Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Death Cult Flying Circus!

Man: I don't know - Mr Wentworth just told me to come in here and say that there was trouble at the mill, that's all - I didn't expect a kind of global despotism.

(JARRING CHORD - The door flies open and Cardinal Ximinez-Rothschild of the City of London enters, flanked by two junior cardinals, Cardinal Biggles and Cardinal Fang.)

Ximinez-Rothschild: NOBODY expects a global despotism! Our chief weapon is monetary policy...monetary policy and the bloc-media...the bloc-media and monetary policy.... Our two weapons are the bloc-media and monetary policy...and corruption via satanism and paedophilia.... Our *three* weapons are the bloc-media, monetary policy, and corruption via satanism and paedophilia...and a centuries spanning gradualism.... Our *four* *Amongst* our weapons.... Amongst our weaponry...are such elements as the bloc-media, monetary policy.... I'll come in again. (Exit and exeunt)

Does that make metaphoric sense? Well it does if you're standing on a balcony having a cig and trying to put together a sensible picture of what we're up against in terms of the death cult. Reducing a thing to senselessness ought not to be dismissed out of hand. Honestly, if a thing is senseless to begin with why not treat it that way?

For mine the essence of Python's senselessness was captured in one obscure sketch called 'Climbing the North face of Uxbridge Road' in which mountaineers with pitons, carabiners, and ropes laboriously traversed the footpath next to Uxbridge Road. For some reason this is mad, and yet doing the same thing on the side of a mountain isn't. Perhaps that was the beauty of Python - to make obvious the absurdity of all those things that we're otherwise required to discuss as if they were sensible.

No wonder there's nothing like Monty Python anymore. Now all comedy seems to be Jewish farce. Jewish farce has no point to make apart from the fact that everything can be reduced to smut. We're all Beavis and Butthead now. To hell with actually listening to anything anyone says or what it might mean. Instead we sit there blankly, our mental antennae attuned and waiting for the arrival of a smutty word - 'He said 'Bartok', heh heh heh heh....'

Interestingly, Python is actually undergoing a resurgence at the moment at the hands of Eric Idle (the least and shallowest of all the Pythons) who has reduced The Holy Grail to that most vacuous of art forms, the Broadway musical. Thus Idle becomes feted and wealthy, and the intellectual and philosophical heart of Python, Terry Jones, remains the most obscure of all his fellows. Sure, of course.

Otherwise Monty Python (with Spike Milligan's Goons as my intro) made me the fellow I am today. It taught me that arcane and otherwise intimidating topics could belong to anyone and that one might view them however one wished. There was no topic that couldn't be stripped down, turned inside out, and if necessary smashed over the head with a stout bit of reductio ad absurdum. Or to put it another way, they were the mortal enemies of 'this-is-how-you-must-think'.

When I was at university my best friend joined the army. To cheer him up whilst he was in the nightmarish world of basic training I sent him a letter (remember them?). What with both of us being silly Python fans, on the back of the envelope I put down the sender as 'Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra'. He quickly wrote back asking that I not do that again as the mail was always handed out by a corporal who never missed a trick in saying something shitty about the sender. This in an effort to humiliate and demean the recruits you understand. Have we all seen Full Metal Jacket? Okay, like that. Sure enough 'Nelson Riddle' qualified as a perfect red flag, "Does he blow your horn does he? Do you blow his? Are you a couple of fags?". Happily my friend succeeded where I would have failed and gave the right answer - "No, corporal".

Perhaps that's the military in a nutshell - Python bad, Beavis and Butthead good. God forbid anyone in the military should know the meaning of reductio ad absurdum. How would we ever get a war on if people could think for themselves and come to the conclusion that it was bullshit at its heart? Hmm... thinking about it, the military is essentially a soft form of trauma based mind-control à la Brice Taylor (Susan Ford). Those who've been through military training might want to scoff but only because they haven't read Ford's book. Compared to what she went through, military training is like Club Med.

But the principles remain the same. We are not to think: we are to blink and do. The only variations to the theme are in the intensity. From MKUltra to the military and from there to the civvy world, it all comes under the heading of mind control with the dial merely being turned from hard, to medium, to soft.

Speaking of going off to war, may I take a moment to plant a boot up the date of the Briton of the Century, Winston Churchill? Said Winston, "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." The sideways logic here is that it would be poor of a fellow to view them as inveterate liars just because they lie all the time about every goddamn thing. Says they, 'We possess the truth and we only lie out of the necessity of protecting this truth, do you see?'

