Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Infectious Mindset and Rivero's 10%

Following that Holocaust thing I wrote recently, a fellow dropped into the comments section and declared Mike Rivero of What Really Happened was a Jew and perfectly untrustworthy on the subject of the Holocaust etc. He declared Rivero a gate-keeper who only let through 90%. Jewishness aside, the former claim was specious nonsense. But the latter was true. Mike Rivero does have his 10%.

But let's rewind a little. To a certain extent I started on WRH. It was the story of the USS Liberty that really did my head in. To a fellow with a Time Magazine mindset, the Liberty story was perfectly impossible, and yet here were the survivors laying it all out. It was impossible and it was true. Time and again, WRH has tripped me over the line of impossibility: remote control of wide-body passenger jets; molten as opposed to softened steel in the WTC collapse; the placement of bombs in OKC bombing; Pearl Harbour foreseen; the Holocaust; and now even global warming.

This is the infectious mindset. Once you've started, you're fucked. There is no cure for the red pill. But that's not to say that there aren't variations of red pills. There are. I wonder how many people stick with WRH as their sole provider of media-impossible stories? I understand the temptation. It's a one-stop shop. You hit it once a day and get everything you need. Curiosity's pangs of hunger nourished with a set daily diet. Who needs to go trawling through google, looking stuff up, when we have Mike to do it for us?

But like I said in an earlier piece, WRH's world is finite. It has limitations. You can spend all the time you like there and will never encounter Dave McGowan nor any mention of the 'pedophocracy'. (For late arrivals, The Pedophocracy is a must-read. It can be found here). And sure, the pedophocracy is explicitly a phrase of McGowan's creation, but the word itself is neither here nor there. It's the concept that counts. Give it whatever name you like, as long as it describes a network of immensely powerful people who traffic in children, have a penchant for satanism, and are seemingly untouchable. In terms of this big picture, I haven't a shred of doubt. The pedophocracy exists, and it exists big time.

McGowan took the red pill long ago. He wonders at things. He does not dismiss inconsistencies or make excuses for them. He asks questions, searches, and if sacred icons get smashed, well, what's a feller to do? Apart from 'Get Smashing!', ha ha.

But it's not all just iconoclasm. McGowan arrives at inevitable conclusions regardless of those conclusions being completely and utterly at odds with any sing-from-the-same-songsheet media message. We get this don't we? It's what we do. We know the media has bullshitted us on pretty much everything - certainly everything big. We're so completely there, that whatever the media says, we now start in the total and opposite direction to see if we aren't nearer the mark. That's our mindset. That's how our brains work now.

Where was I? Oh yeah, WRH's 10%. Rivero does do pedophilia from time to time. He does priests (so much so that we're now all perfectly familiar with his jokey refrain about 'always picking on the Catholics'), and he does the Franklin scandal. But that's pretty much it. Ironically, for a fellow who gives us all the stories the media ignores, on this subject he seems never to stray from the media line. The media loves to trash the Catholic Church and does pedophile priest stories to death. In fact, for many of us, the first thing that pops into our head upon hearing the word 'pedophile' is the word 'priest'. And then there's the Franklin scandal of twenty years ago. This too made the media. It was on the front page of the Washington Times no less. And sure, it was then buried and let die but that's neither here nor there. Fact is, we heard about all of it without WRH.

But Mike does other stories too. Here's a recent one, the basic thrust of which is that the current pedophile witch-hunt has run amuck. Read the link if you want, but for mine, it's the comment that's really interesting.

Child porn scourge creates more suspects than can be arrested

Mike's Comment -
Now, I will be the first to admit that there are some very sick individuals who do some very strange things to little kids (especially among the clergy), but when I hear the word "resources" it sounds like the true scale of the problem is being exaggerated to protect someone's budget from the axe during these difficult economic times.

I recall the brouhaha about Satanic Ritual Abuse in the 1980s and 1990. A media-fed panic swept the nation that children were being abducted and in some cases intentionally bred for the purposes of use in rituals to Satan. Despite many sensational stories in the media, and huge sums of money budgeted for the investigators, not a single case of actual Satanic Ritual abuse was ever found.

One of the most famous cases of accusations of child molestation, including Satanic Ritual abuse, involved the McMartin Pre-School. One of the mothers, an alcoholic and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, accused one of the workers at the school of molesting her child. There was an arrest, nut in the absence of evidence no charges were filed. That this same woman had a history of false allegations of sexual abuse of her child was kept private, but a "Confidential" letter was circulated warning customers of the school that the issue of sexual molestation had been raised. Fanned by the media and by a local Catholic church that openly called for the death of the main McMartin suspect, Ray Buckey, the situation exploded into hysteria. Parents were convinced their children were victims. Interrogators pressured the children to "remember" the abuse, and forensics tests which contradicted the claims were scrapped while new and unproven testing procedures were tried.

After six years and $15 million, the case ended with no convictions. In hindsight, it was recognized that this had been a witch-hunt in the truest Medieval sense of the word. Popular imagination had run wild, and the people paid to find molesters had seen molesters at every turn, whether they were truly there or not.

In hindsight, it was clear that the children had simply gone along with whatever the interrogators suggested had happened, more in the spirit of a game than our of malice. That no evidence was ever found off the secret underground tunnels that figured in the lurid stories should have been a warning but it was not. The trials proceeded to their humiliating end.

