Thursday, September 4, 2008

Laugh? I just about shat myself!

Oh man, it was just too beautiful.

But first an explanation. Regulars like Kikz and Tony know this story, but newer arrivals might be somewhat unfamiliar. This blog was not so long ago plagued by a one-note racist arsehole called Apollonian. He would endlessly urge us to embrace racism and 'Jew expulsion', whatever that is. He had two 'either/or' modes - sycophancy or character assassination. Me, I said lots of things to Apollonian. I told him he was mad. I told him he couldn't write for shit. And I told him that if he didn't exist, the Jews would have invented him anyway.

Anyway I banned him. He didn't care for this and spent a great deal of time and energy heaping shit on me over at Les Visible's smoking mirrors and Curt Maynard's blog. Finally Les banned him as well. Curt however embraced Apollonian to his bosom and would regularly post his mad unintelligible gibberish on the front page. Curt is a white supremacist doncha know.

Every now and then I google myself. It's not that interesting. When Mike Rivero used to link to me it was a blast but lately it's dull and I don't bother much. But I did it the other week and there seemed to be a link I didn't recognise. It was to Curt's blog, but, lo and behold, there was no Curt's blog. Curtmaynardsblog had been disappeared. Blogspot had blitzed him on account of, gee, I don't know... ugliness? Ha ha ha. Not that I was upset or anything, but I had intended to pop a note in the comments here just in case the people who'd been shat on there were interested.

But there he was back on WRH yesterday with an article entitled 'Why if they can censor Curt Maynard, Nobody's safe.' Chronically bad grammar aside, you'll be completely unsurprised that I thought this was brilliant. I headed straight over and, to hell with the article, piled into the comments and wrote how much I loved his headline. Well you can't blame me can you?

The article itself was dreary. It was him telling us how brave he is. Only he has the cojones to use words like 'nigger' and 'wetback'. Racist filth aside, it did have its lighter moments. To make his case for the rightness of calling black people 'niggers' he used the best analogy since sliced bread was run up the flagpole without a paddle.

Apparently, Curt is an adult and when he needs to urinate or defecate he doesn't say 'number one' or 'number two', therefore why should he use euphemisms when discussing 'niggers'? Surely I'm not the only one who gets the beauty of this analogy? (Curt mate, a word of advice - when you use analogies it pays to think them through. Had you done this you would have realised you just compared your use of racist language to you shitting and pissing. Not that I'm complaining. I reckon you precisely described your contributions to making the world a better place.)

But it gets better. The piece linked by WRH is the fifth in the new blog. Below it, the first post briefly announces his return and ends with the following passage -

"One thing you'll never again see at my newest blog are any "apollonian" articles, if that's what you can call them. When I have time later, I'll write up an expose revealing what a kike this guy is. In the past when I was posting some of his unreadable essays, I've had to reject many of them based upon threats he inserted in them out of concern that the threats would enable blogger to censor my blog. I'd bet money that I missed a few of these threats and that the bastard himself reported his own essays to blogger and had my last blog shut down.

No matter, apollonian won't be missed by me, or anyone else."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Crack me up!

And Curt thinking that Apollonian's task was to shut him down means that he still doesn't get it. Apollonian's task wasn't to put out the fire. It was merely to pour more petrol on it. And here's Curt announcing he can do this perfectly well on his own. I shake my head.


the Silverfish said...

Tee Hee poor little Curty Poo. Like I have said before this asshole makes me almost ashamed to be white. It is funny with Curty and the Onion, talk about the pot calling the kettle Black. Get it?

nobody said...

I get it, bra.

kikz said...

OMG... too funny!

i somehow missed the story on wrh though.

Penny said...

I saw this at WRH, and the only connection I made to it, was yourself, nobody (Robert Downey Jrin Tropic Thunder)
at least, that is my picture of you now.

Then I started to read it, but didn't finish, as, well, not my cup of tea, had never actually read his blog and don't care much for people who want to call other people derogatory names.

