Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Worst Man In The World

After all the disagreement I've been in amongst lately it's nice now to discuss a villain that no one will dispute. I'm talking, of course, of the Worst Man In The World, the unassailably wicked Robert Mugabe. So indisputable is his villainy that he is now a touchstone of evil. Never mind the one-note bloc-media, even the most extreme blogs, of the variety that take it as read that every single thing in the media is bullshit, will refer to Mugabe whenever they're looking for the epitome of evil (pronounced 'eeeeeeevil').

Oops, did you suss me out already? Do you wonder where I'm heading? "He's not about to start sticking up for Mugabe, is he?" Before we jump to any conclusions, let's just wonder at a few things.

Let's go back five years ago. That's when Australian broadcaster SBS's highbrow Dateline programme broke a story about a 'sting' involving Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai. The naughty Tsvangirai was caught on hidden camera by some Canadian 'consultants', Dickens and Madson, discussing Mugabe's 'elimination'. Everyone went nuts. Tsvangirai was, and still is, the bloc-media's darling. He's the good guy. What was SBS doing? Helping Mugabe? Dreadful!

Tsvangirai's MDC party went ballistic saying it was a put-up and that the video was doctored. Not only that, but a bit of digging revealed that the principal 'consultant' involved was an Israeli, Ari Ben-Menashe, ex-Mossad, ex-Iran/Contra, ex-you-name-it. Ben-Menashe is Midas in reverse - everything he touches turns to putrescent black shit.

And then it all got stinkier. Ben-Menashe's 'consulting' mob had been employed by Mugabe for years. In a fit of Zanu-PF paid-for patriotism, Ben-Menashe promptly turned the grainy spy video of the meeting over to Mugabe and also went shopping around the world for someone who didn't know that he was a famous ratfuck.

So! SBS had been had and Tsvangirai was innocent after all. Three cheers! Not so fast. A single reporter wanted to see for himself if the other claim about the footage being doctored was true. This being The Guardian's Australian correspondent Patrick Barkham. He drove the twenty minutes to SBS and watched the whole uncut six hours. Did the MDC opposition's claims of editing-room monkey business hold up? Nope. Tsvangirai was guilty as charged. Ben-Menashe had worked his magic yet again and everyone walked away spattered in shit.

But that's okay. The story was left to sink without trace. All apart from this brief churlish comment by the World Socialist Web Site - '[Tsvangirai's] main concern is to impress Western investors and governments impatient to get their hands on the resources of the whole of southern Africa, including Zimbabwe. That was why he seized the opportunity to make a deal with Dickens and Madson.' Bloody spoilsports! Otherwise it was back to business as usual with Mugabe as villain and Tsvangirai as saviour.

However the spy-cam scandal didn't sink nearly as hard and fast as the next one. This came directly from the opposition MDC and was about Mugabe employing Mossad and various Israeli computer and vote-counting firms to rig the elections. Remember that? All manner of Israelis ran for cover. Phones were slammed down, Israeli company owners said they were 'shocked' to be accused of such things, and the phrase 'anti-semitism' was lobbed about just so that everyone knew what ballpark they were in.

The Western media didn't even touch it. It was an all internet affair. That the media avoided what should have been a perfect story is proof enough of their bloc nature. 'Foreign agents help steal the elections for The Worst Man In The World!' A perfectly hysterical headline for a perfectly hysterical campaign.

Ha ha ha, as if! In the media house-of-many-voices (hysterical screaming voices), we suddenly turn a corner and find a room so quiet you could hear a pin drop. And this is how things are in the bloc-controlled media. Those who own it may never be mentioned. In the bloc-media there is no such thing as a tiny number of families capable of bringing down a country's economy. And Israel, their public entity, is either a plucky underdog or a victim or both. And Ben-Menashe of course, is not Israeli. He lives in Canada, so, duh, he's Canadian.

