Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have a dream...

I have a dream... it's a dream about me and it's a dream about the world. It's a very beautiful dream.

In my dream I'm in my own personal airbus as it flies over Haiti. I'm fucking a young girl who was rescued/plucked/
kidnapped from Port-au-Prince just an hour earlier. I'm fucking her in the arse. And I'm strangling her. I'm strangling her and I'm fucking her, and because I know what's coming, it's great - just like how it used to be however many years ago. And as I feel my climax approaching I reach over and push the button on my own personal HAARP remote control. Even above the white noise of the jet I can hear a roar like a thousand atom bombs as Haiti is destroyed in an earthquake that I made merely by extending my god-like finger. And like music to my ears Haiti's death rattle becomes the girl's death rattle and in the perfection of that moment my god-like cock ejaculates into the arsehole of her lifeless corpse.

Okay, it's not really my dream. It's actually my dream of a dream, the dream of the god-king of the death cult - it's the absolute most, sacrificed for the absolute least: a nation destroyed, hundreds of thousands dead, millions left homeless and starving, and all of them enslaved to a future of untold suffering and misery and all for the briefest most evanescent moment imaginable, to wit - me having an orgasm.

No squeamishness now! That right there was a perfect death cult moment - a somewhat unlikely and fantastical moment but also not so very far from the truth of the whole thing neither. Best I can make out, in amongst the satanist / talmudist sub-tier under the Rothschilds everything seems to pivot on precisely those Crowley-esque fixations: arseholes and anal sex; death and sacrifice, and all of them maxed out with the involvement of children.

And you shake your head and say it's idiotic and none of it makes any sense? Of course it doesn't! The first thing that must be sacrificed when one worships the self is the truth, with simple common sense the first to go. Thus the orgasm, Darwin's divinely considered incentive to reproduce becomes a masturbatory moment best expended in the waste tract of a member of the same sex, or failing that, of a dead girl too young to reproduce anyway. Admittedly if we were to start condemning people for frivolous placement of bodily fluids there'd be no end to it and we'd all be in the dock. But it's a long way from a tissue in the bin, to the death cult's hell-bent fixation with depositing their jism in the ghastliest and most pointless places imaginable. These perverse fuckers view it as a thing worth killing over. I swear to God.


This blog here is small potatoes in terms of spook attention, but were some lower tier servants of the death cult to be reading this, I expect they'd sneer and say to themselves (by way of reassurance that they're not bullshit) that Haiti was just business. Hell, it was business-plus what with everything being a two-fer minimum. And as if these things are done for spurious reasons, Pah! Haiti's non-spurious reasons? ...oil and resources, cheap labour, population-reduction, weapons testing, the inuring of the rest of the world to their own coming death and suffering - not forgetting that the road to the new world order can't be travelled in a single bounding leap and whilst Haiti might be a single tiny step, at least it's in the right direction.

But then again who gives a fuck what a slave thinks about his master's actions? Any spook reading at this blog can take it as read that he qualifies as the lowest of the low, a slave to be snuffed out for pretty much any reason whatsoever. Not even a colonelcy will save them. Just ask Albert Carone. He didn't even get a headstone. Regardless, he'd have defended the machine that killed him. Like I said, in any cult that pivots on the worship of the self, the first thing to go is the truth. And the first person on the receiving end of the liar's lies is the liar himself.

But never mind all that - back to the main point. And what is that exactly? Am I saying that Haiti was destroyed because of sex? Well, not in so many words but... um... sure, why not?


I know we're meant to be happy with the usual reasons of oil, cheap labour, etc. since the concept of riches appeal to us and we personally spend a great deal of time pursuing them ourselves. And our death cult PTB wouldn't have it any other way. God forbid we lead lives of idleness like they do. The Hamptons overrun! By riff-raff in Bruno Maglis! And all of them waving their money and demanding a table at Nobu! Good God, the very thought of it...

Certainly the logic behind us being kept poor is very obvious, but the logic behind the rich getting richer is much less so. For instance, Niall Ferguson in his abysmal Rothschild arse-suck documentary series The Ascent of Money tells us that the Rothschilds have 41 chateaux. They even had them painted as a numbered mural just in case they forgot any of them. With forty one it wouldn't be difficult. And that's just chateaux, you understand, never mind cottages, apartments, or any other pieds-a-terre. Okay, so they're an extreme example, but even well shy of them, once you're filthy rich every dollar you possess comes with less and less utility (or value, if you prefer). Eventually it just becomes silly. What with becoming poor being an impossibility and with everything that can be bought being comfortably available you'd think that after a certain point that they'd cease bothering with their perverse pursuit of plunder.

Or are there things, in the pursuit of which, the filthy rich find themselves constantly stymied? Think Angers, as in Angers, France. (thanks Aangirfan, thanks AP). In that particular case, whilst the paedophile aristocracy all managed to dance between the rain drops (no surprises there), an entire network / clan of victim-breeding satanists was almost entirely rolled up. Plummy voice - "Admittedly they were all horrid, malodorous, parvenu oiks but they were such useful oiks. A chap could just get on the phone and have a child delivered - it was all so convenient. And now it's gone! Now what's a fellow to do? Curse the Gods and shake his fist at the rotten injustice of it all. Honestly."

But Angers is just a drop in the bucket. Everything we know about the Paedophocracy comes from busts. The Casa Pia orphanage ring in Portugal - busted. The Franklin/ Boys Town ring in the States - busted. The Presidio/West Point childcare ring in the US military - busted. Kincora in Belfast, Haut de la Garenne in Jersey, Islington in London, the merest tip of Aangirfan's iceberg and all busted, and all scratched from the paedophile circuit. Somehow you'd have to imagine that in terms of simple supply and demand these busts must have an effect.

Supply is one thing and demand is another. Perhaps the demand just falls away? Perhaps the Kidd-diBuggerers (it's pronounced dee-BOO-zheray, actually) just go back to having regular sex with consenting adults? It's not impossible. There's nothing to physically stop them. Ha! There's nothing to physically stop cats and dogs getting it on either, but somehow I just don't think it's going to happen.

Mind you, as a Buddhist (admittedly of my own creation) I feel duty bound to always offer the possibility of redemption - the thought must be entertained. And even here redemption is possible but only as that variety of hell-on-earth deprogramming that Pu'yi copped in Bertolucci's The Last Emperor. However I'll happily admit it's not a very likely prospect, or to put it another way, snowballs in hell ain't in it.

The paedophiles of the paedophocracy are do-or-die, literally. Were they to truthfully answer one of those bullshit scientology 'survey' questions, What's the most important thing in the world? Truthfully? Their answer would be 'raping children'. I say this in all seriousness. In fact, what with the ultimate unlikelihood of such a thought being expressed, and the role played by such people in world affairs, I wonder if it might not be the truest thing in the world.

And so! Haiti. We can argue the nature of know-for-sure in terms Haiti and HAARP manufactured earthquakes until the cows come home but the fact remains that the death cult has exactly declared an interest in manufacturing such things, have carried out tests for precisely that purpose, and otherwise wouldn't bat an eyelid if the opportunity presented. But hell, since we're here and this is my place, I'm going to call it. Besides which, between the US as vicious opportunist taking murderous advantage of a natural disaster and the US as vicious instigator pretending to get lucky, there's barely daylight between the two. Fine, we declare a tie. Whatever...