Now, as I said above, I understand that there really are some very sick people out there. But when I hear claims that there are simply too many of them to arrest without more resources, I have to wonder if this is a problem with the economy, rather than with the real crime.

In her book, "Who Stole Feminism" Christina Hobbs Sommers revealed that while rape is and remains a real crime, there was no explosive epidemic of rape in the 1990s. The so-called rape "crisis" was a manufactured issue used to fill talk shows, sell books, and mostly to justify funding for campus rape centers and rape counselors, most of whom sat idle a great deal of the time. Like the Satanic Ritual Abuse panic, the Rape Crisis resulted in a flood of false accusations of rape which had the long term result of making it more difficult for real rape victims to get be believed. But the money flowed to the self-appointed saviors and that was the important thing.

So, I have to view the huge numbers of offenders mentioned in this article and wonder if (not unlike the global warming scam) the situation is being exaggerated to make a grab for more public funds, or at least dodge the budget ax as the economy slides.

If there is one lesson to be learned from the real Medieval witch hunts, it's that when you pay people to see witches, they will believe witches truly exist, and that bystanders, rather than miss out on the fun, will gladly join the hysteria.

What a long comment! Especially given that it's not factual. Unless there were two McMartins and I was watching another one, that is. Whilst McMartin was pre-red pill for me, that's not to say I wasn't paying attention. I was, and my recollection was not of a media witch-hunt per se, but rather of a media condemnation of a witch-hunt, pretty much precisely like Mike's above. As I understood it at the time - the whole thing was hysteria, the McMartin folks were innocent, and the parents and counsellors were all nutters, drunks, and villains. That's what the media told me and I believed them. Between an impossible crime, and the oh-so-credible False Memory Syndrome Foundation telling us that people just invented these crazy stories, I bought the 'false memory' line. It never occurred to me at the time that the False Memory Syndrome Foundation might be a creation of the CIA, funded by God knows who, and entirely staffed by 'ex'-spooks and 'ex'-pedophiles.

But never mind all that, best to keep things simple. So I wrote to Mike and set him straight on a key fact -

Hi Mike,

I hate to tell you this, but the tunnels under the McMartin school were found precisely as described. Google 'E Gary Stickel Phd McMartin tunnels'. That should sort you out.

Stickel by the way is actually famous. He's the archeologist Spielberg went to when he needed a consultant for Raiders of the Lost Ark. He's the real deal. And he found the tunnels and said so.

The tunnels were there. And if the tunnels were there, the kids and the parents weren't bullshitting. The drunk you mention only got that way because no one would believe her. Can't say I blame her myself.

It wasn't a witch hunt mate. It was real.

If it's any consolation I thought it was bullshit too. But the facts are undeniable and I changed my position.



Mike's not a chatty fellow so I got no reply. Nor did my thing appear on his letters page. But this one did -

READER: Thank you for your mention of the McMartin Preschool fiasco. A few points are worth mentioning. You wrote, "There was an arrest, but in the absence of evidence no charges were filed." Not so - charges were filed against 7 people, though dropped for all but 2, Peggy Buckley and her son, Ray. Ray Buckley spent 5 years in jail on a no-bond hold. Peggy's bond was $1million. The investigation and subsequent 2 trials resulted in a criminal case even longer and more expensive for Orange County, than OJ's. Actually, it was the longest and most expensive in American history. At the same time, as you note, other such cases against preschool teachers (and parents, grandparents, clergy) popped up around the country (bringing to light the phenomenon of 'false memory syndrome'). The second most well-known one occurred in North Carolina, the Little Rascals/Edenton Seven. Again, after the hysteria and trial, all were acquitted. A good website recap on the McMartin case is And an award-winning 1995 movie starring James Woods covers the subject well - 'Indictment; The McMartin Trial.'
WRH: There were no charges in the initial arrest; the one following the single accusation by the women who was a paranoid schizophrenic. The charges you describe occured later after a media-whipped frenzy made it politixally imperitive that someone be charged with something.

Um... is that interesting? I guess. Mike certainly seems down on the details. And it's certainly good reinforcement of the themes of 'hysteria', 'schizophrenic', 'waste of money', and 'false memory syndrome'. Pity they're all false. So I wrote to Mike again -

Hello Mike,

It seems my email yesterday went astray. I'm sending it again since you seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that there were no tunnels under the McMartin school. There were tunnels. Like I said, just google 'E Gary Stickel Phd McMartin tunnels'.

I look forward to you addressing this issue.



PS By the way, that False Memory Syndrome is a product entirely of the creation of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. If you google the names of the founders +pedophile, and +CIA, you might be in for a surprise - Martin T Orne, Louis Jolyon West, Ralph Underwager, and Peter and Pamela Freyd. Otherwise, did you not ever wonder where they got their funding?

Sure enough, no reply. But front page on WRH the next day is the ever reliable Franklin Scandal as a prompt for another comment on McMartin.

Feb 8

Franklin scandal (curiously, no use of his standard 'Flashback' preface)

Mike's comment -
The McMartin pre-school scandal made headlines for months and cost $15 million and wound up finding all parties innocent, but THIS scandal never saw the light of day because the corporate media refused to touch it.

Weirder and weirder! To highlight the fact that the Franklin scandal never saw the light of day because the corporate media refused to touch it, Mike actually posted the front page of the Washington Post on which it appeared. Ha ha ha ha. (Go on! That has to be worth a laugh, surely?!)

