Thursday, November 27, 2008

following the script

Mumbai is ablaze. This attack is huge. My guess is that over a hundred people are involved. All of the people in on this plot ran on a well laid out schedule. Whatever the fuck is going on has been well organised. And whatever it was the organisers intended to achieve, they've achieved it.

Sure enough, it's Muslims. Or so the media tells me. Apparently the terrorists are unhappy with the treatment of Muslims in India. Their plan, as best I can tell, is to kill Indians and foreigners indiscriminately, set fire to major pubic buildings, and take hostages and refuse to release them until Muslims are treated better. Good thinking. Am I alone in wondering at this disconnect?

Between me and the media, it sure looks like it. But it's early days yet. Me, I confidently look forward to the members of the media stating the obvious and saying, 'This doesn't make any sense at all. Who in their right mind would expect that a huge Muslim murder spree would improve the lot of Muslims? How will this achieve anything but having Hindus and Muslims at each other's throats? How would this be in the interest of Muslims?'

Just joking - those questions will never be asked. But if they were I imagine the answer would be that these people are not in their right mind. They're nuts. Nuts who can pull off a coordinated 100 man attack. When it comes to the 'how' they're rational, but on the subject of 'why', they are insane. Um, okay.

Sorry, but between the two prospects of madmen seeking one thing and achieving the obvious and inevitable opposite, and perfectly rational people seeking discord by way of lies and dupes, and succeeding admirably, I'm going to put my money on the latter.

The difference between me and the media is that I have a smattering of history. I know that in 1954 Israeli agents pretending to be Muslims blew up American targets in Cairo in the hopes of prompting the US to attack Egypt. They didn't succeed because the bombers were caught and spilled all the beans. I know that they did it again in 1967 when they attempted to sink the USS Liberty with the loss of all hands and blame it on the Egyptians. The nuke-laden skyhawks were already on their way to Cairo before LBJ and McNamara realised that the Israelis had failed to sink the most lightly armed boat in the US navy and called them back. Oops.

Clearly the Israelis decided that their previous lies had been too modest and on the 11th of September 2001, they attacked multiple US targets and killed 3000. Finally success! Christians and Muslims, at each other's throats. High fives all round. Confirmation indeed that they were precisely as great as they thought they were.

The media obviously doesn't do history. Not unless it's Nazis, that is. Anyway, who in the media has time for history? They can barely keep up with the script on the autocue, never mind all that boring history stuff about who bombed who whilst pretending to be Muslims. As they say in the media - Don't think, just read the script! And are the words, 'false-flag', 'Israeli agents', or 'overpaid media whores' in the script? Of course not.

Nor should one ask who writes the script. Whoever they are, they're very clever. Without them how would we know that Muslims are irrational murderous motherfuckers who will kill us in spite of the fact that it will advance their interests in no way, shape, or form.



Franz said...

Nobody: GREAT stuff, and me up this late to catch it just after post... ouch.

(The USA has a holiday today but us PEASANTS have to work it.)

One thing.

You mention the USS Liberty? I was in the US Navy 1968-72 and NEVER HEARD MENTION OF IT. Except the official "we hit the wrong tub, but that's war for you." But otherwise, nothing.

We've been locked down LOTS longer than some of our optimists seem to think. Started with the Patriot Act after 911? Foo. If it was tight as a drum in '67, it was tight before then too. Why do I think November 1963 might fit into this?

Anyway, any sailor reading the USS Liberty back then just figured the usual: American sailors can't shoot worth shit. There's a REASON allies steer clear of us and it ain't respect. Why should Israeli sailors shoot any better?

So typical of lower-class US: We make excuses for the other guy when he kills us.

But your right about this thing, the false flags and the worldwide crap about Muslims especially. If Islam were nothing but natural-born psychos they'd have incinerated at least Boston by now. Have they? I rest my case.

nobody said...

Hey Frank,
Well I'll be honest with you, it was reading about the Liberty (however many years ago now) that did my head in and tipped me over the edge. What those Liberty guys went through was the equivalent of anything any US sailor ever went through. Hellish. And McCain's old man threatened them with death if they ever told. (Speaking of McCain, ha ha, it looks like he was personally responsible for the Forrestal fire in 1973).

