Monday, August 3, 2009

Two Disinfo Programmes Compared

Lately I've been ploughing my way through Jeff Wells' Rigorous Intuition. Like Dave McGowan, he's another of those writers that reminds me of me but without the wank-value. He has that brilliant knack of being able to write a piece without mentioning himself in the first para every time. I don't know about you but when a writer does this I take it as a sign of obvious hackery and find something better to read. The links to some superior writers are just there on the right of this page, ha ha.

And there I was reading Wells' interview with Jackie McGauley, one of the McMartin parents (part two here), when I noticed a curious thing in the comments. Lo and behold, there was a spookily precise reprise of the stoush I had with a fellow called StevieB over at Xymphora's. When I say 'fellow' what I really mean is 'paedophocracy disinfo spook'. It's almost as if StevieB and rigint's anon were reading from the same playbook. Here are the tactics loosely summarised (and yeah, I covered this before but I think it's worth repeating) -

- express curiosity for the subject and admiration for the author
- establish credibility by conceding various limited hangout points
- declare yourself off to check out the topic du jour via a bit of research
- return declaring that you looked into and found out it was all bullshit
- employ a straw-man technique of zeroing in on a single aspect of a single scandal
- ignore all evidence of this scandal's repetition elsewhere or anything that points to a bigger picture
- refer anyone who's interested to the website of the IPT where the aforementioned straw-man is destroyed
- use tag-team partners to give the appearance of consensus
- liberally sprinkle your discourse with various buzzwords: 'hysteria', 'witch-hunt', 'overzealous', 'hoax', 'debunked', 'credulous', 'paranoid', etc. etc.
- and sure enough, blame the victims and those attempting to assist them

Going back slightly, when I said just now that it was 'almost as if' they were reading from the same playbook, to be honest I was just being coy. It's my considered opinion that there is precisely a playbook. Given the size of the CIA's mind control/paedophocracy programme: with its dual bullshit 'foundations' (the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and the Institute of Psychological Therapy), both designed for no other purpose than to discredit victims; with the effort involved in both setting up 'the Finders' and shutting down the investigation into it; with the spectacular scale of the Presidio/West Point scandal with its untouchable superstar Col. Michael Aquino ...actually, to hell with listing all this shit - there's waaay too much of it and I've covered it already.

Lightbulb! I just remembered: in the aforementioned Finders bust, US Customs Service Special Agent Ramon J. Martinez, reported finding procedural handbooks detailing how to infiltrate child-minding centres and how to traffic children whilst avoiding police attention. So there you have it: 'procedural handbooks'.

Procedural handbook, playbook: let's just say, of course there'll be a dedicated disinfo programme, and of course there'll be a document detailing specific cointelpro techniques. And as sure as eggs is eggs, within that document there'll be a section dealing variously with MSM media discussions, dedicated forums and bulletin boards, and last (and probably least) blogs and bloggers. Further, these motherfuckers ain't amateurs, nor few in number. There's tons of them. If you're on a site discussing the topic (keeping in mind that the site could well have been founded by them to begin with), it'll be odds-on that more than one of the participants will be a paedophocracy disinfo spook. For those participating, keep the above list in mind and keep a weather eye out.

Back to Jeff Wells now - he, along with his commenters (what with possessing a sense of decorum) argued the case fairly politely. I've already discussed the 'value' of decorum here. Whilst that particular piece was about Zionists, it's not as if the paedophocracy is somehow more deserving. But I have to ask - what sort of discussion is it (pivoting on the scale of the paedophocracy) that fails to consider the inevitability of members of the self-same paedophocracy turning up to heap shit on the whole thing? Imagine being at a town hall meeting discussing kids drag racing in Main Street and thinking nothing of a bunch of kids who've turned up and are declaring that it isn't a problem.

