Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pilger McGowan Chavez and m_astera.

I suspect that North Americans might not be too familiar with the journalist John Pilger. I'm utterly familiar with him, what with him being a fellow countryman. For mine he's one of the greatest Australians ever. He pretty much tops my list of People Who Aren't Bullshit. I'm a cynical bastard but I've yet to see Pilger set a foot wrong.

Pilger started in Vietnam with his documentary, The Quiet Mutiny. Even now, forty years later, it's still a mindfuck. He makes clear that the Vietnam War didn't end because of the hippy movement, but because the US military was on the verge of total collapse due to widespread revolts and mutinies. The 'fraggings' of officers weren't occasional occurrences, they were well on their way to becoming the norm. But even they were nothing compared to the number of ships and army bases back home that saw complete revolts. For mine, The Quiet Mutiny might just be the only truly anti-war movie ever made. It's not for no reason that you never heard of it, and instead only get served up the usual pro-war anti-war movies.

(And the flipside of this discussion is Dave McGowan's Laurel Canyon series which convincingly posits the hippy movement as a CIA psy-op designed to split the opposition and have everyone stoned and otherwise wasting their time with innocuous shit. Go read it, because afterwards nothing is ever the same again.)

Vietnam aside, Pilger has been everywhere and always with a sharp eye for bullshit. He's never been a stringer, or been embedded, or otherwise run around at someone else's say so. He follows his own nose seeking out injustice and oppression. In this regard he is perfectly catholic. He's covered Palestine, South America, South Africa, Neocons, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Chagos Islands, Timor, the treatment of Australian aborigines, the rise of fascism in the UK, and every time he goes straight to the heart of the matter.

He will never give a platform for motherfuckers to spout their shit. He pins them down and makes them look like the fools, liars, and psychopaths they are. I'll never forget John Bolton tearing off his microphone and stomping out mid-interview pathetically muttering something about 'communist'. Pilger's latest two pieces over at his website about Israel and Palestine are easily the most vicious things I've seen written in the Western Press. And the word 'vicious', when used to describe those seeking the truth is, in my mind, the very highest compliment.

Anyway, there I was in front of the teev and Pilger's brilliant documentary The War On Democracy came on. On Foxtel, believe it or not. It's a perfect primer on the CIA's relentless campaign to crush democracy in Central and South America. We see the smashing of Guatemala, the campaign against Cuba, the death of Allende and the rise of Pinochet, the School of the Americas, on and on. Death squads, torture, massacres, the raping of nuns, the shooting of priests - it's relentless. Members of the CIA actually discuss what they did in terms of it being a 'terror' campaign. They say it, right there on camera, without even a hint of 'Oh shit, did I just give the game away?'

And sure enough, Chavez of Venezuela has his place in The War On Democracy as today's version of Arbenz, Allende, or Ortega. He's another in a long heroic line of democratically elected leaders who are not there to serve a wealthy oligarchic minority. Astoundingly, he's there to serve the sweeping majority who know that without that leader their lives will be an horrific nightmare of fear, deprivation, and death and suffering.

And just like all those who went before him, Chavez is invariably portrayed in the bloc-media as a villain. Back in the day, Arbenz, Allende, and Ortega all had their names blackened by way of the epithet 'communist' - never mind their rejection of communism, their adherence to democratic principles, and the fact that they were wildly popular with all but the tiny oligarchy whose hatred of the masses knew no bounds. Did this newly enfranchised majority get airtime in the US? Of course not. The people of the US got a single message, the message of the motherfuckers. These leaders were communists who 'hated us for our freedom'.

Okay, so that's the current buzzword for Muslims. But it's the lot of the English language to be raped over and over, so that we might shake our fists at those the psychopaths want to throw down. Against all sense and logic, 'Muslim' is now a dirty word. Sure, that's how it works.