One of my parents was an immigrant to Canada, and I heard enough of that crap and every steretype associated with the country of my Dad's birth.

You came close to it yourself, one day, nobody, when you made the comment about the mafia being Italian. If you would have said, all Italians are mafia, I would have blew a gasket.
Thankfully you didn't , I was glad.

It makes me think of the all terrorists are muslims kind of stuff the brain-dead people say.

which irks me to know end.

making those kinda statements, tarring everyone in the process, it annoys me, because I have been subjected to it, and because it shows pure stupidity, in my opinion.

sorry for the rant, but , that was what I thought about when I read the bit of the whine that I did, and I just didn't care to read any

kikz said...

just read a current exchange btwn onion/curt...
i will not give a url.
just google...oh hell, i won't even type it's name....
a comma and curt maynard..
some cat named phaedrus who runs a site, whirrledpeas, is the first hit.

quite the cagematch.

'it' reminds me of the deiter character wiz zee killa woozel in big lebowski, calling maynard a little gurl >:)

sigh... nice burfday present for me, to know... 'it' has lost another outlet :)

Anonymous said...


Struggle through this "poorly written" article if you will and then tell me why, if "Zionism" and the "Zionist media" are all about stirring up racial hatred against blacks, you and your readers have NEVER heard about this story.

Read it and tell me why the Jews media emphasized the fabricated cases of Tawana Brawley and the Duke Rape case, for months on end, yet not a peep about these two.

Don't get me wrong - I'd never suggest that the Jews love niggers, they hate them with a level of hatred that even this Anglo-Teuton can't muster, but the fact is, the Jew ain't done with them yet, and as of now, they have a "protected status." This is intolerable and unacceptable.

If you want to know how Curt Maynard really perceives blacks, read this article.

Penny said...

oh btw, "I get it bra"?
Is that wonder or playtex, or victorias secret? LOL.
I better check the lexicon for that one.

Anyway, just wanted you to know, I put a link up to Meria Hellers show, she is interviewing Jim Marrs, are you at all familiar with him?
He is a texan, as I am sure millions are , but maybe he has some notoriety in this state.?

back to the interview it is on the latest book, which, yeah, I am going to get, gosh darn book junkies :)

I have his 9/11 book.
Anyway, it is available for a limited time, but, nobody, I think or am hoping you can download it??
And listen to it??
He speaks about the protocols of the elders of zion and other stuff.
I have heard this interview and thought it was something you may enjoy, like food for thought.
I liked it. quite alot.

Anonymous said...

Hey dip-shit: don't doubt u're under fullest analytic observation--ck, "A Message For Curt Maynard...," 30 Aug 08. Leave us a posting, shit-for-brains. Honest elections.... Apollonian

kikz said...

les has 2 new...
one on smoking mirrors, and a link back to petri dish the orig article... enjoy :)

it was good to read him:))))))))

nobody said...

What a laugh!

I am under the 'fullest analytic observation'! Marvellous. In another time and place the dreaded aforementioned would have been in the Cheka. I post him now only for comedic effect. Post again Apollonian! Oblivion awaits!

Hey Pen, 'bra' is New Zealand/Pacific islander English, short for brother. My favourite though is when they run it together with 'cuz', short for cousin, into 'cuzzybro'. Ha ha ha, what a whacky word.

As for the anon, blacks have a protected status? What are you nuts? Given that the Jews who control the media never miss a trick to sow racial discord, the fact that you run around doing the same, makes you what? A tool, maybe?

nobody said...

BTW I would never bag out Italians. They are just about my favourite people in the world. I lived there, you know. And I have tons of Italians friends. Like Lua at the haiku blog!

As for the mafia I was merely discussing the broad understanding of a thing, if you can dig it.

Robert said...