BTW. This never gets mentioned anywhere (not even at but nukes got strapped to skyhawks and launched, in spite of the fact the Liberty hadn't told anyone who'd attacked them. The logic is unavoidable. LBJ and McNamara were in on the gag way before it happened. I'm prepared to bet that the Liberty was sent to the Levant for no other reason than to be sunk. All those servicemen serving their country? Their country ain't interested in serving them. Not unless it's on a platter to their Ashkenazi masters.

PS Have you seen the BBC docomentary Liberty - Dead In The Water? It's on google video. They discuss the nukes. Worth watching.

PPS Now that I think about it, have you seen another BBC effort, Sacrifice At Pearl Harbour? Pearl Harbour was about as much a surprise as tax day.

nobody said...

Back to Mumbai now, I just found this from a link at wrh. It's from the Times of London -

"Western intelligence services have been expecting an al-Qaeda spectacular terrorist attack in this crucial period between the end of President George Bush’s administration and the succession of Barack Obama."

Perfect. More of that 'chatter' I expect. I'd love to know what this chatter is comprised of. It's always enough to have us all terrified but not quite enough for the security services to be able to stop it. Mind you, why would they stop it after they spent so much time and money setting it all up? "What and ruin a perfectly good false flag?"

Franz said...

Hey nobody!

Good find you got here:

"Western intelligence services have been expecting..."


I mean why even wait for SOTT and Rense and the rest to catch up anymore? "Al-CIA-Duh" has been a joke since 911, but the way John Dillinger was a joke, people got dead from Mad Dog John then and from Bush's pretend-Muslims now.

Thanks for the Liberty leads. Beyond the Ennes book and the Liberty's site my reading was slight; just made me furious.

You know what? Pearl Harbor is a measure of how far the USA has dropped in a quarter-century, no kidding.

Post WWII here (Midwest US) was totally isolationist, as in WE TOLD YOU SO. Books on my library shelves as a kid bore names like WAR THROUGH THE BACK DOOR and THE ROOSEVELT MYTH. No one with a brain thought the official story was anything but crap.

Now? Shees. Pat Buchanan, no Gibbon, comes out with a mealy-mouth book questioning SOME of the Pearl myth and everyone's pretending he's done something shocking. No. Pat would have been laughed out of any barber shop on Lake Erie for being so timid, it's the whole trouble. Timid souls ain't free.

Let me stop bugging you. This is one hot story and I think you got the right take here... dammit.

Anonymous said...

With pursed lips I say (as do you and Les- I do learn) who benefits.

kikz said...

agreed.. bullshit.

just read this am.. brits are telling that the entebe hijack was also a mossad do. >:)
interesting that...

kikz said...

oh, and the latest boogabooga..

yammering about the nyc trainsystem this am...for turkey day.

tsk tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

Noby. You are a excellent writer. Thanks for your post.

About Mumbai and violence as politcal tool. If you engage in the asymmentric, low intensity warfare such as political terrorism your targets would be the infrastucture with occasional assasination here and there. Massive collateral damage on civials serves another purpose and agenda. Usually to subverse any legit form and effective form of political progress or movement. A good example of this was the red brigade ( feat. Propaganda Due and Licio Gelli) in Italy.

In Iraq ongoing assaults on electricity, oil, gasoline, water, transportation, and telephone networks deprive Iraqi's of the basic necessities of life and thus undermines the legitimacy of the (in this case a puppet) government. I am now talking about empirical legitimacy of Max Weber, not the normative ( legal) legitimacy of I.Kant.

The guerilla, freedom fighter or terrorist ( make your pick) often replaces the government or the state as a provider of basic necessities for the people in hardship. They often do this with seemingly higher intergrity ( populist) and more straighforward albeit overt authotarian moral code than the politicians ever did. Narcotrafficers in Mexico and Colombia are examples of this doctrine. This is happening in Iraq as well. This is also how you acquire and come to power if your money does not come from London, New York or Frankfurth. The formula works. Indiscrimate violence does not.