Am I the only person wondering what's going on here? What's up with this obsession with a twenty year old scandal that was covered in the media anyway? Isn't WRH all about the stories the media doesn't tell you? Go search WRH, see if you can find any mention of 'The Finders'. In spite of it being one of the biggest mindfucks ever, it doesn't exist on WRH. Just for the record, that's '0' results. Keep searching, look for 'Dutroux', look for 'West Point' or 'Presidio', hell, just put in 'pedophile'. For this last obvious search input, the new WRH provides two results, both of which are above. On the old WRH, you get fifteen. To put that in perspective, now try putting in 'Israel'.

I shake my head on this. I can sort of understand his position on McMartin and 'false memory syndrome' since it used to be my position. But that was before I was seized by the infectious mindset. And what, Mike doesn't have this mindset? Huh? Didn't I catch it from him? Surely his head is there.

Okay, so how is it that his site contains no mention of 'The Finders'? How is that possible? It's the perfect WRH story - crims caught dead to rights with a van full of kids; a customs agent's report detailing the bust of their headquarters (!); the CIA, the FBI, the Washington Metro police shutting down the investigation; and overall, the obviousness of wickedness at a colossal scale. Plug it into McMartin, the military childcare scandal, and yes, even Franklin, and the whole thing goes exponential.

But not at WRH it doesn't. On this subject, WRH is with the media. There is only one variety of pedophilia, and that mostly in the Catholic church. Beyond this there are individual perverts who occasionally seem to act in concert, but in no significant fashion. Any talk of childcare centres, global networks, or satanism, are notreallyhappened non-events, or otherwise discreditable variations of witch-hunt craziness, bad schizophrenic craziness, or just regular, old-fashioned alcoholic craziness. Which is to say, the victims imagined it all.

Is it just me, or are we in 'nothing-to-see-here-folks-move-along' territory?

I'll leave it to you to take your pick of excuses. Either the subject is too distasteful for Mike (unless Catholics are involved) and he prefers not to go there. Or it's a hurdle too far for him to get over - the Holocaust, no problem - but for the pedophocracy, his mental horse shies. Or perhaps some other reason occurs to you. Perhaps it occurs to me too. And?

And, let's just say Mike Rivero has a 10%, and this is it.


nobody said...

PS. McGowan's pedophocracy comprises the first six chapters from his book Programmed to Kill which you can buy at amazon and other places. I recommend it. The part on serial killers is every bit as mind-blowing as the first six chapters.

But it's in the past. McGowan has other fish to fry now and isn't updating the pedophocracy. Where to find more? Sure enough, there's no point going to WRH. But happily there are others who think that the pedophocracy is worth covering, notably aangirfan. His stuff on the Channel Islands is huge. The link is on the front page. And of course, there's always google.

Anyway what Mike disappears, others can reappear. Yoroshiku.

the Silverfish said...

I really do hate to say that I told Yuh so. 10% is enough, remember the part about recessive and dominant genes?

Oh wait maybe that’s not relevant to this post, no matter glad to have Yuh back, and will be expecting a bitchin email back..

Anonymous said...

What Mike misses can be gleaned elsewhere - he still does one hell-of-a-job.
And besides all of this is in the too hard basket for most people just like who finances drug trafficking- too many wealthy (read influential) people involved. Too dangerous to attack or even pry open a little.
I do think when the world is ready (and who can tell when that will be) for a serious revolution probably a lot of this will be broached then.
Certainly not in my life time if at all.
Sorry Nobody.

su said...

Okay there is my monthly dose of electric shock therapy.
Had never considered why he did not cover pedophilia - but now you have raised the question it is huge.

I have been stuck on this Madeleine McCann case for almost two years now. I think her disappearance is part of something huge.
I once read that in satanic rituals the more well known a child is the more power will result from the sacrifice.
This child was the most photographed, televised child ever.

But the worlds entire media is gagged and not reporting.
What the fuck is going on?

Randall said...

I had the exact same thought when I read that story on wrh, too.
If I remember right, John decamp investigated first?
Can't remember, but I know a plastic bag or something else was in the excavation that affirmed dating
of when it was filled in.
From reading a fair amount on the Belgium/Dutroux stuff and all the False Memory Syndrome stuff, where all these CIA connected psycho/psychologists names keep coming up, it seems to be primarily 4 areas: Mind control
through sex, torture and drugs. Sex, torture for twisted pleasure,
sex, drugs, torture for profit,
and sex torture for Rituals.

Hell, Dr. Underwager, one of the founders of FMSF was an admitted pedo.
Also I've never seen anything about Kinsey and his pervs like Rex King.
Something stinks, because I come across this stuff usually when researching something else, and that is because it's all connected.

Jolly West shows up or comments
about McMartin, and wow there he was back when RFK was assassinated
by Sirhan (not).
GWB out in front of the school Book Depos, AND probably involved in the Franklin thing.
All connected.

Penny said...

what an excellent post.

perhaps it is too distasteful, to hard to comprehend.

I know I found the book so difficult as I have said.

But then it is DAVE MCGowan!
adoring fan I am I had to get through it.

as for wrh, he does what he does, and since he largely uses msm for his site, I can understand why he discusses what he does.