How now to portray Chavez? 'Communist' is devalued. No one would buy it. Nor is he a Muslim. So what might they call him? How might they go about blackening his name? And don't be mistaken. They did precisely this every time previously. Because that's how it's done. The CIA has the funds, it has the time, and God knows they have nothing better to do than convince you (yes, you reading now) that it's right that Chavez is a villain who should be brought down.

And now I'm going to break some hearts. Forget the CIA guys in Pilger's doco telling us that, yes, they ran a terror campaign. Whilst it's true that they gave the game away, they also sent us a message. The message is - 'We are ham-fisted and obvious. You can spot us easily. Just look for the guy who is a dead giveaway.'

Thanks CIA! I'll keep it in mind. I'll completely banish from my thoughts the concept that the CIA might be adept as appearing as the very opposite of what they are. Perish the thought that heroic icons of the right-thinking, such as Frank Zappa, Jim Morrison, CSNY, and all those other bards, poets and philosophers, could be spooks. (If you haven't read McGowan's Laurel Canyon, go read it. Sheesh). The CIA could not possibly be clever enough to have those who might otherwise resist their plans perpetually tripping and/or stoned, with the odd moments of sobriety spent endlessly blathering about peace, love, and understanding. (As opposed to taking sledge-hammers to B-52's and that sort of thing).

Yeah, yeah, sarcasm aside, the above is precisely what happened. They manufactured the LSD and we all know it. And Operation Mockingbird, wherein writers, journalists, and talking heads in every branch of the media were suborned into acting as contracted propaganda agents for the CIA, was blown open years ago. There's no excuse for being confused anymore. Sure enough mockingbird doesn't exist now. Not under that name at any rate. But if anyone thinks that the programme to fuck with our minds stopped with the Church commission, or whatever, you're a fool. There is no way in hell that the insane efforts that took place in the fifties, sixties, and seventies aren't taking place right now. It's neither impossible nor unlikely. I declare it as a deadset certainty.

And what would they look like? These efforts to appear right-thinking, to appear poetic, to appear as someone we should revere as Jim Morrison-style wordsmiths of the new age? Would they repeat themselves and form long-haired pop bands and release a bunch of vinyl LP's? Or would they get with the times and hang out on the internet? Ha ha ha - As sure as eggs is eggs!

Don't forget, the point isn't to preach to the converted. They're already preaching to themselves and can be safely left to it. No, the targets will be us, those who dissent. The purpose of the exercise will be a) to push their memes, and b) to disguise it by way of appearing right thinking - the very sort of person we will all admire and think brilliant things of. And regardless of how savvy we think we are at spotting bullshit artists, some of us will fall for it.

And how would I go about it? It's the old 'what would I do if I was a motherfucker' game. Me, I'd start with the big blogs that had the most readership. Places like WRH, AntiWar, Rense, SOTT, CounterPunch, etc. Sure enough, they're not under my control and might see through me and ban me. Oh well, I did my best, time to move on.

Who else gets big readership and is clearly after the truth, and otherwise against the CIA programme? What's the vibe there? How might I fit in? First comes schmoozing. Toujours Le Schmoozing. Also it pays to be active. This is a paid gig so I'd have to earn my dough. Me, I'd make lots of comments and dominate the discussion. There's no point being shy and retiring. I'd have my own blog sure, but it's not so easy dragging people away from blogs run by the truly charismatic. Mostly I'd just be a major presence in the comments.

And of course, I'm going to fit in. There's no point being there otherwise. If I get it right, I'm going to be admired for my beautifully written versions of whatever today's psycho-babble equivalents of peace, love and understanding are. Of course. Ain't no point otherwise. That's the way it was done then and that's the way it is done now. People will be in awe of what I say. They'll admire the beauty of my soul. Or what I show them of it anyway. I will be Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, and CSNY all rolled into one. And did any of them talk about their spook backgrounds? Of course not.