So where were we? Oh yeah, Mugabe. What was all that mad gibberish he was muttering the other day about the whites conspiring to take his country? Who wouldn't dismiss them as the ravings of a madman? Apart from the aforementioned Patrick Barkham - '...perhaps some of Robert Mugabe's utterings aren't completely paranoid, and are actually - there is some substance to his claims that white forces are plotting to derail him in Zimbabwe.' Some of them? Most of them? All of them? Who knows? Otherwise, won't somebody rid us of this troublesome journo?

Barkham obviously hasn't been watching the TV. Not like us anyway. And sure, we don't believe a single goddamn thing on there. It's all bullshit - 911, Iraq, Afghanistan, Muslims, US elections, global warming, peak oil (now I'm getting extreme!). But what we're told about Zimbabwe, madly we think is true. It ain't. Mugabe is merely flailing about under a spectacular multi-front assault. The money men, with corporations lined up for the actual work, want to smash his country, just like they smashed Iraq and Afghanistan. In Zimbabwe they're merely employing a different means. Sure enough, helpful Israelis are all over the place working both sides. Both Mugabe and Tsvangirai should wake up and ask themselves - With friends like these who needs Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death? Boys, whatever they tell you, it's bullshit.

And in amongst all this bullshit, the only thing about Mugabe that we know for sure is that he tops the bloc-media's list of 'those we must hate'. Unlike say, President Fran├žois Bozize of the Central African Republic. Who? Where? Exactly - that's how it works. We've never heard of him or the CAR. The agenda of the banks and their corporate capos is, in this case, better served with us not knowing. In Zimbabwe, it's the other way around. Secrecy here, hysteria there. Whatever suits. The fact that the Zimbabwe hysteria has a scrap of truth to it is besides the point. All propaganda has a scrap of truth in it. That's how propaganda works.

Let's end with a metaphor. The bloc-media is Ari Ben-Menashe, same-same. Insofar as Ben-Menashe is incapable of opening his mouth without lying, so it is with the bloc-media. The only people who take Ben-Menashe at his word are people who don't know he's a ratfuck. The media is one up on Ben-Menashe on this score. They have the power to make us forget what ratfucks they are. Do NOT forget. Not a single thing comes out of the bloc-media that doesn't serve its banking masters. If you hate Mugabe it's because the bankers want you to. Me, I refuse to be that puppet.


kikz said...

i'm so basically ignorant of SA politics.. i shouldn't dare to comment.

i used to yap some affrikaner chap frm SA long ago, family had been there generations... seem'd nice enuff.

at a glance... it would seem that most of SA and beyond, is in as deadly and uncaring hands as when white apartheid ruled.

i'm sure all is going according to plan, as far as elitist mega corp interests are concerned, and gee i guess that would include the 'population reduction' agenda as well.

..on and on it spins.


kikz said...

oh and by the by..

i see that curt maynard is visiting les' site.

i just get a bad feelin' frm that.

and still am wondering why (y, les is a busy guy) a few wks back...i never got a response to a direct question to les? inre the A's accusation that i had been lobbying for his censure? ya know.. les said he finds truth in A's 'one trick pony' stuff.. well, i asked les outright what truth he found in A's accusation....
my question was met w/utter silence.

if i had lobbied against A, i'd be the first to admit it.

i know it's trivial, but in the interests of 'truth' it still bothers me :(

nobody said...

Hey Matey,

Yeah, well, Les is given to not answering. It ain't like here, ha ha.

And yeah, the App is unmissably one-trick ain't he? Oh, and I went to the aforementioned CM's blog by way of wrh (something to do with gun confiscation) and noticed over on the side another rant about me from the dreaded app. 'nobody squirms' or something or other. I think it was cut and pasted from smokingmirrors. Mind you I didn't read it so I can't be sure. Something about me saying app should 'behave'. I don't recall saying it but I couldn't be fagged finding out if I did or not. Oh, and you got a mention too. Something about 'palpably feeble-minded', ha ha. And! Sure enough, not a single comment.

