Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pyramids - the right way up and otherwise

Have you ever wondered at pyramids? I've been wondering at them. Clearly the death cult thinks that they're a big deal. They like them so much they whacked one on the number one piece of paper, the US dollar bill. Sure enough whenever there's some illuminati symbolism going on there'll have to be a pyramid in there somewhere. We are that, they say.

First up, let me declare that 'pyramids' here refers to those of the Egyptian variety - four-sided, pointy topped, and classically dimensioned. Whilst I expect that the death cult would have grooved on the blood sacrifice, they otherwise seem uninterested in pyramids of the American variety. Hmm... perhaps that's as good a starting point as any: Why is the death cult so taken with the Egyptian pyramids but not with the American ones?

First up there's the antiquity. The Egyptian pyramids date from over 4500 years ago to 3500. The American ones started just over 3000 years ago and continued through until 1200 years ago. Whilst this might seem like a who-cares, those who've declared themselves chosen by God (Jews, royals, etc), perhaps hounded by a well-what-did-you-expect insecurity, have always chosen to make a big deal of such things. Certainly there's the inevitability of what passes for pissing contests amongst the kiddy-raping elite, but perhaps there's also a Big Lie function to it? Since there is no argument to support such an absurd proposition (ie. chosen by God) there is only one technique to squelch doubts brought about by objections, and that is: restate the claims bigger and louder. Oh, and kill whomever made the objections, ha ha. Anyway biggest equals best and loudest equals 'most true'.

Apart from the great antiquity, we shouldn't forget that America is just the wrong part of the world. With the absolute tippety-top part of our pyramidal death cult comprising a series of families who allege themselves descendants of Abraham, the New World was never going to get a guernsey. Meanwhile back in the Old World, let's not argue over Egypt, Babylon, Judea, whatever - let's just say that the Middle East (otherwise self-servingly known as the 'cradle of civilization') was always going to be 'it'.

Back to the pyramids now. Or more specifically back to the look of them. American pyramids are visually cluttered. They're busily stepped with an extra wee building on top. Clearly they're examples of 'form follows function'. Even a know-nothing could figure the function out - climb the steps and um... nice view, lovely spot for lunch don't you think? Egyptian pyramids on the other hand are a cypher. What is the function of their form? If there's no access in or out is there any function at all? Confusion reigns.

And there you have it. The function of the Egyptian pyramid is to inspire bafflement. These 'edifices' weren't built for anyone's 'edification', if you can dig it. They were made so that a single self-obsessed individual could remain as touch-me-not in death as he was in life.

May we place all this under the topic heading 'sneakiness? In Egyptian pyramids all the action is hidden. In American ones, none of it is. In fact for a majority of American pyramids the interior is merely earth with a stone facing - they have no hidden interior chambers. What you see is what you get. Egyptian pyramids on the other hand go beyond the facade and actually take 'hidden' one step further - half of their hidden passages and chambers are false ones. Truly they're the perfect symbol for the death cult - the truth is absent, all is hidden, and half of that is false as well.

And all of it a monument to hubristic self-regard. Perfect.


There's more to pyramids than that of course. There's also pyramids as metaphors, as in 'a pyramidal structure' - which is to say, a paramount leader at the top, under him or her: 2IC's, 3IC's, and so on and so forth all the way down to the lumpen masses.

Curiously enough, the death cult's beloved Egyptian pyramids do not function in this fashion at all. There is no chamber at the top. The pyramid as such is merely a dead end tomb - nothing goes on within it. Furthermore, the only chamber that isn't bullshit is in the centre of the pyramid: a place that in the metaphor is possessed of no great significance. But since pyramids are, above and beyond all else, all about misrepresentation this should come as no surprise.

Hmm... time for a brief detour into 'tension and compression'. Apologies to those completely familiar with the subject but since the next bit of this piece pivots on this concept I think I should lay it out. In construction, all materials function as one or the other - tension or compression (or both, as is the case with steel, which is why it's such an amazing material). Stone on the other hand is all compression. You can pile tons of weight on it and it will not fold up or flop about. Its opposite, tension, is best exemplified in rope or cable. You can hang things from them and they will not snap in a brittle fashion. Sure enough, there are no tow-cables made of stone, and there are no pillars made of rope.

Never mind the idiot non-examples, the classic construction operating under tension principles would have to be the suspension bridge. And (the topic at last) the classic example of compression construction is the pyramid. An Egyptian pyramid doesn't have a single tensile member in it. Nada. It's just a pile of rocks, one on top of the other, and each holding up those above it. And what with being unable to topple over, pyramids make Stonehenge look flimsy.

What does this have to do with pyramids as metaphors? Our metaphoric pyramid functions as a command structure - everything comes from the top down. But let's not forget that the actual pyramids were for no other purpose than to protect privilege and wealth: and so it is with metaphoric pyramidal structures. Power equals wealth and privilege, and all flows upwards.

'All flows upwards'. It does? What a strange thing to say. How does anything 'flow' upwards? It can't obviously - nothing flows upwards. Things only flow down. Or 'trickle down', if you prefer, ha ha ha. Hmm... what's going on here? Trickle down is a con and we all know it. Here we are in the greatest transfer of wealth in history and there is no trickle down. The wealth only 'rises'. I ask the otherwise foolish question - by what means does this take place in a compression structure? If we are the stones in a pyramid how is our wealth pulled upwards? Stones giving blood is one thing, having the blood defy the law of gravity is another.

Unless there's something wrong with the metaphor? This may sound stupid but are we stones or aren't we? This is an ancient Egyptian pyramid yes? Surely in the metaphor we are held in place because of gravity acting upon us and upon our neighbours, each of which, by way of friction, prevents us from going sideways. At the risk of stating the complete bloody obvious, humans aren't stones. We are bipedal mammals - We've got two legs from our hips to the ground, and, when we move them they walk around (thank you Terry Jones). Or to put it another way: we are capable of going many places not least of which is 'away'. Okay, so if our death cult pyramid is so hateful, why don't we?

It's true that we are to some extent possessed of a compression-like gravity-influenced inertia and this will hold us in place. But really isn't this immediate discussion one of bondage? What's bondage about, if it isn't ropes, fetters, and chains? And these are the very definition of articles of tension, surely. Okay so how does that square with a pyramid entirely free of tension members? It doesn't obviously. And besides, what logic is there to pyramid built with chains? The whole idea is silly: it wouldn't stand up for starters.

