Saturday, December 13, 2008

Open Letter to the Villains of the World

Att - Messrs. Vladimir Putin, Hu Jintao, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, Hassan Nasrallah, Fidel Castro, et al,

Dear Sirs,

The Western bloc-media has declared you the villains of the world. You know as well as I do that none of you, nor your countries, nor your people, will ever get a break in the Western media. The entire media sings from the same song-sheet with a simple message. Each of you is a variation of Orwell's Emmanuel Goldstein. Collectively you are those whom we must hate.

To be honest, I don't know where your heads are at precisely. But I'm assuming that you understand how the world works. I'm assuming that you're perfectly aware that the Reserve Banks of the world are privately owned and what this means. Tie this power to the undeniable bloc nature of the media and its refusal to acknowledge this power, and it's no great feat of logic to arrive at the conclusion that the media is, in essence, a machine to cloud our minds to the nature of our subjugation.

Effectively we are all participate in a mad charade, an idiotic drunken parlour game, wherein the perpetual topic-du-jour is that old chestnut 'What's to be done?' To obey the rules of the game we must discuss this topic in every way possible but we must never mention the chief protagonists, which is to say, international banking. The entire perverse system of monetary policy, and control of the means of exchange, must be dealt with, not as a human contrivance subject to alteration, but as an act of God that may not be questioned.

I notice that you all play within the parlour game rules. And some of you do quite well occasionally. Mr Putin has had some interesting footage showing him staring down a tiger and displaying his martial arts ability. Hats off. But between these minor efforts (which, trust me, the media did its best to spin as vaguely comedic, or undignified, or otherwise as 'not quite the thing') and, say, the watertight depiction of Russia as the ogre of Ossetia, it's small potatoes. But all of you receive the same thing.

In China, never mind the tirelessness of Hu Jintao throwing himself amongst the people struck homeless in that earthquake, nor the millions of servicemen and women he then mobilised into a fearless hands-on disaster relief (which the American government could watch as a 'How to' if the welfare of their citizens was worth tuppence to them), the Western media barely batted an eyelid. Besides, their reporters were far too busy looking for Chinese citizens unhappy with their government. And they found them, sure enough, one after another. (Well, shit, eh? Like this is difficult - Pick a country, any country). With this as the perpetual template, unsurprisingly we in the West will only ever know of the Chinese as villains. And when the bankers move against China (à la David Sassoon and his opium wars) we in the deluded West will righteously cheer its destruction. And geez, you can hardly blame us - all we know is what we are told.

Perhaps you have your fingers crossed. Just like Tariq Aziz. He was the Iraqi Foreign Minister in the run up to the invasion of Iraq. It didn't matter how much he kowtowed and did as he was ordered (always scrupulously obeying the rules of the parlour game). His handing over of the complete 40,000 pages detailing the weapons programme and allowing the CIA-infested weapons inspectors to wander all over his sovereign nation was never going to make a lick of difference to Iraq's inevitable bombing. And that's the lot of anyone who plays within the rules of the parlour game. You will always be on the back foot. It's not your game and if you stay within it, you will lose. And lose big. Destruction-of-your-nation big. I'm sure you get it.

In any conflict, whoever follows the agenda set by their opponent will always be on the back foot, always reduced to defensive tactics. It stands to reason. The only way to 'win' (exactly the wrong word but let's carry on) is to seize the initiative. And the only way to do this is to Call The Game. The game isn't hidden from public view for no reason. Nor does its veiled nature add some minor degree of utility to the whole caper. This veil of delusion is the single crucial function by which the enterprise succeeds or fails. Pull away that veil and start a global public discussion on the true nature of reserve banking (and the role the media plays as its handmaiden) and the bankers (and their media monkeys) will be forced into unfamiliar territory. I expect that even wrongfooted like this they will still be formidable opponents. But at least you'll have them on the back foot.

So. Rather than stand in front of the UN and call George Bush the devil, or mouth generalities about peace amongst men of good will, why not call the game? I'm not going to say that this is easy. Packing the history of international banking and control of the world's money supply into fifteen minutes is no easy task. But it can be done. Hell, if you want a hand, for an absurdly modest fee I'm your man. The comment section is below, and world leaders are perfectly welcome, ha ha.

