Friday, September 19, 2008

hey shoe-shine guy

I'm in amongst a collection of tedious family issues at the moment and subsequently don't have so much time. In the middle of last night's sibling argument about what's happening in the stockmarket, I found myself restating things I wrote a while back that never saw the light of day here. I rejected it for reasons I can't now recall. Anyway I went back and read it and thought it was pretty good. I admit it's not precisely germane to right-this-minute, but it's broadly there and will do until I'm back to my life of nothing-better-to-do-than-write.

In the meantime, friends of mine (who don't know about this blog, shhh!) are getting in touch with me, newly keen to hear my thoughts on the current crises. These are the people I tried to talk into cashing out of the city and moving to the country to set up a farm collective thing. So much for that idea. The ridicule and opposition I got was total - Cassandra ain't in it. And now here we are. As always. The strangest thoughts float through my head, all coloured by me being past caring. Anyway this was written for my jet-set friends who thought they'd get rich playing the stock market and are now being taken to the cleaners.

You know that American cautionary story about poker? The one that says - If you're sitting at a poker table and look around and don't know who the patsy is, it's you. That's one story. And then there's that Rockefeller story. You know the one.

Rockefeller was having his shoes shined out the front of his building and the shoe-shine guy asks for stock tips. Or offers them? Whatever. Rockefeller presciently decided that if the shoe-shine guy is into the stock-market then the whole thing is overheated and it's time for him to get out. And that, boys and girls, is how Rockefeller cashed in all his stocks the moment before the crash of 1929.

Ha ha ha. Did we really buy that story? Whatever - let's pretend it's true. What Rockefeller is saying is that the stock-market is not for little people, which is to say, you. By the time you have joined the market, it's going to come down, says he. According to Rockefeller it doesn't matter how many of those unintelligible magazines you read. Bloomberg Dow FTSE Stock-Ticker Market Report - all that stuff. You will always be the shoe-shine guy.

I wonder if someone thought to track down that shoe-shine guy? Verify the story, kind of thing. Maybe they couldn't find him? Maybe he was so distraught about his stock portfolio crashing that he leapt to his death from his shoeshine box, ha ha ha.

But seriously, no such event happened. Rockefeller's story is crap. It's just a variation of an alibi in case anyone thought to look for the culprits, ie. who pulled out just before it all happened. He needn't have worried. His friends in the media ensured everyone understood the crash was a force of nature. An act of God, as it were. I expect Rockefeller would have agreed with that description.

And yeah, I understand punters do make money on the stock market. My father once made enough money to buy my mother a jazzy little French car. She took it, the furniture, and all his money, but never mind. He had a brief dabble and came out ahead. But of course there are guys who win. If no one ever won at the casino who'd bother going? A casino can't make money without punters. Those stock reports are just brochures with instructions on how to play each game. But the house always wins, doncha know. The house is the Reserve Bank. When times are good they win small. And when times are bad - as in Grapes of Wrath bad - they make out like motherfuckers. Or like Rockefellers, ha ha.

I'd like to offer consolation to those getting taken to the cleaners right now. But I can't. You're fucked. Alan Greenspan had your number years ago. Those insane house prices - did you ever wonder what that was all about? Housing shortage, mumble mumble. Huh? Were you or any of your friends living sardine-like, thinking, if only there were more houses? Hardly. Your house is (well, was anyway) worth all that money because there was too much bullshit money sloshing around looking for somewhere to go. Now there's so much money it's worthless. Welcome to Weimar Germany. BYO wheelbarrow. Greenspan and his very good friends printed all that monopoly money. Know that they made this crash with malice aforethought. Act of God my arse. Act of pitiless hubristic motherfuckers more like.

Oh well, never mind - easy come, easy go, eh?

PS Anyone who hasn't seen The Money Masters over at googlevideo, do it. Or don't do it. I'm past caring. But if you watch it you'll understand why this crash is happening. It won't allow you to rescue your money and assets. It's too late for that now. But at least you'll know the make of the truck that hit you.


notamobster said...