But! It's only silly if we believe that the death cult's pyramid is what they say it is. And more fools we, since we know that the death cult lie like they breathe and that the Egyptian pyramid was only ever about misrepresentation anyway. Why not take that obvious step and reject the death cult's symbolic use of the pyramid, as a complete sham? To hell with their pyramid reaching to the heavens with its eye of Horus seeing all of creation. A pyramid made of chains with wealth and power trickling to the pointy end cannot exist as the death cult declares. It can only work in a fashion that, as sure as night follows day, they'd have to misrepresent.

Do you get it? A pyramid of chains with all wealth flowing to the pointy end cannot stand 'up'. It cannot reach to the heavens. Hell, it doesn't even get to see daylight. The death cult's pyramid is in truth an inverted pyramid. It hangs down into an abyss. The pointy end is not the top but the bottom. Does trickle-down make sense now? Which is all very well, but what is trickling down exactly?


Just a moment. That's weird - are we in yin/yang, light/dark, good/evil territory here? Is it possible we can lay this on the continuum? That would be nice because it's been ages since it scored a mention. (It's at the top of the page by the way). So! What if a pyramid is neither good nor bad without selfishness/selflessness making it so? A selfless pyramid might reach Olympian heights with whomever has shed the most, and thus disencumbered themselves for the climb, arriving at a point where they can see all manner of distant marvels, the whole of creation laid out before them. Tell me that that doesn't make sense. Those at the top who've shed desire and are uninterested in sucking blood give no one below any cause to leave, with gravity no great oppression.

And then there's the death cult. Their pyramid is made of chains and hangs down. It reaches not to heaven but to hell. The eye of Horus is in truth the arsehole (no seriously, it is). Their view from the arse-end of their upside-down pyramid is horribly limited. Looking up, all they can see is people's nether regions - their world a shit-stained skyscape of puckered pink wrinkly bits. Perverse anti-sexuality is all that they see and all that they know. Not forgetting the 'trickle-down' constantly obscuring their vision. The trickle-down is of course, shit and piss and blood and tears. Or it's wealth. Whatever... it's all good to the death cult. They'll take whatever's going. Not forgetting satanists' predilection for human waste products...

Besides which, wealth is also subject to its own duality and may absolutely function as shit. Whilst the death cult's symbols and metaphors are lies to fool those of us not in it, what they don't understand is how they've fooled themselves first and foremost. The shit wealth that flows down and accumulates with the Rothschilds and their very good friends doesn't so much free them of the chains that everyone else is forced to wear, rather it stands in for them. Every drop of this golden shit equals a drop of fear. Drop upon drop calcifying into an ever thicker armour. And God knows they'll need it since the more they have the more there is to fear.

Gee whiz, that's the death cult for you isn't it? An eyeless pallid waxy corpse entombed in an upside-down pyramid of shit-encrusted chains, the pitch black mistaken for daylight, the fetid stink for perfume, the screams for cheers - everything turned arse-about, a Potemkin world for the self. The only certainty is change is met with a snort of derision, a flash of anger, a twinkling of fear. Their dead eyes rove their arse-about world and they rejoice in their own hype about the pyramids of elsewhere - built of stone, lasting forever, so reassuring...


nobody said...

Hi Boys and Girls, I just popped in to say I've turned comment moderation off for the weekend. You can all go nuts. I'll be back on Monday.

Library is closing, have to go.

ciao ciao


A. Peasant said...

i second the motion that there's another structure on top of this symbolic idea, a selfless pyramid. perhaps part of the deception gets into hiding the actual shape of the symbolic thing they perceive, that the pyramid is only half of it, in addition to being the bottom half. maybe it's really a diamond. not that i am endorsing their symbolism games, only noting that as with numerology, they pay attention to such things, and they do a lot of misdirecting. so if it is really a diamond shape that they think represents humanity, and they try to control that shape by having their schematic pyramid drawn on paper money with the top half buried underground, which as you point out nobs, is upside down. and all that's required of us is to see that, and the spell is broken.

slozo said...

To me, the symbolism of the pyramid - the stone pyramid, as you say - was fairly obvious.

It absolutely represents humanity, and we ARE all stones, the top stone/stones being our controllers and masters.

You brought up an important point in your write-up, and that is, there is no glue. No mortar to hold the stones together, no mud, no clay . . . and there never was. Curious, no? Just like us, the stones are technically free, except for that humongous weight holding us in place . . . get it? It really is just that holding us all in place, and so it goes all the way until the very top, to the only real free person there is (although that is clearly a rationalisation, but it's their symbol, not mine).

And so the symbol is not only of the power structure itself, but representative of how powerless the bottom feeders are when held in place by the enormous weight of . . . the rest of us. And we, in turn, are held in place by the ones above us, and the top stone/person.

About the angle of the pyramid on the dollar bill - it doesn't match the slope of the Egyptian pyramids either, btw. I remember reading somewhere a long time ago about the significance of the angle of the pyramid on the dollar bill, and for the angle of the Egyptian pyramids as well, but cannot recall now.

Hei Hu Quan said...

Brilliant Nobody. concise, cogent, apropo and straight to the heart of the matter. Yes, we are considered and socially engineered to be the rock bottom caste, forever acquiescing and infinitely servile. The ever-producing host for a vile, organised band of parasites whose entire system is fashioned to keep us straight in our place upon a gerbil wheel, en-massed at the bottom supporting an empire of hell. We who are bred and indoctrinated to be cowards with our self-imposed 'masters', yet act as attack dogs in the service of their empire and rapacious imperialism. We who do not stand against affront, injury and plunder yet often and eagerly break our children to their future as servant, machined cog, traitor, violent enforcer or terminal victim. Misery loves company I guess, and why should my children be better off than I? If an enslaved, existence built on misery, smothered dreams, and being eternally pimped is good enough for me, then it's good enough for my progeny. Thus the life of the ultra-patheticon who dies the death not worth a feather off of a chicken's backside. Versus the man or woman that acts in a manner most conducive to the preservation and survival of themselves and loved ones. It's truly just that simple, meant as a equitable dialogue between slaves for I am as much as any. The difference is that I find it an abominated existence and fight for a life of freedom. I won't accept liberty for liberty is freedom on a tether with a master still grasping at the end. The trick of the language, the game of law and the words of deceivers.

Here's the ultimate secret however, and one that they do not ever wished revealed, and that is that if the bottom is removed the entire structure collapses. If you remove the legs from a table, you do not have a structure left to support anything. Compliance is the only thing that keeps it all in place, that and the self-patrolling gatekeepers within that they've PSYOPed us all to become; as a safety feature to keep us from delivering a justice most terrible to them.