But forget me, I'm nobody. This will be your gig. In English 'your' can be singular and plural. Take it here as the plural. Acting in concert will be vital. Each of you must reinforce the others and put out a consistent, coordinated and coherent message. And the beauty of it is that all you will have to do is: tell the truth; not waste time on red-herrings; and stick to your guns. The last part of this will not be easy. God knows that in this bullshit world there's nothing braver than the man who tells the truth. And we all know how powerful those who control the money supply are. They whacked Kennedy and got away with it. And they can whack you too. But only if you're a singleton. Act in concert and the possibility of your silencing becomes ever more unlikely.

But if you stay silent, stay isolated, one way or another they're going to whack you anyway. You and your whole nation. The bloc-media hasn't invested all this time and capital painting each of you as the enemy for nothing. They don't do this lightly. They do this because they are the part of the machine that is going to destroy you. How about this - the media is the laser that paints the target so that the bomb knows where to go. The bomb is us, sure enough. Make no mistake, you are lit up by that laser.

Forget living in the shadows. The media-laser loves it there. The media doesn't just light things up, they actually render in the shadow also. In fact, this rendering of shadow is their primary purpose. If anything they're better at that than casting light. The only strategy for dealing with this mastery of darkness is to flood the whole place with the broad daylight of truth.

It's easy and it's hard. But the time is now, you're the men for the job, and no job was more worth doing. You know this is true.

I have a dream. I dream that you're not the servants of the bankers. I dream that you're possessed of intellect, of free will, and of big balls. I dream that you're men whose place in history will be that reserved for those who usher in an era. An era free from delusion. An era of peace and prosperity. A second Enlightenment, perhaps. It's not impossible. And all things being equal, why wouldn't you pick this dream? Who but a slave would follow someone else's dream of warfare, starvation, misery and suffering? Are you not masters of which dreams you choose? If you are serious, bold, act in concert, and stay true, this false dream, this nightmare, is yours to smash. You will be your own masters and earn the thanks of a world freed of delusion and subjugation. That's my dream. What's yours?


Anonymous said...

If Obama was actually "one of the good guys" he would have been doing this when he had the floor and the microphones. The fact that he did not was very telling. Kucinich and Ron Paul used their opportunities but were shunted off the tracks. Some say that Obama was playing his cards to get in there. He never breathed a word about the banksters fiat currency, that pretty much showed where he was at, but maybe he was holding his fire until he could get up close to make his move. Then he made is appointments...uh oh...looks like Menes in Argentina...grew his sideburns to grab the Simon Bolivar populist hero look, told the people what they DESPERATELY wanted to hear, got elected, shaved off the sideburns and surprise, SUCKERS! HA HA HA! Smells like... time to"CHANGE" the diapers!

kikz said...

wb noby!

wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

I could only wish. Awesome article, well done!


nina said...

We share this dream. Dialogue without preconditions and pretense, without pundits' and analysts' interpretations, without Condi and Hillary meeting over sea bass, without trillions of dollars sealing deals, deals designed with built-in retreat. Is it all just busywork? What if it didn't happen that way? We'd probably be visiting civilizations on distant planets by now, all of us.

nobody said...

Onya folks,
And apropos Brian's comments, that's where we are now, isn't it? The only people we can put our faith in are those declared the enemy. God spare us, the world is arse-about.

And Nina, you can have the planets, mate. I declare it so. And I have as much right to grant them to you as anyone, ha ha. Consider them yours to do with as you wish...

nina said...

Why, thank you. I am so fond of them.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to incl in the ltr addressing "Messrs" Geos Bush-father & son, Dick Cheney/Halliburton, Henry Kissinger, Karl Rove, Heads of Enron, the World Bank Org.& U.S. Bankers and Land Developers, FEMA (Remember Andrew & Katrina?)and Bill Clinton, the CIA (Cocaine Import Agency, and Congress (stealing 700 BILLION), et al.

Don't forget THOSE villains!

Or are American Villains exempt?