As for Curt over at Les', I just went and checked and he's one above me, ha ha. He came here once and said something very complimentary too you know. Anyway at least he's polite and doesn't use the caps lock key. The only thing I don't get is why he gives the app space to bag out a nobody like me. What's the point? Mind you he posts over a hundred articles a month. More than three a day. Quantity over quality obviously.

And as for Les, maybe he's just letting App make an obvious arse of himself. Which he is of course. Me, I'm happy to say it's Les' blog and he may do as he wishes. Here, I do things differently.

As for you matey, I wouldn't bat an eyelid over the why's and wherefore's. I ain't gonna. If I wish to remain serene, I will.

nobody said...

Oh BTW, I didn't answer anyone in the previous post. That was deliberate. Sorry if I seemed rude. I just wanted to leave that piece there without explanation to see what happens. It was designed to be a piece of mischief, you see. I'm hoping to screw with some teenagers' heads. And if the people who make the game pop in, all good and well.

Ideally someone will find it via google and link it via a game chatroom or something. If I was more pro-active I'd link it myself. But I'm not. Call me finicky but that would comprise one step of duplicity too far.

Only one search arrival so far. I'll wait and see what happens. If it gets interesting I'll fill you in. Oh, and kikz and silverfish, you're smart cookies, both. Yoroshiku.

kikz said...

aww thankz for the ego stroke.. he stuck up 4 u :) but i guess that comes w/"most favored" status..


like i said.. interesting concept.. as far as the gamer column goes.

there's a lot of truth slippin thru theze daZe
>:) i am surprized that you didn't get more hitz on it by now.

i saw a great parody site.. vid.
voting republican >:)
ya might chk it out.
like either party makes any shit of a diff... the dems take just an iota better care of the ant farm.. where the repugz employ lighter fluid and m80's.

gad!.. it's gettin on time for the big party here on the 4th.. OMG advertz all ovr the tube, papers.. it's sickening. the great 'ummmmurkun holiday.

car dealers can't give the guzzler SUV's away.. shuttering a plant in Ft. Worth soon.. more to follow i'm sure. offering employee pricing.. one i heard tonite.. 72 months no interest on financing.... another offers gas for the first yr @2.99gal freeze.

fires on one coast, floods in the middle, drought on the other...

i shutter to think what all that water may do when it gets down to nu awlinz...

food prices goin up daily.

housing mkt has seen losses not seen since the big one in '29.

gee ... but thingz are just great.

shit.. at least i'm not in SA, Somalia or sum such...

silent prayer of gratutude to TAOTU.

haven't been able to come up/anything for the last haiku install.
i think it's the white sky is throwin me.. i dunno.... that and no quiet time to think on it...
well, niterz noby :)

nobody said...

Hey kikz,

Well we're all going mad mate. I know I am. I'm not even going to tell you what's happening with the old man. Far too much spattered fecal matter for a public forum.

Otherwise it was a funny exchange that, sticking up for me thing. I didn't know quite what to make of it. And some anon saluted me today. Hello anon.

And yeah, that white sky. It threw me too. Believe it or not, it took me ages to write that thing. But that's the challenge, ha ha! Anyway there's no rush if you feel inspired later, no problems. Or you can wait for the next pic, ha ha.

Hey folks, I'm talking about haiku of nobody. Get over there and make a minimalist poem. It's easy and it's fun. And there's cash and prizes!*

*not really

nobody said...

Mind you, if somebody does have a business plan for making money out of haiku I'd love to hear it. Write it down in seventeen syllables or less and post it in the comments section of the haiku blog. Yoroshiku.

the Silverfish said...

Gday to you.
Reading your latest entry has left me somewhat confused as I’m not altogether sure as to where you where going with this post.
Firstly the title of worst man in the world, I don’t know if Mugabe would win that race but he certainly would be in the running. Perhaps the title should go to Dick Cheney as the billing for worst puppet in the world has already been taken by GW Bush.

