Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Protocols of the Open and Secret Society of Free Plumbers

The following is the recently discovered introductory minutes of a secret meeting of an internationalist society devoted to world revolution known as 'The Plumbers'. Whilst it is understood that further chapters are extant, nothing is known of them apart from their titles: governance and communication; food and distribution; population, environment, resources, and sustainability; trade and the means of exchange; science and technology; education and knowledge; love and sex; music, art, and literature; and finally, the metaphysical, belief and non-belief. Should they come to light they will be published in turn.

The Protocols of the Open and Secret Society of Free Plumbers

We are a secret society. We divide the world into us and them. 'Us' is we who seek fraternity amongst all. 'Them' would be most correctly viewed as those we wish eventually to join us. 'We' seek the banishment of 'them' by having only 'us'. 'Us' will be we who are devoted to no small thing - the changing of the world. Above all we embrace the truth of the continuum of selflessness. We want only the truth in all things for the benefit of all - a united humanity of compassion.

We are an open society. Amongst ourselves we honest in all affairs. Goals, activities, ambitions, decisions, everything that defines who we are will be openly shared and open for participation by all members. Everything may be questioned and all knowledge will be shared. The only secret will be of our existence from those who are otherwise, and who subordinate the truth for the self.

We are exclusivist. We will assist each other in earning livelihood. We will assist each other when one is attacked by injustice. All will come to the aid of one.

We are expansionist. Since the world has always been this way, we act in today. And yet we seek a goal - our Time of Revelation. As the 'us' becomes ever greater in number we will naturally arrive at our wished for Tipping Point. At this point the secret will be exploded, the them will become us, and we are all together. But we expect this no time soon. Our work may take countless centuries. We are undaunted by time. Instead we are here and now.

We are internationalist. Given as we are to becoming an 'all' we seek to throw down those things that divide. We do not view the world through a lens of race, nor of sex, nor of religion or culture. We discriminate against only those who revere the self over the all.

We will seek to free the minds of 'them' with subtle positive messages. To this end we will control the means of discourse, education, and entertainment. Schooling will involve inculcating the young with the means to think for themselves and to revere curiosity above all things. In the media we will make celebrities of modest and well balanced people. Those espousing messages of self obsession will be choked out of the industry we will control. Gradually the adoration of the self will be seen as an animalistic trait.

We name ourselves in acknowledgement of the disdain of the self-obsessed for their slaves whom they call 'carriers of water'. Those who subordinate the 'truth of all' to the 'falsity of the self' deserve to have their definitions taken from them. Thus their dismissal of the slave is turned into a celebration of those who do the most worthy work. We are the carriers of water, plumbers bringing the means of life. We do not hold water lightly: we view it as the stuff of life. And as water is, so shall we be. We are without interest, we are gradual, we seek equilibrium, and we are clear. Water is a symbol for everything we do.

Our lodges will be full of open symbolism. Our central ceremonial hall will be an open circular plaza with grass under our bare feet and open sky above. We revere the earth, the air, the sun, and water. All symbolise life and we assert that all belong to no man, and to all men.

On initiation every member will be given a 'true name'. This is a play on words and we admit this as we admit everything. Members of the order will have their own name sure, and that is their name. Their true name is the name wherein they may participate in the free conveyence of truth between equal members. However we look forward to the Time of Revelation which is also called the Time of One Name when we shall no longer need a 'true name' and they will be consigned to the past.

All initiates will be explained our full principles and receive a copy of them to be learnt by heart. All conversations will be recorded and open to all who are within the cabal. Within the cloak of secrecy nothing will be secret. Further, there will be no esoteric knowledge held by those who rule. Indeed we have none who rule - all merely serve. Above will be as below, and all knowledge will be shared. We disdain the concept of nobility as based in its Indo-European root of 'know' - those who 'know' are 'noble'. A fig for that: all will 'know' and all will be 'noble'. Our hierarchy (for there must be one) will be based not on knowledge but on ability, ability to give the most and require the least. Our greatest leaders will be men and women with no desire for themselves.

Initiates are only asked to swear to a single thing - the rightness of selflessness as a goal. We have no opinion on other beliefs as long as they are not at odds with the rightness of selflessness.