Do we as readers expect too much perhaps? From these individuals.

These people are just people they cannot do and be all things to us.

It is like McGowan never gets into NWO stuff, it is not his thing,and that is ok.
I love his work anyway, he is one of the best


It is still best we do our own hunting down, which is happily how I found you!

glad your back

nobody said...

Thanks Folks, good comments.

Straight up, I'm still going to keep hitting WRH. There's too much there for it to be avoided.

You know what it is though? Mike Rivero ignoring stories is one thing, but him spending time and energy to bag out the victims of McMartin is another. Judy Johnson, the mother who started it all when her son came home from McMartin with blood running from his anus, had no history of alcoholism or schizophrenia until the PTB began their attacks.

On this subject, but jumping sideways, this might be interesting. It's a discussion of the involvement of Ted Gunderson, an 'ex'-FBI agent, in the parent's campaign to find justice. His 'help' ended in arguments, money disputes, and missing evidence. And I know the natural inclination is to dismiss people's claims that they're being poisoned, but here, with the scale of this thing, I'm prepared to view it as credible. Especially when there's a spook involved.

Anyway, I thought it was particularly poor of Mike to be piling in (on the side of the CIA, the FMSF, and the media) to heap shit on the victims of McMartin. Omission is one thing, commission is another. If you can dig the subtleties...

And yes, Silv, I owe a few emails. I'm ploughing my way through them. And yeah, Susana, Madeleine McCann. Sure looks like it, don't it?

kikz said...

wb noby :)

of all the current horrors, this is probably one of my most squeamish..

inre NC.. in the mid 80's i sought help for problems w/an asshole boyfriend..

this was the first/last time i ever approached the field of 'therapy' as a patient. studied, gen/psych, and ab/psych in univ...

i went there to try to find out why i had picked this guy..

of course, the subj of 'daddy' came we all try to find...our opposite parent, on some level..

i'd had a good relationship mine, and knew beyond any shadow of any doubt i was never abused.. hell, he never even hit me as a kid.. we crossed swords verbally and emotionally.. but what kid/parent relationship doesn't go there?

anyway, this nut therapist was adamant.. that first mtg, that i had suppressed memories of abuse at the hand of my daddy..

i told him...i thought he was full of shit..paid my bill, left and never went back..

i feel sure, that this was 'the latest cure' being offered by the mental health minions..
they'd either been given their 'orders' or it was presented as an easy money maker.....
much the same as hysterectomy has been 'offered' as the standard cure for a freakin the gyno minions, and oh, here.. btw, you get to take replacement hormones for life, which may cause cancer... sigh..

i hate to think, what damage that asshat could've caused someone of more easily breached/penetrated 'personal boundaries'...and i'm sure he did... but i had no desire to fight the entire mental health community.. too much else on my plate..
and, figured out on my own, why i'd chosen such an asshole for a longterm relationship.... :)

but to round it back out..
i know from experience.. the repressed memory gig.. is/was actively pushed. no doubt about it.

and if false memories are so easily implanted inre abuse.. stands to reason, any other memories could just as easily be implanted...

Anonymous said...

It's a mad, confusing world of information out there . . . and like you, I do continue to look up WRH often enough. It's a quick peek, but Mike does have the odd good one there for me to read . . .

But really, just as a person would stop listening to, say, an engaging politician once we realise that he is a compromised liar - we should also stop listening to people who may be spreaders of disinformation. And I have to say, I am on the verge of throwing WRH away on this very basis. There have been many doubts lingering in my mind for quite some time, and you have only brought up more for me . . .

I'll stick to my news/editorial/essay site, , if you'll allow me to recommend that to your readers to look over if they don't already know about it.

Welcome back, nobody.

Anonymous said...

I can understandhow you feel, WRH was largely responsible for waking me up too... the catalyst for me was the attack on the pentagon and (via WRH) building 7.
i hadn't really thought about the omission of child abuse stories either but now you mention it it does seem strange.
the madeleine story i did consider, dozens of children go missing every year and i had wondered why this particular one had drawn so much attention. do you think there is something special about her?

Anonymous said...

Rivero is a jew zionist agent. He is saved/being saved for the really big things. Disinfo as defined by the pros is to feed 90% truth and 10% lies/propaganda to protect the real dark secrets from getting out to cause ridicule.

National Inquirer was started by a guy named Pope who was a psych warfare expert for the CIA and his seed money came from the Mafia. Did the same disinfo technique for years mixing incredible bs w important stories to be discredited. In my opinion, Rivero is a Jew Zionist Mossad piece of you know what . . . . you can like the jew if you please, most Goyim are that stupid unfortunately which is why the Jews thru the Hagel dialectic, controling all sides of an argument, left and right, and what is permissible . . . in my opinion he is a plant and so is that Prison Planet asshole who never mentions the jews - he's married to one and probably ia crypto. F them all.

nobody said...

Hey folks more good comments. Is that you again anon? You are possessed of a certain rigidity I notice. You remind me of why I should go back to yoga. (smiley winky thing).

Hey Kikz, good on you. As much as I detest the scientologists, I reckon I'm with them in terms of their views about psychiatry. I have it pegged as a colossal scam. Between the FMSF saying people imagined it all, and your guy saying you un-imagined it, would you agree we have an industry designed to tell us that we have no way of knowing what's what?