The marketsquare bombings of civials are not the work of a desperate nationals seeking the approval and hearts and minds of fellow Iraqis. They are mercenaries who would bomb their family for profit. Guerilla entrepreneurs. So are the attackers in Mumbai.

You wrote about Pearl Harbour. I think you will enjoy this if you haven’t heard it before. In a candid speech and Q & A sessions for MIT Communications forum in 2006 David Milch notes that Roosewelt sat on the intel on Japanese attack to Hawai. Intrestingly he was a frat bro with GWB, hence the genial boob remark. The above is part of a verbatim transcript of the event. There is an audio and video available on MIT communications forum internet site. Link at the end of the quote.

…”QUESTION: Your work seems to focus on finding humanity in ambiguous characters. Do you think that some people are simply unforgivable?

MILCH: No, I don't think so.

THORBURN: Not even your old fraternity friend, the president?

MILCH: Not even him. Especially not him, whom I find to be more of a genial boob than a moral menace. I think the war in Iraq has more to do with the media's abdication of its responsibilities than the deficiencies of our president. Through lack of informing vision, the media has infantilized the audience. The surrogate existence provided by television has come to supplant the emotional life of the populace. I've stopped doing series set in the present because the assault on the collective sensibility after 9/11 gave the populace so much fear, that they could only be placated with a three-week miniseries designed to tell them that they didn't need to fear danger here, because we were taking the war over there. The motivations for that war had nothing to do with WMD and everything to do with the habituation of the viewing public to the shaping of human experience in distorted forms, for which the media is responsible. For the first three weeks, the Iraq miniseries received enormous public approval, because it was the series we wanted to see. It had a beginning, a middle and an end. The current disaffection has nothing to do with the Iraqi people and everything to do with the fact that the series is over, and we don't want to see it anymore. It was a war undertaken for the wrong reasons, and responded to for reasons the public doesn't understand. The dialogue about Bush has nothing to do with Bush, but with the fact that he is the main character in a failing drama. No matter who was in office, the so-called intelligentsia would be criticizing him—which is not to say that he's not a moron. I knew him, we were fraternity brothers. But that's not what's happening. The biggest political lie wasn't told by George Bush, but by Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he allowed Pearl Harbor to be attacked, in order to mobilize public opinion. I'm not criticizing Roosevelt or defending George Bush, just saying that the issue right now has to do with the a failure to acknowledge the necessary moral and imaginative predicate in what has become an entirely virtual existence. People spend more than half their working lives watching television. That has to shape the neural pathways. It creates an impatience for irresolution. I try to tell stories in ways that address those issues. I don't do contemporary dramas anymore because it's too ingrained in the American consciousness. If there's another attack like 9/11, I believe the American public will sign on for the extermination of everyone of the Muslim faith.”

Penny said...

ah, nobody, been exceptionally swamped for a couple days, but my first thought one this one was false flag,
why india, why now??

This is a set up of Pakistan IMO.
India is usually the ally of the US, not Pakistan.

The US will play them off on another, sure, but in a pinch the US needs India, to balance China's power.

So Pakistan becomes expendable.

Obama has been making noise about Pakistan for a while now, and also is all hot for a surge in Afghanistan.

He just bought his ticket for both these gigs! a "twofer" (two for one)

vlad said...

Watching the unfortunate fireworks spectacular from Mumbai ( is'nt Ramadan always kicked off in this fashion? ) when my teenage sons wryly commented " suppose it was the Jews hey Dad?"
"Haha not sure yet boys, ill get back to you"
Not 10 minutes later found this from
India emphasizes deeper ties with Iran
Sun, 23 Nov 2008 22:15:50 GMT
"Iran and India could develop relations not only in the field of energy but also in new industries, mineral products and banking activities," Indian Ambassador to Iran, Manbir Singh said Sunday in a meeting at Tehran's chamber of commerce.