Unknown said...

Excellent article/letter, you took every word from my mouth. My main anger is how the US/EU governments and media bend, distort, cover up the truth to shape up dumb public opinions. It is sickening to any person who can think logically.

Anonymous said...

I hope this gets forwarded to PM. Putin, President. Ahmedinajad and President Chavez.
If for no other reasons except to say-there are those, like myself in the US who bear you no malice, indeed, we wish you well.
I don't know how many times I've stuck up for these three in conversations with friends and family. Putin and Chavez, especially. And heard the stupid arguments disseminated by the mainstream media parroted to me by those in my life.
Those 3 men give me some hope for the future of this planet. May they be able to lead their nations well through these troubling times and keep their people safe from those who currently have Americans as well as many others under their boot.

psychegram said...

I can't help but think these guys all know Something Big that makes them extremely reluctant to go out in public and call a pig a pig. As you say, they're not stupid: they must understand the rules of the banksters' game, primary among which is that no matter what, the banksters win. That they don't call them out on this makes me think that, regardless of how willing they are to denounce American military adventurism or Washington's imperial ambitions, when you get right down to it Chavez and Putin and Bush all kiss the same ring.

Only when all 6 billion of us stand together and turn our backs on leaders of any sort will any real progress be made. Unfortunately, not being Aquaman, I can't hold my breath that long.

nobody said...

Erda, you need to hang out here a bit more mate. Because as things stand, you've missed the point. Pretty much completely it seems.

I've turned things on their head here. Do you get it? Perhaps not. I notice you insist I spend my time shaking my fist at almost everyone except the owners of the Fed. Which is to say all the second tier villains (or capos, as I like to call them). George Bush is a sock-puppet mate. Shake your fist at the sock puppet if you like, but I got better things to do with my time.

And between Mr Wilson and Mr Gram, I think Psyche is closer to the mark. I don't hold out much hope that such a course of action (as I float in the piece) will be followed. Rather than hoping that they call the game, the smart money would simply know that whatever the reasons are that they haven't done it so far will probably ensure that they never do.

Still, hope springs eternal. And besides, the fool in the play wouldn't be worth having if he confined himself to discussions of what's-the-point?

the Silverfish said...

strange how the greatest villains have always been a threat to the ruling elite. The ones that are really a threat to the people they serve or are suppose to serve get very little press, the bush ape Robert Mugabe springs to mind, I haven't a single thing about this pig in the main stream press yet. or perhaps I'm wrong and he's really one of the goodguys bringing cheer and good will to all.

Franz said...

Nobody! Welcome back, great ideas you got.

What list do we put the Shoe Thrower on?? The man has eloquence --

“It is the farewell kiss, you dog”

God I love it! Too bad he didn't hit him. With something heavier than a shoe. Read the headline in your mind: BUSH BLOWN TO SMITHEREENS IN LAST FOUR WEEKS AS PREZ.

But the Shoe Thrower is a little guy, like most of us, so he can't make the Villains list. (He probably just made the POW list, alas.) We must all think of something here. I know a hero when I see one and decent folks must honor the heroic or end up eternally bushed.

Kenny covered this better than the major newsies, which is no longer much of a surprise, nice pix and a vid:

Anonymous said...

Response by Project

Hello, a very sensible letter and a sensible approach - to play a grandmaster on the grand chessboard requires some chutzpah, some initiatives, and some skills, minimally. Both China and Russia have all it takes. Yet they don't make any moves and stay on the 'backfoot'. Why?

Similarly, there are many in the United States Congress who know the game well, and one might say also have both access to the American media and the skills. Yet they don't make a play either. Why?

Wit the following letter to the United States Congress. The move was literally in their laps begging to be played, yet they let it fall (why? - the answer is really to be found in W. Cleon Skousen's book on page 6, and in Carroll Quigley's Tragedy and Hope):

Message to the United States Congress from Project Humanbeingsfirst

It's now or never!

October 02, 2008. 8 AM PST

Dear Congressmen and Congresswomen of America,

If you were to ask for my advice on what you might do about this trillion dollar emergency bailout Bill for the bankster oligarchs who are also holding the “insiders” gun to your head to extract their ransom, I would offer the following opinion.

