Saturday, July 11, 2009

Monty's trouble with servants

Dear Chas,

It seems my travails with the servants continue. They're such a pain in the arse! Do you recall one of the scullery maids taking exception to her daughter entertaining us at our soirees? I had Bates put the fear of god into her of course, with his men following her about etc. but somehow she gave him the slip! With her daughter! It was that little pixie-eyed brunette that you liked.

Anyway, they ended up in Shelmerston telling the usual dark tales of satan worship etc. Happily Reeves, who heads the police there, got back to me as soon as he heard and I had Bates nip in quick and throw her down a flight of stairs. The daughter is in the dungeon now (how pleasant it is to have one) and is much more agreeable what with her mother having so clearly conveyed to her what happens to troublemakers, albeit by being a corpse, ha ha. At least she was good for something.

Anyway it now seems that one of Bates' men has run off with a photo of the dead woman and idiotically imagines there's money in it. We'll disabuse him of that notion soon enough, but what's wrong with these fucking people? It's endless. Bloody servants! You can't live with them and you can't have them all killed en masse. Not unless you have some perverse desire to do your own laundry! There's a curious thought. I don't even know where my laundry is. Nor how it's done. Given that that's the case perhaps I'll let the laundry-woman live. Quality of mercy and all that, ha ha. Ain't I grand?

Drollery aside, if only these jumped up scum could be taught their place once and for all. I know the Fabians have things all planned out with their socialism etc. but where's the abject fear!? Otherwise, Grosvenor of the Royal Society talks of progress with his new-fangled electrical apparatus but the woman he showed me just seemed to be a listless automaton, of no use in bed, nor the laundry, nor anywhere else. One remains hopeful but in the meantime one's forced to run around keeping people in their place. Like I said, tiresome in the extreme! I really do have better things to do with my time.

Speaking of which, you'll be coming up for our soiree Friday week? I absolutely promise you that little prixie brunette will be there - and freshly terrified with it, ha ha!

yours aye,



If you scroll down slightly you'll notice another new piece below this one, and below that another. What started as a desultory three-piece effort ended up spiralling out of control and I cut it into three. Whether the three were ever truly connected is debatable and probably best approached with the thought 'Well, he is mad'. Yoroshiku.


slozo said...

I don't know what to say, other than, it's some of your best work, Nobody.

This is why the world really needs a group of superhero hitmen to rid us of these bastards . . . the ruling class need a little fear death from out of nowhere, I feel. If they see you coming, you're toast.

And good write-up on the autism. Myself, I think it is a combination of things - there are media influences with their flashing frames of 1-3 seconds (tv, movies, video games) and superfast, brain numbing action . . . I don't know any autistic kids who never watched tv, let's just put that out there. As a lark, have there ever been any reported cases of autism from a Mennonite community? Thought not.

Anyways, the media influence and the mercury and the drugs, combined with the fluoride in the water, the hormones in all your meats, the bleach in your eggs, the preservatives in your food, the missing nutrients in you super-pasteurised milk that supposedly has all the vitamins put back in after they eradicate them, the same milk being filled with puss (hormone after-effect) and blood from the poor tortured cow that only lives two years instead of twelve now and is fed only grain and even some meat product, everything being made of plastic so that they leach their poisony goodness into your bottled water and food, devices in our homes which release microwaves which fuck up your thyroid and the microwave oven itself which when heating food in plastic leaches out carcinogens, etc etc etc.

What a dangerous world we live in.

nobody said...

Slozo - Done Deal! You nailed it all in a paragraph. It's relentless isn't it? As for Mennonites, they perpetually get it right don't they? You'd almost have to wonder why the death cult lets them live what them offering a control group for those of us in the experimented-upon group to compare with.

Penny said...

were they ever connected, control through manipulation runs through them all,
The manipulation can take on different means of delivery, but it is manipulation none the less.

This a more obvious version, sheer brutality implied to control,

the other through physical changes brought on by poisoning, under the guise of helpfulness (shots)

the other manipulation through sex, applied to men, probably the easiest way to do that.


and you can read my comment in that one to understand what I am talking about.

and hey nobody!

slozo, I try so hard to stay away from this stuff as much as possible, I eat organic, I eat local grown, we grow our own veggies, no poisons included.
Stay away from processed full of chemical foods...
Hell we will eat wild foods.

But, the way things are done, by massive agri-business, it is impossible to stay 100 percent away from all this crap isn't it??

I figure If I can stay 50 percent away, it is better then nothing.

water distiller eh?
have to do some reading on that.

Von Curtis said...

You can't live with them and you can't have them all killed en masse. Not unless you have some perverse desire to do your own laundry!

The British upper class are VERY SICK DESPICABLE creatures then and now
I heard that Charlie even has someone hold him when he urinates.
UNBELIEVABLE ARROGANCE - they believe they are so supreme that the earth belongs to them.