We hold with ceremony and symbolism. Our ceremonies acknowledge various aspects of selflessness, truth, and fearlessness. All initiates will be inducted with full symbolic ceremony - the giving and receiving of food and water, the communion with soil, the planting of a tree, the washing with water, the sea of hands, the giving of thanks. That these ceremonies sound familiar is entirely intended. What we do is not unfamiliar. We do not reject what has come before, nor what will follow. All things are judged under the timeless rightness of the continuum.

What we seek is ambitious, never before done. We seek these things because we can and because in and of themselves they are worthy. The gift we as humans possess, mindfulness, is a treasure not to be misspent in pursuit of the animalistic, the adoration of the self. This would be a precise denial of its greatest virtue. To seek a beast-like dominion over a world of slaves is to seek the easy, the obvious, the stupid, and the unworthy. We disdain such ignoble ends as we disdain the ignoble means of fear, lies, and selfishness. We aim for the only thing worth having - a world of selflessness, truth, and compassion: a world without fear. We are not beasts: we are human. We are not mindless: We are mindful. As mindful humans we offer love, compassion, and truth for all who seek to join us on our journey without end.


Destiny said...

A wonderful concept - but people would have to view it with a degree of skepticism hmm are they truly any different from those they wish to overthrow ?

"We name ourselves in acknowledgement of the disdain of the self-obsessed for their slaves whom they call 'carriers of water'."

The Secret Society of Free Plumbers lol Very funny

nobody said...

Hullo Destiny. You get it obviously. But in case anyone doesn't, this is an idyll, a daydream, a mad flight of fancy. Which is to say, I made it all up.

I understand the principle of secret societies, but I wonder at them as obvious vehicles of wickedness. I also wonder at the concept of them as peopled by know-nothings to whom occult knowledge is later revealed, with the possibility existing that everything the society ever professed themselves to be about was in fact a falsehood. So I wondered, if there was a secret society that was truly unimpeachable, what would it look like?

Edo said...

Nice one Nobody.
Only cottoned on to your blog a few weeks ago but have been reading like mad. Like your style mate.

I can't help but think that this whole network needs to self implode. Best way for that to happen is for all those ego trippers vying for ever diminishing places at the top of the pyramid to start seeing the light. The middle management of the NWO if you will.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

It sounds a lot like the Buffs to me.

james said...

Ah, Grasshopper, I feel the presence of the most honourable and late lamented Mr. B. Lee behind the title and ethos of this society. Would I be correct in presuming he is a patron saint of this mystical yet universal order?

The irony is revealing, isn't it? Secret societies by their very nature have to be conspiracies against the wider population. What's the point otherwise? Even non-secret but closed societies qualify as conspiracies as well. George Bernard Shaw said that all the professional organisations (i.e. for lawyers, doctors etc) were (are!) conspiracies against the public. Hard to argue with.

The thing that flabbergasts me with mobs like the Masons is that the "secret knowledge" morphs somewhat as you go up the ladder so that it should become plain to any of these dudes that if they were to look back at what they were taught, they would see that they were bullshitted to by their own "brothers". Yet they sail on regardless, it seems, thinking they *now* have the truth (as told to them by documented liars). Strange.

But then again, the whole nation lines up every few years to vote for a cast of documented liars! Very strange.

Did I say, "Great spiel"? No? Great spiel, Nobody. It's also a great something else - not vehicle, not concept, . . . dunno, but maybe you know what I mean.

su said...

I am going to withdraw to the fire and contemplate what a truly unimpeachable society would look like.
The snake image on top reminds me of a dream I had at the beginning of the year.
Must have had forewarning of the Secret Society of Free Plumbers".
Perhaps one should have an immediate name change to the "Completely Transparent Civilization of Free Plumbers".

aferrismoon said...

Plumbers seems a fair symbolic catch

Plumbum = Lead and gets soldered to Saturn, a planet with rings around which then encircle the human family.


Penny said...

the young to think for themselves, what a statement!

if only, if only, if only....
surely there must be some out there?
alas recent discussions with some of the young have left me wondering???

I listened to these to young ones chatting away in their place of employment, their conversation came across as a series of sound bites, rather then actual conversation.