The trick will be to keep it simple. Not too many memes. Perhaps just one. If I overdid it, I'd give myself away. These people are sharp, remember. So, I just stick with Chavez. He's the purpose of the exercise and everything else is limited-hangout cover. Okay, but how to distinguish myself and otherwise counter savvy people who know a bit of history? The ideal don't-argue would be to live there. Or, more correctly, to be 'based' there. I couldn't pretend since everyone has a hit-counter telling them where the hits are coming from. Fine, I now have the skeleton of 'being-there-and-knowing-what's-what' on which to flesh out my case. Instant credibility and the perfect all-purpose argument, good for whatever.

And besides, it's not like I wouldn't have company. I'd have Company company! Venezuela is crawling with spooks - NAD, USAID, State Dept, you name it. You trip over a gringo there and it's odds-on he's a spook. And me tapping away at a keyboard wouldn't take up too much time, so I'd make myself handy distributing funds, meeting people, organising. These coups don't run themselves you know! It was always this way. Over and over.

Astoundingly hardly anyone would put the obvious two and two together: CIA agents exist; coups happen; CIA agents misrepresent themselves; CIA agents get sent to countries that are the targets of coups; Venezuela is a coup target; I am in Venezuela; I'm a gringo who hates Chavez. But forget that - as if a spook would write as prettily as me?! Impossible! Ha ha ha ha. That's all it takes. Simple simple shit.

Anyway here's the message in case anyone has missed it - Chavez is a communist, a terrorist, a corrupt tyrant, a wicked villain, he hates us for our freedoms, his people hate him, he's banned the media, he's stolen women's kidneys - he is precisely that fellow that we must hate. Won't somebody do something to stop this rampaging monster?

And so it goes. Are we surprised? It was always this way. Go watch The War on Democracy. But don't view it as a discussion of some isolated thing from the past. Plug it into now. Plug it into you and where you're at, right now, today. Because you're it. The propaganda is for you.

Welcome to m_astera.


the Silverfish said...

“They have nothing better to do than convince you (yes, you reading now)”. No not me, not now not ever. I saw them I knew them in South East Asia back in the 70’s, little has changed. The weird thing back then is that they didn’t hide who they were either, not even a little bit. Fuck if you were looking for a spook all one had to do is look for some asshole wearing Tiger Stripes, they were the only ones that did. The French used to wear Tiger stripes but the frogs got their asses kicked out years before.

Like Yuh said “Just look for the guy who is a dead giveaway”. So if yuh needed to score some hard drugs on the really cheap as in FREE all yuh had to do is look for the stripes.

They played both hands against the middle then and they are doing it now, same same.

That having been said, just one little snippet to add, You Bastard You sneaky Bastard. I didn’t see that one coming until the very end, You Bastard. Nicely played though Sir nicely played. (Winky snarl sneer).

I can just hear the screams of WTF. Poor M_ Yuh just though him a left hook lets see if he leans into it shall we.

I’ll let Yuh know in mail just what Skye and I were discussing this very morning about this very subject. Suffice it to say here that I told her that I was going to talk to you about this very thing and why.

nobody said...

Sure, some of them are obvious. And some of them are sneaky and some of them are both. Actually, I mentioned this before but some dipo (diplomatic corps) people I know were telling me of this spook they knew in the embassy. Everyone in the embassy knew he was a spook except for his wife. But that's what spooks do. They lie. They pretend to be something other than what they are. If they'll lie to their wives, do you think anyone would be immune? Hardly.

And for those who might be confused as to what this is all about, perhaps a brief history is in order. This here follows on from the comments in Les Visible's latest piece on his petri dish blog about the holocaust. For the fourth time now, the aforementioned m_ has started yet another off-topic attack on Chavez. He started on smokingmirrors, moved over to Nina's, went back to smoking mirrors, and now he's over at the petri dish. Rather than continue the idiot argument and having to listen to his bullshit, I decided, fuck it, I'd call him out.

So that's what it is.

And onya Silv, drop us a line.

su said...