An inverted pyramid is in reality a funnel draining every available and commodified resource to the lowest nether. Nothing flows upwards except the prayers of the emiserated, hoping for a super-Jesus, alien or anything but themselves to deliver them. The truth is no help will arrive because God despises cowards and those quite content to shit their pants, cry, demand and await service. This is not coming from any point of religion either, merely to point out that perhaps the destiny of humanity is to learn this. One horrific abomination upon another is felt, read and delivered daily with nary so much as an outraged peep. Tell me why would any benevolent omnipotent force allow this to occur unfettered, unless it's a lesson to learn. A lesson repeated ad nauseam until it's logical self-destructive conclusion. What I deliver is not a call for mindless violence but for progressive, collective strategies of survival that challenge and terminate the rule of evil.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. what a fantastic f@#king yarn - you are hot right now matey, hot as!



james said...

La Pyramide Inversée

Franz said...

The Absolute Truth:

The official story of the Egyptian Pyramids is a lie. Perpetrated by the Greeks to keep Free Power out of the hands of normal people.

Nikola Tesla tried to break through the three thousand year bullpoop barrier and was bankrupted, driven mad and then probably killed for his effort.

The Egyptian pyramids are entrained with the others, especially the Chinese and the Greek pyramids, but NOT, oddly, with the Ethiopian pyramids (Which are the actual models for the pictures on the US dollar bills.)

The original Egyptian ones, though, show clearly the actual function of the squared-circle spiral of nature, which is how humans can and will reclaim their destiny and overthrow the global despotism you so rightly equate with MURDOCH and his ilk.

(I have been lucky in my mis-spent life of industrial sootiness: There are experimental pyramids in Michigan, which I helped work on, and in Russia, which I didn't but I intend to go and visit. The Russians are not slackers, lad! They are the first modern pyramid experimenters to crack the meaning of the Ethiopian pyramids. Bold move, that!)

aferrismoon said...

In the middle of writing about the Pyramid as our imposed symbolic architecture, closely followed by its rectangular, structurally 2nd place, tower syndrome and accompanying hollowed out brick houses


The integrating , no up or down Geodesic Dome,
with which weight is shared

No up or down exists in Universe, though we get tricked into it and therefore the bumbling higher-archy socual system

Pyramids copy mountains where acc. to some cults , God Lives

Also note the total lack of living space in those Gypo pyramids , room for a dead guy. Our most celebrated architecture =
Egypt - Mausoleum
Americas - Sacrificial altars
The glass one at the Louvre , the entrance to a Museum [ Place of artefacts, funerary items, decontextualised, made dead]

I'M the King of the castle


kikz said...

very astute apea:)

now.. extend that idea from 2D to 3D.... from the seen to the unseen.

the up - represents half; one pole of the 2D representation of a 3D structure.

for more on this.. y'all will have to invest some time... nassim haramein has much to say.. now.. i appreciate his unified field theory, and his metrics on sacred geometry...

but i hold reservation on his ideas related to crop circles, ET and the like..

but if one is interested as to what the half of the 2D representation, actually represents in 3D...

i suggest you watch nassim's presentation.. for a short course that may inspire you to watch the earlier stuff..

youtube.. at video 9/45.. watch 10/45, then 11/45...of the 45 videos...

isotropic vector metrics...equilibrium, 3D.

the vids are about 11mis ea.

and remb.. nassim's first lang is not english, and he "gets sooo excited!" :)

9 of 45

10 & 11/45 are where the good stuff is but.... you kind of need 9/45 to halfassed understand what he talkin about.. depends on how much background you hav in geometry...

kikz said...

oh and p.s. that jpg of the monster... frm pan's labyrinth..
man o.. that was one spooky movie.. on so many levels....tribe still has nightmares about the monster... we saw it last summer i think...

kikz said...

p.p.s. very nice post noby..
and hei hu quan.. very nice reply...

i keep coming back to one thing..

breaking the spell of self imposed ignorance (no matter where external imposition and reinforcement arise from) ... we find freedom. :)

Franz said...

Just a PS, incredible synchronicity from, the Great Gnostic John Lamb Lash asks:

"Every time I hear about the extraordinary, near-supernatural abilities of the globalist mafia, mind control techniques, reptilian bloodlines with shapeshifting powers, and all the rest of the NWO fear-mongering, I wonder: If this evil magic is so strong, isn't its counterpart also strong?

I ask: Where is the countermagic to the evil spell of globalist scheming?"

True John! So consider:

* Pyramids, worlwide, are an ancient power system that "experts" ONLY LIE ABOUT.

* At the same time, at least from Isaac Newton in our age, have STUDIED INTENTLY...

* ... AND, when someone gets close to the answer (Tesla) a trap-door opens and they fall in... (Hitler, well before the war, had a special team studying the Great Pyramid of Giza, BTW.)

* And all the pyramids outside the Nile Valley are retrofitted. The Aztec Pyramid of the Moon's steps and decorations are built over a very much older structure that had no steps or decorations. And no human sacrifice, obviously.

* All the "key" location pyramids are built on a plot of 13.5 acres. Egypt's Great Pyramid, the Aztec Pyramid of the Moon, and even Monk's Mound (dirt pyramid) in Illinois are all equivalent at their base.

* The Great Pyramid's cover story was exposed as a lie when it was first broken into: There's no body in the tomb, so it's not a tomb. There's no crypt, no place for a corpse even if someone wanted to be laid to rest in the GP.

But if Pyramids are WEAPONS, as Joe Farrell argues, and if they were the Countermagic to global slavery... the lies told about them make PERFECT SENSE!

nobody said...

Man, it's cool around here isn't it? I love it when my nebulous incomplete thoughts get fleshed out into something more substantial. AP - a diamond. Sure. I'm not sure if that's significant but visually it's the obvious thought.

And thanks James for La Pyramide Inversee. In spite of Dan Brown and all that I'd actually forgotten about that. Um, right up until I typed 'upside down pyramid' into google images, ha ha. And there it was. And sure enough, you can see it photoshopped into 'Hell' Bruegel's painting.

Speaking of 'sure enough', IM Pei (the architect) says it's merely a visual affair without any occultic meaning. And he could be telling the truth you know. I remember at the time thinking it looked cool. And it does look cool. Who knew that there was a death cult with a sick bent for symbolism? Not me. And maybe not IM Pei either? It's not impossible.

