Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Next on ABC - Media Watch Death Cult Love-Fest!

In wondering at that timeless question, What would I do if I were the producer of the ABC's Media Watch?, I decided that I would turn it into a panel show. And in true Tarantino pastiche style, I'd make it the best damn panel show ever. Thus, it would be a bit of everything: The Daily Show, The Chaser, Spicks and Specks, The Gruen Transfer, hell, we'll even throw My Word into the mix. Bugger it, let's get hell-bent and dig up the corpse of Frank Muir - even dead he'll beat the pants off just about anyone.

Apologies to foreigners who've never seen the above-mentioned programmes. Just take it as read that I'm talking about one of those whacky panel shows peopled with clever trousers trying to crack each other up. And in this case, we focus on certain unremarked-upon strands within the media and how they manifest themselves, and how they don't, and what it all means. Or doesn't mean.

And all in adulatory terms! Bravo the death cult! We think they're tops. Here at the Love-Fest, we say a tuppence for the death cult's shy modesty. If anyone in the world deserved celebrity status, it's the god-kings of the new world order. So here we'll give them the full treatment - graphics, footage, animation, sound effects, canned laughter - the full tilterama. [note to Sal - delete - It would be great if we could get some Chinese Opera in there somehow. No reason, I just like Chinese Opera. Do you know anyone?]

Don't worry if you don't understand a given gag. You don't want to understand it. Hell, I don't want to understand it. And often as not I don't. And that's half the fun. It's like the Pixies - knowing what all their songs mean precisely, would be a mistake. I call it the joy of not understanding. Black Francis gets it, I'm sure. Anyway, this is like that. Or at least, 'the vibe is in mind'. Thus, here's my sure-fire outline for a winner show, which is to say, the kind of show I want to watch. Each of the sketches could be weekly regulars or they may be one-offs. Nothing is rigid. The only rule is to get laughs and attack from sideways.

Good News from the Good War

We start the show with a somewhat solemn segment. The panel discusses the rightness of whatever war it is we're in and backs up the latest reason given for it. "At least it's all for a good cause" etc. Mind you, we don't want this to be too po-faced, so perhaps we break the ice a little (and keep things within traditional military bounds) by treating the week's TV montage of Good War News as one of those checklist drinking games.
- Skol (drink/down/chug/whatever) one drink for any depiction of Western soldiers as Good Samaritans who are only there to help people. Skol two for any soldier wondering why the locals aren't more appreciative of the help they're being given. Skol three for any soldiers guarding poppy fields.
- Skol one for every instance of locals who love the Americans and want them to stay. Skol two for local kids who've been blown up, taken to America, and think America is great. Skol three for any Muslim woman who fell in love with an American boy, rejected Islam, got married, emigrated, and now has a top-selling line of sexy lingerie exercise videos. (I just made that up - is it too silly? Probably not).
- Skol one for any Western Soldiers who've been blown up and are now 'helping to change people's lives by serving as an inspiration'. Skol two if they appear with the Prime Minister or President. And skol three if either of the latter get the bloke's name wrong.
- Skol one for the phrase 'moving forward'. Skol two for anyone explaining how we need to be there 'until the mission/job is completed/finished' whilst failing to mention what the mission/job is, or how we'd complete/finish it. Skol three for any use of the phrase, ironic or otherwise, 'there's light at the end of the tunnel'.

Optional Oblivion-Here-We-Come Speed Version
- Skol one for any Jewish talking head. Skol two for any Jewish talking head interviewing another Jewish talking head. Skol three for any report in which every talking head is Jewish. Double up if the topic is Muslim wickedness.
And so it goes with the show barely ten minutes in and the entire panel completely rat-arse drunk already.

