Wednesday, April 2, 2008

three brilliant absurdities

We must embrace total paranoia!

Apparently Al Qaeda has regrouped. They are Smersh and Spectre rolled into one. Funny they can't afford a handicam to film their leader. Funny that their leader seems so uninterested in propagandising. Funny that their websites are all hosted in Texas. Funny that these geniuses of the internet never thought to google their own third in command and discover that he's Jewish and the grandson of a leader of the ADL. But I could go on all day. There's nothing about Al Qaeda that doesn't scream bullshit.

And the latest nonsense? Al Qaeda has regrouped on the Pakistan border and is training people who look white! So spooky is their chameleon-like nature that we'd never notice them standing next to us at the flight check-in! But really, who buys this shit? Newsreaders obviously. As footage rolls of dusty peshmerga who could no more blend in to a check-in line than I could blend in to a madrassa, the talking heads spout the most fatuous, prima facie bullshit imaginable. Who needs proof? Who needs to cock a quizzical eyebrow? Anton Enus - Are you really that thick?

I look forward to our Anton telling us soon that, what with Al Qaeda's genius at people smuggling, the complete absence of Pakistani visa stamps in one's passport is in fact proof that one's been to Pakistan and belongs to Al Qaeda. Why not?

The fact is that there are chameleon-like people out there who plot the downfall of the West. They own the Reserve Bank and the media. Their accusations are precisely projection.

Ha! Now that I think about it, perhaps Al Qaeda's number three Adam Pearlman will recruit some of his Californian Jewish friends to do Al Qaeda's bidding. That's the ONLY way that this arrant nonsense could ever conceivably happen.

Of course the British can't leave

Ha ha ha ha, it just gets better! Basra, which after the British left, broke out in no-holds-barred peace, has now gone to hell. And the villain? Moqtada Al Sadr! We're left to assume that his keeping of the peace for the last couple of years was a ruse. Sure enough, as soon as our satrap Maliki's troops attacked Sadr's men they fought back! Those black-hearted sons of bitches.

In the requisite twofer, we're also given perfect proof of the hopelessness of our satrap's men too. They refused to fight! They went over to the other side! All that time and money we spent selflessly training them! Bloody chickenshit ingrates! How dare they not fight their fellow countrymen as their neocon masters demand. They deserve nothing less than to have the Jewish media inculcate our troops with a the-only-good-Iraqi-is-a-dead-Iraqi mindset.

What an insult to my intelligence. Al Sadr remains peaceful for years, our puppet attacks him for no particular reason and the media presents this as evidence of Iraqi villainy and why we must stay. It's a good thing the media speaks with a single voice. Were even one half-intelligible voice allowed on the telly to explain the bullshit nature of this charade, the edifice of lies would fall faster than the twin towers - thermite charges and all.

Happily we at home think nothing of the fact that until our satrap attacked, there was no fight. Nor do we need to know that the American old guard stepped in, brought in the Iranians in to negotiate and that peace promptly broke out. The old guard is piss-weak but they're fighting. But it won't help them. The banker's plan to ensure that the British stay in Iraq will, with relentless media spin, work a treat. Does the American old guard control the media? Of course not. The owners of the Reserve Banks own it and, as they very well know, the media is the only thing that counts. None may stand against it. Of course the British troops will stay.

The Pottery Barn US economy

Way back when, Colin Powell said that an Iraq campaign reminded him of the slogan of The Pottery Barn (a US chain) - You broke it, you own it. Somehow in Iraq this translated to - You broke it, you acquire the whole chain! Smashing!

And now it's happening to the entire US economy! Fantastic. Alan Greenspan precisely engineers an economic collapse that, when it happens, (and it's barely even begun so far) will make 1929 look like small potatoes, and what happens? Regulation of the US economy is to be put into the hands of the Fed! God fucking spare us! You broke it, you own it? Fucking hell! Words (that don't begin with F) fail me.

By all rights, the US Fed should be ablaze whilst its executives dangle from lamp-posts and surging crowds jeer. Ha, fat chance. Who can hear anything apart from the media's single impossible voice - as impossible as the stars all twinkling to the same disco beat. If anyone wants to hear the type of voices that the MSM should love, but would rather cut their own heads off than publish, visit counterpunch and read Paul Craig Roberts or Mike Whitney. You'd think Reagan's assistant head of the treasury, the father of Reaganomics and associate editor of the WSJ turning radical would be perfect media fodder wouldn't you? Ha ha ha ha - as if!