Now I don’t know if you have ever been to Zimbabwe not that it really matters, although perhaps it should, I however have been many times as well as to South Africa and I still have many friends in both countries so what I have to say is said from the point of view of people that have their feet on the ground so to speak. The state of affairs in Zim in the 28 going on 29 years of Robert Mugabes rule go beyond the pale of disaster. This Son of a Bitch has utterly destroyed that which was once one of the most beautiful and productive countries in all of Africa. There is simply nothing that this bastard has done that is anything short of abject evil bordering on G W Bush incompetence . This is not to say that Morgan Tsvangirai would be any better because I really don’t think that he would be anything but the same shit just on a different pile.

There really is only one answer to Zimbabwe’s problems and although it is deemed wrong beyond all wrongs it is a thought shared albeit quietly by many black Zimbabweans, and that would be the return of white European rule. Now before I’m branded a white racist pig let me say that this is not necessarily what I feel as my feelings are irrelevant here but these are the feelings of many people both Black and White who remember what it was like when it was still Rhodesia. When the crime rate was low, when there was food, and when there were jobs to be had. Now it may well not have been the greatest for everyone but then again few places are and it was one hell of a lot better than anything that they have had in the last 29 years of so called Black rule. This as well as the experiment in South Africa is one that has failed miserably.

Also where the hell is the great Nelson Mandela in all of this? One would think that he would be shooting off his mouth at all of the injustices, But oh wait his little side show was a roaring success in South Africa to was it not. Things are after all much better there now. Peace prosperity and all that.

As far as the Israelis stirring the shit in Zim, Duh that’s a no brainer, like since when haven’t the bastards done anything and everything in their power to formant unrest and misery wherever and whenever it is to be found? Again I say Duh.
And as to this piece of Jew shit Ben Menashe he is Canadian only on his fucking passport he is first and foremost an Israeli. You are right insofar that almost everything that this trash touches turns to shit. That which escapes the shit touch is funneled back to his home base of Israel.

Israeli and Mossad vote counting? Now that’s a neat touch, sort of like putting a Greyhound in a three legged horse race. Like the Fix is in. In the words of the late great Al Capone, “vote early and vote often folks”.

I am also not a puppet, I however hate Mugabe for what he is, an incompetent despot whose time in the sun is long past it’s due and should come to an end post haste.

End of Rant, I’m so Verklempt.

Kosta said...

Nobody said "Only one search arrival so far. I'll wait and see what happens."

I came here through a refferal on

and have passed it on to

keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Stop worrying about South Australian politics Mister Nobody and look what I have for the Australian people.
A shiny new - 50¢ coin
Kevin Rudd (APM)
PS. I hope your father is all right.

kikz said...

so sorry ta hear of your troubles. i thought those had settled somewhat since he'd come bak frm hosp....

noby, you must be somekinda stand up man.. usually men aren't longterm caregivers. i can't imagine what you go thru daily... i also hope your daddy can still atleast respond to pain meds. i've heard... some near their end don't.

big hugz {}

Penny said...

interesting, interesting, or should I say, curiouser and curioser.

I wondered what was with the obsession with Mugabe.?

As a matter of course when the msm spouts to much on one person, it makes me wonder, what is really going on?

annemarie said...

Hallo nobody and kikz :)

Fergot what the Sam-hell the essay was about after reading those comments. Geeze louise. hahaaha

Yeah we're all s'posed to hate Mugabe. sigh Good essay though noby --I'm a start typing that, great for lazy peeps like me, specially in this heat)-- and with the usual motherfokkin' suspects. Yeah he's not Israeli. Riight!

Soon's I saw that game thread, my eyes glazed over. haaha

And haiku? What a bunch o' nerds up in here. heehah

I'm a reading and enjoying them though, but no way I'm a gonna write one. TOO many rules! And you can't make me noby pfft!