Otherwise thanks boys and girls - lots of interesting thoughts and ideas. I grooved on all of it. And Tesla eh? I've got that Tesla stuff sitting on my desktop but I haven't read it yet. Sorry John. But I've got a good excuse! I've been reading Tezuka Osamu's Buddha. He's the guy responsible for Astro Boy and Kimba the White Lion amongst other things. And he did Buddha's life story as a Manga comic. It's fantastic. And what with having just seen Kon Ichikawa's The Burmese Harp my head has really been spinning lately.

And off I spin now! Thanks all.

Anonymous said...

Egyptian pyramids are landing platforms for alien space ships.
Daniel Jackson

Penny said...


The Egyptian pyramids are entrained with the others, especially the Chinese and the Greek pyramids, but NOT, oddly, with the Ethiopian pyramids (Which are the actual models for the pictures on the US dollar bills.)

Found this little video interesting

It would seem the pyramid on the money is not egyptian.

Still thinking about this post, but, thought this was good.

A. Peasant said...

thank you kikz, i will check those videos out. and frank reminded me of this other thing i found some time back, when i was noting the incredible hostility between thailand and cambodia re: the preah vihear temple which is a pile of old rocks in teh middle of nowhere, except it's on this great circle line. the pyramids too. it's location location location. turns out a bunch of these monuments line up on a big circle that spans the globe and makes a sine wave too. mm hmm. and other shapes, including a pentagram. so i deduce that geopolitics may have something to do with controlling these locations for some nefarious magical purposes.

i wrote about it here:

nobody said...

Aaargh! Are we in impossible riddle territory?

Why did the illuminati choose Ethiopian pyramids for the dollar bill? Why did the Romans choose it for Rome? The Gizan pyramids were famous and Meroe was nightmarishly difficult to get to. Besides which most of those Ethiopian pyramids have an unattractive entrance portico thingy.

Unless of course the illuminati don't give a tinker's cuss about Egypt or Ethiopia and based their pyramid on the Roman copy. But why would they do that? And is it worth giving a shit about? Not forgetting of course that were they to tell us, all we'd hear were lies...

As for that 'Great Circle' I'm never quite sure what to make of such things. Let's not get started on how many significant world monuments aren't on it. Nor on how New Guinea (the entire length of which runs along it) has no monuments of any description at all.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. and don't forget the Bosnian and Serbian pyramids! They are huge, so huge in fact that they were succssfully passed off as natural mountains for a long time. Follow these links for a whole lot of Pyramids throughout the world - there is definately something about these structures that we are not being educated about ANYMORE!


Cool Huh?



kikz said...

did we add the chin pyramids into this also?

wish i'd of tagged nassism's presentation better... watched them sometime last yr...

also, bruce lipton goes into some of the geometry... didn't tag this stuff in any of his presentations either... so i'd have to figure out which series and watch all again and pick the info out... silly, lazy me.

apea, these 3D points you wrote about -on the globe would seem to have bearing on all of this..

nassim has noted that most major sites aptop them, on the crust & fall btwn both tropic zones.. cancer, capricorn.. also noted that sunspots generally fall in opposite pairs front/back along the same tropic/girth area on the surface of the sun. interesting eh?
all of which nassim postulates that for nature to create stable spheres the geometry at least energy wise must conform to the interior geometry of a poly-tetrahedron..(can't remb the damn term) it's not dodecahedronal - but one of the 'hedro' structures.... a 3D 'seal of solomon' which btw, is much older than the 'heeb'.

anyway.. one portion of nassim's presentation shows the kabbalah's tree of life.. how he finally folded and rotated that 2D to 3D to fit into the 'singularity point' where both poles, the expansion/contraction (the duality)of the universe meet.. the zero point.

bad explanation.. but i just got up... anyway, where 9/45 starts off, is w/some engineer's surface calculation of a certain mezo-american site wherein all of the major bldgs there form a 2D representation - of a portion of- that zero point.... apparently most do.

now if all of these things do lead to creation itself - i'd guess some civilizations had inklings of it, in varying degrees, and some didn't.
then, i wonder, how did they figure it all out?

i mean.. did the 'great white gods' the mezo's speak of.. impart this wisdom?

then,, who the hell were they? 'pre flood/pole shift' atlantian?
then how did they get it?

then what's the point of it all? the clues? i have to guess..
it's the big perennial 'self sort' thing again... if you can figure out your origins, and geometrical make up of creation - you get to ... what? evolve? return to the creator? end the 'quarantine' and join the rest of the galaxy? then figure out just in time, that the vogon are really going to raze the planet to make room for an intergalactic freeway?... well... grab a towel... apparently douglas had it wrong...the answer isn't 42... it's 64.

oh and... keep thinking in 3D.. especially inre the sine waves..
nassim again...
3D- it's a corkscrew - which absolutely (nassim's presentation somewhere) shows a scalar micro/mcro 'video' metric of the effect - from our very DNA to the movements of the stars and their solar systems thru space...

and then what?....well, i guess, put the towel on the ground, lie down and enjoy the show :)

A. Peasant said...

well nobs, everything can't be on the great circle that would be too obvious, love. hahaha!

kikz said...

pen mentioned the chin.. *check*

and frank
"The original Egyptian ones, though, show clearly the actual function of the squared-circle spiral of nature, which is how humans can and will reclaim their destiny"

i think we're on it :)

and now.. an interlude brought to us by.... allan parsons project

i have a few tunes off pyromania on my channel.. in the 70's playlist, near the end
enjoy... sorry i can't figure out how to do a live link :) i'm inept that way :P)

idiot savant said...

Hello Mr. Nope,

I have to chime in with people recommending Nassim Haramein, and that there was never any corpse found in any pyramid anywhere. HOWEVER. There is no dating worth the name available for the GP pyramids. Even extreme alt-egyptologists like John Anthony West admit that it could be older than those 12,000 years, adding one precession cycle and landing at 36,000 years ago. Hard to tell without organic material.

Now the core issue, which is the core of the GP, the sarcophagus. They took the lid, but the granite thingy just doesn't fit past the entrances, so it stayed. Did you know that the reported (outer) dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant EXACTLY fit the inner dimensions of the sarcophagus (a misnomer)? Yep, and Moses (initiated by the pharaoh) took it with him. He basically stole the power source of the GP, and for that, again, watch Nassim Haramein. Do it in full, there's no waste and he's hilarious, too.

As to the current location of the Ark, please read the awesome findings of Gary Vey, an ancient language expert who translated recently excavated mural inscriptions in Yemen. It will blow your skullcap.