And hello! Who are these fundies running around Haiti rounding up non-orphans and attempting to traffic them out of the country? Knowing what I know of the paedophocracy I view the prospect of them being an out and out pack of satanist paedophiles as likely as any other thing. Hell more so. Does anyone remember Zoe's Ark in Chad three short years ago? They were a children's charity founded by 4WD enthusiasts, like that makes any sense. They were jailed after being sprung with dozens of starving orphans who were neither orphans, nor starving. The media demanded that we sympathise with the dreadfulness of their plight (white people in an African jail - the horror, the horror) in spite of the fact that they'd collected children by driving up beside them in the 4WD and offering them candy if they climbed in. Fucking hell, does it get any more obvious than that? Or is that just me? It's certainly not Nicolas Sarkozy since he stepped in and personally freed them all. No surprises there. Otherwise, what do we think - Carla Bruni, mind-control zombie? Sure why not?

Between Zoe's Ark in Chad and the fundies in Haiti clearly they're both amateur hour. But the presence of amateurs doesn't mean the absence of professionals. Hell, Haiti is crawling with them: the US military, the CIA, Blackwater/XE, UN peacekeepers, and not forgetting sundry Israelis (maybe in tennis gear, maybe not), and all with a hardcore history of child-trafficking. These fuckers know what their masters truly desire. A consumable commodity that when viewed from the angle of Darwin's beyond-fundamental drive (albeit a perverse distortion of it) leaves everything else in the dust - oil, gold, drugs, weapons, you-name-it. None of these can compare to children as fodder for paedophiles. The ultimate must-have addictive product.

The hunger that cannot die possessed by the people who have everything they could ever need or want. Vampires with only a single thirst, never to be quenched. War? Earthquakes? The sound of laughter - they click their fingers and they do it because it suits them. A fig for the economic abstractions, the primal urge has them beat. The neurons fire - MUST FUCK - a throbbing boner for Madeleine, that pixie brunette, some nappy-headed jigaboo, it doesn't fucking matter. It's James Ellroy with all the women replaced by kids. It's Blood Meridian with the Judge installed in the Pentagon. It's Deer Hunter via Sesame Street with Tarantino directing a Nabokov script.

The lifeless, haggard fuckers rule and nothing can touch them. Their merest wish is our command. The world is whatever they say it is. A wave of the hand. A click of the fingers. An earthquake for an orgasm.


su said...

Fuck it Nobody.

As you are aware I have been on several forums for almost three years regarding Madeleine.
An eternity ago you said be careful her parents are not guilty it is the paedophocracy.

And I was convinced I knew better.
I had been spending hours on these forums with some brilliant posters each splicing over the events and concluding lies, lies and more lies.

And we stripped the parents bare, they killed their child of that there was no doubt. And there was an intelligent army of us believing it.

A few days ago a fellow poster was posting about child abuse and Operation Ore and she got banned.
Banned for fcuks sake.
And then I posed a different question - I asked whether there was a possibility she had been sold to a high powered elite pedophile network.
Some fucking pervert abusing the most famous child in the world - again and again - imagine what a thrill that would be.
But I did not say that I just said it was a possibility that she did not die in the apartment as alleged by the cop and then posted a link to the aangirfan thread on Haiti.

For the first time ever they deleted the link - declaring it offensive and without validity.

When I went to log in this morning I found my account had been deactivated.

I have come to the conclusion that these places that are meant to be finding out the truth of what happened to this child are manned and controlled and indeed manipulated by a small handful of people - who find what aangirfan says is too close to the truth.

Feeling shattered I once again realise I am living in a world where this kind of horror by the elite is protected beyond measure.

Please may the particle collider end this mess big time - once and for all - let there be no survivors.
Especially not the chateau owners.

gallier2 said...

Good that you mention the "Arche de Zoé" caper in Chad and the personal involvement of Sarkösy, because there were rumours (in fact more than that) of the implication of a pharmaceutical company "Biotech Santé" whose vide-president is the little brother of our dear midgety president(Nabot-léon for the intimate). This company alledgetly financed the Breteau and the other useful idiots to collect children in Africa for drug tests in France, Canada and the US. The media of course ridiculed and downplayed that interpretation of the event, which is a good indicator that it hit not far away from the truth.
Here a link with a good abstract of that story (maybe a google translation will not mangle it to badly)

Anonymous said...


I hadn’t noticed it before but now you come to mention it, from the air or the map you put up at least, Haiti does look like a giant dick hanging over some prostate being. Well that is it then, they obviously deserved it.

But even if they deserved it, did they bring it on themselves? It seems that Uncle Sam had designs on making Haiti their Taiwan and with the promise of new prosperity persuaded the peasants to abandon their pastoral life to find new wealth in the capital. Then, for whatever reason, the money men found something new to pique their interest and left Haiti without agriculture and nowhere to work in the Promised Land. People who had sunshine blown up their ass hung around waiting for a sunny day and never returned to the fields, turning the capital into the shanty town it became. If, as suggested Uncle Sam gave them a double whammy, first an economic earthquake and then a Haarp induced one, then all I can say is I am pleased they were not the first off the starting blocks offering help (how two faced would that have been). That was left to Iceland, who after being screwed over by the bankers was only left with their dignity and their honour.

And Nobs, the reason they want more is so that we will have less, it is all relative. Imbalance brings power and power brings control, it is as simple as that. So in that sense, there is never enough but you knew that already.

Little Belgium received a bunch of those orphan tykes which is probably the last place on earth they should have turned up, I will try to find out what happened to them.

gallier2 said...

I think your conclusion is a little bit weak. Let me explain, I think that what you write might be right (and might makes right ;-) ) but it is perhaps not the only explanation. The paedo/necrophilia aspiration of the "Elites" can be an aspect of it, but it can also be the basis for blackmailing of lower echelons, for ritual sacrifices (with all the nuts who believe in God it would not be surprizing that people believe really in Satan), for nurturing new MK-Ultra drones, as test objects for pharma, as living organ reservoirs for when the next artery is clogged from all that cocain (Clinton, Cheney), etc..

In fact all the ideas above revolve around the same fuckers

Penny said...

wow, that was a weird, disturbing and yet interestingly constructed post!

I am sort of unsure where to begin, sort of speechless..

From where I sit...far away from this shit in Haiti, both pyshically and spiritually...
cause this is evil, and evil is not my frame of mind.

Haiti serves a myriad of exploitation purposes.

I am not of the mind that it is exclusively about human trafficking, though that certainly is a factor...

Everything is always multi-faceted.

The one common thread that weaves through this all is everything is done to benefit a small elite segment of the world's population.

From trafficking, to minerals, to oil, to pristine vacations spots and no bid contracts.

You got your elite group at the top, that benefits, way beyond anyone else.
They benefit from top to bottom.

And everyone else is the servant, sure their are varying degrees of servitude, but, servitude is servitude, regardless of the pecking order.

They suck life breath, blood and sweat from every living being, in one form or another.

Pure evil

Magdelena said...

OMG Nobody, that was a mind fuck.

I really don't know what to say to your use of imagery, I guess I'm kindof prudish as I was somewhat taken aback. That said, you've certainly nailed the type of people we are all up against - they couldn't give a fuck about anyone and there is nothing left but perversion for them to even 'feel' something.

Egads man, I think you went over the top. Eloquantly, as always.