The Reserve Bank Snark Hunt

Sobering quickly now, the panel searches for any sight of the Reserve Bank Snark. Not that anyone knows what the Snark is exactly since no one will say, but the panel does its best. Each week they trawl the media for any mention of it to see if we might add an ear, hoof, or tail to our sketchy picture. Included would be: sightings, habits, and behaviour of component board members; backwards engineering wherein we analyse the behaviour of politicians etc. who come into contact with the Snark, to see what clues that provides; a look at Snarks through history (with dead celebrity reporter-in-effigy Andrew Jackson); a look at the latest blurry viewer photos and videos of possible snarks; interviews with psychics, baristas, prostitutes etc. [Hey Sal - delete - Ideas for accompanying music: what's that music they play whenever there's a horse race? You know what I mean? Yeah, well... that]

Manny Goldstein's Fantasy Villain League

Here celebrity reporter Manny Goldstein takes the panel through the week's action and answers the perennial (and rather proper) question, 'At whom should we be shaking our collective fist this week?' Panel members (along with viewers) can swap and trade players in their fantasy villain league with Manny providing the latest tips - precise details of foreign corruption, foreign wickedness, foreign mistreatment of women, execution by swords, stones, and other means of death that Westerners don't use, mass graves, mass starvation, as well as a quick summary of villains' bad hair, clothes, shoes, etc.

And we can all play safe in the knowledge that none of it has anything to do with us and they've only themselves to blame. Each week the prize will snowball until one lucky viewer hits the jackpot when we find out which of our villains was so evil that we had no choice but to steal his nation's shit and turn what was left into a radioactive wasteland. It's lots of fun and completely harmless. NB. Apart from the jackpot prize (which could be as much as a hundred dollars), the top player is also guaranteed a starting place in the CFR-Trilateral-Bilderberger Pro-Am Circuit.

Conspiracy Nutbar Crunchfest

Wherein the media's best derisory use of the phrase 'conspiracy theory' provides an opportunity for the panel to pile in and kick the shit out of the mad idea, as well as the tin-foil hat wearing loony who uttered it. This can be presented as a point scoring buzzer game with the panel given a list of set responses ('That's just crazy', 'He'll be talking about UFO's next', 'Anti-Semitism!', 'They would never do it', 'That's just crazy', etc), then upon hearing various 'facts' put forward by the loony, the panel members hit their buzzer to be first with the right set response (extra points for eye-rolling, head-shaking, and 'snorting'). The segment ends with the Forget-Me-Hot-List which is an easy to remember list of things one should forget. This, so as to more correctly view the week's particular crazy conspiracy theory, ie. for flight 93:
-There was no wreckage at the Shanksville site, nothing, not a sausage.
-The 'scar' in the earth was always there and was unconnected to the crash.
-Sundry non-spook witnesses describe an entirely separate and different event taking place miles away.
All of the footage would be accompanied by a laugh track featuring audience jeers, catcalls, and cries of 'That's just crazy!'

Three Cheers For Israel

This segment always begins with the traditional cry of "Three Cheers For Israel! Hip, Hip..." which is always always met with the traditional embarassed silence and slight cough from the back of the audience [note to Sal *please delete* - when we're in audio, perhaps we could sneak in a quietly muttered 'yeah, get fucked', so quiet that only we know it's there, you know what I mean? no harm in trying]. This segment has two parts - Kowtow of the Week and The Mark Regev Fan Club.

Kowtow of the Week

In which the panel picks the week's best kowtow to Israel, whether from a politician, interviewer, or news report. In the same way that The Gruen Transfer extols the virtues of selling the indefensible, The Death Cult Love-Fest ever seeks to more fulsomely laud the fulsome lauding of the world's shittiest country. The various brilliant means of doing this are discussed and praised. Of course in order to bring a sense of 'balance' the panel will occasionally offer critical tips as to how a kowtower might improve their performance and otherwise be more effective. The running-joke catch-cry: Know No Shame!