And as a final thought: there is no conceivable way that humans built the GP. IMHO, the Illumiphiles took over when the Annunaki took off from zis planet. Notice that not ONE mural, drawing or other in all of (human) Egyptian culture depicts them, or claims to have built them.

idiot savant

nobody said...

Okay, well now I'm weirded out. Firstly - a rude raspberry for anyone who disputed anything I wrote on the front page. And secondly - three cheers for anyone who disputed anything I wrote on the front page.

Really? There were no corpses in any pyramids? And there's no heiroglyphs depicting their construction? And nobody knows their true age? Whack the diddle-oh!

Thanks for those links boys and girls. I'm off to check them out.

kikz said...

oh and to possibly finally truly wig ya out noby..

the end postulation of all this geometry...

scalar black holes.
molecular to galaxy eating
micro to macro

and another nod to douglas and his restaurant at the end of the universe..

which according to nassim is how we view our universe of scalar black holes....

*drum roll*

from the event horizon.

p.s. i did find so funny the postulation that the heebs buggered off w/pharaoh's power supply... classic >:)

Franz said...

Thank you for that link, Penny. I tried to do that yesterday but this page just kept not loading. Probably it was me.

And... I hate to mangle a line from the late Heath L., but...


The Great Pyramid of Gizi lines up w. Sirius & galactic center at around December 30 every year & will for another 50 years or so. So forget the Mayan 2012, it's a diversion. If we do not recapture our ancient heritage in another generation and a half... the bad guys win.

I Canadian backyard astronomer I know reports the instruments go crazy around that time. Sirius might be our sun's binary. WHATEVER it is, it's built into the Great Pyramids schematic.

The GP was retrofitted by Khufu, not build by him. They can carbon date mortar, and the mortar at the TOP of the GP is older than the mortar at the base.

EITHER the pyramid was built from thin air down, OR Khufu just fixed some damage.

aferrismoon said...

Ta for the Monash tip.
Re: Aangirfans occasionally dips into the early days of Turkish Rep. The Young Turks had some jewish members and wanted an end to the monarchy.
The end of the Russian monarchy, the Austro-Hungarian empire and the setting up of basically a NWO of banking elites with the pretence of nationhood[ essentially 'fronts' for dividing and ruling]
etc etc

I see theres a village Kfar Monash in Israel ,named after him


slozo said...

That Nassim Haramein is an amazing reccomendation, thanks to . . . kikz, I think. Awesome stuff, and very very thought provoking.

If he is a plant to make us believe in the alien visitation to come, he is a damn excellent plant. At any rate, he put me in a spin and made me question a lot of long held opinions . . . sigh.

Why is life so complicated?

Penny said...

Coming home tonight I thought about this post of yours nobody.

I thought about all the great comments.

And then, like the lightbulb went on!

I thought OMG the interview I put up with John Taylor Gatto, opens up with'another brick in the wall"
Because, this interview is how we become that brick in the wall.
Or in this case the block or stone in the pyramid.
All held in place by the control exerted on us through all the forces. Those on the top, and those all around us.

Not physical forces.

Because we are not bound to the wall except by our own perceptions.

What if the eye at the top is our third eye? Not the eye of our oppressor.
Our eye opened to enlightenment? Seeing clearly?
Broken free of our perceptions, our own bondage?

Maybe we need to look at things differently to create a new reality?

RamblinMan said...

Interesting read from George Ure's UrbanSurvival
site ( March 3, 2010 ).

"Hidden Secrets of the Ankh and the Pyramid?

This story came to me in the early 90's personally from a very well placed silicon Valley chip designer whom I worked closely with for years (including building chips and systems for spacecraft), whom is not prone to pranks whatsoever. And this is most probably just part of a much larger, still hush hush story.

A dear old friend of mine who was and remains quite esteemed in the high tech world for over 40 years, was informed by a trusted friend of his, about rather secret experiments that were performed at Stanford research Institute for the military in the late 80’s, to identify if there were in fact any such thing as ODM’s, so-called "Operator Dependent Machines". This was on the heels so the east-west psychotronics arms race begun in the late 70's. They wanted to know if any machines actually changed how they instrumentally and measurably worked (in objectively measurable terms) based on the presence of human consciousness (hands free and in a controlled setting). This was very hush hush stuff.

They apparently discovered that three things had this fundamental ODM special property in spades. One was the La Warr camera invented by George De La Warr. The other two were the Pyramid and the Ankh! What they discovered literally blew their minds. They found that even without conscious operators present, that the Pyramid and the Ankh were doing something quite odd. When an operator consciousness was nearby in proximity, the effect was further enhanced.

Placing tiny highly-match tuned high-frequency crystal oscillators inside and around different spatial locations of the classic 52 degree angle Cheops like pyramid, when it possessed a copper sheathing, that physical "time", as measured by tuned crystal oscillator relative detected induced differentials, actually slowed down inside the pyramid and equally and oppositely sped up above the pyramid. Then they carefully mapped it. The result?

The pyramid creates a natural temporal dipole - a vertical figure eight shape with its nexus at the point of the pyramid. Turned out time is more "dense" or relatively and locally running "faster" above the capstone and less dense or slower below the capstone – and the height of this effect was centered in what is known as the Kings Chamber. Then they discovered that this temporal dilation or acceleration effect increased when the pyramid was oriented along the north south direction, and finally also noticed that even then the degree of temporal dipole effect changed cyclically with the day cycle, and over the seasons. They decided to try to isolate the effect by means of a secret Shuttle mission, where they placed a pyramid array satellite out in space, which they oriented and fixed closer to galactic than solar or planetary motion relative spatial positioning, and they found that one particular orientation of the Pyramid with crystal oscillator detectors array produced more temporal dipole effect than any other directional orientation they tried."

nobody said...

May I candidly admit that I bit off more than I could chew with this piece? I just took the pyramids at death cult face value, turned that on its head and went from there. Obviously there's a very great deal to the pyramids and I barely know anything about it.

Still! It was worth doing I think. I've learnt a great deal. Just knowing that there's more to a thing than meets the eye is worthwhile on its own. Otherwise I was chuffed to see that that Nassim cove ended up with two pyramids jammed together making our aforementioned diamond shape (a la AP's suggestion). MInd you, it was no good until he jammed them together to make a (gulp!) six pointed star thingy.

I actually saw the pyramids as a kid you know. I remember it being very hot and the tunnel underneath was covered in graffiti and smelled of urine. Nothing magical happened unless you count the urine smell. Mind you, I was ten so what the hell would I know?

