Thursday, January 22, 2009

your own genuine Obama shrine

Obama is a place and I've been there. It's a middle size town in Fukui prefecture on the West Coast of Japan. It's chock full of Buddhist temples, and one of them is where I went to spend the rest of my life, or seven days, whichever came first. And in this picture postcard temple was a picture postcard shrine called a butsudan. It was pretty much the centre of the temple.

It occurred to me that if some bright spark in Obama started manufacturing genuine Obama shrines they'd make out like bandits. There'd be a photo of Barrack Obama there with candles either side and a little space out the front for offerings of rice, fruit, and cakes etc. An Obama we can believe in! And how better to express your belief than by praying at a shrine that's not only for Obama, it's from Obama.

I don't see why anyone should have a problem with this. Obama is just like all those other things we have to believe in. He said so himself - 'change you can believe in'. Ayah! Another belief, and we have so many already! Anyway, since it's all about belief, you may as well do it properly and have a shrine. A genuine Obama shrine!

Anyway there it was on TV - millions of believers, their eyes full of tears. Reality? Banished. What I saw on TV was so like what one sees in the born-again hallelujah halls it was spooky. And everyone said the same things. It was like listening to a mantra. The American dream was true after all! A black man as president! In our lifetimes! We never thought we'd see the day! If only my grandfather had lived to see this!

Mantras are good. They work to neutralise the brain and stop distractions entering. And who needs to be distracted by little things like Obama's years working at a CIA front company, or his cabinet appointments of the same old warhawks, bankers, and dual citizens, and never mind his abject kowtowing to AIPAC. Between wake-up-and-smell-the-catfood and warm-and-fuzzy, it's a no-brainer. And God bless the no-brainers, say the powers that be. In no-brainers they trust.

And in amongst the 24/7 adoration on the TV, not a single soul had a single word of doubt. No sentiments along the lines of - 'I'll believe it when I see it'. God forbid anyone should stand up and say, 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss' (or perhaps that should be - Meet the new puppet, same as the old puppet?) What's American for 'Burn them at the stake?' 'Burn them like a steak', I guess. Grain fed, of course.

But really you have to go hats off to the PTB. Obama is a stunning move. And really breathtaking in its cynicism. An African American gets dropped into the Presidency at the precise moment that the whole thing goes tits up. It's like handing the car keys to the teenage boy just as the rings, the diff, and the gearbox are all about to shit themselves. And when it starts grinding metal on metal, guess who gets the blame?

Otherwise, for those not already drugged into stupefaction Obama is the perfect Soma. But never mind Aldous Huxley, how about George Orwell? Honestly, what sort of regime would have a stern looking fellow as its pin-up boy? Is Ronald McDonald stern? Orwell never worked in marketing obviously. Those who've given the world Obama, get marketing.

Speaking of meat products, humans are smarter than cattle. This is obvious since we eat them, and not the other way round. But perhaps 'smarter' is the wrong word. Let's put it this way, are cattle capable of belief? No - but we are. And unlike those stupid cattle there's no way we're going to be led to the slaughterhouse unless we believe it's the right thing to do. And finally, with McSmiley Obama we can all believe again. Those who had lost faith have found it anew - the disillusioned, freshly re-illusioned.

The masses that George Bush had united in disbelief are now back on board. We are one, they all chant. Obama, we'll follow you to hell and back - for that smile, those adorable kids, those reassuring words - anything. And those doubters? Those enemies of the American dream? A black man is president! We waited our whole lives for this! Send them to wherever enemies of the state get sent. It's the least they deserve.

And as the miseries become legion: bankruptcies climb; old neighbourhoods become deserted; the hunger-driven discontent rises; law and order breaks down; the cops go berserk; and reality just generally goes to hell, the freshly minted believers will turn to their leader for solace. They'll light some more candles, put out a votive twinkie, and let the mantra fill their head banishing all distraction. A black man is president! I never thought I'd live to see the day! The American dream is true!


Franz said...

Then too, they told Obama to "quit smoking REAL SLOW." Don't shock your system going cold turkey DUDE!

Obama's down to a half-pack a day. What was he blowing when he was feeling fine? And don't tell me Marlboros. Poor old red-and-white took a hit when one of the Olsen Twins read a sympathy statement for Heath Ledger during the time she was suspected of sluicing him illegal narcotics. And she smokes Marleys! Not good, not good at all.

