Saturday, July 11, 2009

A World of Fuck Dolls

Who remembers RealDolls™? They were a big splash in the news (certainly in the Sydney Morning Herald) about ten years ago. RealDolls are uber-realistic sex dolls. I recall it all started when some model-maker (my old trade) realised that the new epoxies and urethanes that spookily replicated flesh could be used to make something infinitely more realistic than those nasty inflatable dolls. RealDolls weren't cheap of course, with each costing in the vicinity of US$5000. But people paid and RealDoll seems to be thriving with assorted new 'big-eyed' models that, to all intents and purposes, are as close to underage dolls that they can get without being obvious. I don't doubt that the fellow who came up with RealDoll made a lot of money - and probably contrived some bullshit disappear-up-it's-own-arse logic to explain the rightness of it all as well.

Truth is, RealDoll is merely an X-rated version of the Pygmalion myth, best known to people in it's tarted up version, My Fair Lady (from the pen of everyone's favourite Fabian Socialist, George Bernard Shaw). The Pygmalion myth might loosely be described as a fellow's desire to have a partner who can shut the fuck up, you stupid bitch. Don't be alarmed there, it's just me channelling a self-obsessed git. And that's where RealDoll's head is at, so to speak. It frees a person from having to consider their partner, and allows them to be as mad and self-absorbed as can be. With a RealDoll, 'It's all about me'. There's a documentary out there featuring various RealDoll owners and you'll be hard-pressed finding a sorrier line-up of losers anywhere.

Mind you, the astoundingly life-like properties of the new urethanes are no longer anything special. The samples that blew my mind at the pattern-making suppliers back in the early nineties are a given now. The big deal lately is the animation of the simulacra. Japan seems to be leading the way in this regard. If you've ever seen Honda's Asimo robot running up and down stairs you can't help but be impressed. And lately the news carried a report about the life-like 'Repliee Q1' who sat demurely in a chair and answered questions. Wow - imagine her with fuck-able orifices! Hot diggety!

Eventually we'll arrive at Repliee Q10 and finally the shortcomings of the perpetually passive RealDoll will be done away with. Not only will your sex partner be able to shut the fuck up, but will fuck like a monkey too! At last blow-jobs that, a) don't involve you having to do all the work, as with the RealDoll, and b) are free of all the coughing, spluttering, and complaining that comes with a real person. Dig it - it's a cum-spattered E-ticket for an X-rated Disneyland. And all in the comfort of your own home!

To hell with the real world. To hell with Buddha's dukkha and the fear/anxiety that accompanies things being other than I would wish. I refuse to see the world as it is. Instead I posit myself as a god and recreate the world to according to my whims - everything must bow down (or bend over) before me. Thus spake Zarathustra, ha ha.


su said...

Ha ha indeed.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Time to lube up guys! Do you supply the KY or is it a bring your own party?

john said...

Well that was the Pygmalion myth as succinctly put as I've ever seen it and made me laugh like hell.

As for realdolls and repliee, I find them creepy as fuck but I imagine that there are people out there who would get off on this sort of thing.

Where you see sex slave I tend to see weapon. Already we have the pleasure of killing from a distance as with the drones.

For the robots, I have been seeing some of the weaponised versions of these on youtube and a more terrifying adversary is hard to imagine. Waching them creeping about in the woods is really scary, give them a mighty kick and they don't fall over.

The only possible drawback that I can see presently is power supply, but a lot of money pours into R&D so no doubt it is being worked on.

nobody said...

Well there you go. You need real humans for rooting but for killing, a robot is infinitely preferable. Hmm... it occurs to me that in the future the only reason the death cult would need real human soldiers is not so much for the killing as for the dying. If the problem is too many fit, young, testosterone-filled men, the answer is the army. A whole generation wiped out. The best of all possible worlds.

Penny said...

John: Where you see sex slave I tend to see weapon.

Interesting, cause I was thinking that....
and note: aimed at men


is it to distance men further from woman and by extension children.
to break them away from the human bonds?
It is harder for woman to distance themselves from other humans as woman carry the babies, and the bond is there.

But for men, is this a further distancing from that bond to other human beings first woman and by extension the kids.

It is freakish, it really is.

Destiny said...

Just a thought but will the Repliee Q10 come with teeth lol what if there was a hiccup in her programming ? Ouch

nobody said...

Ha Ha! Asimov already covered this in his robotic laws. How did it go again? "A robot may not bite a human being or, through inaction, allow them to be bitten." Something like that...

Otherwise imagine remotely hacking into Q10 and taking control whilst Mr Pervy is en flagrante dilecto? What fun!

Destiny said...

Hmmm I will have to plead ignorance and ask what " en flagrante dilecto " means ? lol

nobody said...

How embarrassing! Not you, me - I misspelt it. It should be 'in flagrante delicto'. It's Latin for 'in flaming offence' which is to say 'caught in the act'. Or as the Footy Show would put it, 'mid-root'.

Destiny said...

Ahhh well being an Aussie it's the Footy Show's interpretation I relate to best lol thanks for the hookup with Visible - there is a huge amount to read - I think I will start with Visible Origami. How I found you: I was watching a documentary with John Pilger but missed the first 30mins. I did a search on Google and that is when I stumbled across your blogs - very impressive :)

nobody said...

Wow, a real time conversation. What with so many Americans, Canadians, and Euros this almost never happens.

Otherwise I'm glad you like it. Pilger is great isn't he? He's the guy I'd like to be. As is I just swap arse for class, ha ha.

Speaking of Pilger, someone very kindly popped in and gave me the address for a site where you can download all his films for free. Me, I can't use it what with this public library connection I use running at the speed of a bucket of wet sand. But you might be able to. Ciao Ciao.

Destiny said...

John Pilger is absolutely amazing -a true voice in the wilderness and thanks I will definitely follow up on that link.