Oh yeah, that A-hole. I wish Les would give him the boot (again?). All he does is occupy space and I have to scroll past him all the friggin time. Oh well, que sera sera and it aint my place to just ignore what I just said. Like in court, "the jury will disregard the last remark". How the eff does that work? Can you un-hear something? Noby, write an essay on that toute de suite! Um, that'd be great (insert Office Space drone voice there)

Later amigos. As you were ;)

Guess who found her password? hiho hiho ...

nobody said...

Hey Folks,

Nice of you all to drop in. I can't write much right now since I'm off to the hospital in a minute for a 'bronchoscopy'. Not for me of course...

I'll write more later. Good points though. And all things get considered silverfish. Except app's bible quotes, ha ha.

It's poor of me I know, but I tend to write eliptically and confuse people. To clear things up, it's the television that has declared Mugabe the worst man in the world. We're in a daily festival of hysteria. And I can't even remember the last time I saw Cheney's fat head. And sure enough that's how things work. The worst don't seem to exist and brown skin tinpot despots get slotted in as the Emmanuel Goldstein du jour. The media wants us to hate Mugabe and for reasons other than those stated. If the media truly hated oppression, starvation and misery they'd be all over the CAR. But they ain't. Because they don't actually give a fuck. Their agenda is something else entirely. That's my point. And sure enough we're merely left to guess at precisely what's going on.

Thanks PM, I shall convey it to the old man. And nice haiku too. Very you.

Hey AM, for the record, I don't play computer games at all. If anything I hate them more than the television. I wrote that thing from that veiwpoint.

Onya phoneyid. I'll check that out in a bit. Oops, eye on the clock. Should go. Ciao.

kikz said...

hope the bronc went well.

glad you found your psswd annieM :)

Visible said...

Hey Kikz05;

I'm sorry about that. I thought it was a rhetorical question. I didn't think anyone needed defensing from Apollonian. The truth is that I usually don't answer in the threads. If you want an answer then please, just say, "I'd like an answer." Nobody does not have more favored nation status over you. I'm surprised you would feel like that. It hurts a little.

When I do ban someone you don't know anyway and I have stopped posting Apollonian. He wrote an attack screed on AnneMarie and BikerNinja (Nina) in the last several days and they didn't get put up. I try to be as fair as fair can be and leave it to your good sense to ignore him.

Truth is, I've been getting the vibe lately and it is reassuring in a negative way to see that my telepathy is still pretty sharp.

I'm dismayed that it seems to have pumped up over at Visible Origami where it's not welcome at all and had to not publish something by Duke yesterday in order that a chain reaction of self righteous Christian rant wouldn't just take over.

I'm not a perfect editor. You've no idea how busy I am of late. I don't know. It's getting to that "more trouble than it's worth" place again. Maybe I need to just shut everything down for a few months again. I'm prominently featured over at David Duke's site too. What to do?

Well, I hope this clears things up a little. Look Kikz... when you have a problem it's real easy to email me rather than let your imagination run away with you in the wrong direction. You couldn't be more wrong about the conclusions you came to.

annemarie said...

silverfish said:
"There really is only one answer to Zimbabwe’s problems and although it is deemed wrong beyond all wrongs it is a thought shared albeit quietly by many black Zimbabweans, and that would be the return of white European rule. Now before I’m branded a white racist pig let me say that this is not necessarily what I feel as my feelings are irrelevant here but these are the feelings of many people both Black and White who remember what it was like when it was still Rhodesia. When the crime rate was low, when there was food, and when there were jobs to be had. Now it may well not have been the greatest for everyone but then again few places are and it was one hell of a lot better than anything that they have had in the last 29 years of so called Black rule. This as well as the experiment in South Africa is one that has failed miserably."

Yeah Silverfish, the white man's burden never seems to end now does it. Eh?

Have you ever considered the notion that perhaps White European Rule has failed miserably...all over the planet? And that it's fucked things and people over for decades, perhaps centuries to come. (btw, that includes all people)

And just why can't Africans get their shit together, huh? Geeze louise!

Nah brother, we whites why we're so advanced, and cool, and intelligent, and democratic. Riight!