Obama, or whomever is on the High Chair when America shortly goes ker-PLUNK, don't matter. You're right on this, noby, but why not forget paying a human to be prez and JUST DO with the shrine?

When the Ptolomys ran Egypt they got fed up with all the gods, pulled the fictitious Serapis out of their rumps and opened lots of shrines, sold lots of tickets till the bright Romans came along and invented yet another fictional fellow who...

Anyway. The point. It's been done before. It works. And you don't have to pay for a human and worry about an assassin.

No conspiracy could assassinate Serapis -- he was all hot air and bullshit to begin with! Smart, those Ptolemites.

Time the Rockefellers took a hint...

psychegram said...

Didn't have the heart to watch it myself.

Ammo sales shot up by what, 400% the day after Obama won the election? And have stayed high thereafter. Funny, you never see anyone in the media who explains why that is, exactly. To watch ABCNNBCBS you'd think there wasn't a soul in the world who questioned Obama's messiatude. Someone's gotta be buying all those guns, though ... and they've gotta have their reasons.

The American people aren't quite as dumb as they're portrayed to be, even to themselves.

kikz said...

nailed it, hon...

nailed it.

looking back on the repug candidates...the gimme was confirmed considering the venue size... i knew it was a lock then, even b4 i'd lain eyes on mccains' victory speech digs (waay smaller and subdued in decoration) and even b4 the stunningly early end to returns that night...

the timetable of the strategic/logistic planning and execution of the obama venue say it all.

a put on.

the neegros iz happy, the commie pinko leftiez iz happy, the guilt ridden crackerz iz happy.. and

the repugs get to lob rotten fruit at the dems, and trumpeting thru the MSM their propaganda that "they had no hand in ruining the country"

i've heard the shit since b4 obama was even sworn in. 'obamahood.. givin it all away'..

swear ta god.. an old friend of hubb's exact words..

hubbs, then asked him..
how can obama give 'it' the bailout money away, if he's not even in power yet?

the response after a pregnant pause was..

'well, ya know.. he's not even american born.'

utter fukin complete denial of reality, then deflection and redirect.

not surprising, but still stunning in its capacity to override all logical thought on the matter... and stunning in its utter acceptance and verbatim regurgitation.
gotta hand it to MSM.. they do their job well.. course, w/a ready audience of zombiez.. that makes the job a lot easier.

kikz said...

oh and p.s.

somebody else happy..

the cult of lincoln.

they hada fukin field's state, reenactment of lincoln's historic trainride, lincoln's bible...

made me fukin puke.
lies, lies and more lies. reinforcement of myth created over 140yrs ago.

one bright note..i have heard all blacks haven't gotten in line for kool-aid. i hope they start spreadin the word... that 'true believer' community will be devastated when they find out it ain't all gon' be... collards, blackeyed peas and redbeans/ricely nice.

Penny said...

oh nobody, not going to drink the obama-ade?
It's a colour you have never had before
It's tasty and fruity, and hopeful and changing.
It's low cal yet super tasty.

and yet you don't want to drink the obama-ade?


change my ass.

A black democract?
Boy, when they start the draft, think of how many more young coloured males will sign up, under this man.

When the tough medicine is dished out, by the smooth talker, we can just say, but look at him, the first black president.

What a distraction.

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE - including the great images! :)
~ born intuit

Skye said...

You really have to be German to fully appreciate what I am about to say, but...

You know, Nobody, I read this post, and I got to thinking, "Hey, where can I get one of these shrines?" I was even going to ask you to send me a link for it, but then I looked at my confirm identification word and thought better of it. "Facc u" it say's to me, and I say, "Hmmmm, perhaps I shouldn't go out and find myself one of these shrines after all!"

Anonymous said...

Great take on it. Ignorance must be bliss.


notamobster said...

Fantastic, sir. You're a gentleman and a scholar. This is another brilliant essay. Clever window dressing, Obama is. Keep the deer looking at the lights and they won't move to save their own hyde, as the rumbling beast plows them over..

nobody said...