Further to that I spent a week in Xian in China and didn't know there was a pyramid there. Bummer. Oh, if anyone goes to China, don't miss Xian. It's fantastic. The terracotta warriors is a complete mindfuck. And the food is to die for.

And Ferris, ta for that. And speaking of which, have you been keeping up over at AP'S Twelth Bough? This is precisely the ballpark.

And folks, if you ain't reading AP, you're missing out. Lately she's been unmissable. And doing a spookily good tag-team effort with Aangirfan I notice. Otherwise apropos Ferris's point - the word for today is Sabbatean. Go read.

A. Peasant said...

oh, ha, here i am merrily reading along and laughing about the pee in the pyramids and the food in china... and oh noes you sending them my way for edification. haha, i guess i better get back to work. well thank you very much mr. nobs (seriously!). and yes if anyone has anything to share re: sabbateans i do believe that is the unholy grail of conspiracy blogging pursuits so please do leave a link and comment somewhere at my place, many many thanks!

kikz said...

and i think was idiot savant.. who told me about nassim to begin w/.... :)

the 'purple shirt' presentation is a bit rough in many places.. there is a later, presentation......much more polished, w/better visual aids...and less verbal ambling about.... i've watched both sets... what i was waiting to see/hear about.. was the TORUS.. i'd read about it elsewhere and wondered if he'd mention it... yup, he did. :)

what gets me is he's autodidactic:) self taught.

noby, just wait til you see the scalar sine wave metric of the solar system in motion... that blew my mind for sure...

i love his unified field theory... what i can understand of it..

but like i said.. for now....
i w/hold judgment on the ET& pyramid postulations as just that...

oh and sidebar.. as he was in cancun in the early 80's.. i was too.. i think i met him...

out back of the 'crystal' hotel along the mayan riveria.....ran across this longhair, who i knew was not a local from the accent... we were yapping about i was wearing my walkman :)
he asked me if i liked
'deffs leoparrrrrrd'?...*heavy accent* deffs.. i almost giggled:)

no.. not my type of music..
i was into duran duran/robert plant in those days....i think i asked him if he'd heard of andreas vollenwieder the only 'world' musician i could think of at the time.

he didn't give me any background...and i didn't ask...trying to be cool, i guess.......
so, i naturally thought 'lounge lizard'looking for dumb gringa...and gave him the brush off....i was there w/my daddy,to do chichen itza....and romantic interludes w/swarthy types was definitely not on the agenda...

i'd bet money it was nassim.. :)

anyway, it is odd that those dimensions of the 'sarchophagus area' match the dimentions given basically everywhere for the 'ark'.

also.. you might want to read up on crichton miller's work on the 'dickson relics' found in the king's shaft..

that tie in is quite interesting also... as miller thinks - ultimately, the objects were an egyptian version of a 'working celtic cross' which can be used both for; terrestrial timekeeping by the stars, pyraimd architectural engineering and celestial/astronomical plotting.. having to do w/precession.

access to miller's site has been spotty for the last yr., other times i've recommended.. and it's just not there.. apparently now it is.. there is at the bottom of that page, a live index.. you can skip around to various subjects..
enjoy..:) i especially liked the 666 info on drako :) it makes so much more sense inre, than anything else i've ever read...on it.

p.s. that's right pen, all things occult - can be taken at least 3 ways and usually have 3 meanings :)
the good, the bad, and the just plain weird :)

kikz said...

aferris.. i think just recently read, something do w/that effort..

a memorial to the bolshevic 'red army'.. is being installed/dedicated in israel.. apropos no?

kikz said...

ooopz, sorry.... queen's shaft.. not king's...

slozo said...

BTW, I've seen that pyramid by Xi'an, nobody. Wasn't that memorable. Have yet to see the great pyramids of Egypt, but it's on the list.

nobody said...

Kikz Eeeeewwwww! Too much information! Duran Duran? I could almost see your white ankle boots and your Flock-of-Seagulls hairstyle. I'm off for a bit of calming meditation... oh and thanks for those links.

Otherwise, sorry folks, there's no new piece until next week. I keep getting sent back to google to search some other bloody detail. Not having the internet at your house can be really tedious.

And Slozo you've been to Xian? It's great isn't it? I was with a bud from Beijing who was actually from there so I got the most brilliant tour. The Forest of Stone, the Wild Goose Tower, the Muslim quarter - very intense memories...

kikz said...

Oh, if anyone goes to China, don't miss Xian. It's fantastic. The terracotta warriors ...

y, they are a mindblower! each face is unique, so i understand.

i have some modern korean funerary pottery done in the unified silla style, by -who i think i've traced to - one of their modern masters (natl treature designation)
lui? liu? /yu..... i'd bought them for a pittance some 20+yrs ago, at yardsale when i lived in NC, i could tell they were asian, but the seller thought they were vietnamese... my research sez.. s. korean, little did i know b4, that they also have huge funerary complexes, especially for such a small country. here's some of the guy's work... i love asian art...

here's his mark

loosely translated = willow
the best i could research...柳

nobody said...

PS Speaking of the Celtic cross, the coverage was a bit blink-and-you-miss-it, but the Celtic cross was banned in Germany as a, wait for it... 'hate symbol'.

Hmm... and the swastika is banned as well.

Here's a thought too far - What if the Ku Klux Klan was created for no other reason than to force the eradication of the Celtic cross? Likewise the Nazis were founded solely to discredit the swastika? Imagine that!

Or let's not, it's too silly.


nobody said...

PPS Whilst I'm boosting blogs of mates, it's worth popping over to Pen's right now. She wrote a thing about Augustus Owsley Stanley III of Laurel Canyon fame a while back and the guy actually popped in and had a spray! Cool! That never happens here.

And I half suspect it's actually him too...

james said...

Hey, Nobby, I came across something really funny and I was thinking 'who can I share this golden moment with?'
And seeing how you introduced 'Sabbatean" as the word for today (ok,yesterday), you are (and the other worthies here) it, mate.
On researching the above subject I came across this pearl - enjoy -

As a rule, mekubbalim (people who actively study and practice kabbalah) are skeptical of men like Scholem, who studied kabbalah as a university discipline and not from a personal conviction of its truth. One mekubbal, Rabbi Abraham Chen, declared on one occasion before a seminar of Scholem's students: "A scholar of mysticism is like an accountant: He may know where all the treasure is, but he is not free to use it." A precisely opposite view on the value of kabbalah was taken by the late Professor Saul Lieberman, the great Talmud scholar of the Jewish Theological Seminary. In an introduction to a lecture Scholem delivered at the seminary, Lieberman said that several years earlier, some students asked to have a course here in which they could study kabbalistic texts. He had told them that it was not possible, but if they wished they could have a course on the history of kabbalah. For at a university, Lieberman said, "it is forbidden to have a course in nonsense. But the history of nonsense, that is scholarship."