Ha ha ha, you have to admit it's bloody clever isn't it? But the truth is that the noble war that necessitated these lies was bullshit from the get-go. In 1938, Churchill was in debt up to his eyeballs and was only saved from having to sell the family estate Chartwell by a Jewish South African gold mining millionaire, Sir Henry Skrakosch. What's Yiddish for 'quid pro quo'? And Germany's arch crime at the time of Judea's declaration of war against them in 1933 was to have wrested control of German monetary policy from the hands of the Rothschilds et al. And the yiddish for 'cui bono'?

Churchill's 'finest hour' was bullshit, just like every other bullshit war. The ends justified the means, but only for a tiny handful of liars - weren't nothing in it for the rest of us. Let's tweak another quote: "Never in the field of human conflict was so much paid by so many to so few". Sure.

Since then little has changed. The wars are smaller but there's more of them and they pretty much approach 'all the time, forever' in their frequency. With never a pause the new world order's noble truth, flanked by its bodyguard of lies, marches on. That 'truth' (world peace is it?) is every bit as false an end as the means used to arrive at it. As if anything good can come from enslavement by fake money, corruption by satanistic paedophilia, and an unrelenting deluge of media black lies? Honestly. The new world order will be exactly as fucked as the old world order with the only difference being the size of the pyramid underneath those who view themselves as the worthy pointy bit at the top. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Under that timeless rubric, I don't know that it matters who the boss is exactly. Up until now I've been flailing about in some mad variety of death cult whodunnit. Ha! Dig it - it's Poirot trying to figure out who stabbed the victim on the Orient Express. Gosh, there seems to be evidence pointing at everyone! Sure enough, the saucy Belgian figured out that it was everyone. Hmm... if you think about it, Murder On The Orient Express is a brilliant metaphor for how the death cult works. Its only point of departure from the real world is that the authorities who went on to arrest the assorted culprits on the train would have been in on the act as well.

Back to Python now, I have a sketch in mind. Or is it too unfunny? Perhaps I should do it as one of those 'flash mob' art event thingies? Anyway, imagine a bunch of people, dozens strong, all in suits robbing a bank (perhaps wearing bowler hats, just to add a python-esque touch). Or are they bank robbers? Perhaps they're the bankers themselves? For us as mug punters cowering in fear it's hard to tell the difference. Either way, each of these suits holds a pair of shotguns, one wired to the throat of a confrere and the other waved about at us. Of course each has a shotgun wired to their own throat. They scream demands, variously fearful and angry, "Hand over your money or everyone dies! We don't want to do this but we have no choice! But if everyone does as we say, we'll all be fine!"

Where's our clever Belgian? "I say Poirot, any idea who the culprit is?"

Mind you, I'm not too sure about the aforementioned fear and anger. Maybe it would exist at first, as each participant finds a shotgun at their head, but eventually they'd each become just another exhausted thousand-yard-stare killer like everyone else in the perverse shotgun-wired rat's nest: the whole tangled mass relentlessly moving forward to wherever the fuck it is they're going, and none of them even sure why anymore.

And now for that timeless chestnut - what's to be done? As Aangirfan so sensibly pointed out, really it's always been this way. And who can argue? It's not as if the fear-driven, anti-buddha death cult ruling us are imaginative or original. It's all been done before. Hell we all did it ourselves when we were two, and our sense of ourselves expanded to gargantuan proportions, but happily we grew out of it. Along those lines of all-been-done-before, why don't we view the death cult as dinosaurs? They might have made sense when the means to cast off the old predator-and-prey model didn't exist, but that was then and this is now: with modern mass communications such as they are, and the world an interconnected global village, a new paradigm based on compassion and common sense (ie. selflessness rather than selfishness) is actually possible. Don't scoff - if the insane effort that has gone into enslaving us in this global despotism had instead been spent urging us towards the other end of the continuum (at the top of the page), we'd be there already.

But forget all that, it doesn't make any difference since it's always been this way. And the future may be better or it may be worse, but it doesn't make any difference since it's always been this way. This is the Buddha's 'here and now'. The immutable truth of here and now is that the only option for each of us is (and always has been), to embody the world we wish to live in. There's no point waiting - waiting for some event, or cause, or charismatic saviour. I'm not saying that this thing or person isn't coming, just that it shouldn't-doesn't-won't make any difference. Not if you're being that embodiment, that is. Subsequently, there's no point being fearful, angry, or dismayed (nor in losing one's sense of humour, ha ha) because who wants to live in that world? Not me.