Once again, the only thing that counts is the media. Complete control of the media means one can do anything. Between reality and posited narrative, only the narrative counts. Believe it or not, the media could make us eat our own foecal matter if they chose to. If a narrative can be imagined to make this happen, it could happen. Hell, after the decades-long job they've done convincing us of that the Fed is a force of nature, it'd be easy.

"And now we go to our resident chef with his new weight-conscious recipe for grilled turd in Szechuan pepper with shiitake mushroom jus. Mmmm, that looks mouth watering!"


kikz said...

welome bak, noby:)

oh and don't forget whilst speakin of jewish connections....

the DNC's head rhammi boy Immanuel did his time in the IDF, and his daddy's claim to fame, membership in Irgun, who bombed the King David Hotel.

kikz said...

cripez... i also forgot... rhammi's bro, michael moore's agent.

small wUrld ain't it >:?

Anonymous said...

Soylent Green came to mind as I finished reading your article nobody.
Have you seen any of the ‘Jericho’ series? Over the years the Yanks can’t say they haven’t been adequately warned of the possibilities.

nobody said...

Hey yourself kikz,

Yeah, we should be astounded shouldn't we? But we ain't. Shameless is nothing of the sort lately.

And Michael Moore. I wonder at him. I thought Sicko was brilliant. He momentarily mentioned debt. Momentarily. Otherwise for all the good he does, his scrupulous avoidance of certain subjects is plain. But I'll keep watching.

Oh, I grooved on your stories of your Ma over at Les'.

Hey Tony,

It came to my mind too, ha ha. I'm not familiar with Jericho. I'll wikipedia it. But straight off the bat, (and in a state of complete ignorance) were they warned or inured? I've been wondering about the current explosion of zombie movies. What's that all about? Are we being inured to the sight of hordes of ragged, hungry people being mown down en masse? Certainly we cheer every time it happens on the big screen.

Oh wait. Perhaps it's a metaphor? A select few, surrounded by non-humans whom one might treat as beasts for slaughter? Certainly there's no negotiation, no common ground, no accomodation, no pity. But I digress as usual...

kikz said...

i enjoyed sicko too.
but as you say.. moore does avoid certain subjects.

jericho... i've never watched it..
i hear it's just been canceled.
just google the plot..

yup tony...... nuked zombie hordes.. madd maxxesque post apocalyptic nightmarez.

i am legend.. one of the recent movies fitting the genre.

as i understand... stuff like this.. is meat tenderizer for the brain.

a little something i may've mentioned b4.

revelation of the method. wherein the sheep get snippets of "how its all done or will be done.. by the man/men behind the curtain" the ensuing mental anguish combined w/the supposition of utter helplessness against "it"... perportedly... is to render us... docile, resigned to our fate.. while the perpz snigger as to our delima. in essence psych warfare/PSY OPs.

analogus to a serial killer telling his victim how the victim is to be tortured until begging for death..

hoffman is way out on the beam on some other stuff.. but, i don't think that renders his opine on "rev of method" any less correct.


hoffman, came by his opine via downard. last i remb... researching downard.. can't find too terribly much info.......

yup... time to stand/endure.. yet again. at least if we are to be starved for an extended period, my girls hopefully are old enuff that it won't effect their reproductive abilities later in life nor adversely effect their kids'... that's usually accomplished by infant malnutrition. by 10 or so the die has already been cast for that generation, unless catastrophic disease strikes.... as i understand it.

nobody said...

Thanks kikz,

I'll check it out.

And fear is the key. I only hope when it comes to the crunch I don't succumb. One never knows but...

Anonymous said...

I can't watch the TV news anymore; I don't want to shell out any money to replace it after I've kicked the screen in. The radio is the same, UK radio is wall to wall pro Iraq/Afghanistan war propaganda, all about our brave lads over there fighting for our freedom. The Mail on Sunday's front page last Sunday was about how Canadians honour their returning dead, while we leave them in traffic jams. Good I say, if they're so thick as to join up and fight Israel's war, fuck 'em when they return in boxes.

Every other big budget film I see reinforces the Muslim terrorist stereotype, with graphic images of Nuclear explosions devoaststing US cities and families. They lay this tripe on with a trowel, and presumably the docile audience laps it all up, leaving the cinema with renewed venom for all things Islamic.

Never mind, Israel will save them as an outpost of democracy down there in the forever troubled middle east.