And could our "white" countries be so darned kewl and advanced because...
...because we Whites slaughtered all those pesky savages (Native Indians)who were on OUR native lands (hahah, oh what a sick joke), placed on reserves the ones we couldn't manage to kill; stole all the fucking land...then used Slaves (Black Africans) and/or Coolie labourers to clear our our industries, farms, plantations, railroads, infrastructure, etc...And then we pat ourselves on the backs saying how hard our white ancestors worked to build this (these countries)! !!

While we whites enjoy the fruits of MUCH non-white Labour, blood, sweat and tears. To this very day.

Meanwhile, for HUNDREDS of years...while all this evil shit was occuring... over in Africa, and to a lesser degree in India, we were fucking with every black and brown country and tribe that we encountered. And guess what, we still do.

Oh yaaay, white people. we're sooooo amazing. yayyy. fuck.

Africans are so divided, destroyed, etc., etc., after HUNDREDS of years of White Colonialism, Slavery, and Oppression, and you now wonder why after a mere 29 years that in Zimbabwe or South Africa they haven't managed to turn it all around. wtf!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that we whites have NEVER stopped fucking and interfering with Africans including in Zimbabwe and South Africa. So yeah, go ahead and call on (single out) Nelson Mandela for not pulling off a walk-on-water type of miracle. And how the hell do you know whether he actually criticizes Mugabe, etc? From the corporate media? sigh.

War, war, war. all over Africa. Rape, pillage, steal... Where do all those weapons come from I wonder? White countries? Hmmm. Where do all the diamonds come from that white people, specifically De Beers (white, dutch, and jews?) have a monopoly, stranglehold on and benefit massively from? Hmm? And on, and on...And let's not forget AIDS, and how it was not Africans nor Blacks who manufactured that nasty little cocktail. Hmm...

You're so verklempt? Well me too. Ach du fokkin' lieber!

From the Congo to the Sudan to Zimbabwe to Ethiopia and all over the amazing bountiful continent that is Africa, white people are still exploiting and fucking with Africa and Africans.

And we sit around, wondering why some Africans kill each other, can't come together, unite, and live in koobayah style. Could it be that we whites have something (massive) to do with it? Could it? Nah, not us, we're fucking angels. ;)

Africans were better off under white European, colonial rule? Fuck.
Nobody's larger point in this essay was how the corporate media Wants us to think that Mugabe is the worst man in the world. That fact did not escape my notice, long before Nobody wrote about it. And it is a fact which does make me wonder WHY, and causes me to doubt it, no matter what you or anyone else claims.

Verklempt? Indeedy do. Ach du fokkin' lieber. That's quite how I feel about most world/political matters, especially these days.

nobody said...


The comments are about as interesting as it gets. And I have no time. Not even to read them all completely. Sorry. Friends have popped up from the big smoke to visit me in this bullshit beach town. So I'm off to a picnic. And tonight Australia plays France in the rugby. It's the biggest game of the year. And my father would be all kinds of miserable watching it on his own.

I'll read everything properly tomorrow and have a spray after. And let's not anybody get too hot under the collar. I'm certain concord can be found because truth is, none of us is a million miles apart. Whilst I was only able to give it the quickest of scans, silverfish has a point. Mind you, once I address it, it won't be quite the one he or annemarie expect.

Sorry, I'm watching a female house sparrow that has a piece of cheese. It's stuck to its beak and it can't get it off. Ha ha ha. Silly bird. It's off! Victory! Off she goes. As do I. Ciao.

nobody said...

Oh! I even have a new film - Lord of the Rings.

The way I do things is to post, read it in its final format and then have a major edit. I don't have time for that but otherwise it's finished and will be up shortly. Yoroshiku.

Anonymous said...

Yes, what AnneMarie said.
It's mainly because of white interference that most of the worst shit that happens in these (so called) 3rd world countries does!

Anonymous said...

I'm African. Jewry will not allow Whites and Blacks to work together.

Another thing, notice how the media always blames CHINA and N KOREA for computer viruses and hackers?