Bravo, Sir. Inciteful, funny, and completely germaine to right-this-minute. Greenspan was a shit. Just because he's blaming Bernanke's folly for the crisis, doesn't make it true. No doubt, Bernanke contributed, but Greenspan is just as culpable. (Although, from their perspective they have done a wonderful job. That is the job of bankers - is it not? To get folks into more debt than they can ever possibly repay, whereas the government will be forced to pay the debt in full, thus allowing more credit to be issued to the mouthbreathers and other 'useless eaters'.)

nobody said...


Speaking of which you remind me of the 'failures' of intelligence leading into the Iraq War. That always amused me since it wasn't an intelligence failure so much as 'the greatest intelligence coup in history'.

Same same here. This 'unfortunate' crash is precisely the whole idea. Greenspan and Ben Shalom Bernanke haven't failed. They've succeeded admirably. And sure, everyone blames everyone. Fingers pointing in a thousand directions. Confusion reigns, and long may the waters remain muddied.

PS Les was right. Your thing over there was a cracker. Don't you hate it when you write your best stuff over at other people's blogs?

Anonymous said...

When the smoke clears nobody I think you'll find the ptb will have emigrated to China. Mind you USA will still be a smoldering mess for a long while to come but our vision will be clear enough to see where the NWO has landed. Start afresh. As the PM mentioned in the last post Australia will be OK. We are like the Hekawis - lovers not fighters.
Nothing will change.

kikz said...

nice one >:)

notamobster said...

What are you talking about? That intelligence was real...didn't you see the arrows pointing at the the cartoon animation mystery trailer of chemicals? And the satelite photos...I could, quite literally do the same thing with google earth and 5 minutes on my snagit program.

As for the reply as visible's, I was just upset that these people always seem to cower under the blanket of divine providence. You know? Speaking straight from the heart.

Thanks for the good words.

nobody said...

Ha ha!

They WERE good arrows weren't they? Otherwise I've expressed similar sentiments over at Les', albeit in a fashion on one much cared for. No God botherers (as we call 'em) would ever mistake me as a like-minded.

I don't know about China, Tony. You pretty much have to be Chinese to groove on China. If you ruled the world and had spent your life in a French chateau, with Summers down at Lago di Como, I doubt you'd put up with China. And I doubt they'd put up with you. The Chinese emphatically do not need us. And historically they never did - they only ever wanted to be left alone.

Not forgetting that I take my cue for the banker's attitude to the Chinese from their treatment in the media. There they're clearly being primed as our enemies. Even during those immaculate olympics the best the media could manage was back-handed compliments.

The Chinese own their own money supply and do not pay tribute to the families. One way or another they'll have to be shown what happens to smart guys. Happily, no one is more up for the battle than the Chinese. Never again will they suffer what they suffered during the Opium Wars. Yoroshiku.

PS. To be honest, I wonder if 'bird flu' wasn't a step in the plan? Just guessing of course. All I know is that the motherfuckers are, in all likelihood, capable of it, and God knows they wouldn't bat an eyelid at implementing it.

And hola kikz. All dried out yet? Have you got any buds in Galveston?

Penny said...

I don't even know where to begin with this one, as I am spitting mad.

Stocks, do we have them, yeah, in a pension run by an insurance company that is part of hubby pay package.

It is rotten to think of a life's work, earning being stolen out from under you.

We've done what we can.

I was just saying last night, if worse comes to worse, we have enough room in our yard for a few chickens, in the city.
We have our garden, though I am tired of tomatoes at this point in time LOL
and yeah, we save the tomato seeds too. It's a heirloom variety so we can.

somehow I think we should try to get our hands on more seeds of other older varieties???

kikz said...

nope, my mama lived in port aurthur at one time. we hear that it did flood very badly even there. hell, they even had flooding as far away as coastal ms (over 400mi) frm this thing.

i know somebody in houston, but i'm sure they've bugged out to his family home in upper MI?

my latest news.. fema is as of ystrdy nolonger furnishing ice.

i wonder if they've cut off water/mre deliveries as well?

i do know they only hav 60 or so POD's points of distrib throughtout houston and galveston.. there are no more...anywhere else for anyone else.
nice youtoube link on wrh... some reporter chewin gov goodhair's ass inre the lockdown on the media and his later comments frm texas city, inre no fema presence outside of houston proper.

the press isn't allowed onto galveston island, or more specifically onto the bolivar peninsula and crystal beach... i'm sure it's to hide the bodycount.

just cc each line of the link.. i don't know tinyurl ...

kikz said...

oh. ps.

we dodged the bullet, we only had one day of rain/wind in dallas.. it turned east of us..

nobody said...