Speaking of Zionists, let's compare. We all know about Israel's hasbara effort don't we? And we're familiar with Megaphone yeah? (Not forgetting of course that the American Nazi bigwig Bill White is a Megaphone user, ha ha). But forget him, just riddle me this - How come Israel's disinfo efforts are widely discussed on the net -so much so that any one of us can spot a Zionist shill from a hundred metres and go pit-bull on them without even blinking- and yet the Paedophocracy's easily-as-big cointelpro efforts go completely unacknowledged? Can you dig it? If the Jews are so powerful, why do they seem unable to duck the limelight? Indeed (within the metaphor now) it seems their efforts to wrest control of the spotlight is lit up with another spotlight.

Before anyone jumps up and imagines I'm giving the owners of the Reserve Banks along with their handmaiden bloc-media a pass, let's ask another question. In this world of either/or with its arguments about Zionist/Jewish banking control versus Vatican/illuminati/ masonic/paedophocracy control, how come the Jews, via their bloc-media, don't kill their non-Jewish opponents stone-cold dead with an uncovering of the paedophocracy in all its sick, twisted glory? There's no need to wonder what this would look like since we've already seen it with the Catholic Church. We know all about Catholic priests and I doubt we could meet one without viewing him with suspicion. Compare the media treatment of the victims of Catholic paedophilia with that of, say, the McMartin victims (and never mind the Presidio/West Point scandal, which as far as the media is concerned never happened). It's chalk and cheese, no comparison at all. One lot gets victim halos and the others get the shit beaten out of them.

Think about that. And going slightly sideways now - with Jewish people so selflessly active in every human rights issue going (even those of the Palestinians, ha ha), on the topic of satanism or the paedophocracy (of the non-Catholic variety, that is) I can't think of a single Jewish commentator who has ever touched it. Rack your brains. Give me a name. Nothing? How... is... that... possible? Honestly?


On this topic of allegedly opposed factions attacking each other, here's another sideways question, albeit from the other direction - What with the US military/CIA comfortably having the man-power (think mind-control assassins), the technology (think drugs, poisons, and other means of untraceable assassination), along with the unrivalled means to deliver this anywhere on the planet: why don't they take out their hated money-masters? Is it possible they don't know who they are precisely? I find that an unlikely prospect. Surely there's only a dozen families or so. To imagine a scenario, plug in the reality of the CIA death-lists given to Sukarno in Indonesia, with the posited reality of the denouement of each of the Godfather movies, wherein everyone is killed bang-bang-bang, before anyone has time to scarper.

Never mind anything that big, here's a far simpler question. People get whacked all the time, presidents included: Has anyone ever whacked a Rothschild? Um, okay, what should we conclude from this? What is this power structure precisely? Who tops it? Who is expendable? What if I make a rough thumbnail list? It follows below.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Nobody... when the 'experience' is consistent with the 'pathology' there is no coincidence; They are related phenomena: The relative phenomenon is simple - in chaos there is always a micro-cosmos; the governing entity. Which, depends, relys upon, and is perpetuated by the chaos. When confusion reigns supreme, you know it is Lucifer, for only when cosmos is set a'kilter does helter skelter affect the presiding authority. Remember the 'author' 'ity': the authoring entity. A Presidio is a fortifide encampment - qui bono? If the confusion benefits the perpetual motion of the destabilising influence(in this case child molestation and the perpetrators) what is the gain? The gain is the confusion in itself being an enigmatic continuum.
They are only manifesting questions and providing contradictory evidence in order to roll the ball around and around ad infinitum!! There is no winner and no loser until the ball rests upon a single number. We must be wise not to be absorbed into the pointless vortex, round and round and round he goes where he will land NOBODY KNOWS. Why debate and engage when you have already established the answer; the corroboration of evidentiary material is irrelevant - remember, they created the adversarial system of LAW! Why? Because while everything is open to conjecture; the biggest Bullshit-Artist can win, regardless of the truth snd inspite of the justice.

Nice work


nobody said...

Hey 3echo,
Well that was certainly cool. I didn't understand it all but that's beside the point. I don't have to understand a thing to groove on it, do I?

the Silverfish said...

Gees I understood it completeraly, but then again I have been drinking alot. I believe it's Mr livets birthday and even if it's not it should be, don'tcha think.
I mean like anyone who's been around as long as he has been deserves a birthday so here's to you Mr Livet where ever you are.

James said...