Mark Regev Fan Club

A special place for all the Mark Regev fans out there. There's no one quite like him is there? The panel variously: waxes rhapsodic about Mark's latest media appearance; admires his hair, clothes, and shoes; judges the best stories and art work sent in by the viewers; screens the latest episode of our regular FANimation™ The Adventures of Lego Mark Regev in which we see Mark have various fan-imagined Lego adventures with the fan doing their best Mark voice-over impersonation - which of course will explain the rightness of whatever our little Lego Mark is doing. Other ideas: The 'Cook Mark a Meal' Recipe Club wherein fans send in recipes that Mark might like and the panel cooks them and discusses how 'Mark' they are; Video Karaoke Singalong - send your favourite love song to Mark whilst watching the burning of Gaza and Lebanon; and various hot discussions from the website forum, If Mark Regev were Doc Ock, would he beat Spider-Man?, and the hugely popular Funny Vid! Dude lights fart while Mark Regev is on TV, and Captain_boinging is a FUCKTARD - I happen TO KNOW THat MARK REGEV bought THRILLER and LIKED IT!!!!!!!! MICHAEL JACKSON is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! etc. etc. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. We just put his fat head on the screen weekly, rip the living shit out of him, make him an object of complete ridicule, and all without ever quite giving him anything to sue us over. Easy.

Give Us A Wink, Rupes!

Here the panel contributes what they consider to be the best media racist wink of the week. The winner is whichever story maxes out the audience's famous Something-From-Nothing-Clap-O-Meter, as adjusted by the Duckworth-Lewis value S/N (where S = something, ie. racist mileage, and N = nothing, ie. How the most common name in the world Li/Lee is also the most common name topping university entrance scores. Wow, that just goes to show doesn't it? Anyway, you multiply that by the number you first thought of and you get a funny score). Three cheers! Speaking of scores, our guest celebrity Ezra Pound is currently in the lead with 17 points in spite of not having uttered a single word. As you can see, Ezra is there to balance Frank Muir and is, like Frank, 'no longer quick'. So, what with him lacking Frank Muir's sound-bite library, we came up with the idea of cutting up The Cantos into single sentences, putting them all in a hat, and then picking one out randomly in answer to each question. Spookily enough he absolutely nailed it every time. A big hand for Ezra! Yay!

King of the Death Cult Crawly Bum Lick

What with the panel being a pack of smart-arses who'd like to make a lot of money without working very hard, there isn't one of them who wouldn't love some kind of semi-permanent celebrity spot with the death cult. It's all very well being in at the bloody ABC but the money is dead ordinary and there's no hookers, no drugs, no nothing. Anyway, in honour of their own desire for money (and drug-fueled mad rooting) each week the members of the panel do their best to win the coveted title King of the Death Cult Crawly Bum Lick. In this competition, panel members take their weekly turn to make a pitch to the death cult outlining the genius plan they've come up with for installing them as god-kings of the new world order complete with hot and cold running sex slaves (hallowed be their names) (the god-kings, not the sex slaves). You can see why a fellow would want to dig up Frank Muir, couldn't you? He'd have made the perfect first King of the Death Cult Crawly Bum Lick.

End of Year Special

This is our annual end of the year lollapalooza drone-fest special. As a way of doing the obligatory that-was-the-year-that-was round-up thingy, we go with the obvious awards gag. The awards will come in two categories: funny ones we just made up to match the funny footage; and proper annual awards that we actually have to think of winners for. The latter categories might include - Best Arse, Best Fathead, Best Transparently Obvious Lie, Best Give-The-Game-Away, Biggest Shut-The-Fuck-Up, Best Slut, Best Insult To Our Intelligence, Best Mind Control Zombie, Best Bragging, Best Blame The Victim, and finally the top award, the hallowed Best And Biggest Big Lie.

This last award goes to the person in the world least afraid of irony, hypocrisy, or shame, with more chutzpah than God, a bold person who's prepared to embrace the perversity of taking a leaf out of Adolf Hitler's Big Lie playbook, and who, in testimony to their own brilliance, goes Hitler one better and doesn't idiotically explain how the Big Lie works before they do it - pauses, looks to camera - Instead they 'Just Do It', and they don't even have to pay Nike for the privilege. And sure enough, in fine who-was-that-masked-man style, they slip off into obscurity hoping that nobody noticed. Ever self-effacing, the Death Cult.