Yeah, seeds. I don't have any as such but it sounds like a thing I should have. I'll carry 'em around in my suitcase until I'm somewhere where I can plant them.

notamobster said...

Dave McGowan....thanks. Brother-man is hillarious! and seems to be on the right track, as well. Onya, sir.

nobody said...

De nada. I had a spray on Dave McGowan here. But never mind my thoughts on the matter, there were some excellent comments too. I liked what one guy had to say about McGowan being as real as they come. Spot on.

Anyway mate you've got tons of happy reading ahead of you. I ploughed my way through everything on his site. Now I just wish he'd write faster, ha ha.

Less happy reading is his pedophocracy thing. That can be found here. It'll make you angrier than hell but you've got to read it. It's unmissable.

Otherwise, I never thought I'd say this, but thanks to McGowan I no longer dismiss the Apollo landing doubters.

Anonymous said...

The ridicule and opposition I still receive is Beyond Cassandra, despite current events. I finally put a full-stop to such efforts last year, which at the very least greatly improved my own state of mind.

Both my little brother and my brother in law are hardcore cash monkeys who worship fervently at the altar of the great god Capital; and it ain't news unless it comes from the pages of Forbes/et al.

Better still, when it is pointed out that the financial press has been publishing statements from senior puppets for months now saying things like "can you hear that flushing sound?", they then discount the source.

That's irony with a pure Ferrite core, let me tell you.

nobody said...


Anonymous said...

"I no longer dismiss the Apollo landing doubters"

Thats good to hear, I would hate to be dismissed :)
Does he have an article on it?

nobody said...

Paul, there you are.

There's two articles mate. They first lays down the case in the general terms with which you're probably familiar -

The second put me across the line. It brings the SMART-1 orbiter photo effort and a few other things-

And here we are however many years later and we still haven't sighted any photos. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

NOBODY, you should not care about the shoe-shiners who lost their money in the stock market.

But you should care about the 3rd world countries that will starve thanks to the jewish bankers. Time an time again, the shoe shiners have failed to see the hidden jewish hand which is becoming less hidden every day. It seems the shoe-shiners can only see the jews during a depression.(hitler comes to mind) Even then, not all of them see the jewish hand.

The point I am trying to make is screw the shoe-shiners!(Western world) I just hope China/Asians does not become the new shoe-shiners of the jews.

nobody said...

I don't know that my position was that simple AW. I'm pretty much agin the whole stockmarket. Like I'm agin usury. Like I'm agin pyramid scams.

Are you trying to tell me that all the little people who've bought the stock market hype and put their hard earned savings (like my uncle who was a carpenter his whole life and has no idea that the third world is being exploited with his meagre life-savings) into the hands of the con-men and lost it all, deserved it? That was a clunky sentence but can you dig it? I have sympathy for all victims. Does my uncle who laboured his whole life deserve being broken? You never met a more honest guy.

As for shoe-shiners, whilst I have no idea precisely (since Rockefeller didn't say, ha ha), it's entirely possible the shoe-shine guy was black. I admit I have trouble with the nature of American discussions about race, but, I don't know, might that ever-so-slightly alter your view of the story? I'm hoping not to cause offence here mate, but since you choose to declare your race in your name I thought it might count for something.

Me saying we're all shoe-shine guys is a back-handed declaration of solidarity. That shoe-shine guy did not deserve to be broken. And what are you telling us? No mercy? C'mon mate, think it through. I say - compassion for all. How about you?