Oh, and I appreciate the inclusion of my cat, Buffy in your chosen pics. (It helped me through reading the entire piece, as I laughed when I saw it...)

You know, the whole Haiti chiled abduction thing has fallen off of our mainstream radar... gee I wonder why?

coletteonice said...

oooh yea!bring out your are on fire today spilling forth from the fiery pulpit...a little channeling from the dog poet maybe...they will all burn in hell indeed!

Edo said...

Top post my man!
Although I did have a "what the fuck moment?"

idiot savant said...

What a perfect hit in the bull's eye Mista Njet. Bravo for not sparing any disturbing imagery to make your points.

This is what I want to point out. Your take on it being the ultimate addiction and high for those who have it all (actually, miss it all). Here is a historical bitsy. The original reason why blacks were shipped to the islands (later, elsewhere) was to do the horrific process of getting sugar out of sugarcane (before there were beets as an alternative souce). The heat of stirring the syrupy mess basically killed other races of slaves, only blacks sort-of survived it. And the sugar high went to the Vatican, bishops, ignobility, you name it, for a price.

When it was put to them that they needed black slaves in the colonies to bring bach the new magic sweet, they did away with slavery bans and started again, this time for their sugar high. So much they wanted it.

Later, they found other uses, like cotton fields. But sugar supply for the few europopes & co sparked it (back) into existence.

idiot savant

RamblinMan said...

Please read this from the introduction of James
Shelby Downard's "Carnivals of Life and Death".
A book well worth the read. GAOTU is Grand
Architect of the Universe.

"The witchcraft of public policy is practiced for the purpose of influencing human destiny, and sex and death rituals are part of the GAOTU cult that
has employed “occult sciences”for ages. The plan is to bring all people together and make all as one—with the exception of the chosen elite, of
course. According to said Master Plan, the mythology of Revelations will be
followed like Tinker-Toy instructions: a time of tribulation will come first,
after which survivors will be made “one”via a post-tribulation “rapture”
spawned by the technical sorcery of having their brain pleasure centers titil-
lated magnetically so that all will cum together. Those who are thus epiphanized
will become nothing more than humanoid servomechanisms.

nobody said...

cool comments.

I've just popped in briefly before yoga, but quickly: Su - fascinating. I reckon what you did, intended or not, couldn't have been bettered as an experiment to see what's what. Very good. And! It's lit a fire under the arse of that bee in my bonnet. Hmm... might be time to stir up some trouble...

back later this arvo, ciao ciao.

james said...

That was hard to read, Nobby. You clearly understand the mindset and there's no real way to convey that to people without such descriptive writing.

It's the ultimate addiction; the ultimate power trip; torturous sex culminating in death. Always death. Apt name that, 'the death cult'.

All out of their tiny fucking minds.

nobody said...

That's weird... why did those last few comments go in ahead of mine? Anyway, who cares?

Thanks folks, I wasn't sure what the reaction would be to this one. And, um, yes, I can imagine it coming as a bit of a shock to some people but the subject is the subject and I didn't feel like softening it.

And Gallier - good point mate. It did finish weakly. Given the unlikelihood of the point I wanted to make it would have paid to wander less and be a bit more focused. But you know... those words popped into my head and I liked them and just had to go with them. And besides, there's always the comments to patch things up. Speaking of which...

Here's a thought - back when I was reading through Jeff Wells I'd always encounter the phrase 'sex magick'. It's a Crowley favourite. But what the hell does it mean? What is it? Apart from getting shagged up the arse upon obtaining the 33rd degree of masonry?

How about this? How about sex magick as regular sex taken to the nth degree and becoming the 'cure' (wrong word but never mind) for that variety of jaded ennui?

Has anyone seen Carnal Knowledge with Jack Nicholson and Candice Bergen? Remember the idiotic word-perfect specificity of the sexual fantasy that Nicholson had devolved into? Okay so that's a Hollywood movie, sure - in the real world I expect members of the paedophocracy would view Nicholson's character as a piker.

Perhaps sex magick isn't actually magical at all, or at least not beyond its ability to light a fire in the loins of those who, for whatever it was, might otherwise take it or leave it. Perhaps it's as simple as that. I have in mind that producer I wrote about a while back who couldn't manage a job to save his life but did have a spooky ability to get people laid. And he was the most successful producer I ever met, and I've met a few. He also scored clients drugs and could shmooze his way into all the nightclubs etc but I'm thinking that sex was his magic ingredient.

I know the statement it's all about sex is simplistic and obvious but what if it's true? Whilst I reckon Darwin would agree, could he say so publicly? Could anyone? Wouldn't we have to shoot it down on principal?

Hmm... I just remembered a line out of a BBC documentary I saw lately about Genghis Khan. In discussing the greatest thing in the world he failed to mention food, shelter, or clothing. According to him, the greatest thing was to avail oneself of the women of the conquered. In spite of these being his own words the rest of the documentary viewed his empire (bigger than Rome's, bigger than Alexander's) in every term except for that one - "It was about this, that, the other" they said. For Christ's sake! He just told you it was all about shagging!

Okay I admit, it wasn't all about shagging. But neither was it not about shagging neither. The shagging was definitely part of the picture and not a small one. Genghis said so.

And yeah, I get it that there's other aspects tying into it, the blackmail, humiliation etc but there's all sorts of blackmails and himiliations etc but none of them quite have the power of the sexual variety.

Perhaps sex magick isn't about the external at all. Perhaps it's all internal. Perhaps it's nothing more than that, um... 'clutch' one gets between the legs at the prospect of getting laid and the power/impetus/drive that comes with it.

I don't state this as a cold hard 100% certainty (and state 'what' precisely?) but there's some undiscussed thing going on and what with yours truly as devotee of Darwin I refuse to believe that sex is merely an afterthought.

Miraculix Augustus said...

You REALLY know how to put a reader with a strong visual imagination through the ringer Mr. N.

James is on point: in a zero sum game, to aggregate to oneself is to deny others the very power you pile ever-higher. Money being the primary tool in the modern world for wielding power, it's only natural that these monsters seek to control its creation at the source AND its flow through the systems of power and the institutional channels which mediate them and provide a public face for the atomization of evil behind their carefully branded visage.

Gallier's observation about the "inverse proportion rule" on display in the media is also PURE wisdom: it is a demonstrable certainty that whatever is trumpeted is meant to distract and that which is poo-poo'd is being defamed. And that which is ignored? It is being diminished, and you can count in it being a proverbial bullseye.

To speak about a subject is to give it credence, to add weight to its existence via the supreme power of the word. The very stuff of creation, it is as powerful as the bodily fluids you discuss. The means by which that which is amorphous -- our ideas, benificent or beastly -- gains traction in the physical world. Which is why certain subjects are simply verboten. Full radio silence. The occasional bleep or bloop in the media is typically the dying gasp of an individual not yet in thrall or in the ground. One way or another, they will be silenced. Play the game and propser. Defy and die.

Which brings us to the "sex magick". Crowley and his ilk aren't just on about Masonic buggery. As with all things, the subject stretches over the complete pallete, from purest white to deepest black and the infinite shades between. What you describe here is rather obviously well off to the "dark side", using and abusing the light of a living soul. The more innocent the better, for the sake of the purity of the offering, which is what we are witnessing.