Self-effacing gentlemen and scholars! Rare geniuses and saints! Well, it just so happens that nobody did notice: they noticed, they took inspiration, and may I say that I hope the death cult funding board grabs this opportunity to pick up this sure-fire TV comedy hit, safe in the knowledge that with the proper monetary backing it can be burned in effigy, thrown into the ocean from a helicopter, or just left here on this blog (whichever gets the least attention). Honestly Death Cult, this thing sells itself! You'd be mad not to pay the very low price!

Cue audience applause! Yay!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Inevitability, the end of the world, and the many-minds juju

I reckon I'm onto something here. Mind you, I always think that... but whatever! I'm writing, you're reading, let's just do it. Today's thought pivots on what I consider to be the only juju that actually possesses any power: the juju of many minds thinking the same thought. And the thought that counts here is a biggie - the 'inevitability' of the the coming apocalypse/armageddon/gotterdammerung/time-of-revelation/insert_word_of_your_choice_here.

Where to start? How about Arnie Schwarzenneger? I choose him not because he's significant - he ain't. He's just another clueless puppet seduced by the usual mansions, yachts, and mind-control pussy. Rather he stands in here as an easily understood signpost in a many-minds juju gig. To wit: the everyone-must-hate-Muslims campaign that began with his execrable/brilliant True Lies flick. Pay no attention to the in-joke mind-control title, it's the thrust of the campaign here that counts.

Now that we have a better understanding of how these things work, this particular campaign was actually fucking obvious. The death cult wanted the nations of the West at war with Muslims. Sure enough, under the many-minds juju rubric it was necessary that we believed that Muslims were mad, death-wish psychopaths who hated us for our freedom. Or somesuch. Don't worry that none of it made a lick of sense, nor that it was utterly at odds with what those who were familiar with actual non-Hollywood Muslims knew to be the truth, ie. that they are the most charming and hospitable people you could meet. Common sense, real world experience - none of that is a match for a manufactured many-minds juju.

From the deliriously racist Hot Shots Part Deux, through to the too clever for itself 24, onto the wolf in sheep's clothing Rendition, we can observe the roll-out of a long planned campaign at least twenty years in the making. With the bloc-media filling in all the gaps in between, enough of that shit bubbled through the ground water so that when the time came we were there already. Literally, now that I think about it: Have MOAB, Will Travel.

And back at home, we the otherwise right-thinking (who couldn't help but drink the water), muttered briefly, but not too much on account of that wee nagging voice telling us that Muslims aren't quite the thing are they? Honestly, they're their own worst enemy and they bring it upon themselves. But to hell with us as righteous white folk, even the very people who should have known better, which is to say Muslims, in the face of the many-minds juju ended up following that time-honoured teenage dictum If you've got the name, you may as well have the game. It's a bullshit logic, but like that ever stopped anyone before. If everybody thinks so, there must be something to it. Even Sirhan Sirhan thought he must somehow have been guilty.

Still now I can still hear that wee nagging voice in my head. For God's sake - they're only movies. Ayah, it doesn't shut up does it? It's the voice of the believer I used to be. Yeah well, they're only movies in precisely the same way that fluoride is only in the water to Make Our Teeth Strong! Never mind that fluoride is toxic waste from the aluminium and uranium smelting industries, has never (ever) naturally been consumed by humans, and in all other uses must carry a poisons warning that it should under no circumstances be ingested - here we are in a world where everyone thinks it's good. Oh dear, have I strayed again? Kinda, sorta, not really. Fluoride, Muslims, take your pick. If the bloc-media runs with it, without dissenting voices, it's a done deal. We'll drink toxic waste, commit genocide, whatever. Give them time and we'll be raping our own children. Oh look, it's Miley Cyrus' sister Noah teaching little girls how to pole dance. Isn't that adorable?