Its good thing to see an EAST ASIAN like NOBODY is aware of Jewry.

Aferall, once Jewry is done with WHITES he will target East Asians.

Anonymous said...

I forgot the most important REASON why Jewry hates Mugabe. I heard Mugabe took land away from WHITES and gave it to BLACKS.

Those WHITES could easily be JEWS. Maybe that is why Jewry hates Mugabe.

kikz said...

awww thanks, les.

i can only imagine how really busy the site keeps you... i appreciate the time and energy you must expend on it...and of course its message. i should've written you directly, and i'm very glad to've in this instance, been wrong :)

i really feel quite embarrassed about the whole affair, in that i was/am surprised by my reaction to it. i felt a little hurt... falsely accused of lobbying for 'someone's' censure, and that accusation stood w/o refute. i know, i know... consider the source.. :) and yes, some 'daZe'... my good sense fails me. :) i'm still trying to figure out, why it bothered me?
ego fragility issues, most probably.

at any rate, i appreciate your effort to 'clear things up'. many thanks, and big hugz :)

david duke's site, eh? welllllllllll, when the time is right (so say the sages) the teacher appears :) i remb duke, when he was outwardly a rabid, redneck klansman.
having grown up in coastal MS in the 60's, i know that song and dance all too well.
i have no idea if he ever committed any heinous acts against anyone then or now. maybe it's the jewish issue that has caused your appearance there? maybe duke's evolved, maybe he hasn't?
his external persona seems to've undergone much....toning down over the years, and i hope it's due to an evolution of his core being and not for mere appearances, 'lipstick on a pig' . but, in either event...your 'light' may still hit its mark, even under that shadowy bushel basket :) just imagine what could be accomplished in the wUrld if all the david dukeAlikes were to evolve, even just a smidge this go'round :) that could only help :)

noby, love... thanks for the indulgence:)
hope your blokes won the footy match!

'll catch y'all later. headin off to the Antiques Roadshow in Dallas today, as i won tickets a few wks back :)

the Silverfish said...

No worries mate as I'm not into pissing contests. I was simply making a statement of fact, not trying to win a popularity contest.
I can still wright my name in the snow and dot the I. Not all can do that, thats also a statement of fact. Oh my now I might be branded a male chauvenist pig. Me Bad.

Anonymous said...

I change my mind...AGAIN! This site says Mugabe is controlled by Marxist Jews.

nobody said...

Finally got to read it all. And it's all good. My brief blink had given me the impression it was getting a bit vitriolic. But it wasn't anything too dreadful. I can understand where Silverfish is coming from. But it's way beyond me and really something I avoided in the piece. Like I said I just wanted to make a point about the media and hidden agendas. As for Zimbabwe, it seems they, like every other country the West seeks to extract wealth from, have a choice - they can have white people in charge dragging out the wealth, or a deliberately created chaos and mayhem until they see the rightness of the option A. And it's always this way.

The media's job is to make it look like it's the fault of the fellow seeking independence, peace and prosperity for his people. We need merely look to the portrayal of Chavez in Venezuela. Or Aristide in Haiti. Or Ortega in Nicaragua. Or Najibullah in Afghanistan. Or Arbenz in Guatemala. Or Mossadeq in Iran (take 2 with Ahmadinejad). Over and over and over, the same thing. And if you read that short list just now and thought, 'Yeah but HE was a villain.' How do you know that? Apart from the media telling you. And maybe you knew somebody from that country and they hated him too. How did they know? All they knew was that everything had turned to shit. And who were they going to blame? A shadowy cabal of bankers and foreign motherfuckers? Or their leader who just can't seem to get anything right and flails about, madly carrying on about conspiracies against him?

In the US right now, what percentage of people blame their sock puppet President? Most of 'em I reckon. What percentage know that their money supply is privately owned and the economic collapse that's taking place is engineered? Half of fuck all. And that's the power of the media. It's why the media is the crucial partner. None of it could be done without them.

