Saturday, July 11, 2009

Autism For All!

To be honest, one wonders why they persist with these rubbery simulacra. Having read of what was done to Susan Ford in Thanks For The Memories, clearly the aristocratic filth that rule us arrived at an infinitely better solution to the problem of troublesome servants. Besides, the aristocracy are people of taste and refinement - they would no more stick their dick in an artificial orifice than they would eat the GM shit at McDonalds. Perhaps we should just view the RealDoll as yet another straw on the know-thyself camels' back - another thing in a long unbroken line of stuff designed to destroy our bonds with each other, and otherwise have us understand the rightness of worshipping the self.

In wondering what the death cult aristocracy is on about, it doesn't pay to think small. There's no point tempering your thoughts with petty niggles or scruples. The death cult never does. The truth is we as little people have no idea of what is and isn't feasible when the world is yours to command. Thus we may as well just gun for the worst case scenario. Remember, for the death cult, 'worst case scenario' = 'an ideal world'.

In this best of all possible worlds, ideally we will all be variations of Susan Ford. And there I was, having just finished Ford's book, chatting on the phone to a friend of mine who was telling me of her six-year-old autistic son's progress in school. I know this kid as well as I know any. Or to put it another way, I don't know him at all since I've never had a conversation with him. That's autism for you. If you ask him a question he just repeats it, or ignores you utterly. Otherwise even the merest hint of attempting to modify his behaviour will result in him smashing his head against the wall. Literally. Everything you know about kids goes out the window with autism. Otherwise, left to himself he's a sweet kid, albeit an unknowable one.

Astoundingly, his mother tells me that he is doing brilliantly in his first year of school. Forget the remedial 'special' class I assumed would be his lot - in English and maths he's leaving all the other kids behind. And yet frustratingly, when she asks him, 'How was school?' he just repeats the question. On matters of feelings, or of himself, or even of others, he is unable to formulate an opinion. 'How are you?, makes no sense to him.

Um, okay - anyone else out there with a lightbulb going off in their head? Isn't this kid almost precisely what the death cult is looking for?

Is everyone across the link between autism and government mandated mercury-based thimerosal vaccines? I'll take it as read. Now think of McGowan's Laurel Canyon and his detailing of the death cult's mass release of LSD in the hippy movement. Think of the 'spike' nature of LSD (ie. if we plotted a graph of LSD use over time), and compare that to the 'spike' nature of autism - zero to a hundred in a few short years. Certainly LSD was freely handed out and freely taken, and thimerosal-laced vaccines were government mandated, but in the whatever-suits nature of the campaign this is neither here nor there.

Here then is the thought - what if autism by way of mass thimerosal poisoning wasn't so much a penny pinching exercise by big pharma as much as it was another yellow brick in the road to mind control? Let's not be put off by the fact that it didn't succeed. LSD didn't succeed either. As far as I can see, autism as dry-run experiment towards the goal of a world of slaves makes as much sense (hell, probably more) than any other bullshit reason.

The only thing we know for sure is that bullshit lies are a certainty, and the lies are always layered. Think of the Gulf War: (loudly) Iraq has WMD's; (not so loudly) we thought Iraq had WMD's; (quietly) it's all about the oil; (sotto voce) it's all about Israel; (and completely unspoken) the truth - Iraq was just a single step in the global goal of smashing Islam's alternative to usury.

And in the discussion of why there are so many autistic kids now, I'm thinking we're somewhere between 'It was a mistake', and 'It was greed'. The first of these is laughable - there's no way kids were injected with mercury by accident. The second is just too penny-ante. Given the monstrousness of what was done, it's absurd to think that the nickels and dimes saved by using mercury preservative were worth it. Metaphor time - if we had mosquitoes breeding in the well, would we believe the explanation of the fellow who tipped ten litres of arsenic in there - that he did this because the arsenic was five dollars cheaper than the citronella? Not forgetting that he's a pharmacologist and the richest guy in town. Would we believe that?