Whatever, a tuppence for the endless small time tactical shit. It's just scene setting. We're here for the big strategic juju crunch point - us being prepped for the end of the goddamn world. Sure enough, small bites will only get you so far in instituting a Rothschild uber alles one world government. Somewhere along the line Naomi (no-Rothschilds-here) Klein's Shock Doctrine will have to be deployed. Big Time. And when a thing cannot be permitted to fail, half measures will not do - it's overkill or fuck off. No one's missed the overkill have they? What have we got so far?
-The Great War On Terror Muslims - The GWOTM: serves to destroy the only alternative to usury's money-as-debt; provides an enemy and thus a basis for the implementation of fascism; puts the Western world in a once-you're-in-you-can't-get-out permanent war footing; and not forgetting its well proven ability to destroy an economy.

-Global economic collapse - Not over yet folks! Hell, we've barely started. The GWOTM will only destroy America's economy. Since this is a global gig, everyone must fall. Fine - get every nation in debt up to their eyeballs, pile on 500 trillion worth of derivatives, pull the pin, retreat to Switzerland. Simple.

-Global warming - I'm wondering if this isn't just opportunism? Perhaps the climate is changing. The sun is very big and we know fuck all about it. Or the whole thing is bullshit in its entirety. Who can tell? Either way bullshit is a certainty, and here the bullshit pivots on it being the fault of humans. The only thing we know for sure is that whether the climate is changing or not, the idea of a global regime and a tax based on breathing is simply beyond irresistible for the death cult. Honestly, if global warming didn't exist, they'd have to invent it.

-The coming we-told-you-so global pandemic - AKA How to kill five billion people without really trying. And all with global chaos and further reinforcement of the need for global government thrown in for free. Yee ha! A thing worth doing. If you're a death cult motherfucker, that is.

-Mike Ruppert's peak oil - Between Dave McGowan and the Gulf of Mexico disaster, I'm wondering if this one hasn't come a bit of a cropper? Still, that's the point of overkill - if one campaign fails it's not the end of the-end-of-the-world. Mind you, any number of other plans have been blown wide open and what happened? Nothing. They just carry on regardless. Perhaps it's early days for the peak oil gig? Who knows?

-The Sea Turning To Fire and other natural disasters - Gulf stream oil spills are one thing and HAARP is another. Is the former global? It's hard to know. The latter less so (technically tactical rather than strategic). But still, it's a hell of a thing HAARP - your own personal franchise of Acts-of-God 'R' Us. It's beautiful if you think about it: it's the don't-argue fear machine from hell and it's the roll-your-eyes deniable natural event. Perfect against China. Whether China gets the don't fuck with us deterrence hint, or they don't get it and are kept busy dealing with millions of casualties, it's all good. (Att: Russia and China - are HAARP pulses monitor-able? You might want to get onto that. If intelligence shows that HAARP is an earthquake maker, me, I'd declare nukes justifiable).
Did I miss anything? Oh, and did that add up to six? Yeah. Gee, I hate that number. Whatever, let's just ask the question: what do these things have in common? Apart from being made from whole cloth, and each with its own specific many-minds juju campaign? Me, I'd declare them 'piecemeal' (for want of a better word). If we were in an advertising rollout (and we are) each of these would represent a brand, or a stream, or an aspect, each within the corporate-mission-statement totality of the 'apocalypse' campaign. So where's that total branding? The umbrella meme to tie it all together? It has to be there.

