never really explained apart from the fact that he is loath to employ it. (NB. Virtually all violence is committed on the part of the wicked. Our hero's use of violence will precisely resemble that of Ashitaka in Princess Mononoke).

The character of Diana Devere is to be played by Milla Jovovich. She is Joan of Arc meets the Buddha, except in flashbacks where she is perfectly human. Awake, she is always serene. Diana as goddess will be distinguished from human Diana by way of a post-production glow/aura/transparency. Further effects will be required for the occasional use of Diana-cam, wherein everything is seen by way of auras. To all intents and purposes goddess Diana is as precisely corporeal or as ethereal as she wishes - whatever suits.

This show is not sexy. Together the lovers are actually quite chaste since neither is possessed of desire. The two will always behave naturally: laughs, kisses, caresses. They will be perfectly familiar with, and confident of each other, free of insecurities or niggles. Hmm... perhaps a scene that opens with Gilray lying on a bed laughing. A spirit-like Diana, who had been occupying his body, arises out of him, "Did you enjoy that?" Gilray, still smiling, says that when she occupies him and meditates like that, it's extraordinary, "It leaves me at a loss for words. It beats everything. My goddess, I thank you," giggling and post-coital conversation follows.

6) The series will run for three seasons. Season 1 will see our heroes being constantly pursued by a still functioning paedophocracy. Amongst those who are waking up to the paedophocracy, discussions of government wickedness are conducted at a small scale. Season 2 will involve the maximum degree of social disorder with revelations of hitherto hidden wickedness becoming ever greater. Our heroes will no longer be quite so alone or anonymous, receiving constant help from various allies. Season 3 will see truth gaining the ascendency with the paedophocracy reduced to private warlord armies, bandit gangs, and the fearful hoping to evade detection. Each will be uncovered and dealt with, with the final climax seeing the burning of both the Fed and Bohemian Grove, the signing of a new constitution, and the popular election of George Gilray as chairman to the people's council governing the United States.

7) The pilot will be directed by the author nobody. The soundtrack will be by Hisaishi Jo and The Pixies. Apart from the two leads, each week will feature a heavyweight guest star: Zhang Ziyi, Jim Broadbent, Jeanette Garofolo, Warren Oates, Beat Takeshi, Naomi Harris, Mads Mikkelsen, and Les Visible as himself, ha ha.

8) All final creative say will rest solely with the author, nobody. He may pull the plug at any time for any reason he thinks appropriate. The characters, plots, and themes that comprise Mind Control, particularly the key characters of Dr. George Gilray and Diana Devere, will remain the sole property of the author, nobody.

The point of the exercise is not to get rich but to tell the truth. This series, Mind Control, is not more of the same. It is not mindless fodder to make people stupid and otherwise fill in the gaps between commercials. If we get this right we can change the world. Should I, the undersigned, turn out to be just another self-impressed liar and git (as according to the opinion of the author, nobody) I agree to submit to either: surrendering a pound of flesh (blood included) from whichever part of my body the author, nobody, cares to name, or; handing over all my worldly possessions and living in complete penury for the rest of my life, whichever is the most amusing.

Take it or leave it.

*not forgetting of course that the author, nobody, could be talked into doing it for food and accommodation if it was for real, ha ha.




psychegram said...

I'd pay for a show like that. Sounds fantastic! Has everything really. If only I weren't a poor penniless writer myself....

Though I bet you could put a show like that together on a shoe-string budget. A lot of time and effort, yes, but it's not like it would require much in the way of special effects ... though the transdimensional spaces accessed through LSD41 might be interesting to render ... still, the hard part would be finding actors.

Too bad there aren't more people willing to do what they do for free :p

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Sounds like an enthralling scenario for a smash flop to me Mr N.

Destiny said...

a) fund a large property in the country where he can grow organic food and build a village for right-thinking people which shall be called 'Selflessness'

That has always been one of my dreams as well :) If the concept for your proposed television series isn't snapped up - perhaps you could entice investors with a reality tv show that centres around the endeavours of a small group of environmental - new agers that set about building their own community from the grass roots up ;) it would require minimal funding because materials would all be recycled. Something along the lines of this survival series :)

nobody said...

Onya Psyche and Destiny. As for FB, well mate, perhaps you had to be there. I was there! And I was still there today - which is why I rewrote it all. Mind you, if you didn't like it the first time round, it probably won't improve any with a second reading. And if you did like it the first time, there's nothing like having a thing pulled apart and reassembled to really ruin it for you.