Am I the only guy to whom this thought has occurred? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, given that I'm the merest dilettente, there's no way I'm going to make any splash, or otherwise bust it up the middle with this. Certainly not with the health expert heavies who've clocked up endless hours detailing the links between thimerosal and autism.

But then again, there's a lot to be said for dilettenteism. In this world of the Big Lie, focusing tight on a subject means you have no true idea of how big the Big Lie is. With a narrow viewfinder, the weeny tentacled protozoa appears monstrous - the Goober that ate New York City. Scale will do that to you. Step back and we'll see that that impossibly big Big Lie isn't imposssible at all. They do it all the time - business as usual.

So! Here I am asserting that the autism epidemic is, in all probability, the result of a deliberate act of mass poisoning. But as epic as that crime is, I'll also assert that for the death cult it's the merest bagatelle, barely a blink of their god-like eye. With the death cult it pays to throw out all sense of human scale. God knows they did.


su said...

You are not alone in this line of thinking.
Have some super fast processing units with no regard for their persons or emotions and you have - well the perfect sheeple.
The mass poisoning would not surprise me. Just check out codex.
Look at the whole low fat epidemic.
Then see the mercury in the new energy saving light bulbs.
Poison poison everywhere ....airwaves, paper.

And yet although the British press is decrying cures for autism, I know of a woman who had a severely autistic child. Her marriage did not survive. She was led to investigating diet. Started a community where no one was allowed to leave for weekends. They all had to commit to 3 months on site and away from all sugars, additives and chemicals. Those few families that managed this controlled way of eating were absolutely amazed at the change in the children.
Mercury is a poison that can be eliminated - but stay away from the flashing ads for archways.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

It seems Mr N, that quite a few others arrived on the same train as you as it pulled into the station of Eugenics, isn’t that somewhere in Oregon? It always occurred to me that autism was a zero sum disease; God giveth to some parts of the brain and taketh away from others.

I am not deliberately showing off here but in the early 50’s we were one of the first in our street to have the wonder of a 12 inch monochromatic moving picture silver screen machine (someone has to be the first). Every evening about a quarter of an hour before children’s TV was about to start there was a knock on the door to see if I was coming out to play; the only question was who was going to be on the other side of the door on that particular night. Anyway, for an hour the house was filled with 10 or 15 kids. One particular kid called Tommy never watched the TV; he spent the hour watching the others who were watching the TV which was a tad off-putting to say the least. It is only in later years that I have realised that he might have been the only one with any sense. Constant urgings for him to watch the TV resulted in him looking to the screen for about half a minute before he went back to watching the people. We didn’t understand it at the time and it was not long before he wasn’t included in the group any more but this was probably my first experience of coming in contact with an autistic type disease. I guess at that time it didn’t even have a name. From this it seems that autism existed independent of mercury but mercury is a trigger for a certain proportion of the population, not as much as some would like it has been suggested. Dr Boyd Hayley, a world authority on autism has described any baby injected with Thymerosal as a “Biological train wreck”.

When nature has a system that has worked well for a time say 10,000 years or so It will throw out an experiment to see if it produces an improvement or not but the Eugenics including the GM lot are trying to do everything in a single lifetime and the rest of the human population are the guinea pigs. As important as this is to every parent it as just one weapon for one occasion in a vast armoury; mercury for an unsuspecting docile population; microwaves for a pissed off population and tsunami creating sound beams for a population that has seen its poop and everything in between. They have the weapons, we have the numbers and the question now is deciding the best combating strategy to adopt.

Von Curtis said...

you have no true idea of how big the Big Lie is - Yes I find myself waking up at night wondering about just that - going as far back as I can remember and through the years as I grew up.
It does worry me that the vaccinations my children were given in the early 90's when they were born may have affected them with some degree of autism. It is terrible. My son is a bit of a cold fish sometimes.
I wonder if you know you have been affected could you over-ride the damage that has been done and develop empathy anyway. The power of the mind is amazing and it can compensate for a lot of deficencies.
The truth is going to change a lot of peoples' minds about a lot of things.
on the horizon a small but significant ripple - a tsunami of change - it is truth, the weapon of their mass destruction

Kim said...