"The minister stressed that India would not let outside political pressure distract the developing relations between the two countries".
"This is while some media outlets had speculated that New Delhi is being influenced by US pressure to quit the project".

Hardly a smoking gun but a shoot em up instigated by the uno hooze is more likely than the Deccan Mujahideen? Is'nt that Chimpy Symonds new IPL team ?

Anonymous said...

yes, bullshit indeed. Whenever I see such well co-ordinated events it seems to me to point in a particular direction and it is not the direction that is proclaimed by the media. People do think that it doesn't make any sense but usually their thinking will go no further than this. A minority will be able to connect the dots but that doesn't make any difference to the public at large who don't seem to have the inclination to look deeper into events and so the bullshit continues.

911 was a wake up call for many people who used the internet for research and communication and the subject is vast on the web but conspicuous by its almost total absence on msm.

vlad said...

Israeli rabbi held hostage by gunmen in Mumbai
27 Nov 2008 11:01:05 GMT
Source: Reuters
By Matthias Williams

MUMBAI, Nov 27 (Reuters) - An Israeli rabbi is being held hostage by gunmen in a Mumbai apartment building after a series of attacks in the city that have killed at least 101 people, police said on Thursday.

Indian commando Amit Tiwari told Reuters a woman and a child had been released, and one of the gunmen had been killed, but at least four armed men remained in the building.

The Israeli rescue service Zaka, an ultra-Orthodox organization, identified the hostage as Rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg.

He and his wife, Rivka, operate a cafeteria and synagogue for the Chabad Lubavitch religious group, it said, adding that she and a two-year-old child had been released.

Zaka said Indian security had just informed the Israeli foreign ministry of plans to break into Chabad House, where unconfirmed reports say the rabbi has been wounded.

"The situation at the present moment is very unclear. We know there is a hostage situation at the Chabad centre and also in one of the hotels in town," Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmore told Reuters Television.

"Israelis are probably involved but we have no verifiable information as to how many or what their situation is at the moment."

For the love of G-D nooooooooo not the Rabbi!!
Ahem, you gotta love that last paragraph.......outstanding.

Magdelena said...

One of your best, Nobody!

And of course exactly what I thought as well. It's just so darn convenient that this happens now.

Also, how opportunistic will this be to include Pakistan as the source of the Muslim woes? Afterall, don't we want to bomb them to oblivion as we already have the Iraqis and Afghanis?

It's no wonder that the PTB have India in their crosshairs. Watch out, there will be more of this.

Now, we can all go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

commanders in map strewn rooms
sheave their purpose to spread gloom
and hatred and fear

leaders around the world
awake to the fact that this is
just a flag
and its not white either.

somehow the people come together
beyond the hype and outrage
no longer wiling to wage war
for the secret masters.

other lands do have intelligence agencies that are intelligent
they are aware of the blue starred routine
the house of cards comes falling down
despite the maps in command rooms.

Anonymous said...

Terribly cool post, nobody. I've been thinking rather similar thoughts all night, and so have a lot of other people if the blogosphere is any indicator.

Unfortunately, the blogosphere isn't as heavily populated as the folk who are subjects of the MSM.

Thanks for saying everything in such succinct terms.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the whole lot warmed up in Paris after that Jewish cartoonist made fun of Muhammad?

Anonymous said...

Obama was pushing for a war with Pakistan during the debates, now he has the pre-text. Mossad already owns Obama (he picked Rahm Emanuel, the son of a terrorist). Obama will probably let Mossad slide on their 9/11 involvement and Obama will continue their wars. So who won? Israel did, as always.

the Silverfish said...

Tell Yuh what, lets flip a coin. heads it's the Israelis and tails it's the Jews stirring the shit, AGAIN.

nobody said...

Good God. It's a been a long time between drinks as far as me and wrh goes. Mike doesn't groove on most of the stuff I do. And that's cool. It's his site he can do what he wants. But I thought this one might be up his alley, sent it to him, and he very kindly posted it. Thanks Mike!

And good comments all. Bravo everyone.