Meanwhile the world is the world and we observe and try to make sense of it. Perhaps we'll never be giants like Darwin or the Buddha, each with their own unified field theory of human behaviour. But that's okay, we merely declare ourselves 'midget' giants. And as such, we reach for the stars, as the giants do, but find our fingers are no closer than anyone else's, were they to try. Never mind, at least we tried and at least we get the gag. Unlike that thick-as-pigshit death cult. They don't get any gag apart from from those that involve a Beavis and Butthead variety of idiot sniggering. Regardless, we whose hearts are true (well, as true as we can make 'em), and whose quills are sharp (licked with the tongue in our cheek), will carry on helpfully pointing out the senselessness of whatever the fuck it is they're on about.


nobody said...

Thanks to those getting in touch to say that a piece appeared over at Les' links but there was nothing here. I do apologise, it was my fault entirely.

This thing took forever to write what with being torn down and rewritten how ever many times. After you do this enough times it ceases to be fresh and you no longer know what you're looking at or what it's meant to say. Escpecially if it meandered to begin with, ha ha.

Anyway I only realised that I'd written a thing that wouldn't make any sense to anyone else about five minutes before my battery ran out. And since I couldn't rescue it in five minutes I pulled it.

Here it is all rewritten and I'm not even sure if it makes any more sense now than yesterday. But never mind! At least I got a photo of Michael Palin in there!

Sabretache said...

Nobody, you..... YOU! . are a bloody genius.

For the past 5 years or so, my RSS feed subscriptions have hovered around 100 or so with maybe 10 new/10 deleted every week. Impossible to read everything; straining to keep tabs on it all etc etc. In other words I've been around the block in terms of what's out there that's of any real aid to coping with and understanding what the hell is going on in this seething mess of a planet we all inhabit.

In my estimation you've just hit top-dog position. I say that in the sincere hope that a bit of good ol' ego-stroking might help to ensure that you keep 'em coming.

Thanks for laser accurate analysis couched in the most entertaining, deeply informing and outrageously humorous blog posts I've come across to date.

kikz said...

reading habits, musical tastes, affinity for animals, tv habits, and especially appreciation for certain kinds of humor are usually fail-safe in recognizing a 'higher mind'.

i have always utilized python, and the older brit coms as a benchmarks for generalized intelligence and awareness in others, as well as certain classic literature.

roughly the same goes for musical tastes... if someone is too narrow in their appreciation of genre, especially a preoccupation w/ 'corporate crap' and or leanings toward the dark/discordant and/or vacuous, it unerringly indicates a less than aware and underdeveloped mind.

Penny said...

hey nobody, it makes sense.
there is nothing wrong with each of us being midget giants or vertically challenged giants.

It is all good.

Because together each of us are like pieces of a puzzle, joining all the pieces helps us to make sense of the bigger picture and if you have one piece, and I another and aangirfan another,and someone else another, then we can read, think and then put the puzzle together from all the pieces.

None of us have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. At the end of the day the more informed we all are, the better off we all are, the clearer the picture and hell we've all "bonded"
(get it, stuck together, like a puzzle) hehehehehe......

anyway, I couldn't comment for two days, the computer was being all glitchy. who the heck knows why?
tried to leave a comment yesterday, here and on my own blog and at maggies and no dice!
problem solved anyway and finally.
weirdest thing, I could post on my blog, but no comments???

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

My you must have been up very early in the morning to post that comment Mr N:-)

All I have to say is that just because it is senseless doesn’t mean it’s benign.

Zoner said...

Nobody, I say it was well worth the effort and very clear. I know because it caused a certain machine I have to emit a loud "ping".

Dinos indeed.


psychegram said...

Well I was going to tell you how brilliant that was until I found out it was a multiply-edited meandering disaster :)

Followed the link on Jewish Farce. Now that was interesting! Seems to fit right in there with the Protocols. You know I found that kind of garbage brute smut comedy uproariously funny when I was a kid ... and had pretty much gotten over it by fifteen. Maybe that's because my parents were all about britcoms?