Boom, boom!

It was like finding an ice-cream in the Sahara, iykwim

kikz said...

color me jealous!... giza is on my 'life list'.. i'd love to take the kids.. hell, maybe they'll take me someday :)

ermmmmm.... no flock of seagulls hair... and no white gogo boots...

rio, save a prayer, notorious, hungry like the wolf, and a few others.. were quite good tunes..and still are...even got em in my 'tuber' 80's playlist :)

i distinctly remb, the day we did chichen itza, long hot day, 2hr bus ride thru mostly scrub brush nothing........big walk about on that site....
after the precarious climb, turning on my walkman.. 'save a prayer' then plant's 'big log'..while looking out over far as they eye could see in the slanting late afternoon sun... and wondering what other secrets lay in the countless un-dug mounds dotting the landscape around me. i still wish i'd of done archeology at univ and done a dig there...

that trip is one of the hi-lights of my life, thus far.

daddy had years b4 done the 'itza', and took me back to see it :) he also did, plaenque, tulum and tikal.. he was really into it :)
and ..a few yrs later, it was cool to be able to shout, while watching the movie (in theatre) 'Against All Odds'.. HEY I'VE BEEN THERE! and THERE! and also yelling BULLSHIT!, as there was no way jeff bridges and rachel ward both could've dragged alex karras' huge, dead body frm the nunnery to the cenote... that's well over a mile....or more... :)

i was more a sweaty g.i.jane- laura croft on a bad day-tomb-raider-esque figure....w/my 82airborne boonie hat, fanny pak, patagonia shorts, fugly trainers, and 'snake stick'....than a member of 'a flock of bimbos'....

homegirrrrrl- knows not to do the jungle w/o a snake stick.. down there.. shit.. ya could be molested by any number/manner of, howler monkey, feral pig, various poisonous snakes, and those hatefu-assed brown iguana.... one of, i had... an almost intimate encounter w/off the side of the 'observatory' .. while takin a pee.

wUrd.... never lean your snake stick beyond arms length, while dropping 'trow' in the bush....
unless you like 'nervous conversations w/large surly lizards'.

oh, and just read ystrdy, extensive plumbing/fountain have been discovered at palenque. :)
wonders wonders....

well now.. being frm that part/time of the wUrld... as a kid...i don't ever remb seein one of the sheethead rednecks sportin a celtic cross... only thing i've ever seen em use/tote.. is a roman (RC) cross.. there was just no bloody jesus hangin on it...

it is odd, how hitler ended up w/a perverted vedic symbol as his calling card..

funny how those who can't be 'originally creative' pervert things......

your supposition isn't that far off the beam noby... we all know distraction/chicanery are well utilized ploys.

and no, under my radar - that germany had banned the celtic a hate symbol.. hmmmmm.
i wonder if they went so far as to issue travel warnings for GB... so many there, ya can't help but literally trip over 'em.... :)?

p.s. how kewl for penn:)!

p.p.s. glad you enjoyed nassim, sloso..:) he tickles me.. "oh my god, i got sooooooo exicted!"

Penny said...

Yeah, I was pretty sure it was him also.Augustus Owsley III

So, I gave him an updated post, left him a message where he came to the blog, to come and have a chat.

I check the hit counter and he hasn't come back.

WE shall see.

I actually had the CSIS stooge Mubin Shaik drop in around Christmas time, to gloat, because he has a pea brain.....

This is either the second or third time he has shown up.

I didn't even mention it.
I don't want to stroke the ego of an idiot!

But watch out Nobody, he obviously searches his name. You may just get him.

So fyi, he is the fomenter of terror groups on behalf of Canadian intel and law enforcement, and he got lots of money, which he needs for his coke habit.

Often says 'peace be with you'

john said...

Blavatsky, Manly P Hall in The Secret Teachings of All Ages and many others have had plenty to say about the esoteric aspect of the Great Pyramid. Another name that might be of use is the work of Schwaller de Lubicz and his book The Temple In Man which is his study of the Temple in Luxor. Here is an extract from The Zelator (Mark Hedsel/David Ovason) which although I have shortened might be of interest.

The only glyph on the outside of the pyramid was that on the portal of the double arch, cut into the 17th course of the exterior of the pyramid. This hieroglyph is the horizon line (Akhet).

It marks the point where the pyramid and the human candidate for initiation become one. The door marks the point between the outer world of Egypt and the inner world of initiation.

This sacred point marks the double way of vertical space and horizontal space - the Way Up and the Way Down, the Way Out and the Way In. It marks a cross in space and time. This extension in space is reflected within the pyramid itself, for the the passageway into the pyramid leads

From the bottom of this passageway, it was once possible to see the ancient polar star, Thuban. The candidate walks with the marked star symbolically shining down the passageway, on his back. As he walks downwards, he is driven, as it were,
by the star - towards a chamber which has rightly been called the
Chamber of Ordeal. This chamber is below the foundation rock on
which the pyramid stands.

'Spatially, this Ordeal Chamber is exactly below the Chamber of the
Open Tomb,...the ancient hieroglyphic for the Place of the Horizon, which eventually
turned into the modern sigil for Libra, is that which separates the infernal from the celestial.

The position of the glyph indicates that Mankind
- even that small part of Mankind that seeks initiation - may go no higher than the second death of the Open Tomb. It also implies that all humans must, at some time or another, descend into the Well of Ordeal. The esoteric Christian Mysteries, which had Christ resurrected and then descending into Hell, constitute a parable on this ancient Mystery lore.

'You see, the pyramids are places of fission. They are designed to allow the higher to separate from the lower.'

In the following exposition, our Master told us a great deal about the secret initiation chambers and methods of the ancient Egyptians. He showed us why the actual place of initiation lay between the Chamber of Ordeal and that of the Open Tomb. He told us how the methods of initiation involved the priests engrafting pictures on to the detached Spiritual bodies of the initiates. The wisdom in these pictures would become part of their own being, when the Spiritual bodies were once
again united to their physical bodies. From this we learned that the pictures on the walls of the tombs, like the physical movements required by the passages and chambers of the pyramids, became pictures in the souls of those who sought initiation.

Anonymous said...