"We are your only hope. Spend large sums of money with us and we will tell you how to think."

With the opposition always controlled, doesn't your repressed memory guy make a lot of sense? (Or dollars, ha ha).

In much the same way we could spend all day arguing about the world viewed in terms of 'left' and 'right' (and in no useful fashion sure enough) we could also argue about the two possibilities of false memories as if they were opposites. But they're not opposites. They're actually identical, each with an identical message - You cannot trust what you know. If you think a thing happened, it probably didn't. And if you think a thing didn't happen, it probably did. Kind of thing.

I'm reminded of a phrase I used one time on the cinema blog 'an attack on Western acuity'. Could psychiatry, that most dubious of 'sciences' (second only to economics, ha ha), be described as that?

It seems we get two flipsides, but the coin is always the same, if you can dig it.

kikz said...

i dig..

<>beatnick finger snapz


hope you didn't scrub your knucklez off :)?

su said...

Oops you should not have got me started on the Madeleine story.
Is she special - no more than any other child.
But what is remarkable is how the British government has blocked the Portuguese investigation in all ways possible. The child's medical records were not supplied to them, the parents credit card details were not supplied and ditto the transcription of telephone records.
It is astonishing when one starts looking into it.
The hero is Dr Amaral, the copy who Gordon Brown begged off the job. He has written a book which has been banned in the U.K. stating that the parents did it.
But you know I think he is doing the Mike Riviero 10% thing. I think she was abducted for the elite and some ritual and everything else is smoke and mirrors. And because so many people following this case are desperate for answers, this mans make the most sense. But after going through forums and blogs on the subject for almost two years, I am absolutely clueless.

But there are an awful lot of people involved and a list of co-incidences that could reach from Edinburgh to Brussels.

Anonymous said...

that's a good point... rivero mentions the zionists but not the paedos and alex jones goes on about child abuse but ignores the zionist. dog whistle disinfo or simply too much to cover?

Greg Bacon said...

The US has the ATF to chase down people growing tobacco--nope, can't grow it w/o a license and permit in the US--and the DEA to chase down pot heads burning some rope, but what about the missing children?

There's something like 15,000 kids that disappear each year in the US, yet we hardly hear about that story, except the times the MSM needs a distraction and runs a story on some kidnapped/murdered child non-stop.

I'm not trying to sound callous about those stories the MSM cover, but what about the 14,990 or so others that get disappeared each year?

Look at what happend when 3,000 got killed on 9/11.

And look what hasn't happened since 9/11.

Another 100,000 or so disappeared kids gone... forever.

Where in the hell have they went to and who took them?

nobody said...

Thanks folks,

You know, up until now my bullshit detector didn't beep with Madeleine McCann. But now that you bring it up it really has all the hallmarks. Why DID the media run with this story in particular? Given the size of the effort, I'm half wondering if the whole thing wasn't some variety of stitch-up, ie. everything about it was known, particularly the outcome.

Or let's put this in full tilt mode - Given that the pedophocracy is huge, Given that it is capable of covering stories up and can therefore 'uncover' them, does anyone think Madeleine McCann got such a massive media blitz with the media having no idea where the trail would lead? Me, with my opinion of the media, I'm prepared to bet that right from the outset the media knew the story would lead nowhere.

Actually now that I think about it, there are two options (God, I'm like Michael Palin in the Spanish Inquisition sketch). Option 1 - it was a psy-op from the get-go. I point no finger at the McCanns. They could perfectly well be unwitting victims. Option 2 - The story wasn't intended to be public but once it was, the media jumped in, took control, and made sure it went nowhere harmful.

With what I know of the media, and the size of the McCann story, I'm unprepared to be charitable. Not for the bloc-media.

And this Amaral cove says the parents did it, eh? I won't say it's impossible but it sure sounds like the usual 'blame the victims' line doesn't it? And they banned the book in the UK? Hmm... that might mean something or it might not.

Could we imagine a spook riddled government banning a thing in order to give it a stamp of credibility? I could. It would provide a perfect provenance. Has anyone read Le Carre? A step like banning a book would be just about the first thing a disinfo merchant would come up with. "The book the government banned!" which is to say it must be full of dangerous truths. Yeah, maybe. Or maybe someone just wants us to think that...

God, what hateful fuckers spooks are.

If there are any spooks out there reading this thinking 'Yeah, but I'm a good guy...', ha ha ha ha ha. Fuckwit! Whatever clever knowledge you got, it's worthless since you fail to understand anything essential.

Does everyone know that riddle - What is it, that the more you wash, the dirtier it gets? The answer is 'water'.

Spooks are people who think that their brand of detergent (or what they're told is detergent) is the right stuff to make the dirty water cleaner. Fuckwits.

Wait! There are TWO options! First - spooks are out-and-out wicked motherfuckers. Or second, spooks are fuckwits with no idea whose pawn they are. There is NO third thing!

Ayah! Ranting AND quoting python. Enough. Ciao ciao.

su said...

Forget protesting the war in Gaza.
15 000 missing kids a year.
Where the FUCK are they?
We should be in the streets demanding to know, firing police chiefs until they give us some answers.
Gee Nobody, this is bloody big and horrible.
This is a blog well worth looking at as far as the Madeleine case goes:

Anonymous said...

My gut feeling is that Mike Rivero means well.

But maybe he does not have the time to do his homework - in areas outside his competence.