Anyway, whatever - I rewrote it.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Inference, inference, I said I thought it was an enthralling plot, where did I say I didn’t like it? What I should have said was that it had as much chance of making it as a Joey Tribiani audition. Did I just admit to watching friends, oh my! Shelley in one breath and Joey in the next :-) Well, that’s a pretty broad spread but how deep is it? Therein lies the rub. Btw, no need to rewrite it on my account; my critique isn’t worth a wonk.

slozo said...

Interesting, humorous.

But you know that even if you did get it on air, it would be perverted and co-opted to become a sort of whacko disinfo type show that made of people who questioned the status quo. Most north americans wouldn't be able to sit through two minutes of it either prolly, not enough 5 second scenes that cut to action. The audience you are showing this to has the attention span of a housefly.

All the cool kids don't watch as much tv anymore, anyways . . . they are playing video games, the must-have entertainment of the brain dying. Make this a video game with adult level gore, change the bad guys into lizard men, give it a name with the word 'conspiracy' in it, and you've got a decent seller.

nobody said...

Hullo FB, no I'd already rewritten it mate. Hey Slozo, I see no good reason why this show couldn't be every bit as successful as all the other shit that's on. Never mind the arcane and unintelligible plot lines of the X-Files (smoking? bees? huh?), this would blow it out of the water.

But of course it'll never be made. What say we sum up the reason for its inevitable rejection under the title 'unacceptable villain', ha ha.

Penny said...

Kudos nobody, I like it!

The story as you tell it is good.
I think as long as it had enough spectacular car chases and shooting it might get an audience.

Wait a minute!

Thinking back to old movies, some of them are really great.
Great story lines, good dialogue, devoid of excessive violence and sex.

Ya know what nobody, if the story is good enough and it really is, it would find an audience.

BTW do you notice all the movies and books that touch on the mkultra issue. Done as fiction, of course.
My kid was reading Mystic River, as she told me about it, I went OMG that is mind control/MkUltra.

Then there is this one coming out
Jim left it on my blog.
Manchurian candidate/operation midnight climax

The men who stares at goats

Shutter Island

based on a book of the same name, same author as Mystic River

Both books relied heavily on mind control/ mkultra program for their premise
shit, I am hoping all my tags work nobody, if not google the titles of the movies and books, you'll get'em.
check out what I put up today, it is related, to Laurel Canyon, peter left a great link at my blog....

the Silverfish said...

A village called selflessness, Hmmm interesting concept esp. when one considers that in doing this deed it would be one of the most selfish things that a person or persons could possibly do albeit for all of the right reasons.
It's sort of the worlds going to hell in a hand-cart and we aren't going to be part of it no how, no way, so we're gonna take our toys and play in a different playground.
It’s not a bad thing, it’s just not selfless.

Magdelena said...

I would totally watch a series like that! Or read a book like that - perhaps you should start a weekly episode here?


In BC there is quite a strong sci-fi/fantasy bend to the local productions. Things like Battlestar, Sanctuary, Fringe, Supernatural. While many things are set in the US, they're filmed in Van. and surrounding area.

I'd send it there.. if you are serious. It sounds right up their alley. I was surprised what they got away with on Battlestar.

When reading your piece, I was struck with how Dianna reminded me of the character Bliss in Asimov's Foundation Series. Bliss, I/we/Gaia/Galaxia and the idea of a cosmic conscience.

I want more already.


nobody said...

Well, I'D like it. (Hmm... still haven't figured out italics in the comments. Imagine 'I'd' in italics).

And thanks Silv. Now that you've pointed out the obvious shortcomings in that name, I'll rename as something more appropriate. How about 'Fat Chance City'? Or 'Not In A Million Years'? Or 'What The Hell Does It Matter Since It'll Never Happen Anyway'? And quite right too.

Otherwise, sorry for having vanished off the radar for, um... a week was it? Very slack and idle on my part. And here I am back again and I haven't anything new to post. Pathetic.

kikz said...

was wonderin bout u....

glad to see some activity:)

very inventive, as usual :)

oh, managed to catch a pbs show..
walkin w/the dinosaurs..
aussi crew.. nice shop they had, the program covered most of the engineering/mfg of the beasts.. i think i also heard, the show will be in dallas soon..

was wonderin if ya knew any of them, from daZe past?

glad ta cya bak..