They made me think of walking, talking, music videos.
waz up?

Perhaps my age is showing, but bizarre to say the least.

and raising kids to be free thinking, is challenging, very, challenging, I know, I got me one of those, who at least said yesterday to me, you done good by me, I am independant (willfully, sometimes) and thinking for myself.
YOu should be happy.

I am, and I am not. Cause, unlike when she was young she just won't listen to me, and talks on and on about moving ever futher away.
which causes me to become a fretting mother hen.

sigh, where is kikz when you need her?

kikz said...

So I wondered, if there was a secret society that was truly unimpeachable, what would it look like?


dunno... i've heard it called "The Great White Lodge". no allusion to race... but - intent. such as magic is either considered white/black.

as far as i understand it does not exist in this "our" plane of existence... shrugz :)?

nobody said...

Ha ha, what fine comments. And yes, I know it's kind of cheesily teenage but I'm a Bruce Lee fan. The more I read of him, the more I like him.

And plumbers and Pb! I'd never twigged on that before. And me a cryptic fan and everything...

And Su, Exactly! So I find these, ahem, secret protocols and then instantly publish them. It's a conundrum, the open/secret thing isn't it? As always, disappearing up one's own arse is always a distinct possibility.

And hullo Edo, nice to have some non-Kinki visitors, ha ha. Speaking of middle management, that's as good a way to describe the two protagonists of the latest almost-finished thing. I'll pop it up tomorrow and see what people make of it. Um... it's HUGELY self-indulgent.

And where is Kikz when you need her? Aargh! Speak of the devil!

Penny said...

i caught that, right below mine!
your ears must have been ringing.....

an ideal society, is it possible?

it is a nice thought though isn't it?

utopian and all that.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

For no particular reason I thought you might find this interesting, it is more or less the extent of what the Buffs (Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalos) have on the web. I am not one by the way although if there was one in Belgium I might be persuaded to join. In my early years it used to be known as a mens’ drinking club where working men could escape the wife and kids for a few hours because they ‘Had to attend a Buffs meeting’.

kikz said...

well obviously if history is any accurate indicator... we'll always hav the psychopaths...

*headscratch* it seems ta be that polarity/duality thing, yet again.

or as 'ester hicks' tells us that 'whatever it is that speaks thru her'??? it's all about the - contrast. there must be contrast. no contrast = no freewill.

magnetic polarity keeps the universe, or - this plane of it breathing, running. macro/micro.
from coronal ejections to molecules.
no contrast = no life.

maybe we just need to learn to deal w/them (psyco'z) more in, attentively, somewhat akin to mold under the rim of a toilet bowl.

yikez sue.. kiddo issues.
well, if she's told you, she thinks you've done well by her.. i guess you have. and as long as 'yer breathin.. always time to do better by her:)

cripez.. one of mine wants to move to canada when she's old enuff.. where the inlaws are... however, i think she'll rethink that, after her first 'bad winter' in da great white north.. i've told em all.. they'll hafta come see me 'down on the beach'. i know where i belong, parked next to a very large neg ion generator.. the sea.
i'll visit, but no cold for kikz...!

sue, hopefully as she gets a little older, she'll rethink it.. especially aftr that first baby.. she'll wanna be closer to gramama :)

selfishness. well, it's all a matter of degree. selfishness to the degree of injury to others is decidedly not where i wanna occupy space... that's just not my polarity.

selfishness - taken to extremes of evil/greed.. it always trips on it's own dick... that's just what it does..not to say there's no collateral damage of innocents along its run.. but... trip it does... and then polarity switches one way or another and sanity returns. that big old pendulum, unc al yaps about ;).... as the ancients and maxxheadroom yammer on about..
'catch the wave' ... and ride it,
not get ridden by it, bloody pulp in the surf.. so to speak.

ah well, the hour+ long boomer is over, i'm gonna try to head back to bed.. 2:30A is not my grand idea of a sane time to rise..... sheeesh.. and the tribe goes back to school on monday.... :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for your excellent and enjoyable blog.

I like your metaphor-- to 'plumb' is good.
To plumb deep is to see that self is really no-self, 'things' are actually no-thing.

The secret is hiding right in the open.
Who knew? :)