Anyhow. I've almost stopped caring who's responsible. Seems there's always another, scarier force behind whoever appears to hold power, until eventually you're staring at the Devil himself and at that point, you're only one step away from realizing it was all God in the first place. Of course you're god, too so that means really it's you that's responsible and ... it's at moments like that that my language centers start getting burnt out on the paradox of it all.

So really, what we have is the same old evil we've always had, like you said. Been around a long, long time, and by its nature it hides behind thousands of masks so ... I'm not getting hung up on the masks anymore. Evil is evil, and evil can go fuck itself (as, of course, is in it's nature.)

nobody said...

Okay, it's not just me then. I wasn't sure if this would make sense to anyone apart from myself, ha ha.

Sabretache you swine! I swear to God I turned bright red in the middle of the library just as a bosomy girl walked past. She gave me a funny look and everything. Anyway it's all true, I am precisely as great as you think I am. Ha!

As for keeping 'em coming, as much as I detest flattery, it's good to know that people are grooving on it. The gig here with the old man (for those who don't know, I live with my father who has cancer etc) is looking like it's drawing to a close. A person can only decline for so long and then they stop, if you know what I mean. When that happens everything changes. I become homeless amongst other things.

Knowing that there will certainly be a cessation (or whatever you want to call it) at that point it does lead one to thoughts of the impermanence of things, this blog included. To be honest I've never been quite sure what it's for or why I do it. Perhaps it's just me being masturbatory? It's hard to know. To be perfectly honest I'd rather be in a workshop sculpting, painting and making furniture. At least all the products of that would have a visceral and immediate use.

Anyway things will continue until they cease and we can all have a jolly time in between. Otherwise thanks to everyone for popping in. You're all fart oo nice.

Magdelena said...

A great piece as usual, though it did sort of resemble the local milk run...

I have to say - one my my favourite memories as a kid was when I was finally allowed to stay up late and watch Python with my mum and sis!! Oh I felt all grown up!! So many wonderful recollections of the three of us in tears laughing, with Dad in the background grumbling at how it was all so darn disrespectful of authority!! Which of course made us all laugh harder!!

Brilliant - and thanks for the reminder of the sidewalk climbing skit - I remember the tears from that one too.

Jewish Farce - it is a farce.

kikz said...

sorry for the typos earlier..

so sorry to hear your daddy is fading.

big hugz {}

kikz said...


an after afterthought...

the racket.

smedley butler-told it like it is.
the site's layout is a bit tedious.. but informative.

a peruse covers; his bio, qui bono, a snippet of twain's 'war prayer' and assorted relevant stuff.
or just google butler...

here's a better link for twain's war prayer and its 'full import'.

Hubris said...

been there, done that ( Sun, 16 Oct 2005 09:58:50)

No One Expects .... the I.R.A.-nians!!!

You are soooooooo behind the times :)

Destiny said...

Well I agree with Sabretache - I think you are a Genius too ;) Sorry to hear about your dad.

slozo said...

I had the good fortune of having a fine Scottish friend that had everything Monty Python's Flying Circus ever made, and saw a good chunk of it myself . . . pretty funny, irreverent stuff. I was always a huge fan of John Cleese and his humour stylings.

Movies that pass themselves off as comedies are total shite nowadays, unfortunately. And you are right about the jewish-styled comedy . . . the Mel Brooks school of idiocy that never promotes the sharp, the witty, the intelligent; it only promotes degrading, slovenly and disgusting behaviour. I have to admit that I find good physical comedy quite funny - but this is different. And it is often at the expense of someone that the laugh track cues up . . . when it has crossed the invisible line into what should be pity, not laughter. Well, I don't watch tv anymore (over three years now), but even in movies with no laughtrack there are those pregnant pauses where one is expected to chuckle.

I vow never, ever, to see that last movie by the tall jewish guy who nicely spoofed Khazakstanis into a a sort of nazi troll character. What beautiful propaganda rolled up in turd. It is utter garbage, and no one even pretends it's that funny . . . you only go to see something dastardly or dirty or gross you might never have seen before.

It's all shock propoganda now, movies, interest stories, tv shows I assume as well. We are being prepared I tell ya, and well we should be prepared . . . just not mentally conditioned the way they want us to be.

nobody said...

Ha ha ha, exactly.

I'm not sure who that was addressed to, but you get the idea. Maybe it was about that arch racist git Sasher Baron Cohen? #$%*!%#*&?^$! Anyway that's enough about him.