It is the final dark refuge of physical solace available to those who have become inured to wielding the power of life and death and have succumbed to the temptations of the metaphorical fiery pit, inured to what are to them mundane acts of PRO-creation. In embracing their power with both arms, they fall prey to the power of Shiva, magnifying their power not just to create but also to destroy. Lest we forget what has become a cliche, the "trial by fire", one must always be consumed by the flames before emerging transformed.

(end Part One - Part Two below)

Miraculix Augustus said...

Being a yoga practitioner who I'll wager is versed at least minimally in the lore and literature (Iyengar, et al.), I will also wager you're hip to the concepts of chakras, Tantra, pranayama, the harnessing of Kundalini energy and all that jazz. Cutting straight to the chase -- primarily for those with less exposure to such ideas -- these terms describe the Oriental theory and methodology behind what was termed "sex magick" by the Beast of Boleskine in his odd Occidental costumery.

Sex is not EVERYTHING, but like the power of the word, both spoken and written, it is the other primary means by which we are able to CREATE something out of whole cloth in the physical world we inhabit, harnessing no more than our physical body and our focused mind. The most powerful sexual organ is NOT down below, but rests squarely atop the shoulders.

What is known as "magick" involves utilizing this eternal connection AND taking quite seriously all the supposedly silly huff and puff about souls and energy and such like -- hitching the focused mind to the powerful processes at work within (and through) us with INTENT. Hence the term "intention craft". The alchemists converting dross into gold were primarily describing a very human process of self-empowerment, using the allegory of physical science to limit their audience to those who could grok the jargon.

It is why the power of the Big Lie is so gargantuan. Wed evil intent with beautifully crafted words and just look at what can be accomplished. All of the people some of the time. Some of the people all of the time. But all of the people all of the time?

All this said, I'm no master. Merely another supplicant doing his best not to stray off the precarious path and plummet into the myriad temptations of the abyss. No dark mirrors. No scrying. No pentagrams. But I DO take very seriously the power of creation, with word and deed. And my intention here is only to clarify -- shine a little light, if you will -- for those whose views are still muddied by the vast body of propaganda from the competing camps of darkness.

But keep in mind, to be illuminated is NOT necessarily to be Illuminati, sick power-tripping f**ks that they are. The power they harness and command demands a certain grudging respect, if only to survive and stay under their radar, but it is not the sort of respect one has for a friend or mentor. Quite the contrary. It is the respect that must replace fear if we are to escape the wet paper sack of their Hegelian games and see the world as it is in an infinite sumber of shades, rather than the portrayal on the cave wall cast in shadow black & white light...

# # #

aferrismoon said...

U mentioned Jack Nicholson [ Nick-Hole-Sun] who acted in Chinatown , a film about incest, directed by Roman Polanski. I believe Sarko backed him over the extradition and , as u write, helped the Zoe's Ark Abductioneers.

As for numbers Crowley gives this for the number 41 - The Yoni as vampire force, sterile.


Anonymous said...


I started out to find what happened to the Haiti children sent to Belgium but you guessed I wouldn’t get very far with this. I did however find an intriguing article about Roelie Post who was an official that worked for the European Commission who fought a one woman battle to protect Romanian children placed for international adoption against the big guns of the EU particularly France and Italy. These countries argued that children are no different to any other goods moved freely across EU countries borders. She was not intimidated by ongoing threats and her efforts largely won the day.

Why should a relatively small matter like adoption so strongly influence the thoughts and efforts of people charged with the affairs of state? Could the answer again be to follow the money?

Anonymous said...

For ME.......You have died and gone to heaven.

nobody said...

Hey folks, at a certain point I tend to get out of my depth, steer too close to the wind, and get speed wobbles. It could be the fault of the mixed metaphors but I'm not so sure...

And 'minimally' is the word, Mir.

Anyway I'm at that point now. What with having no personal knowledge or experience of any magic of any kind I feel a strong desire to reject the symbolism, the practice of it, and the philosophies attached to it all, in toto, if you can dig it. I just declare I want nothing to do with it. This on the basis that its most significant practitioners seem to be satanist paedophile motherfuckers.

But Mir, between yourself and Les Visible (and sundry others in between) I'm constantly reading assertions that, no, a lot of what I see is good and worthy and ought not to be condemned.

But how does a fellow tell the difference? How do I tell Theosophists from Fabian Socialists from Marxists? Alice Bailey was all three. Crowley is bad but Wicca is good. Aargh! And all these bloody symbols! Five pointed stars, six pointed stars, swastikas - it all seems to depend on who uses them. God spare me. To hell with symbols altogether. Why bother with them at all?

What if there were no symbols? Would the world end?

Otherwise I know I'm meant to study, study and find the true path etc. but how many well meaning people (I'm thinking Masonry here) pursue a path only to find that their superiors are all satanists and sodomites. Think of all those Rajneeshis after the collapse of that whole CIA-backed brouhaha. And where did I read about Tom Cruise's wigout on the discovering what scientology was all about really? They had to do a real number on him, whoo-ee.

I don't know, it just does my head in. It'd be nice to have some god come and explain it all to me. Meanwhile I'll stick with something a bit more tangible and intelligible next post.


And who died and went to heaven? Was it me? Is that good? Does it mean I don't have to cook dinner tonight? That'd be nice, I'd like that. I could always get takeaway, I guess...

Miraculix Augustus said...

Your general reticence with regard to the subject matter of "magick" is understood, Mr. N. Why risk the fall at all, right?

However, as you are surely aware, ignorance is bliss only so long as it remains in effect. If you're the inquisitive sort by nature, there's very little of that sort of bliss available in life. Not finger-pointing, just playing Captain Obvious and making the point that a thing doesn't disappear or exert less influence in your life simply because you choose to ignore it's presence in the middle of the room or out on the back porch.

A major part of what I'm angling at this and every other time I've posted similar thoughts to earlier threads here, is that you ARE practicing one of the most powerful forms of "magick" each and every time you post your thoughts. And "minimal" or not, your recognition and cultivation of the relationship between body & mind via yogic practice reveals a level of personal awareness that does not suggest "throwing the baby out with the bath water" is an effective course.

At once, your stated concerns about who you'll end up meeting should you engage such arcana are quite valid.

As for the "who", try rearranging those three letters slightly: "how". It is through actions -- and what results reveal about intent under the harsh light of hindsight -- that we are able to make informed judgments about the practitioners. Which is why in the Perception Wars the ability to appear to be one thing, while serving all sorts of other roles, marks the most valuable assets in the proverbial "battle for hearts & minds". We are left studying technique by way of spotting the minions. Which leads us directly to the biggest question: why?

The larger body of symbolism in question is not just a bunch of hokum cobbled together by Dark Lords for their nasty rituals. The symbols themselves emerge fundamentally from the world/universe surrounding us. They are ubiquitous. Mathematical icons that appear to demonstrate possible relationships and even perhaps reveal certain details about the workings of the existential soup in which we swim. They are tools in the toolbox. Lessons in a universal primer. Pieces of a larger construct we are left to puzzle over from day to day, seeking coherent explanations and coming up with answers like... 42.

To be quite honest, it all "does my head in" on a regular basis too; but without such expansion and contraction now and again, would I ever be able to stretch my head around new ideas?

(...end Part One -- Part Two below...)

Miraculix Augustus said...