"There's no need to wonder what this would look like since we've already seen it with the Catholic Church. We know all about Catholic priests .. . ."

With respect, Nobody, no, you don't know all about Catholic priests. The paedophilia involving Catholic priests only turned up on page one after a long campaign involving lots of people. The sheer size of it finally broke through. But still the Catholic Church has managed to largely control the damage.
The issue of organised paedophile rings involved is rarely if ever mentioned. The issue of these rings being protected by the hierarchy is never mentioned. Why is it that archbishops and cardinals are rarely if ever in the news as perps? And never convicted if they are?

Various State and Federal governments have conspired with the church to keep the majority of cases out of the legal system (and therefore the newspapers) by allowing the church to investigate itself and run their own pseudo-legal system which further abuses and silences the victims and hasn't led to any charges let alone convictions.

The issue of satanism within the church is likewise given scant space.
A couple of years ago this article appeared in most of the capital newspapers yet there was zero follow-up except on the News internet site. It sank without a trace otherwise.

The police won't go near it, the governments help hide it and the media are mostly struck dumb concerning the larger issues which affect the higher ups. I'd say the Catholic Church is in the bossom of the established power structure. They're all in it together.

nobody said...

Silv, you wicked villain - extolling drugs again mate?

Hey James, well that's the thing you see. Everything you've described could also be viewed as a Catholic Church as junior partner in the paedophocracy. And sure enough under this umbrella, yep, they get immunity. No offence, but is that it? Their paedophiles aren't arrested? Isn't that a non-denominational gag? All the paedophiles in McGowan's Paedophocracy walked and I don't think any of them were Catholic.

Meanwhile the Church's numbers continue to shrink under a relentless media, and born-again, onslaught. When I was in Brazil the churches were few and far between but the hallelujah halls were every hundred metres on main street. I doubt that there's a religion out there that could beat Catholicism in terms of the most people being born into but now describing themselves as 'ex', if you know what I mean. My family was Catholic and now not a soul goes to church.

Meanwhile let's say that 10% of the UK's, and 20% of the US's population are Roman Catholic. And? And where's the political power? AIPAC rules in the States and the Friends of Israel rule in the UK. On top of that, the law, the media, and the big guns of banking are all Jewish. Apart from getting away with paedophilia (which I view as explicable under a bigger umbrella) I just can't see any exercising of power. Sorry.

But otherwise you're right. They're all in it together. To be honest, I spent this morning standing on the balcony with a cig and a coffee thinking to myself, 'What's the point even differentiating?' I'm going to drop it now and just refer to them as the 'death cult'. It's as accurate as anything else.

James said...

Nobody, to my way of thinking, at least, you are pretty spot on with your assessment of the whole situation. Of all the people on the net, that I know of, I think that the only ones able to get their heads around this are the good ladies at Aangirfan, Jeff Wells whom you've mentioned and now yourself.

I was intending my previous comments to simply differentiate between the lower fish (priests) being thrown overboard to protect the bisops and above and that the rest of the establishment was assisting in this (no doubt for quid pro quo).

Yes, I believe the Vatican are junior partners in all this. They have their separate power base, of course, that being the mind control over a sizable portion of the world's population. But there's another leg to it and that is banking and commercial investments and for that they are dependent on the banking cartel (BIS etc). In the Western world their power is increasingly dependent on economic power.
I think the carrot that the Vatican is being led by is the prospect of becoming (or at least running) the One World Religion. Hence all the bowing and scraping to the Zionists lately.
There is also Opus Dei. There is a large group of adherents close to the throne in the US and they are not without influence in Oz. There is one half of a once famous comedy duo that is positioning himself for leadership in Oz at the moment who is most likely a member of Opus Dei.
But still, like you, I don't think the CC even with the Jesuits and Opus Dei on board amount to being the 'Big Kahuna' anymore.

The Catholic church has used paedophilia like the masons and security orgs to control people. They are able to run a very tight ship considering its size and spread. They have also extensive experience through their satanic cults in creating dissociated and mind controlled subjects. The CIA turned to them during their MKUltra program and no doubt there was a quid pro quo involved there too.
I would expect all the various groups to be at the same time co-operating in exploiting the general population but also to be jockeying for position amongst themselves. All the while, though, I would think the banking cartel would reign supreme as they have the supreme power, money, and everything else is tied to it.