Or it may have been for Hubris' blog. Very nice mate. And yes I obviously thought of it second. Unlike infra-red switches for bombs which can only be learnt first hand from the IRA, curse their souls. Which is spooky for me since I used to work in a liquor store which had an infra-red door beeping thing that alerted one to the presence of customers. It MUST have been installed by the IRA! Gosh, my brush with terrorists! How we weren't all killed I've no idea.

Otherwise I might have been talking about Tache's unprinted effort. No worries mate. I know what you mean.

Or it was Kikz, what with me having read Butler's thing already. Frankly every soldier should read him. I wonder if he's in the syllabus at Westpoint, Sandhurst, Duntroon, etc?

And Destiny, fine, fine, (exasperated eyeroll) We'll let you into our secret boys club but only if you eat this bug and climb that tree right to the top.

Did I miss anyone? Oh Buff. Of course it's like a milk-run. How else would everyone get their milk? Don't worry, I don't get it either.

nobody said...

This is too beautiful. Click here to see what someone in LA was searching for when they arrived at this blog.

aferrismoon said...

I was goind to comment on the arch-racist git, and his media sanctioned degradation of different humans groups.
The ALI G - racist and promotion of 'innit'
Borat - who inexplicably chose to mply Kazakhstan as anti-jewish and then get applauded for it. Ho Ho its all a joke

Now its Austria , wonder why.

The Borat character seems lifted from the 'Hungarian dictionary Sketch' by M.P and then squeezed for everything it can get.

His comedy just uses people in the most villifying manner [ acceptable on TV], his jokes revolve around the now-popular ' laugh at people and make them LIKKKKE SHIIIT , Ha Ha Ha ad infinitum

Sneering and Mockery, its almost medieval


Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Von C

That is kinda interesting but I really reckon your wise man wasn’t so clever as he thought. The problem with NO is that anybody can say it and frequently do; there is no personal criticism intended here but children do it all the time; “No I won’t eat my vegetables; no I won’t turn the cartoon channel off; no I won’t go to bed” etc. People with little power often use the word, “No you can’t have your passport back until I say you can have it” but people with real power are the ones who can say YES. They are the ones who can make whatever it is happen. Yes, I will oppose your every effort to take my land; my children and my car (notice the cleverly hidden double negative there). And Yes, I will give you your passport back because I am the one who can.

Try the yes word for a week and see which you like the best, just like the Pepsi Cola challenge.

kikz said...

*scratchin head?*

i don't eat bugz...

but - i am the resident bug/snake/critter wrangler in the house.....
not hubz' fav activity.

bout the only thing i kill are blackwidows and brown recluse...

so am i in 'da krew'?

kikz said...

oh and.. i'd seen this fem fatale, violin rockgoddess do 'emmanuel' (which'll make ya cry) on chris botti's boston show (pbs) found a rip of her doing zepplin's kashmir..on a josh groban show..
if you've got a spare 3mins..
'the loosh'
lucia micarelli

i don't care how many times i hear it, whatta rush!

Miraculix (Doug) said...

Sing along everyone: "I like Chinese... they only come up to your knees..."

You are SO right about the Naked Man at the Piano, Cap'n. Of course, he's the Welshman of the bunch, making him the odd man out in the troupe no matter how he played it.

Been away from the online haunts for a couple days making good things happen in Meatspace, and life lately is a proverbial bowl full of ripe Royal Bings. Finally starting to feel some legitimate integration here in ex-pat land, from falling into cahoots with a recently formed local band (in a village of less than 200, this is something) and getting back into both my writing and long-deserted musical proclivities.

Damn it feels good to be singing again and playing at being a songwriter again after so many years of playin' it straight and watching everybody else up on stage. All the old fear and angst is pretty much dead and buried at 42(!); perhaps I am the answer this year?

And by the way, the metaphor couldn't be any more solid. Brick s**thouse solid, eh. G'day Bruce... =)

nobody said...

Kikz, you were always in the crew ya silly. The bug was for Destiny whom (in a moment of whimsy and caprice) I chose to torment. As one does, you know...

But really: everyone is in the crew and; everyone might be subjected to whimsical and capricious torment at any moment. Keeping in mind that there is no 'crew' as such...

nobody said...

And sorry Mir, hello. Glad you're back with us. As for 42 being the answer, I follow the gourd mate. Or was it the shoe? Anyway, every follow me. I promise, um... juniper berries!