This came at the most perfect time.
After reading Michael's post yesterday I was shaking my head and thinking what the fuck.....
Why is he saying this?
This is not my understanding of the man and his station.
I wondered how there could be such misinformation.
Of course, I then doubt myself and go back into the garden and bury my head deep in the euphemistic sand.
How fucking controlled are we? and thanks for your sane view.

Anonymous said...

See now, that's why I don't show in ANY forums (but this one once in awhile). I'm running deep cover, ha ha...! =)

Read this one aloud to the wife Mr. N, who grooved on it. We might be the only two folks affiliated with your thoughts who actually read Laurel Canyon, Part XIII before you posted your ever-so-thoughtful link. Because we also get his e-mail updates, surely.

On John Pilger: I can truly say I've wondered for decades now how the man has survived this long, considering his body of work. For that reason alone I've always held him at arm's length, ever curious but cautious, since I first began to comprehend the mechanics of the Great Game. How has he avoided the seemingly inevitable plane crash?

As for obvious spooks, let's not forget all those Hollyweird film stars, living fast and hard with their Ashkenazi playmates & programmers in the city of plastic angels, Babylon by the sea.

And I've never worn tiger stripes in my life.

Anonymous said...

I still like Timothy Leary though!

Anonymous said...

I really think nobody has given some secrets away here to the enemy- he's let you know how we pick up on you. That should have remained our secret as it encourages you to change your tactics - never mind.
m_ I’ll let you into a secret you should know anyhow about Australians- we are full of it!
Now each Aussie one to another knows this and allows for it in everyday conversation- we live it. ‘Ow yer goin’ mate. O’right? – we don’t care; we answer our concerned question ourselves- we don’t care how you are we just want to get on to whatever we want to say, mate.
So being experts it’s very easy for us to pick up on amateurs like you and your other mates here and you being of American ilk well, it’s just all too easy.
I’d give it a break mate or go away; I don’t really care.

gallier2 said...

Good one.

@Miraculix There are 3 out, I read teh Laurel Canyon XIII also before the link of noby, and I am not even on the email list.

It's true that some spooks are obvious, but only to the people who don't buy the normal crap about free society, democracy and that.
When I was on Comoros, it was so easy to spot them it was funny. The funny part is that they thought I was one (because no sane person makes holiday as a simple tourist on this kind of destination, there isn't even a direct flight between France and Grande Comore, only via Yemen or Sudan). You can imagine my joy to see all their efforts for nothing. Ha, ha.

Anonymous said...
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Franz said...

Pilger, YES! His stuff shines, but I bought a book of his essays at the UK amazon and for SOME REASON thought he was English or at least a Brit. I shoulda knowd!

As for the Wunnerful Sick-stees:

Leary, the Beats, the Hippies, one-fourth of ALL the protestors at the Chicago Democratic convention in '68 were spooks. The last figure was known since US ARMY INTELLIGENCE released their report in 1969. Right, public information for FORTY YEARS.

MKULTRA was never shut down, it mutated. For a good laugh there ARE copies of Teddy Kennedy, hyena, apologizing to the CIA for making them hand over the few declassified & outdated MKULTA documents we got. As I heard it chemicals were too tricky, they switched to EM waves. The thing about electro-magnetic pulse bombardment is that the "mind control" frequencies are only a few notches away from the "kill" frequencies. Gotta love them government spooks!

If Pilger or anybody ever gets around to it... WHICH goverment do these monkeys work for? Or is it a bankster-contract job that the government just lets their taxpayers fund?

If the CIA works for corporations, it all makes sense. If it works for ANY government, nothing makes sense. And this time not just the US/CIA, we see the same pattern with all of the secret services in the formerly free west.

Unless all western governments want to dump frugality, responsibility and humanity, this National Security nonsense makes no sense.

Because ultimately they are making themselves totally redundant, since spooks do not follow policy, they MAKE policy. Several times a day. Or maybe even on the hour.

With Praetorians like that governments everywhere are going to have to shut up and obey as surely as the rest of us. Not good. Not wise. But it's happening.