So all this is to agree with your assessment and thinking. While I'm at it, I think your thinking on 'Thanks for the Memories' is spot on, too.

Penny said...

hey nobody! nice job on both the posts. I have to think on them before commenting. dam busy times, but I will send you a book you may be interested in about Orwell, look for it....

Von Curtis said...

an act of Non Violent, Non compliance

An understanding that there IS no division among the peoples of the world, These divisions are an illusion created by the elite in order to divide us. Ignore them. There is no division, there is no "other" there is only one. We are one. No people in any country want war. Only leaders and bankers want war so DONT GIVE IT TO THEM!

a global revolution of the people, but it does not need to be a bloody battle, in fact not a single shot even needs to be fired. All that is required is for people to wake up and stop going along with the system. Stop agreeing with what is being done to the world and its people. For just one week even, stand up and say no, we wont do this any more. Get yourself a supply of food and stay home, for a week. Dont go out and be a 'consumer". Dont watch TV, dont go to work, dont buy any gas, dont buy alchohol or go shopping at all. Just do enough to keep the essential sevices operating. Can you imagine what the elite would do and what could be achieved with just one week of global non compliance? One week of global non compliance by the people would bring the entire Global elite to their knees and utterly defeat their new world order in on fell swoop. Then if people forgot all about what the TV told them was right and helped each other instead of profitting from each other in order to by more useless trinkets the entire system of slavery and control would come crashing down like a house of cards. The only power that the ruling elite have over the peoples of the world is the power we ourselves grant to them. All that is needed to fix it and stop the NWO in its tracks is for the people of the world to stand united in an act of Non Violent, Non compliance. A simple case of No Sir, we will not do this any more.

Its that simple.

nobody said...

James, yup, what you said. I hope no one second guesses me here and thinks I'm giving the Catholics a pass. I ain't. In this world of bad cop and bad cop the Vatican is as corrupt as any. The Catholic Church is an enormous entity and within it I expect that there are uncorrupted elements who are 'good'. But I doubt they're worth a pinch of shit in the big picture. To be honest I see them as just another mob who does what it's told. And sure enough we just saw them fold over that bishop who questioned the holocaust.

Hey VC. To a certain extent this is what Adbusters magazine was on about with its annual Buy Nothing Day. I don't know that it ever made a dent on anything. But frankly I reckon it would be a mistake to to do it because we think it's going to bring the motherfuckers down. I don't think it will. But I'm going to do it anyway because, um, it's right. As I said before, every day is Buy Nothing Day for me. Apart from the old man's idiot confections I only buy meat and vegetables. Oh, and tobacco. Whilst I haven't given that up, I did give up beer. One more Devotion to Aergia and the tobacco goes to. That'll be a trip.

the Silverfish said...

YOU GAVE UP BEER? OMG the next thing will be that the British will start cooking edible food. OMG OMG OMG the end times are surely at hand.
Remember Beer is Nobodys friend and to be without beer is well,,, not very good.

Penny said...

off topic completely but did you see this?
Is it su that follows this also?
'Victoria Beckham lookalike' sought in Madeleine McCann case
An Australian woman who may have information about the May 2007 abduction of British girl Madeleine McCann is being sought by private investigators for the family.

The BBC reports the woman is being sought because of something she said to a British man in Barcelona 72 hours after Madeleine went missing from her family’s holiday apartment in Portugual.

Private detectives investigating the disappearance have released a drawing of the woman based on witness accounts.

The witnesses say the brown-haired woman is between 30 and 35 and described as “a bit of a Victoria Beckham lookalike.”

Investigators believe she may have travelled back to Australia and have appealed for help finding her.

I don't know much about this case, but what the heck could a woman from Australia have to do with it??
It just struck me as an odd twist.

sorry for the interruption
back to discussions at hand


Penny said...

the good ladies at aangirfan, lol!great gals for sure ;)

and Dave McGowan