Sure enough, after I watched the initial footage, wrote this thing and posted it, I went back home and watched some more. And sure enough there was that old chestnut "a previously unheard of terror group claimed responsibility". I turned to the old man and said "Bingo!". It's always a "previously unheard of terror group". They're so fucking obvious aren't they?

And then there's the 'Israeli family' being held in an 'apartment building'. WTF. An apartment building? Does that make any sense to anybody? We're in some funky shit here boys and girls. Shades of passenger 9B, Daniel Lewin on flight 11. I can't wait to find out more about this rabbi.

Hmm... just an idle thought - I wonder if this is a set-up to get an armed Israeli team into India for clean-up or some other variety of monkey business. Let's all stay tuned shall we?

Kevenj said...

"Sure enough, it's Muslims."

yup, here we go again.

I just heard word on CNN that the Bangkok airport has been closed for a number of days? wtf?
Pakistani authorities are asking for calm and rational thinking. Yea, I bet they are.

I wouldn't want to own a condo in Karachi right now..

Franz said...


Yeah! You called it first so far as I know.

I been checking around since I got in and by god there's going to be a ruckus over this False-Flagger for sure.




"Central Intelligence Agencies vigilant investigating in the aftermath of Malegaon blast; Enquiry being held into the February 2007 visit of prominent Israeli religious delegation and meetings with Hindutvadi Sadhu, Sanths and political leaders; Mossad infiltration a cause of deep concern for Intelligence officials..." ETC at blog.



Mumbai The Mossad Angle


"Our worst fears have come true. It is clear that Mossad is involved in the whole affair. An entire city has been attacked by Mossad and probably units of mercenaries...

"...Today is a day of shame for all Indians and all Hindus. Muslims and secular Hindus have been proven right. RSS type forces and Israel are all involved in not only destabilizing but finishing India. India should immediately snap all relations with Israel..." ETC at blog.

My guess is more is on the way unless some nukes go off. Unfortunately that's not a joke anymore.

Anonymous said...

Mr . Nobody ,
After college in the evening , i and some of my friends used to discuss college stuff at a tea shop ...there was this guy who used to come everyday and tried to win over people's attention by saying stuff which was wierd and nevertheless , he did win our attention but it was majorly on the humour side .
When i read ur article , u made me remember of the same person . Know why , because at one time when people are facing this shock , you " sitting safely at your home are passing judgements which are absolutely baseless ."
You cry out that The word Muslim is overhyped ...ironically ...u make it more over-hyped . Dude ....intrying to be a natural have lost it . Oops.

Anonymous said...

Of course it`s the Muslims. Led by that evil Muslim Adam Pearlman (aka "Adam Ghadan"-a zionist jew terrorist from California and leader of the cia/mossad created boogeyman "Al Qaeda") working together with little green men from mars.

nobody said...

Hey Rajat,
Well between me hyping Muslims and Rupert Murdoch's Australian newspaper screaming 'Terror came from Pakistan', I reckon I come a second so distant I may as well be on the other side of the world. Oh wait, I am.

Otherwise did you read what I wrote? Is the Lavon affair real or fake? Was the USS Liberty attacked or not? Did the skyhawks launch with nukes or didn't they? Was 911 really 19 Muslims run by a guy in a cave? Read the comment following yours - google 'adam gadahn pearlman'. Do you really believe that al qaeda would have a Jewish boy from Orange County (who's grampa is head the ADL) as its number 3? Al qaeda is internet savvy, yeah? And what? They don't know to put 'adam gadahn' into google? What bullshit. What obvious bullshit.

But guess what mate? You're actually right. I have lost 'it'. Your problem is that you don't know what 'it' is. 'It' is my sense of credulity, my willingness to believe obvious lies. If you believe that this 'it' is a thing worth having, then I can't do nothing for you, bra. Have a nice life.

Or death, as the case may be. It looks like your country is going to go to war with Pakistan. Enjoy.

the Silverfish said...

I am concerned for the security of our great nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insideous forces working from within. (General Douglas MacArthur)

nobody said...