Think Egypt in the bible. God didn't separately dish out one plague after another for ten separate sins. Each element of the overkill came under the single rubric of... well, let's just call it: Everyone must love Jews or die. Thus we have God imagined as an idealised expression of Jewish contempt and hatred for those not them. "What we want the public to understand here is how great we are by way of here's what happens to anyone who doubts it." No surprises then that for those imagined to have wronged the Jews, one plague is not enough. It's Crucifixion's too good for them writ large, really large, as large as God.
NB. For the record (and me back on my old hobby horse) - whatever the death cult call themselves, whether Jews, or Sabbateans, or Moloch worshipping Satanists, they're actually nothing more than anti-buddhas who've chosen the selfishness end of the continuum. Choosing that over selflessness is the most prosaic and obvious thing imaginable. It's them choosing to emulate beasts, otherwise pitiable creatures who lack the ability to do otherwise. The fact that the death cult infinitely outstrip the beasts in their beastliness doesn't make them great. Any nth degree thoughtless fuckwit cunt who's chosen the obvious and made it to the top of that particular pyramid is still a thoughtless fuckwit cunt. Yeah, death cult kiddy rapers, I'm talking to you.
Back to the business at hand! Each of these sundry campaigns have to be tied together thematically. In fact this thematic totality must come first. Everything then will follow on in simple order. The totality is obvious, really. All of the above are simply variations of Lookout! It's the End Of The World! Is anyone surprised? Of course it's the end of the world. It's always been a winner. It's the same precise logic by which salesmen tell you that an offer only lasts for a day. Don't think. There's no time. Just stampede!

Over and over, the same thing every time. Why change it? Only an idiot would reinvent the wheel. The end of the world is so reliable that even Buddhists fall for it. The list of Maitreyan rebellions is very long and very bloody. You'd think they'd know better, wouldn't you? Especially given that Maitreya will only return when the Buddha Dharma has disappeared from the face of the earth. Never mind. It's the classic meme and plugged into the power of the many-minds juju it works every time, and for everyone. Even us, the clever trousers.

Hands up everyone who thinks a not-made-by-the-hand-of-man apocalypse-something-or-other is just around the corner? I hate to say it, but the death cult gives three cheers. The more the merrier says they. And here we are thinking that the above list of disasters are all false, contrivances created to push us to a bullshit end, but... 2012! The Mayan calendar! Look at the weather! Well, of course! In amongst this jigsaw puzzle of many pieces, this is the photo stamped on the front to make sense of it all. And here we are dismissing the pieces but embracing the photo. As Su brilliantly said in the comments one time, in chess the white pieces have a purpose and the black pieces have a purpose, but the game itself has no purpose. So are we chess fans or aren't we?

Back to Hollywood. Here the death cult is telling you where they want your heads to be. On a block, ha! Yeah, yeah, cheap jokes aside, the many-minds juju machine loves the end of the world. It's not an accident that all those movies that used to involve the hero saving the world now skip that last bit. Now the world is destroyed with a Knowing Nick Cage realising that there's nothing for it but to hand his kids over to, well... whomever, and then go home and wait to die. Oh, and any resemblance between those scenes in Knowing and the people smugglers in Haiti, Sudan, etc. is purely coincidental. These were aliens for chrissakes, not Baptists, or 4WD enthusiasts, or members of the Finders. Whew! Thank God.

And thank God for Roland Emmerich and his Day After Tomorrow and 2012. Apparently those pix are all part of his noble campaign to increase awareness of 'the lack of a government preparation plan for a global doomsday scenario'. Sheesh, with good guys like him, who needs motherfuckers? And hasn't he heard of COG? That's Continuity Of Government, Roland. And don't worry mate, it's all under control: even as we speak truckloads of Krug and pâté de foie gras are being shipped into secret underground locations. Otherwise, the only 'global doomsday scenario' that's going to take place will be 100% man made. 'Lack of government preparation'? Ha ha ha ha - nice one Roland. Who said Germans weren't funny?

Hollywood loves the end of the world and we love it too. And sure Hollywood is bullshit, just another part of the bloc-media telling us to hate Muslims etc. But here, they... I don't know? What do we think? That they've accidentally tapped into the truth? Or that there's bits and pieces of Hollywood that aren't really part of a bloc-media, aren't part of the mind-control programme, and that somehow these insane budget epics escaped oversight? It's only a movie, says the wee voice.