You have but one tactical choice. Open a second more powerful front to disarm them.

If at least one of you in your House speeches being televised on C-Span, will assert the falsity of the very basis upon which Martial Law in Congress has been enacted, and due to which, you are being compelled to vote and pass this audacious graft upon the nation in the closing hours of this Presidency, you may have a fighting chance to really be fair to your oath of office.

Assert the plain truth that the “war on terror” is a fiction! That the enemy is fabricated.

And therefore, the emergency and war-footings basis upon which the Martial Law has been declared in the House, is fictitious.

And therefore, you, as the Representative of the People, revolt against this fiction being forced upon you as it is preventing you from upholding your own oath of office to protect and serve the nation against all enemies, both foreign, and domestic!

By astutely challenging, as fraudulent and malfeasant, the very first principle upon which the Congress has been continually co-opted by this Administration in its Constitutional due processes and deliberations, you have the fighting chance of preventing a second vote on this banksters' bailout Bill in the House.

If this bill is voted upon now in the House, you can take it to the vaults that the bill will pass! Please see the analysis in “No Exits on this Super-Highway!”

It is really time for the due diligence that was denied Gen. Smedley Butler.

It is really time to expose how America has been devilishly controlled by the oligarchs from behind the scenes despite their failed fascist coup attempt of 1933.

It is really time to expose which bankster oligarchs' mouth piece is CFR, of which you might well be a member.

It is really time to expose how the fiction of 'war on terror' is part of the very same oligarchs' grand strategies for eroding national sovereignty as prelude to one world government.

And it is really time to finally connect all the disparate pieces and baby-steps, each of which appears unrelated to the other, but together they systematically lead to one world government.

That time, is this very moment, when the banksters are presumably all powerful and masterminding their own bailout, when instead, it could actually be you easily turning the tables upon them simply by exposing the grand lie.

The fact of the matter is that this isn't a bailout for them at all – for they are plenty wealthy already. The bailout is a red herring to cleverly mask something far more pernicious that has been in the works for a very long time.

The financial crisis was engineered under the oligarchs' premeditated plan as a baby-step prelude to abandoning the dollar and cementing the North American Union.

Your real power, the real gun that you temporarily wield, is in exposing their diabolical agenda when the oligarchs are conveniently not only dependent on you for the passage of this Bill, but are also in the limelight of the world. The media is reporting on them, and the American public is finally skeptical. Even ordinary people are finally paying close attention for the fear of losing their shirts for the first time in their life. The stars are all lined up at this moment for you to strike back with some efficacy. You now have a move that can checkmate them.

There is no second chance. The one world government agenda is being enabled at such an accelerated and destructive pace that no baby-step once taken, is reversible.

Use this last opportunity wisely, and you may yet save America, and the world.

It's now, or never!

Zahir Ebrahim


Anonymous said...

An addendum to the previous comment, perhaps you might be interested in "The Missing Link – Full Spectrum Deterrence"

Here is a short excerpt:

Even the 'uneducated' but surprisingly astute taxi driver in the developing nations of the Global South insightfully observes that even in their own minimal self-defence, China and Russia are unable to draw into a "full spectrum" alliance when each of these two burgeoning superpowers can clearly perceive that the Global North led by the sole superpower hectoring hegemon is out for "full spectrum dominance" [4]. And the taxi driver knows that both the intended victims on the Grand Chessboard can quite comprehend that the 'great game' is being replayed in Central Asia and the Middle East at the indigenous peoples' expense and that neither is being fooled by the 'global war on terror' mantra. Thus, the plebeian surmises, both must surely also be well aware that their anemic and guarded attempts at SCO collaboration that falls far short of the “full spectrum alliance” necessary to thwart the 'great game' of "full spectrum dominance" being wrecked upon all of "space, sea, land, air, and information" [5] by the top 'baboon' du jour, is merely a toothless and inefficacious show-dog sentry.