Sorry folks, I wasn't paying attention. Let's just put it down to internet cafe monkey business. In the two hours I sat at the cafe the line dropped out about ten times. Anyway in amongst this frustration I failed to spot Rajat here and talked to him like he's a regular person. He ain't. He's a Jewish troll.

And he dropped enough clues. Anyone notice how he didn't attack any of the points I made? He merely told some idiot anecdote (I expect it was daydream he had as he read my piece) that then turned into your usual ad hominem. The thing is, Rajat's comments seemed very familiar. It reminded me of the comments on the article that Frank linked to just above Rajat's piece. Thanks Frank. I'd read it already but it saves me linking it now.

Generally I don't get too many bullshit artists like Rajat popping in. In fact the reason I started a blog was precisely because of blogger's comment arrangement whereby comments come to me before they're posted. Whilst this doesn't discourage trolls outright it certainly stops a single individual from piling in and agreeing with himself. I wonder if Rajat had to catch himself before he submitted a second comment saying, "I agree with Rajat. You are a nutbar." Rajat's second thoughts - "Hmm... waitaminute, if I agree with myself before he publishes it he'll figure out I'm bullshit." Fuck knows how these self-impressed gits think. Imagine being in their head. Shudder.

Anyway here are five fellows from the aforementioned website that I'm prepared to bet are the same guy -

"Whoever claims that the Israeli Mossad is somehow involved in these sloppy attacks is smoking some serious brain altering substances"

"what you yearn for is attention because you cant even get an ugly man to find you attractive nevermind a woman"

"Your GP can prescribe drugs to assist with your paranoia"

"I thought this was a spoof site at first. Then I realized that it's just a wack-job site. NUTSO!"

"Are you out of your goddamn mind ??? Mossad planned the attack in mumbai ???? Man.. what stuff are you smoking ??"

Typical one trick ponies. Note that they take the same line of drugs/craziness with only variation being a sexual slur. No surprises there.

I've had plenty of experience with individuals pretending to be several people. For mine, that someone would do this says more about them than it does about whatever they're trying to tell us. Obviously they think their opinion is worth multiples of anyone else's. They're unfazed by the fact that they're actually a lonely voice and the true majority (as opposed to their own fictitious one) ain't buying their line. And nor do they have one. Invariably ad hominem is all they got.

Long and short, they're uninterested in reality. Reality is whatever they say it is. And the foundation of their reality is their own greatness. Every time they open their mouth this is what they tell us. They're so fucking obvious aren't they?

Anyway, fuck off Rajat.

the Silverfish said...

Nice touch, ALL so called terroists DEAD, now isn't that convenient. One would think that one would want at least some of them taken alive, Yuh know to find out who REALLY was behind the attack, but with all of them dead it's so easy to place the blame were ever one wants it to be.

WTF who writes this stuff?

nobody said...

PS And hands up anyone who wants to take a wild guess at the profession Rajat is in? No takers?

My wild guess is that he's in - wait for it - banking! ABN AMRO in Tamil Nadu, to be precise.

And there you folks were thinking it was a hard question ha ha.

nobody said...

Hey Silv,
And further, I'd loooove to see the toxicology reports from their post mortems (if they even bother with them, that is). I have a sneaking feeling that it would be very interesting.

Sorry if I failed to acknowledge anyone. Getting on wrh spins me out. But take it as read that I grooved on all of it. Yoroshiku.

the Silverfish said...

And oh yeah I second the motion, fuck off Rajat.
You my friend must be getting lonely for the onion to pay this asshole any mind at all, at least I have an excuse, sitting in a hotel room bored out of my mind, and just a little drunk.

nobody said...

Not the mini-bar!

kikz said...

mornin noby:)

congratz on the wrh printing... i read ya here first... by the time i look'd on wrh, it had already scrolled onto page2.

latest i've heard/read on this now is... blondes w/punk hairstyles?

who the fuk wasn't there?
sounds like the 'syndicate' called for a long wknd meetup in mumbai, i bet if one wandered the streets long enuff, ya might even spot goldfinger, bloefeld,scaramanga and dr. no.

Anonymous said...

I am getting sick jews....I mean zionists!