Sorry, but I'm going to have beg off that particular chestnut. Given the nature of the death-cult campaign and how if this meme didn't exist they'd have to invent it anyway; Given that the end of the world gag has been done more times than anyone could count, and never with a lick of truth, nor to any useful purpose; Given that other campaigns that we know to be false have run the gamut from Mike Ruppert's bullshit indy cred through to the voice-of-the-Rothschilds bloc-media; Given that this is the campaign, the campaign to end all campaigns, that cannot be allowed to fail; Given all of that, why are we falling for it?

And why do we get excited about a fellow, or group of people (it's hard to know really) who say that they've somehow managed to dredge through every single thing written on the net and, by way of 'asymmetric language trend analysis', use this to distil the future? He (or they) then turn this into 40-odd pages of frankly unintelligible gibberish in which, fortune-teller style, one may happily read whatever one wants. As long as it's the end of the world, that is. Is that guy for real? I mean, really? He's not a psy-op? Even though he precisely resembles one? And even though he must either have the most staggering array of supercomputers to process it all, or he's just pulled it out of his arse?

Last week in Sydney, whilst staying with friends who have an ADSL line I succeeded in downloading all 7Gb of a text-only wikipedia. I now have an offline wikipedia on my hard drive (and it's fantastic, I love it - three cheers). But it took all night. To include all notes, discussions, and meta-data would have come to several terrabytes of data, an impossible download. And that's just wikipedia, a single (albeit large) website, one amongst millions. Okay, now imagine the impossibility of dealing with everything written on the net. This is google territory and they need acreages of computers and a town's worth of power for it. And this guy does it on what? His desktop? The computers at work during downtime? Fucking hell, I shake my head. Oh, and Les Visible gets a tip of the hat does he? Madness! In the ocean that is the internet, if all mentions of Les Visible add up to more than a single drop in that ocean, I'll eat my motorcycle. And yet, this fellow somehow finds Les in amongst the mega-magilla-gorilla-gazilla-bytes he downloads does he? Or is it just a fact that Les is on-message with the end of the world meme? Because that is a fact.

Where are our heads at? With Mike Ruppert telling us of the inevitability of mass death? Or with Dave McGowan calling him out as bullshit? (Oh look, Mike Ruppert has a book and a movie. Sure! Mike gets the bloc-media tick of approval).

Are we dizzy yet? Too dizzy to ask the question: What's he fucking on about? What's his point? My point is that if I'm prepared to call bullshit on (let's check them off): peak oil as an excuse for mass murder; swine flu as a natural event; global warming as man-made; the GWOTM as 'Muslims started it all'; natural disasters as nothing-to-be-done-for-it acts of God; and economic collapse as a couldn't-be-helped accident; why wouldn't I take that one-more-step and call out this apocalypse thingy too? It's no different. It's just more of the same, part-and-parcel. Of course they'd do it. They have to. This campaign cannot be allowed to fail. Everything that is humanly possible will be done.

And it is being done. But humanly possible is the key expression here. There is no hand of God in amongst it. There is no heavenly host cum cavalry galloping into the frame. Or to put it another way, there is no deus ex machina. And there never was unless humans put it there. The god in the machine was always a con. The 'machina' in deus ex machina is nothing more than the means of contrivance: it's the stage, the wings, and the proscenium arch; it's a thousand people operating cameras, rigs, and buildings full of computers; it's a pyramid of power with armies toiling to convince you of the reality of the 'deus'. But here, the 'deus' is as false as the 'machina'. Deus ex machina is merely a statement of what someone else wishes to achieve and how they go about convincing you, the viewer, of its god-like it-must-be-so nature.

But people may believe what they like. All I can say is, include me out. I'm too old for that shit now. Somewhere along the line I grew up. And sure, it came as a surprise but what are you going to do? Shit happens. Now I say the death cult can take their inevitability and stick it up their arse. I don't care how many people pile in declaring it to be so. Nor how well meaning they are. All I know is, if you pile in, it will be so. That's how the juju works.

The inevitability of the end of the world? Yawn. It's just a wish - the wet dream of the death cult. I ain't lending a hand to help a pack of wankers blow their wad. They can jerk off on their own time.