We should be grateful to Curt for finding information like this:
Two years ago, Texas’ Comptroller General, Carole Keeton Strayhorn, said the state’s child welfare system was broken, citing numerous unexplained deaths, examples of abuse, both physical and sexual, and more importantly, Governor Rick Perry’s attempts to stonewall her investigation of the irreparable broken system. Strayhorn opened her statement by first stating that Governor Perry’s attempts to derail her investigation were “unconscionable,” and why she had finally come forward:

"I am here today to release disturbing information found during my investigation about the deaths, poisonings, rapes and pregnancies of children in our state’s foster care system."

Strayhorn then proceeded on to reveal something you’ll never hear about on the television news, especially as it relates to the state of Texas’ recent and unconstitutional kidnapping of the FLDS’ children:

"If you compare the number of deaths of children in our state’s population to the number of deaths in our state’s foster care system, a child is four times more likely to die in our state’s foster care system."”

Penny said...


how do you feel about being under observation?

The fullest analytical observation?

Is it like living life in a fish bowl?

Do you feel trapped in a small world, yet part of a much larger world?

does it make you want to swim aimlessly in circles?

But, no, then your every swim will be under fullest analytical observation?

What shall you do?

I say to hell with it!

Do as you please and don't give crap who is watching you.

I am glad you would not bag Italians they are good people.

kikz-big lebowski, i love that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the Silverfish said...

I dropped by WRH. Lord what a hoot, and I was always taught that Opposites attract.
However in this case it seems that Assholes attract as well.

Perhaps an MRI is in order to see if either of them has two brain cells firing at the same time.

nobody said...

Hey Teach

You don't know the half of it. I expect that this is your first visit here. But for those who've been hanging around here for a while (and are way ahead of you) your citing of Curt's 'uncovering' of this story will stand not as evidence for the superiority of Curt's work but rather, against it. Both he and you have a loooong way to go. Read this and get ahead of the curve.

nobody said...

Hey Pen,

Fear not. I take Ap as seriously as, gee, I don't know, what's the most trivial thing you can think of? The only person who's impressed with him is himself.

Anonymous said...

Not sure that Curt Maynard is a "White Supremecist", for in identifying as such we become the "Jew" and an advocate of the engineered destruction of the races.

There has been no call for the continuation of any mechanism that might facilitate the end of racial identity.

The Jew has no identifiably different race. He wants one to be worn as his uniform that would signify status and importance to the racially indistinct, multiculturally adulterated "Goyim".

Reject the agenda of the Jew by ensuring all races are aware of the Jews' desire to destroy in intrinsic beauty of them all.

Multiculturalism facilitates the potential for industrial scale mixed race unions that will inevitably produce the racially non-descript children the Jew covets.

Such a program is race hate, or "racism" because it detests and attempts to destroy race.

The common cause of both Zionist and "Anti-Fa" Jew is to destroy he culture and identity of all and in doing so manufacture his "Goyim".

The Jew lies when he pretends to care for the interests of all races. The Jew has set a trap to eliminate them all. But that's what Jews do best. Destroy.

Penny said...

when people are on missions or tasks from God, they are delusional.

the Silverfish said...

Correction that was at World Piece.

nobody said...

Hey Supremacist,

You're talking to the wrong guy mate. At the top of the page I state the fundamental position from which base everything.

I've been spending a bit of time on racist sites lately. It's an ugly business - quite depressing. I'm given to thinking that a racist starting position is that they hate coloured people. On top of this foundation is then built self serving justifications to explain their hatred. Things are distorted and redefined to suit their prejudices.

It seems that 'multiculturism' is the current vehicle for this. I'm rolling it around in my head at the moment and will do my best to tear down the fallacies on the front page shortly.

notamobster said...

I haven't read your blog before. Pity. I rather enjoy it. I'm still fairly new to all this. I've been reading smoking mirrors for a while, but haven't gotten involved too many places. I like your sense of humor, your intellect, and absolutely love the 'lexicon of nobody'. I am a huge fan of words; both the written and spoken. Thank you.

Penny said...

well nobody, the most trivial thing I can think of?

oh wait, I wouldn't even waste my time thinking of anything so utterly trivial.

Times to precious for wastin'

Does that sound about right?

nobody said...