Any ordinary person in the street in the impoverished Global South - the general sympathies among whom for the enormous wealth and power controlled by the Global North historically always being in the negative, and now rapidly approaching its nadir with the rise of the new 'Mandarins' heralding in the elite-favored and elite-enabled 'New World Order' - knows that for instance, the pending American-Israeli invasion plan for the destruction of a defenseless Iran can be trivially thwarted by a full spectrum NATO-EU like security-and-trade alliance immediately emerging within the SCO, with India, Pakistan, and Iran being made full time mutual-defense-pact treaty members to safeguard the Asian Continent homeland from all external marauders. It is rather commonsensical to fathom that further extending such 'Treaties' and 'Unions' among similarly fated nations of South America and even Africa can create a relatively stable "full spectrum deterrence" all across the Global South.

This is the most obvious and immediate self-defense-and-trading-partners pact among the 'lowly', which despite the doctrine of naked preemptive aggression of nuclear first-strike preeminence claimed by the 'baboons' du jour, and which is also jingoistically projected to target Russia and China [6], no external economic sanctions and saber-rattling by the "hectoring hegemons" can subvert and co-opt without a full scale 'Armageddon' in which all manifestly lose! Even the realpolitik hegemons don't want 'Armageddon' – the tortuous notion is entirely for the feeble minded among them to keep them geopolitically motivated for 'imperial mobilization'!

As in any power-posturing and bluffing in uber-realist Chess and Poker on the Grand Chessboard, there are many standoffs and postures, alliances and treaties, that can lead to a credible and manageable 'MAD' like conclusive détente of equitable peace and relative security (as during the Cold War) even today.

And this can easily transpire despite the somewhat 'lowly' status of the Russian-Chinese economies and their perceived military under-preparedness compared to the Hectoring Hegemons'. The fantastic interdependence of the global economies and the fluidity of global finance alone can become primal guarantors of peace if the 'checkmating' moves are judiciously and collaboratively played! When a superpower's lifelines become global trade, world stock markets and offshore manufacture, and its national debt is held by others, it also becomes its Achilles heal.

Thus it is profound shortsightedness to only include military prowess, and GDP and domestic spending based econometric dominance in the calculus of détente. Economic and resource vulnerability under Globalization are just as essential pieces on the Grand Chessboard. While the 'Hectoring Hegemons' spearheading the Global North's hegemony over the Global South seem to realize this acutely as they form Unions and Alliances and put up global military bases across the 'Arc of Crises' (as of 2004 more than 700 [7]), to construct the global supermarket for a neo-liberal "fast [food] world" [8], the resource rich and yet criminally impoverished nations of the South do not seem to be able to capitalize on this god-sent serendipitous asset already sitting in their pathetically divided laps.

It is so incredibly bizarre that it should occur to the commonest of commoner taxi-driver to ask the obvious question "what right has god granted to the West to come pillaging in our lands and dictate to us how we should live or govern ourselves" when it doesn't seem to occur to his ruling elite in their policy planning calculus, and who continually seem to bow and scrape to just a single phone call from their Masters du jour. It is indeed heartening to hear the plebeians' unconstrained imagination soar with various self-defense scenarios to safeguard ones' independence and self-determination - but only after one has plied them with a hearty meal in dignified settings and got them to open up a window into their genuine plebeian thoughts - that is bar none. The common 'uneducated' man in his moralist and freedom-aspiring flights of fancy can easily give the best of Hollywood script writers a run for their money (who, it is rumored, often do create the 'reality' of war-game scenarios for the Pentagon that are not just limited to publicly viewable blockbusters like 'Dr. Strangelove').

End Excerpt

Zahir Ebrahim

Anonymous said...

On that note:

"If you are going to tell people the truth, you had better make them laugh or they will kill you." Oscar Wilde


nobody said...

Good comments. Thanks Frank. And that guy! I vote that guy most likely to be emulated by the American population. And his line was perfect, really perfect. "Dog!" - succinct, accurate, and catchy.

Mr Iraqi Journalist Sir - I salute you!

And Dave I saw that line on wrh and laughed out loud. Thinks - I'll have to try and squeeze in more gags. Which is to say, scrape the barrel even deeper, God help me.