After my little sojourn and a week at least of self imposed Total Media Deprivation, I come back and found you have put up a stunner over Madeline. I don’t know much about pyramids with or without attitude but even though the occasion has somewhat passed I will make a few brief comments on the former.

Firstly to Mr N; the peodophocracy is one of your two expressed most important subjects, and it hasn’t gone away anytime recently so just because you have put an article up sometime in the past doesn’t mean that you can’t deal with a different aspect of the subject on another occasion. Just to keep it on the boil as it were. It is a bit like seeing a Rothschild in the street and only throwing one tomato.

I don’t want to launch into Madeline here except to say that the top echelons of most European police forces know the score and which side they are supposed to protect, so in that respect it was completely cynical of Scotland Yard to recently issue computer generated photos of how she would probably look now, just in case anyone happens to see her in the street you understand.

Sympathies Su that is the way the game works. It could have been worse; you could have been standing outside Marks and Sparks with Robert Green.

One thing has always puzzled me about the paedo network. We are told that tens of thousands of children go missing every year; they do seem to get through an awful lot but why is it that only one or two every few years get into the headlines. Mr N said that the Madeline story ran for weeks in Oz but why do not any of the others get a mention?

I believed there were only four serious writers who would go anywhere near this subject – Dave McGowan; Mr Nobody; Joel van der Rijden and the young ladies of Angerfan but things are changing. UK Column (Brian Gerrish) is making a lot of fuss about the Scottish aspect and he is not on the going away list:

The Angiolini article is a good place to start.

Rense has recently picked up the British aspect, reporting in depth on Operation Ore claiming Blair was protecting paedophile Gordon Brown. Mandy; Lord Robertson; Jack Straw and even Thomas Hamilton of the Dunblane massacre were involved. Oh, and Cherry was doing a little bit of Magik on the side too. It is claimed or at least implied that Bush blackmailed Blair with blowing his government out of the water if he didn’t toe the Iraq / Afghanistan line. Now more pieces are fitting into the puzzle. How many squadies lost their lives because sleazy Gordon likes playing with little girls and boys?

Looks like folks are starting to hack away at the bottom layer of the pyramid.

nobody said...

Hey Kikz - Big Log! I use to love that song. And Rachel Ward, ha ha. Otherwise when I was seven and telling people what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was 'archeologist'. But madly, I imagined that all the good things had been found already and so what was the point?

Hmm... imagine how different my life would have been if somebody had given me a clip round the ear and told me not to be such an idiot. Then I could have been somebody. Oh wait, they did clip me round the ear - frequently as I recall. In that case, imagine if they hadn't done that...

Hey FB, as for European police chasing the paedophocracy, you remind me of Quantum of Solace which was on the telly the other night. Right at the beginning just after they've dragged that fellow out of the boot and are interrogating him, he laughs and says how worried they've been about MI5 and yet MI5 doesn't even know they exist. Ha! What excellent comedy! MI5 is the paedophocracy/illuminati and 'M' has always been its keenest promoter (sure enough...)

And ta John, James, and Pen. And James speaking of having a laugh, I've been in amongst things Sabbatean lately and had a similar laugh over at some Barry Chamlish thing at Rense (via Aangirfan or Twelth Bough) where he was screaming about the wickedness of the Sabbateans. It was so perfect I'm going to see if I can make something of it for Monday. Ciao Ciao

james said...

Here's a pic of a little shrine to Diana and Dodi complete with little pyramid which has its regulation capstone and there is even what looks like a . . . can it be. . .yes, a TORUS. And an egg timer. Must represent "The Sands of Time" or maybe "The Sands of Eggypt".
Oh, the link
It is from an Aangirfan post

kikz said...

geez there's been so much on this post, i've hadta go back and reread the comments..

@ramblin... interesting stuff.. sorry i didn't comment b4....

good ta cya john* hope y'all are diggin outta the snow over your way? spring has sorta sprung here, but i'm awaiting the annual texASS 'show its ass final freeze after everything starts blooming'..... then hava tornado w/in 72hrs of the freeze... sigh-eyeroll.

been too long since i've reread manly p's tome, or HPB's Isis... guess i now hav my wknd reading list in order ;)..thanks for the other names :)


oh and... speakin of thingz zionist...and sabbatean...

since i missed wishin 'we goy' a happy purim.. i'll take care of passover now too..


nobody said...

Thanks for that photo James. I usually save Aangirfan to desktop and read it at home. The only problem with this is that sometimes the pix don't stick and I don't get to see them. And that was one of them.

Small point - I don't think that that's a capstone. I'm pretty sure it's an internal reflection of the top of the hourglass off the pyramid's back wall. I'm guessing the pyramid is clear glass or plastic all the way to the top.

Still! That's not to say it's not creepy, 'cos it is. And are those two candles masonic twin pillars? Or is that just an accident? And is it just me or are the pyramid proportions Nubian rather than Egyptian?

Ha! Listen to me, I'm a bloody pyramid expert now!

back tomorrow with a new thing. ciao ciao.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody, ows ya diary goin'? Jeez, you have created a monster with this one, how about that pic from James - crazy mannnn fuck'n crazy - I have an AVI of a former Mi5 agent that states that the Brit Gov did Di - truth be known I'd have done Di, however, that pic, rocks - truly.
This pyramid thing is a real goldmine: Note to self; if need hits and comments - Pyramid yarn!
what a bottla! Can't wait for your next piece, waiting with abated breath,..

No pressure though

yours all ways,


kikz said...

ah... noby..

did you edit the end of my post inre purim and passover :)? or are there elves at work?

if so, you should've taken out the rest and negated the entire thought...

john said...

Cheers Kikz.

Spring is slow here but we're getting there thanks.

David Ovasons' other work on Nostradamus and also his Secret Zodiacs of Washington DC (now renamed to catch a Dan Brown wave but don't let this put you off) are well worth a read. They have been around for a while so can be found second hand.

nobody said...

Bit of a rush... sorry Kikz, is a bit missing is it? I swear it wasn't me mate. I actually had something similar over at Les' once. I got half a comment published.

Gotta go, late for dinner.

kikz said...

must be elves...

it followed
"since i missed wishin 'we goy' a happy purim.. i'll take care of passover now too..

and was a middle finger bird flip, and hearty fuku to both..

and never let it be said that i'm not an equal opportunity offender when it comes to matters of revealed religion..
wanna bite of my chocolate jesus?

i mean.. cum on.. when hav you ever known me to observe heeb holidaZe????

alright elves.. gonna let this one thru?