Nope, what i really mean is jews! I am tired of kicking every rock and finding a jew under it!

This evil race is behind communism, zionism, abrahmic religions(islam, and christianity), illuminati, new world order!

I say abarahmic religions because who knows if the "sky god" thing sounds very close to communism! (minus sky god)

Anonymous said...

My, what a lively bunch. All sorts of new visitors.

On your right wing at two meters Mr. N.

Wave to the AIPAC trolls everybody! =)

nobody said...

Ah Mir, always a pleasure.

Quick notes - My dream of ruining a fellow's dinner was the 100th post! It came and it went and I missed it, but whatever - Yay! 100 posts!

Speaking of posts, there a new flick at the cinema. This review is also notable for being the first movie on the blog to have a title comprised of only three letters. (Geez, we scrape the barrel for gags round here, don't we?) Anyway if you can guess what the movie is you receive a hardy handshake and a laurel.

Wait, I got that gag the wrong way round. Bloody Hell, have I no respect for Mel Brooks and his Jewish farces?

Um, not really, no.

psychegram said...

Fantastic stuff, man. I read this a couple of days ago, but didn't bother commenting until now because, ah hell, just wasn't in the mood.

Congrats on the SoTT link!

nobody said...

Thanks Psyche,

And yeah that was nice of sott. Thanks sott folks!

Anonymous said...

...and then there's the other thing.

I reached the point a number of years ago where I realized that most military/paramilitary "action" of every stripe, from the perfectly symmetrical stuff they worship at Fox to the asymmetric kind that will ever be the circle's breaking, is pretty much all planned and/or paid for by the same networks of black ops money around the world. The MIMFaPC (for you acronym lovers thats: Military Industrial Media Food and Pharma Complex) has several "brands" on offer, 'cause history tells us so. Not the history they force-fed you in school, but the rest of it not written by the current "victors".

Naturally and for mostly obvious reasons, the not-so-petty cash goes entirely to funding less visible work. While "we the people" lay down much of the dole for the shock and awe and showtime stuff played out on the programming box and in every other narrative-setting form.

As will happen when one falls into the any of the big historical memory holes, once you're far enough beneath the surface you begin to sense both the opacity of the surface you once regarded as solid -- and how connected it all really is not so deep down any of several large access chutes.

Down there; that is where the real power has always moved and always will. Silent and deep. (old school: private yachts; new school: private submarines)

And we the few, the proud, the disenfranchised, with our snorkels and curiousity, marvel at just the uppermost layer each time we dive beneath the surface for as long as we can hold our breath. Or if we're the truly adventurous type, until the tanks are empty.

These days, the question is: in a world based on misdirection and mistrust from the very top down, at what point do you begin to ask what isn't a "false flag" operation? And when it's a regular "flag" operation (read: old world, nation-state), what are the actual goals of this manouever, as it is virtually guaranteed that the "selling points" offered a largely credulous publikum are all psyops of one flavor or another.

Ridiculous amounts of money have been and still are poured into all manner of truly f**ked-up research and development, just as f**ked-up as anything history's traditional monsters have attempted, and today I consider anyone not privy to this basic state of affairs -- and what it means to our future -- as tragically underinformed.

Which, despite what my "just" streak would like to imagine otherwise, isn't actually my problem. It's theirs, and all I can hope to do is to help them along the way at some point, given the opportunity. Maybe even let them borrow my regulator for a couple breaths, if all they packed was their snorkel.

the Silverfish said...

This has all just been to goddamn predictable, just think ALL of the so-called terrorists are now dead, All of the Jew hostages are dead.

Now here’s the real surprise. All of the “Jew hostages” and terrorists have not only been made dead but have also been so badly disfigured that identification is impossible. Well I’ve got some news, short of complete incineration identification is never impossible, even then there are teeth that really don’t burn all that well. Like I’ve said before, who the hell writes this stuff? Oh yeah silly me , we all know who writes this shit.

The question I would like to ask is how many got out of the back door and are now back LIVING in Israel?

nobody said...