When Suharto was toppled the mainstream media told us this was done by people power.

It would take days of research to find the work of Father Sandyawan who found massive evidence that the riots of May 1998 were organised by the US trained military.

It would take days of research to find out why the CIA wanted to topple Suharto.

Mike Rivero does not do that sort of research.

Likewise with Dutroux.

Originally it was very difficult to find any material on Dutroux. It could many hours of research to find the links to certain top people.

Some of these topics are very complicated and require an interest in the world outside of America.

It can take weeks to unravel the story of Kasab and the Mumbai attacks. It can take weeks to understand the politics of Pakistan and India.

I suspect that Mike Rivero will continue to get many of his opinions from the US based bloggers and media outlets.

Very best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Mike suffers from closedminditis regarding what hit the Pentagon also.

nobody said...

Hey Paul, Yeah, that's McGowan's other bone of contention with Rivero. I'm with McGowan on that one too.

And Susana, what with one of my foundations being the concept that we know who rules us by their complete absence from the media, how big then is the pedophocracy? Fucking huge by that logic.

I'm fairly sure it isn't a rival structure. I can't see how that would make sense. What if we called it a 'subframe' within the pyramid? A contrivance designed to ensure obedience from those outside the tribe, I think.

And Aangirfan, lovely to have you drop in. And I think you're right. I recall saying over at smokingmirrors one time that, suspicions of limited hangout or no, I still read whomever. As long as we're aware that we're only getting part of the story, and we know what part we're getting, and what part we ain't.

Mind you, if we're talking about time, it seems that MIke does have time to write a hit piece about Judy Johnson and the hundreds of McMartin victims, but doesn't have time to look it up and see if he's right or not. Five minutes would have sorted him out.

In fact it was this step from ignoring a story into what certainly seems to resemble disinfo, that got me revved up in the first place. Like I said, omission, commission, blah blah blah.

kikz said...

i'm w/paul on the 'what hit the pentagon' issue......

that's the most guarded airspace in the freakin world.

hole too small, 'plane' nearly vaporized.. BUT

and of course.. the resultant DNA ID's of passengers... @@.

...just happened to hit the newest, most reinforced area of the structure... ad nauseum.

and the cell phone calls, which didn't happen.

who knows.. could be w/the pedo issue.. rivero just can't face that deamon? wrh was there when i woke up.. but, i don't take it as sole source... that's dangerous to trust anyone/thing that much...

in the immortal words of poppy bush..
'wouldn't be prudent.'

somebody mentioned the .ca research outfit.. good stuff..

so is blacklisted news.

always keep a few hole cards ;)

gallier2 said...

There are other (minor) points where Mike Rivero seems quite happy with his interpretation without a shred of humility and doubt.
As already noted:
- Pentagon plane
- Pedophocracy
I would like to add:
- Ceauscescus Romania, which he always brings as example of a genuine insurection. It seems, imho that it was a CIA fomented coup (Ceaucescu had repaid its complete debt to the IMF and looked like not working anymore with the west, thus sealing his fate).
- His position on weapons (very american). I'm not really against his view (that criminals can only be countered if populace is armed at large), but I would rather prefer a society where people did't need to resort to crime to survive, or put in a cycle of criminality on the whim of aberrant laws.

As Aangirfan noted, I think it has more to do with a lack of interest than anything else. He's only human afterall.

I even caught him once exagerating the quality of a source:
when the video of the beheading of Nick berg appeared, he claimed a specialist told him that the weapon one can see on the video is an Israeli made AK47 (Galil). The source of the information was me, but I'm really far from being a specialist. I still think it is a galil, but it is impossible to tell for sure from the video. The gun is only visible in 2 frames and could be any rifle with a hollow handle. But Mike trumpeted this information as if it was something sure.

This said, one should be very careful with any source, even McGowan (maybe especially McGowan).
I do not follow him on certain points, the faking of the Apollo mission, for example.

Penny said...

McGowan and the Pentagon, vs Rivero and the Pentagon has always been interesting.

Rivero thinks it is wrong to claim a plane did not hit the Pentagon
mcgowan thinks it is wrong to say a plane hit the pentagon.

I have often wondered at the stance Rivero takes, because I have a hard time believing a plane did hit the pentagon!

I don't know if the plane as piloted by the alleged hijacker could have done it, in fact, I don't know if any pilots could have done it.

Also that whole was small, for a plane to have disappeared into.
Then their is the strength of the Pentagon building itself.
and btw, wtf is with the disappearing planes, thinking of shanksville, ya know the ground swallowed that one up, yeah, my ass.
anyway back to the pentagon, I still lean towards a missile myself. but not the plane that is claimed hit it.
that's my opinion

I also wonder about planes being constructed as lightly as possible piercing the walls of the Pentagon.

It was the 9/11 stuff that drew me to wrh

Anonymous said...

Curt Maynard Getting Divorce--Read All About It

Wow, nobody, u stinking scum, u sure have gotten into some strange things--like about the missing kiddos--not bad, not bad--shows u're good for something.

Regarding Mike Rivero--well, he's a filthy, stinking kike--what do u expect? Rivero has another interesting problem regarding usurpation issue and Obama--who is not qualified to be pres. due to slight fact he's not "natural born," which requires BOTH parents being citizens (see, Dec 11 blog).