Thanks boys and girls,

And hats off to the people who inked in some of the stuff I merely left as pencilling. I've read several people elsewhere who were of the opinion that the idiot son was actually the ideal president insofar as he united people in opposition to age-old arsehole agenda, if you can dig it. The vague logic is that the shit is going to continue regardless of whose face is plastered on the front of it, so it may as well be a hateful face. At least then it looks like what it is.

Put a pretty face on there (particularly one that will plug into the US population's well-trained ear for the dog whistle) and confusion and discord will reign. And that's the whole idea, sure enough.

Speaking of dog-whistles - Silv, ya bloody troublemaker! Your comment was entirely pitched outside the audible spectrum of, um, usefulness (or something). I can imagine any number of people whose ears would twitch and autonomic responses would ensue.

Or to put it another way, everyone takes their shoes off when they come into the house regardless of whether they think it makes any sense. It probably doesn't but that's beside the point. You can dig it, I'm sure.

As for your better half - Skye, that was my laugh of the day. It really said that? I'm starting to wonder if the people who write the verification words aren't in on the gag and writing whatever cracks them up.

And, um, if anyone really is interested in one of these shrines just put 'butsudan' into google. Mind you, I have no idea if there actually is a butsudan maker in the town of Obama. It's possible.

nobody said...

BTW folks, changing the subject slightly, Pilger today is hitting new heights of viciousness. Today's topic - Israel and the pro-Israel media. He tears them all a new one. Come on down for your freedom medals. Worth reading

the Silverfish said...

Me Soooo sowy and will henseforth try to keep a civil tounge on my keyboard.
But Yuh know me I calls em like I see um.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to that article, Nobody. That is an excellent article indeed.

I am sick and tired of people calling a mulatto man, with a white mother, "black". It seems like the 'one drop' rule is to be taught to the sheeple, andthey do learn oh so quickly. I have learned that people, even intelligent people, are apt to use talking points and phrases garnered from the mass media instead of coming up with their own reasoning, it's just human nature. It's easier to repeat what has been heard than to think out your own observations into a spoken conclusion. It's why I haven't watched TV in years, despite the fact that I miss watching my hockey.

It's funny in this doublespeak world what passes for racism . . . zionist bad, black half-white man good.

nobody said...

Urgh, I bags not cleaning your keyboard.

As for talking points, my most hated one is 'conspiracy theory'. We're all familiar with whomever we're talking to, rolling their eyes, saying the magic words, and then leaning back in their chair like they just won the argument. Ain't we?

notamobster said...

slozo - i misses watches me hockey, too. Detroit Red Wings we're a huge part of life growing up. I mostly miss watching w? my Dad and brother... even from opposite sides of the country we'd watch and talk on the phone. made this distance shorter. The cable TV just had to go.

Ardent said...

Nobody, you have delivered a very accurate and enjoyable post.

I cannot understand how America and a lot of the world have become mesmerized by this man.

nobody said...

Cheers Ardent. I expect they got that way through lack of an opposing voice. A sensible opposing voice, that is. I don't call it the bloc-media for nothing.

Good name, by the way. I do like English that's a step beyond the mundane, if you can dig it. Ciao.

Anonymous said...

“Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!”

George Carlin (comedian)


nobody said...

AW, long time no see. How are things in your neck of the woods? Any sceptics amongst your family and friends? Or are they all ecstatic? As I see it, Obama is a wedge to split the African American community. To nullify them as a force of resistance, kind of thing. What can you tell me?

Anonymous said...


moving words.

However I must say that the last picture showing Obama's image in the center of a portable shrine doesn't have the meaning that you think it has. In Japan and China they put the image of the ancestors in those shrines. The image the picture gives is that Obama passed away and bacame "otoke". I believe this not the message you wanted to transmit to your readers.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Dude. You're not supposed to put photographs of people who aren't dead in there...

nobody said...

What's going on? Two people arrive on a year old post within one day of each other to say the same thing. Weird.

Otherwise, I do get it. I lived in Japan for a couple of years and I know precisely what a butsudan is for. When I was at the aforementioned temple I had to prostrate myself in front of it and chant the names of the predecessors for Christ's sake.

But the thing is you see, if I'd acknowledged that butsudan are never used for living people there'd have been nothing to write about. Can you dig it? Thus it comes under the heading 'artistic license'.

But never mind, thanks for stopping by. Within one day of each other. To say the same thing. Weird.