Excellent reading. I have been on the fence for several years about vaccines. As a nurse I had "extra" brainwashing in the necessities of vaccinations. I have read several articles recently that have made me rethink the whole thing. "They" say that my eleven year old son needs a few more vaccinations for school this year. I look forward to telling them to shove it.

Kim said...

Oops! Meant to ask if you know where to find a copy of "Thanks for the Memories". My mom has located only one copy and they want eighty dollars for it. Unfortunately that's a little out of my price range right now. I would love to know if there are other copies available. Thanks!

psychegram said...

I've had very similar thoughts. Autism is not an accident, it's a deliberate attempt at making perfect slaves. Perhaps an early attempt, a prototype with many bugs still to be ironed out, but as with any prototype you can see the final product with a little imagination, like looking at an Epson HX-20 and seeing a Mac Powerbook.

Autistic kids are in many ways the perfect biomechanical slaves. Savant abilities are widespread (amazing what the brain can accomplish when you free up all that space that was being wasted on little things like 'theory of mind', 'facial expression recognition' or 'emotional processing'). They have absolutely no ambition: so long as they're kept warm, fed, and watered, they're perfectly happy following whatever weird obsession they've developed. They have no real desire for self-development, no desire for freedom, no need to question, and want only to do the One Minor Thing they happen to be not just good but fantastic at. They are, in a word, the epitome of the human-as-machine. They are the future of humanity, or at least, the future They have planned for us.

Of course, lacking as they do in any social skills, getting them to reproduce might be difficult. No doubt later models will overcome this by simply hatching them out of bottles, Brave New World style.

Luckily the process is reversible, with diet, chelation and a great deal of patience and love, a painstaking process to be sure but it can be done.

It's good to know I'm not the only one to think along these lines....

nobody said...

The reason I wondered if I was the only one was due to the fact that I've read a ton about the thimerosol/autism link (mostly on account of my friends and their son) and never saw it mentioned. But it's good to know that the idea is out there.

Su, nice to have you back with us. I do hope you're well and happy etc. Speaking of eliminating poisons, what with the state government here having just started up with fluoride in the water (with the requisite campaign explaining how good for us it is) I prevailed upon the old man to shell out $400 for a distiller.

I've been drinking nothing but distilled water for two weeks now and it's brilliant. Hmm... my output here has trebled. Go figure. Otherwise I finally just cleaned out the distiller and the muck we'd otherwise have drunk is unbelievable. Right now, look at your little finger. That's the volume of grey sludge we'd have otherwise drunk in just two weeks. It's really shocking. And the flipside of this is that with distilled water, not only do you not drink that toxic-waste sludge but the accumulated minerals that are built up around your arteries, organs, etc. is slowly expelled. Apart from this little macbook, I reckon it's the best money I ever spent. I might do a piece on this as soon as I've finished with 'Henry K and the Council'.

Onya FB. Yeah there was autism before thimerosal. When I said 'zero to a hundred' technically the zero is incorrect. But regardless, a spike is a spike. That aside, it's astounding how often I mention that friends of mine have an autistic kid, and whomever I'm talking to will have a friend or a relative who also has one. Really spooky.

Hey Kim, nice of you to pop in. I do love it when someone asks a question and I have an immediate and useful answer. The Brice Taylor book is available in any number of places online in pdf format. But no need to go looking - I uploaded it here. Did you not read the original thing I wrote that started this current train of thought? That's here. Or just go back to the front page and scroll down. It also has a link to the download.

Hey Psyche, LTNS. Yep to all that. I should also mention that the parents of this boy are a hippy couple. They spent a lot of time and money putting him through a special Steiner pre-school thing that brought him along no end. They also live in the country and eat fairly healthy food, well, as healthy as you can be within the insanely fussy confines of autism. Besides that, and in spite of the fact that they drink rain/springwater I just talked them into a getting a distiller, ha ha. Anyway, their kid has made huge strides. Merely the fact that he turns and listens to you when you speak to him is a huge achievement.