Okay, okay, but u're wondering WHAT is REAL pt. to this entry by urs truly. Here it is: our mutual hero, Curt Maynard, is now getting divorced fm his (formerly) true love, now called "meskin." See; hurry to look/read before it all disappears. Toodoloo, shit-hole. A.

Penny said...


Is anybody out there?


are you ok?
bad day?

su said...

This is something worthwhile taking a look at. It deals with the Jersey Home. Like your feedback.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd drop in and let you know I'm off to see Osama Obama Orama you know the new Pres. of US. I was going to take Nanuramba Ninjutane from the Alice with me but they tell me the new Pres. speaks English quite well. (I'll check in with Rupert while I’m there too).
Wish me luck Mister Modoby.
Your most favourite Prime Minister of Australia
Kevin Michael Rudd
(isn't it exciting)

Anonymous said...

Hey. Nobody. I wrote an article to WRH and mike about the fact that his site was lying about the fact that the mumbai people had red strings around their wrists. As we all know, the mumbai brainwashed killers all stayed at a chad lubivich house and were wearing "kabala" stings around their wrists. He lied.

He is not 10% or even 15%. He is a hollywood wannabe non ashkenazi jew with delusions of atheism in his head.

He knows that mossad was in on 911 and 7/7.

He is part of whatever is left of operation mocking bird. He is a sleazy character. He is covering for his tribe just as anyone else covers for people in this day and age.

It is expensive to live in hawaii and he is selling out as all sellouts to.

Truth tellers get known and get dead. Rivero gets known and gets paid. Big difference.

nobody said...

Hello Folks, Sorry for the absence. The old man went to hospital. Nothing too major. Not now anyway. My absence was actually due to having the apartment to myself for four days. No television for four days. Unbelievable. Famed as I am for my idolatry, I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to make a four-day devotion to my favourite Goddess Aergia. Grooving on my single-mindedness, the Goddess smiled and all is as it should be.

Otherwise, more good points here. I'm kind of glad I didn't write anything lately if good stuff keeps coming in. Also, over the last couple of days, I've been reading up on Madeleine McCann. As crooked as a dog's hind leg! Everywhere you turn, bullshit artists! And sure enough, as the McCann thing hit, Portugal was still in amongst their own pedophile scandal that seemed to indicate all trails led upwards a la Belgium. Did anyone hear about that? One way or another, the McCann thing warrants a mention in the future-Gibbon's ' History of the Decline and Fall of the Pedophocracy'.

Oh, and I followed all these trails courtesy of Aangirfan. Thanks Aangirfan, good on you.

And the ever-mad apollonian! I do like him when he's comedic. Ap! Long may you remain barking mad!

Hey Susanna, yeah, in amongst it I checked that guy out. Ballsy stuff! Not shy is he? I'll keep up on him and see where it goes.

And Gallier. Thank you Thank you. On top of Romania we can definitely add Thailand. I recall Rivero being ebullient about the 'yellow' revolution. Whilst it was confusing at the time, it's all come out in the wash recently (and thanks to Aangirfan sure enough!). It was yet another colour-coded revolution. It now seems that Thaksin Shinawatra (and his party) were not the 'right' sort of people and had to go. Apparently they had mad ideas about redistributing the wealth and were much beloved by the poor. Well, so much for them! On yer bike, Thaksin!

It seems the rule still holds. Any revolution that: has bells and whistles; is colour-coded; has organised rallies with popstars; has the mystifying cooperation of the police; and is otherwise beloved by our media, is obviously suspect. And now Thailand seems to have a real people's movement (who are in red) and the police are cracking heads, spraying teargas, and the media would have us know that these new upstarts are 'not quite the thing'. Not like those nice yellow protestors.

And thank you PM! Enjoy the junket mate. And don't be shy. Whatever mad whim occurs to you, there are people there to make it happen. These are personal whims you understand. Nothing can be done for those-not-you. But for you, you personally, there is nothing that can't be done. Any image that you imagine yourself amongst, from Playschool to Hostel, is yours if you wish it. (Just make sure that no one finds that portrait locked in the attic, ha ha.)

PS Excellent work on the bushfires! (Just between you and me, did you max out the approval ratings there? Well done! And to swing the conversation around to death penalties etc! Brilliant. Not quite up to Katrina standards where they actually shot people but a good start none the less. Just remember, whatever the question is, the answer must be US AND THEM! GRRRRRR! kind of thing. Anyway, Bravo and Bon Voyage.)

nobody said...

Just a quick question if anyone is still hanging around here now - Do we have an opinion on that little blog widget thing 'people who follow this blog'?

Up until now I've viewed it as a bit like schoolkids who swap stickers and stamps and such. But regardless I seem to have a growing list of people who put their sticker on my blog regardless of the fact that I don't display them. Only I get to see who's sent me a sticker. Which is poor of me I think. Perhaps I should whack that thing up? Perhaps I should put my little stickers on other people's blogs too? Any opinions? (It's trivial I know...)

the Silverfish said...

Ooooooo stickers are Soooooo cool, always wanted to start a sticker collection. I can just see it now a whole room full of stickers, bumper stickers the stickers on fruit & veg, oh my the list just goes on and on.

So don't be a sticker in the mud, just go fer it.

Anonymous said...


APPOLONIAN is a racist and might be a jew! Either way, he sounds like he reads the Talmud with his hate for non-whites(non-jews?)

