Friday, November 14, 2008

Kikz's Halloween

Hat's off! Kikz goes above and beyond! God knows what the kids made of it, ha ha. Click on the pic for a higher rez.

BTW - The '666' was me. Me, and photoshop, that is.


kikz said...

love the house # >:)

my cemetery headstones, included...

us constitution, habeas corpus, posse comitatus, economy, war dead, 401k, and homesweet home.

nobody said...

Perhaps the reason I grooved on this was because I used to be a professional modelmaker/sculptor. And believe it or not I actually employed people who couldn't do as well as you did here.

If this had been an ad, I'd have charged this out for at least a grand, ha! (Don't be too impressed by the big bucks. The photographer would have marked me up 300% to the agency, and the agency would have marked that up maybe 500% to the client. Maybe more. Seriously. And then they'd take 90 days to pay me. Bastards.)

nobody said...

Whacko the diddle-oh! New Dave McGowan!

Penny said...

hey kikz, that is great.

what did your kids think of this?
what did the neighbourhood kids think?

who was in costume?

kudos to you!!

notamobster said...

Oh, do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Seriously, this is brilliant. Wanna print some cash up for me, too?

notamobster said...

Hey, I copied and emailed these to friends. They're really quite brilliant. I'm sure your neighbors hate you. :)

Franz said...

Hi nobody --

Usually I read not post. Visible sometimes. But is this a joke?

I mean THIS:

**Australia is preparing to block public access to 10,000 websites deemed to carry "unwanted content".**

Unwanted by whom? Are they gonna block all my pals? Visible? You?

The UK paper has it all:

Now don't tell me. But is it a Christmas present for somebody?

This gets irritating.

Sorry for off topic.

kikz said...

thanks penn, nota..

those are just figures..
however, the crank arm and the print roll were animated w/rotissere (sp) motors. and the skull is sound sensitive w/articulated jaw and red LED eyes...

reaper is an antique coatrack, w/various addons..

the armature for little buddy is small diameter pvc pipe...

i had hubs dub me a nice long version on loop..of pink floyd's money.. interspersed w/a really good vincent price laff >:)

my kids love my creations.. when you can impress other jaded teenagers.. w/...'kewwwl house'.... for a yard display, i guess its ok :)

nina said...

Gee Kikz, guess you all came out of the closet for your whole neighborhood! That's a lot like feeding wild sharks or having a herd of hungry male lions stashed behind the couch. You got a lotta guts. And a lot of energy to make all these heh heh "decorations".

Noby, please delete this comment if i shows up twice. Thanks.

nobody said...

Thanks for dropping in Frank. With the non-commenters outweighing the commenters by a comfortable ten to one, it's always nice to see the numbers shift slightly.

As for Australia as test-bed for internet censorship - yup, it's proceeding apace. But it might be easier said than done. To be honest it's getting very little coverage here. But what coverage I've seen has consisted of IT guys saying that the whole thing is idiotic - it won't achieve whatever it is it says it's on about (that old chestnut kiddy porn), but it will grind traffic to a halt. Whilst I don't think they'll drop it for the long term, short term (with things as they are) I don't think they'll succeed either.

In the long term however, they must shut down the internet as a place for the free exchange of ideas. Sorry folks, but it's a certainty. With the media bloc-controlled and education likewise there's no way the internet as it exists now will be permitted to carry on. It only exists now because we are so few. But as we approach a tipping point things will change. The control of knowledge is THE single most important thing there is. Whoever controls what people think, 'wins'. It's as simple as that.

On the bright side, we have been privileged to participate in discussions that were as truthful as we could make them. We will never be the same. In the flow in which we live we will affect others. Bad karma isn't the only sort of karma you know. I view karma differently to most everyone (except for Steve Hagen, ha! Read 'Buddhism Plain and Simple' if you want to know where my head is at) but it does exist and it has an effect. And we have an effect.

Anyway, another long comment that could, with a few tweaks, be the front page. In fact it will be the front page. I shall write an open letter to my old school chum Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. No really, I knew the guy. Mind you, I'll have to read up on the details first. And I have a few things to put up before that.

nobody said...

Here's my love poetry to Kikz -

Shall I compare thee to a Halloween eve?
Thou art spookier and more Wintry, ha ha.

kikz said...


thankz noby,

spooky maybe, but for most of the night, i was in shorts and a tank top :)

beautiful crescent moon over some huge planet/star, i've not had time to find out which... :) and of course.. we got
sunspots! YES!

nobody said...

Oh right. Not that I'd ever really thought about it but I'd always assumed that Halloween was in Winter. Wait it is Winter in the Northern hemisphere isn't it? It's Summer here. What a crazy mixed-up world. I'll never get the hang of it.

Never mind, I'm off to the beach. Ciao.

the Silverfish said...

Strangely Halloween is So misunderstood. Sadly it has also become so cheapened, so plastic so without meaning.

In this little corner of the world Halloween is one of the most important events of the year, full of good fun and lots of food. I'm not sure that the pig who is asked to take one for the team is all that keen on it though.

Franz said...

nobody --

I think you're right.... cerainties like that we can count on. Damn. This world is starting to get on my nerves.

On a lighter sid, you got old schoolmates like mine. One of mine is the brains behind every piss-in-the-jar drug test given.

Too late to strangle him in a locker room, I guess, but HE WAS A DIRTBALL THEN TOO. Us regular folk react too slow.

Costume was cool, locally we got one of the Christian zombie sects that thinks halloween is Satanic and crashes all the parties nearby.

Gets more fun every year. Between the everything-is-satanic mob and the pee-in-the-jar gang, there's no sanity left within miles around.

nobody said...

Yup, sane in a mad world, mad in a sane one, who can tell the difference?

Anonymous said...

great halloween figures kikz, it's good see this stuff outside. Why don't we have the feast of fools anymore? that would have been good.

Anonymous said...

shit, that looks like some storm in Queensland.

nobody said...

Feast of Fools is in your heart John. For me, every day is Feast of Fools day. And that was a big storm. It made the news in the UK?

I'm not in Brisbane mind you, but we had the same electrical storm where I am and some lightning landed so close to our apartment that everything went white and my ears hurt. I've never had lightning strike so close before.

Sorry for being slack again. There'll be a new thing up this arvo. I'm revisiting Dave McGowan.