It is in the nature of Americans to settle for mediocrity as partners. That is why they will go after the most vile, most corrupt elements in any society and bring them to the fore - like they did with the Iraqi traitors, fished them out and bailed them out like the crook Chalabi -- from London, the US and Iran and brought them in as "democratically elected" leaders of parties...

Americans are really politically dirty, good students of their equally dirty English nanny - not so Great Britain. They are what you call in plain english -- Sons of Bitches

The point is when it came to Saddam everything was blown out of proportion - from his lifestyle, to his alleged authoritarianism, to the false claims about his endless brutality...
You probably already read that the puppet Shiites, slaves of Iran, US and the Shiite Hawza banned any visits to Saddam's resting place. Seems that this Great Man still terrifies the puppets even in his death.

Von Curtis said...

Talking about BIG LIES Nobody I started an interesting discussiion by placing the words 'Do you think they went to the Moon or not ?? ' on and after I heard a promotion on our brain-washing ABC .

'I just heard ABC radio say they are doing a special Catalyst program this Thursday to celebrate 40 years since the moon landing.
I haven't been happy with Catalyst for a long time with all their hype of global waming and other pseudo science.
I always believed they did BUT knowing what I do know , all the BIG LIES and absolute media control - I don't know.
Forty years ago I looked at the moon landing on the black and white TV and like everybody we were in awe. We always believed absolutely the news and docos we saw on TV - everyone did.
Now.... I am very sceptical about it.'

slozo said...

Addendum to the etc etc's:

And even if you avoid all those dangers, you have to survive all the unnatural sugars they put into foods and the ridiculous amount of salt; the aspartame in all the diet drinks and foods that is proven to be a carcinogenic (banned in Japan, I hear!), the margarine that is pushed for being healthy but is unfortunately a heart attack inducing plastic; and heaven forbid you ever actually get cancer, because they will ensure you die quickly and painfully under the treatment that any witch doctor would be proud of, chemotherapy; and goodness knows if you have a bump or lump they will operate to cut out a piece of your body instead of curing the cause; and to perk you up, for dessert you can have some of the multitude of fried snacks like potato chips to further promote obesity; and while you sit back exhausted on your porch you can get sprayed with toxic chemicals from airplanes supposedly out to spray for bugs (chemtrails, anyone?); and while we relax, let's avoid grilling any fish from the lake as they probably have heavy minerals in them from all the illegal dumping by corporations which are governed by their ex-employees in the watchdog agencies or better yet the gov't; and don't put on that sunscreen, which has never been proven to prevent skin cancer, on the contrary, all the countries that use it religiously have the highest rates; and ladies, covered with the cheaper make-up, poisoning their skin and bodies with the toxins in that sludge; and the peroxide and bleach and hair colouring soaking in through the hair and poisoning you further; and men, don't get cocky because that aftershave and cologne haven't gone through any tests for long term detrimental health effects either; and kids, avoid the lead toys and products your lovely western corporations made and then blamed on the country and workers they employed so that they could enjoy record profits without even a second thought about quality or health.

Shit, and you want to find out why so many westerners are autistic, with all of these factors representing a small fraction of what could be out there affecting us negatively?!? Good luck . . . seriously. Myself, I think the key is to do things exactly like the healthy people do, and to do the exact opposite of what the unhealthy people tell you to do.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

“I heard that Charlie even has someone hold him when he urinates.”

Nah, that was Shrub the elder and the assistant’s mouth has to be fishing tackle height – allegedly.

Slozo, what can I say? You nailed it and then came back and secured it with a screw. It is so pervasive where do you even begin to combat stuff like this?

nobody said...

Lots of good comments and here I am with just enough time to say I have no time. Library is closing, have to run. Thanks all. Yoroshiku.

Von Curtis said...

This death cult NB - do you think that the elite of Britain, US, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, Canada, Israel, Iran, India, Tibet are all in together.
And China knows all about it but is definitely not with them, but they do like to control their population. What do you think??
A fight between Marxists probably - as the following states.

The historical materialistic and the dialectic materialist are at odds with one another. The Tiennamen Square issue which we thought was a struggle between democracy versus communism, was a struggle between Traditional Marxism versus Transformational Marxism. The fighting in the Soviet Union is not a struggle between democracy versus communism. It was a struggle to make the world safe for Transformational Marxism which is a "Diverse group of people dialoguing to consensus over social issues in a facilitated meeting" versus Traditional Marxism which says, "You do it my way, or bang you're dead."

This is why it doesn't make any difference when the UN has a meeting between the Chinese, Russians, French, Columbian, Israeli, or South African communists/Marxists. They are all interconnected through Transformational Marxism.