ALL JEWS ARE EVIL in that they posses the genetics of future bolsheviks/zionists!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nobody said...

Hey Anon,

You seem to imagine that you click your fingers and I jump.

Ha ha ha - silly you!

Anonymous said...

an interesting experiment:

I have an extensive psychology background. Even have some time toward a PhD (left because well, I figured out it is bullshit and not science) but I still have university work from undergrad and postgraduate and several years working with children in a psychological setting (mental hospital) (BTW, became a lowly teacher instead!! lol)
I also understand that my experiment is rudimentary at best.
HOwever, the results are still VERY telling.

I set up a False Memory experiment. I modeled the absolutely worst of the "suggestion" interrogations. I point blank planted false memories of an invasive medical procedure that was sexual in nature with several children under 5 (with parental permission). (a couple of the children are mine). (sample size was 6--I know, tiny but it is hard to recruit for something like this)

NOT ONE of the children was coerced into "remembering" the incident.
All of them remembered that this event was described to them. They all believed that the incident happened. But not one assimilated the "false memories"--even when told that it happened. even when put under parental pressure to "remember"

Now, this is far from scientific--it barely passes for "anecdotal" but it is interesting.

nobody said...

I salute you. My momentary squirming aside, that was brilliant. And perhaps it's a good thing you didn't persue this to any full-blown conclusion. With the pedophocracy having invested so much time and money in pushing their bullshit line, you could well have ended up in some condition other than 'alive and well'.

Otherwise, genius is nothing more than arriving at a really obvious idea that no one else thought of. Take a bow. And has anyone else set up an experiment along your lines? Somehow I doubt it. Probably because there's no money in it, ha ha. And sure enough, what with you having chosen the noble, but savagely underpaid profession of teaching, you really don't need me to elaborate on that.

Thanks for dropping in. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

This is all so very interesting. It is sad that there are so many people who consider "Jews" to be the enemy. Not all Jews are Zionists. In fact, the smarter less pawn-like Jews are not Zionists. Meanwhile, you can blame a group, all you want, that is a false trail, bc there are men and a few women, with names, addresses and telephone numbers who are traitors and war criminals, and NOBODY, including the puppets in front is willing to enforce the LAW of the LAND.
You can sit around and act like "Jews" are the problem, and once again, scapegoat another group, just like what is happening now to Arabs and Palestinians, and do it to the average brainwashed Jew, who is being used as a stooge for these men and women, at the top levels, who employ satanism, and pedophilia, etc to do what they do to all of us, Jews and NONJews, alike.
They hide behind Jewish skirts, bc Jews are always running scared, due to Schul and paranoid teachings to the children that they are not allowed to enter the community at large, bc everyone hates them. They get conditioned to this feeling of extreme fear, and then act out, and stick to the group. This way they are used as pawns, and now the ignorant can sit around and blame another group......which is stupid, bc the group is one of elite traitors.....
Makes me mad to see this kind of group think.

nobody said...

Good thing you didn't click the second link!

Anonymous said...

There's always David Icke or Ken Adachi. I think there's no one with all the answers. Maybe we all play a part. Some people just have bigger parts. Stay discerning, eh? Bye then.

Anonymous said...

I'll leave this for you in reply to your comment at Xymphora - where you left a character assassination of the founder(dead since 2003)of the Institute of PsychoTherapies, Richard Underwager, as a means of rubbishing long established facts about the McMartin Hoax.

The publication that you refer to is apparently pro-pedophile out of the Netherlands; and I can find no other reference to Underwager's supposed comments beyond a reference on Wikipedia without a link - although it sources the story from a 1993 newspaper story. And that's it.

Do you have more than that?

As I say - lets do this. I see you have more than me who find your McMartin accounts sorely lacking in valid and sourced material.

So, you have some explaining to do. Or some hitting of the delete button which is what I'm sure you will do when it actually hits you just how inept you truly are.

But you do have an unusually big mouth, for one so stupid....

Anonymous said...

Having read that I'd say that's effectively checkmate.

Any other BS you'd like me to review?

Anonymous said...

Ah - I've seen what you've done, you silly twat.

You've used one - ONE - source(basically)and ran with it. Even though that source provides zero evidence, nothing sourced, no links. And in that source you have the author, Alex Constantine claiming that the finely researched and thoroughly sourced work of Debbie Nathan is to be disregarded because she is 'condescending' about the abscence of tunnels under McMartin. But hey - Gary Stickel, 'famous'PHD(there's nothing on the web about him - no wiki no nothing)says he found tunnels(I laughed my ass off when you pointed to his being used in a movie production - right up his creative fiction ally) But apparently not one law enforcement agency in the country finds them very interesting - save one RETIRED FBI stooge, who in all likelyhood needed the cash, much like our world renowned archeologist most likely did to. Funny how this brilliant bloke decided to use two family members who were kicked out of the trial because of the ridiculousness of their claims - and not a trained archeological crew but the parents of children(this never struck you as odd, Einstein?) who were shown conclusively in a courtroom to be lying after being fed stories by fanatical abuse councellors(nobody, NOBODY denies this part).

OK. Your move(maybe doug the knob can help you out).

Give me something to read(and laugh at)....


nobody said...

Any late-comers reading here and wondering what these last three comments from Stevieb were all about, will find enlightenment here.