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly written once again, Nobody.

You make me think a lot about our station in life, as people who see things fairly clearly, and how that will affect some of us in the future. Is all this wading through bullshit swamps, dissemination of half-truths and half-lies worth anything to us as individuals?

Case in point: I have a young family, I have not approached middle age yet, and I have very few people I can discuss these issues with honestly (my wife and a couple great friends). I remember I had a discussion once with the wife, who got annoyed that I was wasting too much time reading stuff (I was just starting McGowan's awesome prose) that served no real purpose in terms of helping or protecting our family.

I didn't have an easy answer for her, but my rationalisation was that I might be able to actively use the information I gathered to disseminate events and actually make good decisions for our family (financial or otherwise) based on a sort of insider knowledge that I had gained . . . like being able to read the computer code in the Matrix, we'd have a head start.

Don't get me wrong - I will never, never stop a search for truth, it's not in me to do otherwise. But it is tiring, and sometimes, I wonder to myself as I hold my young daughter in my hands, will it be worth all the effort of the endless searching, argumentation and time spent doing research?

How much can our knowledge affect the blind herd we live amongst? It's a question that can only be answered in the future, I think . . .

the Silverfish said...

Awh those fucking Canadians not one of them knows of which he or she speaks, so ignore us as the long hard winter has it's effect on the mind.

Whoooo Hoooo just went fer a run in the snow Neked, it was soooo uncool.
Fer once I'm right it was fucking Cold.

nobody said...

Thanks Folks,

And there I was half wondering if I'd be copping a shitstorm. As for MKultra, no way that ever ended. Mind control would be the holy grail of a mob like the CIA.

Actually I do have one or two problems with Pilger. Did you know he was standing several metres behind Bobby Kennedy when he was shot by Sirhan Sirhan? I heard an interview with Pilger wherein he insisted that is certainly was Sirhan Sirhan who shot him and that there was no conspiracy. Me, I'm convinced otherwise. If I was magically sitting at a table with him, I'd be glad to take him through it. I'd probably just play him that recording of the female witness being brow-beaten by the cop into changing her testimony. Has everyone heard that? It's wild. Sorry no link, you'll just have to google.

He's also skimpy on 9/11 and he's never mentioned international banking beyond attacking the IMF etc.

Given that if he did broach those subjects he'd be out of a paying gig (a la Paul Craig Roberts); and given that he is so relentlessly brilliant at everything else; and given that he's emphatically not a disinfo merchant (a la Robert Fisk), I stick with him.

De nada Susana.

And Mir, how glad I am that this is the spot.

Antipholus, you can groove on him if you want to mate. I got him pegged as MKultra and various other things. And he became friends with Gordon Liddy! God spare us.

Hey Tony, How you going? Alright? Ha ha ha.

The ever happy Gallier! Comoros eh? Wear the fox-hat! Ha ha ha, c'est une petite plaisanterie anglaise. Wait, I just looked Comoros up. Interesting place huh? Nice beaches? Lots of hot Muslim babes in bikinis? Yeah right.

Tim, I was going to leave your plug for your book stand since your comment was germane, unlike that tedious cut-and-paste America Decieved cove. But then I checked out your book and found it resembled every other piece of crap out of Hollywood with the plucky Jewish gal on a righteous quest to hunt down nazis, so I ditched it. I could explain to you how I'm the very furthest thing from a nazi, or white supremacist, or any other thing etc. etc. but since you came here via an email and in all likelihood won't be back, I really couldn't be fagged.

Frank, yup.

Slozo, it's a tough gig mate and no mistake. No answers from me mate. I just stumble through cluelessly.

And Silv, obvious brain-freeze mate! And if things get weird and you start wondering if maybe you should eat that yellow snow - Don't do it!

the Silverfish said...


nobody said...

What a rude man. As for fecal matter, I used to bodysurf near the sewerage ocean outfall in Sydney and regardless of what was there, I would swim on UNDETERRED! Boom tish.