Onya you two,

For mine both of your comments tie together. The idiot nonsense we're fed about every aspect of this Mumbai monkey business will succeed because we're all cognitive-dissonanced up the wazoo. Chomsky is bullshit but on this he's right. It's like an agressive 'delusioning'. And all people are delusional sure, but common sense is always a possibility. Perhaps cognitive dissonance could be defined as the destruciton of common sense. People will buy any old shit now regardless.

Hmm... thinks - perhaps they always did?

BTW - today marks the introduction of flouride to South Queensland's water supply. Time to start collecting rainwater, sigh...

nobody said...

Nearly forgot! I'm hitting the road for a week or so. Subsequently attendance will become spotty. I have a piece most of the way finished on my desk top (and I saw spooky echoes of it in Mir's comment, and also Les' latest piece). I should be able to finish it in Sydney and I'll whack it up when I get the chance.


And whilst I'm gone I expect everyone to behave themselves. Kikz, I'm putting you in charge. And Tony, if you pull anyone's pigtails it's a double detention.

kikz said...

who me??!

awww, hav a fun walkabout!


Anonymous said...

Nobody, I think I will partake of the town water from now on as I have been drinking my own (wait for it) rain water for some time now- lay back and think of England.
Scouts honour I'll behave.
ps the Scouts kicked me out after putting up with me for six months when I was a kid- so I do hold their oath in high regard.

notamobster said...

I have been intentionally ignoring this story. I wanted to see what snippets I would pick up from coworkers, comments on the radio, and the all pervaive email chain. Here's a brief synopsis:

"Jews tortured"


"radical islamic jihadists"

"highly-trained/coordinated efforts"

"Pakistani mujahideen"

"ISI support"

"India signed deal with Iran" WTF?!?!?! India signed a deal with Iran on energy? Didn't Russia do the same thing before Georgia attacked them, on America's behalf? hmmm... something's rotten in Denmark, me thinks ;(

nobody said...

Well I'm glad everyone's behaving themselves. I'm back in the big smoke, which is to say Sydney. What a trip. People in the city are so much more cosmopolitan than the weeny town I've been in. Until they see a guy in a sarong! ha ha. Then they do their level best to behave like wide-eyed yokels. It's just a sarong, dickheads!

Anyway it'll nice to hit the galleries, cinema, and China town. There's a good Xian restaurant bottom of George Street. And finally I can get some decent Lebanese food. I've been dreaming of kibbeh, falafel, and spinach pies. Cleveland Street, here I come!

And NaM, rotten is all this Denmark's got. How rotten is the question. 'Extremely' is the answer. But then again I have a feeling we've barely even started. Otherwise, as the details have been trickling out I've seen no reason to withdraw anything in this piece. Mumbai clearly lines up with 911, the 7/7 bombings, Bali, the whole shebang. But we all knew that...

Anonymous said...

Whenever I go to a Lebanese restaurant nobody, to have kibbeh, falafel or spinach anything, I take my bottle of Tomato Sauce.
Have a good stay.

nobody said...


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff, Nobody. So glad to find another soul out there with more than a modicum of critical thinking.

The only question is, will India need more pushing to begin warring with Pakistan? I have a feeling that Pakistan will start the shooting first when the tensions get real high . . . and by Pakistan, I mean foreign provocateurs.

nobody said...

Hey Slozo,
Well if another push is needed, it can always be provided. A few more bombs with fingers pointing at Muslims.

They're very good at what they do. They got the US into Iraq didn't they?

Anonymous said...

Are you back yet nobby??
I've kept my (Scouts) promise to you.
I’ve been playing elsewhere.
Hope all is well – and dad too.

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend: Don't worry about what the brainwashed sheep getting raped by the capitalist media in USA think. This country is totally ignorant, disinformed, misinformed and confused about major events. But people are wakin up (albeit slowly). I believe that most americans are already awake and are *very aware* indeed that the US government is just a fascist kleptrocracy and are waiting for the *right objective* conditions for a socialist-revolution which would turn USA a great democratic proyect where workers and regular american citizens out there will be architects of their own destiny.