Otherwise folks, I feel bad that the comments have been particularly brilliant lately and I haven't been acknowledging them. Pen popped in to the fear/deterrence thing and declared the comments particularly good and she was right. I was fairly inspired and see if I don't do a thing on it soon-ish.

ciao ciao

su said...

It is compulsory in this country of slight anarchy for all children entering the schooling system to be vaccinated. Even though it is against our new constitution.
When Iona at the age of 6 wanted to try out pre-primary we had to forge a vaccine certificate. It was quite a business, borrowed a few clinic cards, A3 piece of cardboard folded in just the right way. Different pens, different signatures, working out which vaccine she would have had when.
It was a time consuming, high caffeine, much laughter affair.
When finally we were ready and stepped into the office, and my inner 8 year old came out panicking, the administrator simply took it, made a photocopy and shoved it in the filing system.
I could have filled it with Micky Mouse stamps.
Anyway, she left after three months thankfully.

Watched the US versus John Lennon last night. Long time since I had heard his music, doesn't get airplay every, does he. Not like the smoochy boy bands with their trite lyrics. Anyway I was amazed at the power of protest and how even then it was so violently suppressed. But in comparing the opposition to the Vietnam war against the Iraq war was tragic.
Where is the anger, where is the rage, where is the people power?
Vaccinated and educated right away?

su said...

Okay red faced, sorry for the source. But here is the effective poisoning for 20 million Brits.
Get out there on the streets and rage good people. Rage. Fuck this love and light bullshit. Time to put the fear of god into the mother controllers.

Penny said...

reading through this all makes me think of all the news of mass vaccines being given for the H1N1, that scares me. Really. As near as I can tell the death toll from it has been less then the yearly regular flu, and the fact that people die from that despite the massive flu clinics every year to inject so many.

I just don't know what the point is??

How did our parents and grand parents and great grandparents make it to great old ages without such intervention?

I was reading that perhaps h1n1 is here to stay, ok, so if it is, then let us build up our immunities to it, and we can all wash our hands etc.,

Wouldn't we all end up stronger for it, building up resistances naturally??
Unless, that is not what the PTB's want??

psychegram said...

Su, forging vaccine certificates, brilliant! I'll have to mention that to my friends, though I doubt many of them have your inimitable 'fuck you' attitude in the face of authority.

"Where is the anger, where is the rage, where is the people power?
Vaccinated and educated right away?"

Well, that, yes. And don't forget the gatekeeper effect. The robot radicals of the left are there to redirect any and all righteous anger on the part of people with a conscience towards safe causes that will upset nothing. And if the government tells you only to protest with a permit, in designated free speech zones, well, mustn't disturb things, after all.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

If any of you know of people with autistic kids here are a few vids that provide a bit more background. The first is from Dr Boyd Haley, the “biological train wreck” guy.

Part 1 of 6

Another source is David Ayoub. He is a radiologist who decided there were better pickings on the lecture circuit and chose as his subject, autism and the roll of mercury in vaccines.

It is a 90 min video. The first half is good and informative. For instance he claims that if a doctor was to vaccinate a three month old baby with say MMR and happened to drop the syringe on the floor and it broke, the contents of the syringe would be regarded as toxic waste. I do wish he hadn’t mentioned black helicopters though. For me it kind of devalued it somewhat but it is worth a watch all the same.

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

I forgot to mention this little tid-bit; dentists are a special class that the toxic effects of mercury don’t apply to. They will happily fill your teeth and then cap the hole with amalgam (an alloy containing mercury). There is no safe limit for mercury even in parts per billion, but having the stuff permanently installed in your head…….

Anonymous said...

From Belgium

Sorry for the tripple posting but this is a must see regarding mercury in teeth.

I rememberd it after I hit the post the comment button