Thanks Zahir. Very good. Great minds think alike obviously. But they think even better when links are involved. Yoroshiku ne.

nobody said...

PS. I didn't mention it in the article but during that last big earthquake I was watching the Chinese footage of their disaster relief via SBS. It was spectacularly different to what everyone else saw in the West. The West only saw what the places the relief hadn't got to. The Chinese mostly saw the places it had. The Chinese footage was unbelievable, a real jaw-dropper. Uncountable thousands of troops and emergency workers moving heaven and earth. I'd be on pretty safe ground (ha, earthquake, get it?) saying that most people have never seen anything like it. The Chinese expect this from their govt during emergencies and they get it. Americans get nothing except the possibility of being shot for a looter.

the Silverfish said...

The text is in.

nobody said...

Silverfish is referring to his discussion of passive solar panels he has posted over at his site. Nina particularly might be interested. The link is on the front page. Or here, if you're as lazy as I am.

Otherwise Silv, I forgot to mention before but I've written about Mugabe. You were there and we talked about it. Perhaps you don't watch enough TV there mate. Frankly Mugabe just about tops the list of media villains here. He's on the news as about as often as a fellow can be.

Keeping in mind that the media is the banker's machine to tell us who to hate, what are we to make of Mugabe? I saw a banker of some description, in the run-up to Mugabe's apparent demise, tell us that sorting out Zimbabwe's economy should only take a couple of months. Wow. It's that simple? Maybe it is precisely that simple if one controls the reserve banks of the world and can subsequently determine wether the Zimbabwean peso is worth a sou or a sovereign, if you can dig it.

If the bankers can destroy a first world economy, what might they do to a place like Zimbabwe? Given the incoherence of America's response to having their economy destroyed how are we to discuss Mugabe's incoherency?

In Nicaragua, that shit Negroponte funded death squads and you name it. The people knew that the Sandanistas weren't responsible for the chaos. America was. But they ceased caring. If throwing out the Sandanistas would bring an end, then they'd do it. And they did it.

And then there's that scene with Steve McQueen in The Sand Pebbles where the whole crew is chanting (with the Chinese mob that wants to kill him) that he should surrender himself to them. "Holman Go Down!" It was a helluva scene.

If Mugabe is in fact under a monetary assault by international banking, what ought he to do? What would we do under that kind of pressure? Not buckle? Not slip up? Not lash out?

I'm not making excuses for Mugabe, but we can't discuss the situation he's in without discussing the people who put him there. Just like we can't discuss the Sandanistas without talking about the Americans funding the death squads. Or Steve McQueen's Holman without discussing the powers that put both the gunboat there and the mobs surrounding it. Can you dig it?

Penny said...

my dream, is to wake up and realize this has all been a nightmare, and I really live in a Utopia...

Hey, I can dream!

psychegram: kiss the ring ala David Rockefeller?

I agree and have said that in private conversation, they (PTB) will change, when we change, because then we will have no choice.

We can start changing at anytime, if we so choose, start out small, and get bigger.....
don't shop wal-mart
use cash,not credit, no debit
grow your own food
don't buy gmo's
use your money wisely
inform others
grass roots, grass roots
change from the bottom, hits critical mass, forces change at the top

notamobster said...

Brilliant work as always, noby.

The banksters, you say? Hmmm....never heard of 'em, but I'll bet they work for Putin.

(My word is 'epidinge' - dirty surface?)

nobody said...

Onya NaM, where you been bra? Or perhaps that was me. Oh, it was, now that I think about it. I went away and have barely popped in to see how it's going at your place. I'll remedy that shortly.

'Epidinge'? What?

notamobster said...

Epidinge was my "word verification" etymology... Epi-dinge
(I fear the term dinge and/or dingey may be a wholly American term... Not sure. Anywho... Glad to have you writing sir. Haven't had much time for that lately, me. Plan to write a couple this week.

nobody said...

Ah wakarimashita. And 'dinge/dingy' is common English. My turn - 'the ashen pallour one assumes upon finding that one was just injected with a product made by Rumsfeld's Gilead Corporation.'