To cache this in a way that will resonate, consider prime wanker George Lucas' Star Wars. On the one hand, you have Darth Vader, the personification of filmic bad guy, massive and black and all about aggregating power and wielding it so as to bend reality to his will. On the other, you have Obi-Wan Kenobi, living out his waning years in a cave on a desert planet, a sci-fi hermit who knows and has seen far too much and simply needs to get away from the injustice of it all. That and the running for his life part.

Yet each of these powerful individuals also serves a master. Vader answers to the Emperor, a personification of the Rothschild will to power, a decaying Lizard who "foresees" everything but still can't spot redemption steaming toward him like a freight train. Kenobi's role is that of mentor, guiding the junior Skywalker in the hopes that he will find his balance. And who is Obi-Wan serving? No one. He is serving greater causes. Wisdom. Self-determination.

The how and why are crucial: you are a bastion against those who inflict their will to power upon the rest. He does not advocate ignoring the source of the power. Rather, he speaks of understanding one's relationship to it and cultivating balance and respect. Sounds pretty yogic.

Now shift the analogy to the world we inhabit, and apply it judiciously: how many hermits do you expect to find running around making a spectacle of themselves shouting into a bullhorn on cue for the camera? How many Dark Lords practice yoga and pseudo-Buddhist habits, or choose the desert cave over the minions and the entourage?

Ultimately, there is no certainty -- no KNOWING -- only the reading of feelings and instincts, and if you must, tea leaves. The building (that is, earning) of fragile trust takes time, and rather ironically, anyone who overtly demands your trust for any reason is probably not to be trusted. In fact, anyone making demands is acting from a place of power. That so much good intent on the part of so many individuals is steered into so many bad channels is a reflection of the systems of power they serve and which surround and subsume their very souls.

Institutional influences and the not-so-covert transformation they exert over the power of the individual are one of the best demonstrations of how the zero-sum civilization game is actually managed from behind the scenes. But how does one unpack this kind of knowledge and transform it into any sort of functional wisdom? More importantly, how does one gain any understanding of the toolbox without becoming just another monster, just another Dark Lord circumscribing their own impermanent kingdom in meatspace?

(...end Part Two -- Conclusion below)

Miraculix Augustus said...

The only firm answer I can offer is "very carefully". As you may have gathered from the last post and my earlier bits, I possess primarily a strategic interest. In my own experience, which has been limited by my own reticence I must admit, I have come to realize that the material success which has eluded me to this point has much to do with my own Obi-Wan nature.

If I was to embrace the dark aspects of the esoteric concepts I'm dancing around here, wielding my creative abilities to questionable ends, the material "success" awaits. Of this I have no doubt after seven years of up-close observation in LA.

That I have chosen not to pursue this course marks me in the eyes of all who remain subservient to the various institutions and systems. Family and relatives. Former friends and colleagues. I am Heretic. Misfit. Non-conformist. All of which are true. From their "faith in the system" perspective, my choice to disengage from the systems of power as much as I can afford to seems utterly irrational.

And yet, here I sit pulling together the final stages of a new website to further my own ends, seeking a way to keep the roof over my head and the system off my back. Once again, re-engaging the system, but trying hard to do it on my own terms, focusing on truth in art and paying only as much heed to the inescapable commercial aspect of our commodified world as is required.

The choices, the opportunities to compromise -- to trade integrity for the promise of cold hard cash power -- will come soon enough if past experience is any indication. But wealth and fame don't hold the appeal they did when I was younger and more innocent.

Symbols on their own do not provide us with answers. They are better considered as formulas, providing a working means with which to gain understanding of fundamental relationships -- conceptual and physical -- and also as templates to help us focus our own energies for maximal effect.

Again speaking from experience, if the end you seek is genuinely noble, the results will reflect this. Unintended consequences come in two categories: what happen when the noble part is only a facade, a self-delusion, and what comes back from those who respond negatively to noble intentions.

In other words, the caveat "do what thou willst is the whole of the law" rings true in my experience. The difference between becoming Obi-Wan or a Dark Lord is measured by your intent. Craft any of your intentions around a practical application of any of the "deadly" sins and reap the whirlwind.

As for the Deist aspect of all this, I remain utterly undecided. It actually seems pretty pompous to consider our little plane of existence as the be-all-end-all, especially given the chemical revelations I've had over the years. And just who or what is this Great Architect anyway?

That there are paths toward understanding is clear. That the symbolism of sacred geometry and mathematical resonance can offer an arcane but functional guidance is equally clear. That there is power residing there to be unleashed is also a given, or else why would the Dark Lords revere it so? That wielding such power is a risky maneuver fraught with peril... also crystal.

However, when you get down to nuts and bolts, I can't claim to be in possession of any special gnosis. I can only say for certain that it's a strange role, serving as neither leader or follower.

# # #

kikz said...

interesting post noby...

well crafted reply mir.

just an fyi noby..crowley...and his crew
styled their order on a freemasonic heirarchical framework, and copied the silly regalia. but, they were by no means... recognized as a legitimate lodge by any of 'world masonry'. as to the german illumaniti and the italian P2, both began as 'regular appendant bodies' of the european council(?) they were both disowned - declared long ago as unrecognized and 'irregular' i.e. unlawful - by world freemasonry, especially in the US.

mir makes quite the statement in broaching the subject of intent.

on a karmic scale of justice, (if one 'believes' in such)
intent... self sorts.

as there can be no action w/o consequences - (i must assume) that intent is somehow paid in kind.

as for symbols.. they represent the entirety of conceptual and abstract 'higher' thought.

w/o symbols there would be no mathematics, no science, no art... no writing.. no blogging.

john said...

Whether magic is good or bad depends upon the intention of the practitioner. Is what you are doing selfish or selfless? I think the bad magic is more noticeable though it does depend on what the observer considers to be magic, as in not all of it is recognised for what it is.

Also I don't think you need to be a member of any organisation to practice magic of any sort, though I'll admit I am no expert on any of this.

As for spook attention, small potatoes it may be but we don't know how much we get. Having statcounter up and running and using a proxy server I hit my own blog and presto, no evidence that I'd been there.

nobody said...

Yay! Hats off to the calm and rational voices.

As for symbols, well of course... there'd be no communication going on here if we rejected symbols. And thinking about it; logic/logos/the word - there is no thought without the word, and the word is a symbol.

And Mir, I do like what you're saying there. Just like last week, where what I'd otherwise have called a 'what-was-that-all-about' moment was declared a victory, this week's head-scratch about magick qualifies as magick itself. Yay! Who knew it was so easy! Zap! Kapow! Cop my magick!

Sorry mate, I'm not taking the piss, I'm just um... 'tickled' if you know what I mean. I do get what you're on about. And whether we call it magick or some other thing, I think the best word for describing any effect it might have would be 'modest', ha ha.

Hullo John. No hit at all mate? Or did you see a hit and it just came up as 'proxie' or whatever? I see proxie hits all the time almost always from Reston, Virginia. Does everyone here get it that if you use a proxy server it's odds on it belongs to the CIA? Reston Virginia is precisely a spook town. It's not even a town really, it's just a suburb of Washington DC.

It's obvious if you think about it - people wish to do something surreptitiously and the CIA gives them the means to do so and then keeps track of their every move in the meantime. Actually I don't think they'd be too interested in people browsing sites like this. I'd bet money they're looking to catch amateur kiddy porn pervs.