And Skye, sort him out, please. As things stand, he's completely unfit for human consumption.

nobody said...

Sorry, me as low-rent stand-up aside, may I thank all those who've been linking to me lately? The numbers are all up - thank you thank you. For a weeny blog like this, every little help bits.

kikz said...

waving halfheartedly frm the land of sleep dep.. surgery kid, puked on/off for 19 or so hrs ystrdy/lastnite/this am.. then we did 6hrs in Er.. creeeripez.. i hate gastro.

ok, so bak to scot rite tamarra b4 08:00 as her white count is up, and 'god' has deemed it fitting that he see her..

Anonymous said...

Cronulla is a great place to swim!!
Lived there for 15 years- never went into the surf.

nobody said...

Hey Kikz,

You missed all the fun mate!

Waitaminute. God? What? I do hope you're referring to one of the doctors...

She's not in ICU or anything is she? Anyway mate, thoughts go out.

kikz said...

hey noby:)

y, by god, i meant her surgeon:P)
stomach flu laid her ass low...been here @scot rite, since fri morn..

pukefest has finally ended... just ystrdy got solid food in her and kept it there.. keeeeeripez!

tues 2:A+ here.. chkd in w/les..
didn't know when you'd get bak there to see my hi to you.
had time to drop by..

fuk'd up wk, mate! swearta!

gettin better though.. :)

well, gotta run, don'wanna stay gone too long incase kid wakes..
half decent nurse this shift.. but still....

hugz ta all*

nobody said...

Thanks Kikz, I'm glad you're daughter is getting better. I hope you're all home soon and back on the road to recovery.

Elizabeth said...

I'm new to your blog and have been jumping around your my comments are a bit dated...

anyway, you might already know about this site, but if not, I think you and perhaps your readers would enjoy it. I linked directly to Pilger's material:

nobody said...


Two things - a) I didn't know about this site, and b) you rock! That's the best link ever. I'm so rapt with that that I'm going to jam it on the front page.

Anyway, for linking above and beyond the call of duty, I present you with a symbolic key to the blog. Feel free to consider every page here yours for the reading.

Onya matey.

Anonymous said...

I somewhat keep up with Pilger and I don't recall him ever saying much I disagree with. Interesting blog I think I will link it to mine.

I just came to the conclusion the last day or so our friend Neko Kinoshito is a definite gatekeeper. meow from the dumpster not withstanding. All I can say is bow wow from behind the tool shed.

I see what you mean about disappearing comments. This one did the same but found it with the back button. On some blogs I get your block quote is too large and this with only a few sentences but sometimes it will post anyway.

nobody said...

Thanks Mick. It's nice to have someone with a sensible name pop in.

Anonymous said...

Check those two threads out I guarantee you a laugh if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

BP readying super weapon for gulf nightmare

Nuclear super magnetic nuclear flux....say what?

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Mick? Common sense?

Grinz. Hugs Mick. Sheesh I have learned more reading your Comments here than in many blogs.

Suddenly thinking, damn am I still naive although I posted the Laural Canyon piece years ago and swear by its validity. Seen an interview with David Cosby also that validated. Yet, some of those songs are still the greatest pieces of music around. But when you think of a piece like "For What its Worth" it only intensifies within our minds the entire concept even if presented in a different manner.

As for MK Ultra, with or without errors, I have been writing on that for 4 years now. They still do individuals but now it seems they have it applied on an international scale. This is the keeping us on edge, one crisis after another cascading down upon us. Tire us out. Break us as a brutal cowpoke tries to break a strong willed while horse in the corral.

Add to this the long term poisoning of us all to dumb us down, slow our thoughts, our thinking processes, ... dang I am rambling. Must have been that last hit of Mercury and sodium benzoate in my glass of pop.

I look forward to exploring here as time allows. Mick, catch up with you later.

nobody said...

Hullo Noor,

I know what you mean about being naive. The pedophocracy is so utterly depraved that even hard-bitten sorts are still shocked.