Hey notamobster (ayah! coming up with a dimunitive for your name, which I'm much given to doing, will be nigh on impossible), you're absolutely welcome.

As for Les, he and I are a million miles apart but right next door to each other. As I oh-so-cleverly commented once, I didn't understand a word that he said but it was okay since I understood every word that he said. Or something like that. Les has had myriad, um, supernatural experiences. I'll be honest and say I haven't had any. But that doesn't mean I dismiss what he's on about. I remain open to all things.The fact that I'm a nihilist who refuses to believe things merely on the assertion of others is neither here nor there.

Otherwise Pen, bingo! Mind you, I do like a laugh and if the trivial is the vehicle then hats off.

nobody said...

A thought!

Speaking of philology, who knows where the word 'trivia' came from? I'd wondered at this since the roots that comprised it seemed out of whack.

Well... in Rome there was a place where the women did the laundry. It was called the Tri Via, which is to say where the three roads met. (Even now Via means road in Italy, as in Via Guido Reni where I used to live). Anyway, conversations of the variety that daily took place at the three roads were named after them. Ta, da! Trivia!

notamobster said...

Trivia - "The Three Ways" would definitely seem to apply "grammar, rhetoric, and logic". les artes liberales.

If I may be so rude as to chime in about the likes of Maytard and the apple onion, I have always followed the premise that there are enough assholes in the world that your color, or creed, or origin need not have a special 'moniker'. An asshole is an asshole, whether in black and white or vibrant technicolor.

Beside that; it only serves to dimish the veracity of one's claims. Much like a religious zealot introducing violence into the equation. People just stop listening to what you have to say, as they assume you're to stupid to expound you idea adequately. No one wants to follow a fool. Believe you me. After 8 years of Jorge Arbusto, no one wants to follow a fool.

nobody said...

BTW NaM, (there I did it), I just popped over to Les' other blog and reread this -

"I am an opti-pessimist...whereby I believe the glass is half full, but only because some asshole drank the other half."

Ha ha ha, that's twice it's cracked me up now. Yoroshiku.

notamobster said...

Have you ever googled the "universal life church" on the internets?

It's a hoot. I am a man, personally devoid of religion or any desire for such, yet I am an ordained minister.

The ordaination is a legitimate; internationally recognized deal. You become ordained in the belief that it's okay to believe whatever you want! They'll even give you a certificate which makes you able to perform marriages, funerals, etc... (if that's your bag). I would personally prefer my funeral rites to be performed by vikings, so I can be cast asea and lit aflame...

nobody said...

Vikings! Now that's an idea. Mind you now I'm torn between the viking thing and Tibetan getting-eaten-by-vultures thing. Hmm... it's a tough one. Still it's not like I'm in a rush.

Otherwise I'll check out your church thing. I could be the first nihilist priest, dig it.

notamobster said...

I decided to try something new
I started "The Opti-Pessimist"

please, check it out.

nobody said...

Off I go...

Anonymous said...

I already told you guys White Supremacists are COWARDS! I have no problem with regular White people being proud of their race.

BUT White supremacists are Zionists Controlled Opposition or just plain stupid. They are similar to conspiracy theorists who talk bout aliens and reptilians. Why destroy your message with stupidity?

Here is a good article about KOSHER NAZIS!

nobody said...

Hey AW,

Off I go mate. I do love fake nazis. Ciao.

Anonymous said...

Hey African Warrior, why don'y you define a white supremacist for us? Then, while you're at it, give us the name of a single "black supremacist."


Anonymous said...

nobody said...

Hey anon,

I do wonder at your demand for a definition there. It looks to me as if you wish to set the limits for a debate that no one was too interested in having but that you imagine you can win. No?

Not that I'm interested in meeting your demand but would it include only people who declare themselves white supremacists or also people who merely behave that way and declare themselves otherwise?

Anyway, AW feel free not to rise to the bait. Remaining elusive and refusing to play by someone else's rules are a tactic I employ often. I have no desire to be anyone's puppet. Yoroshiku.