Mind you, the metadata obtained from people travelling around the alternative sites would provide a very interesting picture of... what? awareness? ...the success/failure of the death cult's memes? Something like that. It would be interesting woudn't it?

kikz said...

so eloquent mir! :)
and right on too john!

well, i've got an early morn, art competition w/the twins.. hafta be across town @ 7:45 A... geez at least it's not a 30mi slog, like last time....

Miraculix Augustus said...

Modesty becomes you Mr. N, and your possession of such characteristics is a large part of why I bothered to nuke a solid hour crafting such a reply. At the risk of coming across a wee bit pedantic, despite my best efforts, I knew it would not fall on deaf ears. Sure enough -- Zap! Kapow! The magick continues... =)

John also helpfully filled the major crack I left unputtied. The selfish/selfless equation, your strongest foil when it comes to meta-analysis and a chief metric of intent. Thanks John.

There is no "winning" of hearts & minds. Such litanies are only top-down rationalizations for the near-ubiquitous systems of control steadily piling up around us. Each and every soul that finds their way out of the matrix does so under their own power, by their own choices. Where do such choices fall on the selfish/selfless spectrum?

Each individual is either willingly awash in their favorite flavors of mind control, or they recognize -- and most importantly, acknowledge -- their mental cage and begin seeking a way out. Many are the ideological honeypots designed to interrupt this journey. So long as the wizards of selflessness hold to their modest, unassuming ways, they are left to spin away the days in their isolated caves.

The danger they present to the status quo is in direct proportion to their visibility, and as "intelligence" resources are limited (as resources always are in the zero-sum Malthusian capitalist world), exile is considered an acceptable distance from the mainstream mindf**k -- and they are largely left alone. For now.

Unless they have followers. Which is why the state is working so damned hard to stitch together the fabric of the surveillance state into a cohesive whole as fast as they can -- because the population of cave dwellers is rising fast in these days of cognitive dissonance, social disintegration and increasing dissatisfaction.

Every time a hermit sticks their head out of the cave, the masters want to know. If a hermit takes a walk in the sun, the minions monitor. If they meet with others and spread heretical ideas, infiltration begins. If someone gets busy with those ideas -- POOF -- they are "terrorists". If they make the transition from word to deed, fire rains from the sky or the earth buckles beneath their feet.

So long as your backwater efforts here remain "modest" Mr. N, operating under the radar, we'll be left alone. For now. Every time you stick your head out of the cave, there'll be another Angry Noodle waiting to play the game.

I'm also quite certain Nobody is already on Somebody's list, knowing what I do about the workings of government and military operations. Tasked with overarching goals such as "serve" and "protect", their "honor" is linked to faithful service of the monstrous system and the atomized evil of the status quo. And what exactly are they protecting?

The very monsters whose acts and methodology we discuss here. While the souls of the willing are purchased with material success, the rest blindly serve as Vader's minions -- even as they and theirs are falsely led to believe they fight for the side of right and righteousness. That's some pretty powerful magick right there.

Generating and sustaining such a massive "Jedi mind trick", affecting millions upon millions of minds, is no small feat. In the end, the media successfully transmutes the pathological selfishness of the powerful few atop the pyramid into the horribly twisted, multi-flavored version of selflessness spoon-fed to the expendable many below.

The arsenal of deceit grows larger and more insidious by the day.

# # #

james said...

Where's the magic in my life? That's what I want to know! We know the elite are into power and evil and there is lots of evidence of them being into occultism as well. Occultism is about magic and magic is about power: having power over the world through the sole agency of thought; as creativity, bringing matter into being from nothing, manifesting; as transformation, lead into gold, alchemy; and as destruction, death, and goodness knows what else, at a distance.

We know that if these evil rulers that we are burdened with had that power at their disposal, they would use it. Anybody doubt that? But I don't see the evidence for any of it. What they do is invest in technology using the brains of other people; people not quite as evil as they, presumably, who have some creativity left.

Why go to all that trouble of setting up JFK in a killing field and spending all that money in doing it and covering it up afterwards when they could, you know, kill a couple of kiddies, mix their blood up with some batwings and toad droppings, focus the old evil eye on our boy Jack and presto . . . no more Jack . . and no more trouble.

Doesn't happen, though, does it?

End Part 1 See part 2 (hopefully following below!)

james said...

Part 2

The only thing we have power over with our thoughts is ourselves. And this can be powerful for good and evil. From what we make of ourselves with our thoughts comes our behaviour and with this behaviour we affect the physical world. Magicians believe falsely that they can eliminate this physical intermediary step (physical action) on our part. This is the realm of God. We are like God in that we have free will (the ability to choose) which gives us authority over ourselves. But not have power over other people because they also have free will and authority over themselves.

So if you believe we are made by God then it logically follows that we don't have power over others' thoughts because then we would have power over their beings, their consciousness rather than just their bodies as sometimes happens. If, on the other hand, you don't believe in God, then that doesn't change the fact of our having free will and that it can only operate in an environment free from interference from others. If there wasn't this freedom from thought control from others, then humanity would be be such a mess as to make this present catastrophe look like heaven.

There is mind control, of course, but that involves tricking the victim into thinking the torturer has control over their thoughts. It's not the reality. So we are constrained to physical agency, and a good thing, too, because we simply wouldn't exist by this stage.

That people who practice occult rituals and believe they gain power through doing so is not surprising. They come from a perspective of wanting power i.e. power over others or things not granted to us. We know that 'power corrupts' but usually don't know how. It causes delusion in the mind of the 'seeker' just as alcohol or any other addictive substance causes delusion. It distorts the person's perception of reality and their own importance or centrality (read narcissism) in it. There are many other parallels with addiction, too.

Many groups espouse pursuing power over yourself and this is an admirable thing. But I haven't come across any groups (as opposed to some individual teachers or authors) that don't extend it to power over others either in their preachments or by their example of organising themselves in an hierarchical order. Many groups also take a phenomena such as sex heighten the effect by some practice and then supply a wholly misleading narrative for it. Happens all the time and the deluded want to, need to believe it.

james said...

you are, no doubt, aware that Great Architect (GAOTU -Great Architect Of The Universe) is a Masonic term for their God. Walton Hannah in his book "Darkness Visible" in which he investigated Masonic influence and activities in the Church of England, concluded after evaluating all the documentation of Masonic rituals that this God, GAOTU was Satan. He is far from alone in that estimation, too.

Also, the expression “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” was written by Aleister Crowley and is the motto of the less than savoury quasi-masonic group, Ordo Templis Orientis. Their sacred literature is largely from Crowley's pen and includes details of and praise for human sacrifice specifically that of children.

After knowing that you won't be surprised to know that Crowley has been linked to MI6 and the OTO has been linked to the CIA. Once you pursue power over others, these are the sorts of travelling companions you can expect.

If one pursues practices to do with power over other people by any means or objects through thought alone, then it doesn't matter what ones intentions are because of the delusional and narcotic effects of power.

Just like any addictive substance, you lose the ability to perceive change within your mind or view point; you lose sight of where you came from and it's a gradual process a bit like the boiling frog phenomenon.

john said...

Cheers nobody

I tried this a couple of years ago and thought I got no hit evidence at all but tried it again yesterday with a random proxy and sure enough I got a hit from America, so you are quite right there.

As to the main article, nothing much would surprise me. Like Su I have had postings on forums vanish quite rapidly so I don't usually bother trying to post on most of them. I also gave up with mainstream newspaper comments sections as my comments never turn up.