Funny you should mention horses getting broken. That was the precise metaphor I used in this piece. There's even a picture of some horsebreakers there!

And explore away. I do like it when people dip into the earlier stuff (mostly because it's better than the later stuff, ha ha).

Anonymous said...

Noor I read the Dave Mcgowan threads long ago. It truly is amazing stuff. Especially Manson mixed up with the whole bunch of them. (Doris Day, oh yeah!)

The Doors were definitely riding the snake to the ancient lake, (reptilians) LOL

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Nobody, I say the same thing about my blog only I have had to pull a lot of images from the old stuff cos I was out of space.

Thing is now I do not hesitate to bring things forward if it is timely. Or if I have updated. I am always looking for visuals for example my handsign page. I think I have a new dozen to ask. That will make over a hundred stars and public figures making the El Diablo.

The old stuff, half the time I hardly knew what I was talking about now I toss out stuff that took me hours back then but that's ok.

I lost my political naivete when I was 5 or so and had my first vision. Until I was 45 .. I mean I was still reading and studying and raising kids, it was just a bit here and there.

But when I began to turn hardcore about 15 years ago... every once in awhle another hero would tumble. The Beatles were hard to lose... but the nice thing is, once you are aware, you cn still listen.

I forget who was the harshest to lose as a shining light. Oprah? Jane Goodall? Leonard Nimoy? Bill Hicks!!!!? he musicians of our age were tough to swallow until you understood their backgrounds. But still/

I think the HARDEST to swallow was the advent of feminsm. What those Jewish commie bitches did is not to be excused, EVER. I felt personally betrayed and saw how our gullibility messed up the world and robbed most men of their natural heritage. Was Aaron Rousseau that came from. Oh I was upset for months on that one.

However each of those times usually opens up a humongous growth spurt. No more heroes, just other people working to make a better world however we can.

nobody said...

Ha, my biggest bummer was reading Laurel Canyon and finding Neil Young right in the thick of it. And Joni Mitchell. Unbelieveable. Happily Van Morrison seems to have escaped unscathed.

Anonymous said...

Say no more Noor. I will email you some Cornuto in case you don't get back here.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobby,...Nice work, you are clearing the Boundary again and again.

The following is an excerpt from a comment I have just posted at Les’s. Prompted by a comment from DM which links your current post:

“Some years ago, when I was an MSM Journalist I was employed by one of Australia's leading Current Affairs shows (The Hinch Program) as a stringer; I would provide combat footage from S.E.Asia (where I lived) and the Pacific region. Upon returning one time I was asked by my Exec. Producer to appear on a 'special' presentation for the Premier of John Pilger's latest documentary 'Cambodia: Year Ten'.

I agreed to be interviewed and was informed that the other guest wanted to meet me prior to the show.

Well, I have always had a 'very' close relationship with the 'anti-communist' guerilla forces operating from Border camps inside Thailand. As an ‘ex’ member of a specialized team that did some interesting stuff in S.E.A. I was always welcomed more warmly than the average hack.

I enjoyed an interesting audience with Mr. P. and we travelled to and from the studio together. I made a deal with John and his ‘agent’ that I ‘had’ always kept. Your article has forced my hand. As it turned out; an important segment of the ‘exclusive’ footage that Pilger had been ‘entrusted’ with by his ‘contacts’ in Cambodia: WAS MINE! And the “brutal Khmer Rouge soldiers portrayed terrorizing the peasants by destroying their village”, were actually CIA trained and equipped KPNLF (Kampucean Peoples National Liberation Forces). The MI6 and SAS trained and supplied the ANS (Armee Nationale Sihanoukist). Go figure.”

No-one involved at any level on any side of the deal is clean Nobs, it is impossible to achieve any real change or good, to any effective degree long-term, due to the whole deal being manipulated by one particular tribe…

The best we can hope for is to always bowl a good line and length in the hope that the batsman makes a mistake.

Cheers Nobs,