Sure enough, african warrior has a point too. The South African success story was no such thing. John Pilger wrote a brilliant thing about it that got no coverage at all. It turns out that Mandela's release, and the subsequent 'transfer' of power, pivoted upon him agreeing to leave the gold and the diamonds in the hands of the Oppenheimers. Nicky Oppenheimer popped in to see Mandela in prison and explained to him how the world works. Mandela saw the rightness of option A. And sure enough the Oppenheimers are rife through Zimbabwe too. Mugabe refuses to agree to the rightness of option A. So chaos and misery is Zimbabwe's lot. And yep, we all blame him.


And here's a question. I've often wondered about the English East India Company, otherwise known as the 'Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies'. I spent a bit of time googling variations of this to see if I could find out precisely who these 'Merchants of London' were, ie. what were their names? And I had no luck. I suspect that the answer would be very interesting.

nobody said...

Hey again. I wrote that thing and when I went to post there were more comments.

Hey african warrior. Who the fuck knows what's going on? We only get glimpses. It's perfectly possible the motherfuckers are backing both sides. That's pretty par for the course for them. They own the US Federal Reserve. And this same Fed bankrolled the Bolsheviks. AIPAC controls the Republicans and the Democrats. The right-wing media and the left-wing media is owned by the same people. If you comprise 1% of the world's population and your only concern was that you rule and remain untouched, sure enough your only means of doing so would be to have the other 99% disunited and at each other's throats.

And thanks Les, for popping in. And kikz, I can dig it. Les' admonishment to app aside that was still a relentless bucketting. And I was in a bit of a funk for a while but then I thought, Fuck It.

In many ways I'm glad I'm getting shat on in white supremacist sites. And if they get it wrong (and do they ever! app is convinced I'm a drunk, ha ha) long may they remain clueless. I am utterly uninterested in setting them straight. In fact, on the topic of being embraced by white supremacists, why don't I write a new piece designed to get right up their noses? Thoughts coalesce...

Anonymous said...

You're right nobody. Who knows how these countries would have continued had the 'whites' (Germanic) left them alone to their own devices and helped when they wanted. Nobody knows!
I see the Maori peoples in NZ have just got some land back. Mind you they are tough buggers; I only wish the Aussie Indig's would take a page from their book. Good on ‘em.
Maori deal

nobody said...


Great flag. Att New Zealand! Ditch your bullshit blue ensign. That flag right there - it's a cracker!

Anonymous said...

Yes. Sorry. Forgot to sign.

Anonymous said...

WHITE Supremacists are CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. Look up "Kosher Nazis" on Google.

David Duke(White Supremacist leader) thinks Arabs are behind 911. These guys are fake Truth Seekers.

White Supremacists purpose are to create Draconian Hate Laws, and to Start Race Wars.

I expect MOSSAD to kill Obama and blame it on a White Supremacist to start race war.

nobody said...

Yup, or google 'bill white megaphone'.

Otherwise, with Obama, that wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.

Penny said...

god, everyone thinks obama is going to get the bullet, or something else, but either way, he is a goner.

I'll be freaked if it happens!

Kosta said...

I copied and pasted your entire blog along with a link at

What's the bet it doesn't get through?

nobody said...

Onya phoneyid,

Actually mate, in the original mention, I was discussing that game thing I'd just written previously. I've planted it as piece of mischief for kids searching for news for their favourite assassination game. It's slowly paying off. I've had nearly a dozen visits from people searching for 'hitman 5 news' or somesuch. Ideally these searches will ramp up as it gets closer to release. See if I can't screw with a few heads. All in a good cause of course...

But otherwise thanks for the links. This blog has a very modest readership and I'll take what I can get. Anyone who wants to link me, I salute you!

In this vein, I'd like to thank Von Curtis. You don't pop in much mate but your links are all appreciated. Onya.

nobody said...

Ha ha ha,

Just checked out your link phoneyid. You ain't there! But what did you expect from a Murdoch piece of shit?