One exception here seems to be The Independent which seems to allow all sorts of conspiraloonacy to be posted which is interesting as they completely ignored the climategate story as was pointed out in comments. I also had my comments turn up on aljazeera.

nobody said...

Very Good, thanks folks. Lots of good thoughts here. James, I groove on your JFK non-method of assassination. It's along the lines of the conclusion I arrived at after spending all that time over at Jeff Wells' rigint: If magick does exist it seems to be pretty pissweak, not actually useful for much beyond party tricks to dazzle the gullible, a la the Wizard of Oz.

Even in the satanist/mind-control trilogy of Brice Taylor, Kathleen Sullivan, and Cathy O'Brien, all of the magick they declared themselves capable of (telekenesis, far-seeing, etc) seemed penny-ante with little actual application. They'd tell us of demoing it but never tell us of its actual use in actual operations.

Perhaps it exists but in a perfectly unreliable/ uncontrollable fashion? And small time, so small time as to be virtually useless.

Time's up! Outta here. Ciao Ciao.

kikz said...

'Walton Hannah in his book "Darkness Visible" in which he investigated Masonic influence and activities in the Church of England, concluded after evaluating all the documentation of Masonic rituals that this God, GAOTU was Satan. He is far from alone in that estimation, too.....This is the realm of God. We are like God in that we have free will (the ability to choose) which gives us authority over ourselves. But not have power over other people because they also have free will and authority over themselves.

So if you believe we are made by God then it logically follows that we don't have power over others' thoughts '

ok, james you seem like a logical sort....

so if 'your' God is omnipotent/omniscient how could something such as a 'Satan' give him the slightest pause of concern, or war in heaven? God needing human backup to defeat satan? God not in control of all?

doesn't compute hon.....

unless....... you are the child of a lesser god? yaweh perhaps? he seems to have need of human backup....

and they call heathens silly.

i get so tired of being cheerleader for freemasonry.. but the silly shit peepz 'believe' i just hafta roll my eyes at... and not bite my tongue.....

i have no idea whom this hannah person is.. but as far as US scot rite freemasonry, according to uncle Albert - Pike.. freemasons do not believe in a satan..
this is admitted to in the later, higher degrees. i could dig it out, but why bother.. you can read Morals & Dogma yourself just like i have :)

you read the road apple commentary on freemasonry, why not go to the source and find out for yourself?

there is no evil incarnate.. except w/in the framework of operative freewill - in the hearts/minds of humanity... if there is evil in the world, it is the direct result of ill reasoned action by humanity.

satan/lucifer is simply a metaphor... for ill reasoned action and its consequence.

if there were no freewill, there would be no choice to choose consequences to suffer.. and no possibility to evolve....

sam said...

WOW, first time here. over from Visible's Petri Dish. thanks for that well written piece of shock-therapy. I'll be back

veritas6464 said...

Hey Nobody,.. I have not been 'held' by a tome for some time: very powerful stuff, very hard for a vivid imagination to stay tacking windward with, that tour de force: Very fucking good piece. I am exhausted, as you were when you finished; you didn't finish weakly you were just 'finished'. As for Majik, it is the in-precise application of annotated study of phenomena affected for the reason of annotated study. Yep, contemplating things for the sole purpose of satisfying curiosity. Ah, then there is the kind of study that has a particular purpose. This is where majik is the realm of the Maj-i, for those that don't know: Maj-i is where we get the term Magistrate from - yep - Magistrates in Courts of Law determine results by a process of dialectics. As a Templar with Official responsiblities I always consult the 'Majister' on matters esoteric as they relate to interpretation of our Rule. Majik is about conjuring a concept that can be used for generic control; generic control being the goal of the ruling elite in this case to establish the standard total view - e.g 9/11 was committed by Al Q'aeda - the generic achievment in this case was cognitive dissonance on a worldwide scale - the impetus of this conjured image has to be perpetuated by ritual repetition - see The MSM.

Excellent work - I approve and support your sentiment regardless of the work I had to put in to keep up with the pace of the chore.



nobody said...

Thanks PG Thanks Sam

I'm glad people grooved on it - grooved on it more than me it seems, ha ha.

Hey Kikz, you're in for a long, lonely battle there mate. But don't let that stop you! It's all cool by me.

Library's closing, lights getting turned on and off, ciao ciao.

james said...

I'll respond to your points from within your text, if I may.

ok, james you seem like a logical sort....

Thanks, Kikz. I try to be. And to continue in that vein, I have to point out at the beginning that your points and rhetorical? questions are strawman arguments because I didn't make any of those statements . Apart from implying that I believe God exists, the only qualities I attributed to God are free will and having more power than we humans. I did not say anything about satan except to quote Hannah as saying that Freemasons worshipped satan which implies they believed in his (it's) existence.

But I'm happy to go through your points and answer them as I can.

so if 'your' God is omnipotent/omniscient

it would seem likely

how could something such as a 'Satan' give him the slightest pause of concern,

it would be seem unlikely, as you imply and from satan's point of view, because he's stupid.

or war in heaven?

Well, the 'story' goes that satan lost that one convincingly. No need for concern on God's part there and confirmation on my point about satan.

God needing human backup to defeat satan?

Again, it would seem highly unlikely and even unnecessary from the above point

God not in control of all?

See above

doesn't compute hon.....

I don't doubt that, Kikz. But that's probably because you seem to be arguing with someone else, not me because, as I said, I didn't make any of those statements or assertions.

unless....... you are the child of a lesser god? yaweh perhaps?
I think not. You can't have two Gods because, necessarily, one or both of them are not God by definition.

he seems to have need of human backup....

Well, I'll take your word on that one

and they call heathens silly.

I don't understand this line. Does it have to do with anything I said?

i get so tired of being cheerleader for freemasonry..

Would I be being too smart to point out that that is your choice and you have free will?

but the silly shit peepz 'believe' i just hafta roll my eyes at... and not bite my tongue.....

I'm not 'peepz', silly or otherwise. I'm just me and I doubt you know what I believe. Again you seem to be arguing with someone else.

i have no idea whom this hannah person is..

He was (I'm presuming he's dead by now) a Church of England priest in England who knew many other priests who were in Freemasonry (common in England and also Australia) and had access to all the literature on all their initiations, presumably from his fellow priests/masons. These are detailed in his book.

but as far as US scot rite freemasonry, according to uncle Albert - Pike.. freemasons do not believe in a satan..

“Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?” MRD

this is admitted to in the later, higher degrees. i could dig it out, but why bother.. you can read Morals & Dogma yourself just like i have :)

See above comment. I'm quoting Hannah. I think your argument is with him on that point. I was responding to Mir's (possibly rhetorical) question as to who the Great Architect was.

(to be continued!)

james said...

Part 2

you read the road apple commentary on freemasonry, why not go to the source and find out for yourself?

The masons will be the first to tell you, Kikz, that there is the exoteric knowledge and the esoteric knowledge and they don't publish the esoteric stuff otherwise it's not esoteric anymore. The magic would be gone . . . poof.

there is no evil incarnate.. except w/in the framework of operative freewill - in the hearts/minds of humanity... if there is evil in the world, it is the direct result of ill reasoned action by humanity.

There is evil in the world, no question about that; nor that humans commit it.

satan/lucifer is simply a metaphor... for ill reasoned action and its consequence.

I respect your belief and I'm sure it is held sincerely in complete accord with your experience. But, logically, you can't assert that because you are in the position of trying to prove a negative which can't be done.

if there were no freewill, there would be no choice to choose consequences to suffer.. and no possibility to evolve....

I totally agree with you there, Kikz.

Miraculix Augustus said...

I appreciate your taking the time to craft such an exhaustive reply, James.

Tragically, while you were working so hard cramming in all that well-worn dogma, you've missed my point entirely.

Magick is NOT just all the silly stereotypical "witch and wizard" garbage, full of batwings and blood sacrifice. Yes, at the dark end of the spectrum, there are plenty of psycho- and sociopathic types vainly wanking away, hoping to increase their power over the material world.

I can't vouch for the effectiveness of these activities because I've never engaged in such nasty business -- it repulses me at a gut level, as well as on simple principle.

My point is that YOU are practicing magick each and every time you invoke the written word. Your reply? Magick. Each and every time you act with intent and will in your own sphere of influence, you are acting in a magical fashion. No pentagram required.

Just the fact that we are all breathing and alive and sentient feels like some BIG magick to me.

Darkness never need enter into it, so long as you remain conscious of what you are doing, how you are doing it, whom you are doing it for and why you are doing it at all.

Kikz' quick deconstructions above do a fine job of punching large holes in the set of platitudes you've brought to the party.

From where I'm sitting, the Xtian/Judaic patriarch looks like quite the magick man, creating whole universes from scratch (Great Architect?) and turning people to pillars of salt for having second thoughts. A mighty vindictive one at that.

[...regarding the earlier question posed about the "Great Architect" concept, please look up the word 'rhetorical'...]

Sadly, I suspect what I'm trying to say here isn't going to register, based on the nature of your reply. Not much I can do about that, but here's hoping you take a long hard look and find something worth understanding.

Did you also skim past all the associated ideas embedded in the earlier texts, re: institutions and systemic power and such like?

No one is advocating the dark side. Quite the contrary. What I'm on about is the fact that power in our world exerts its influence PRIMARILY via such seemingly mundane means as the written word and the image (at a thousand words per frame!).

These forms of magick are the fundamental stuff of creation. Without them, what would we have?

Ask yourself, how exactly does the mainstream media brainwash so many otherwise seemingly sensible people?

Via carefully-crafted language and images, the invocation of symbol and gesture, the very starstuff of all "creative" work today (editorial, film, etc.) and throughout history. As my individual gifts reside here and it's my chosen line of work, I do speak from experience.

What they have accomplished is the theft of mythology and its fundamental role, taking over the tradition of storytelling via mass media -- and crafting a conflicting mass of modern fables that leave the vast majority who fall prey to its insidious influence twisting in the wind.

That's some SERIOUS evil.

Meanwhile, all the blood sacrifice and every other horror flick monstrosity inflicted upon an unfortunate few remains pure evil. I can't agree more.

You may have missed the boat mate, but you're still welcome aboard when you can see past all those well-worn stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

Some blood splattered Klown once breathlessly whispered for his own inspiration while working up to a frenzied OMG moment, "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac".

Most of these 'powerful' people seem to get off on having secrets that only they know and rejoice in that fact for itself...It makes them feel special and memetically weaponised because we don't know, and they're not going to tell so we'll never know. But who gives a toss anyway.

The aprodisia seems to apply in the context of ritual self abuse.

They're mostly or all a bunch of Wankers.

su said...

Have you been stirring trouble with the name Mark by some chance?

Anonymous said...

FB pt1

I was going to pile in earlier but I have been suffering intermittent connectivity problems which went terminal (pun intended) over the weekend. I falsely (maybe) believed it was the ISP but it turned out to be a router / cable problem which hopefully is now sorted.

All of what Mir said above, although I know very little of the nuts and bolts of Magik and can’t comment on this. Picking on some thoughts at random, I think all of us who comment here are on somebody’s list, it is not just a dubious honour for Mr Nobody. Mir said “So long as the wizards of selflessness hold to their modest, unassuming ways, they are left to spin away the days in their isolated caves. The danger they present to the status quo is in direct proportion to their visibility”….” Every time a hermit sticks their head out of the cave, the masters want to know. If a hermit takes a walk in the sun, the minions monitor. If they meet with others and spread heretical ideas, infiltration begins. If someone gets busy with those ideas -- POOF -- they are "terrorists". If they make the transition from word to deed, fire rains from the sky or the earth buckles beneath their feet.”

These are true words. Navigating back to Haiti, the Americans may have been slow to get their act into gear but now they have arrived, you can be assured that they will be the last to leave. So far they have landed 6,500 ground troops with a further 15,000 standing offshore. They have taken control of Haiti’s air space and together with an assortment of US navel vessels including 9 coast guard cutters they are patrolling its waters.

Anonymous said...

FB pt 2

The American Ambassador and the general in charge of military operations gave a press conference on behalf of the Haitian Government whilst the Haitian President Renè Prèval was not offered a seat and stood at the back of the stage, eventually shrugging his shoulders and wandering off. Have no doubt about it; this is a Middle Eastern style occupation which has NO interest in humanitarian relief. Doctors Without Borders said five of its cargo flights carrying 85 tons of medical and relief supplies were turned away during the first week while flights from the World Food Program were delayed up to two days. One WFP official said of the 200 flights going in and out of Haiti daily “most … are for the U.S. military.” According to the US representatives, they are not there to dig people out of the rubble but instead to enforce the law (whose law was not made clear), to aid recovery and provide stability. For ‘recovery’ you can read sweatshops; land grabs and privatisation and for ‘stability’ you can read stability for capital: low wages, no unions, no environmental laws, and the ability to repatriate profits easily. Why should the US think they need to have a possible twenty one and a half thousand troops to enforce the law when the Lieutenant Colonel in charge of operations described the situation as calm? As an example of how unruly the population is, a truckload of food showed up in a poor neighbourhood in the middle of the night unannounced. “It could have been a melee. The local popular organization…was contacted. They immediately mobilized their members. They came out. They set up a perimeter. They set up a cordon. They lined up about 600 people who were staying on the soccer field behind the house, which is also a hospital, and they distributed the food in an orderly, equitable fashion.… They didn’t need Marines. They didn’t need the UN.”
From this we can conclude that the lawlessness that might be expected is the same kind of unrest that that motivates the citizens of Iraq.

I do not regularly follow Noam Chomsky, I have heard that he is a 95% truther and the other 5% you have to watch out for but like the little girl with a curl, when he is good he is very, very good. When asked why the United States is so obsessed with controlling a country so impoverished, devastated and seemingly inconsequential as Haiti, he replied: “Why was the U.S. so intent on destroying northern Laos, so poor that peasants hardly even knew they were in Laos? Or Indochina? Or Guatemala? Or Maurice Bishop in Grenada, the nutmeg capital of the world? The reasons are about the same, and are explained in the internal record. These are ‘viruses’ that might ‘infect others’ with the dangerous idea of pursuing similar paths to independent development. The smaller and weaker they are, the more dangerous they tend to be. If they can do it, why can’t we? Does the Godfather allow a small storekeeper to get away with not paying protection money?”

(Much information from Arun Gupta).

kikz said...

'In the end, the media successfully transmutes the pathological selfishness of the powerful few atop the pyramid into the horribly twisted, multi-flavored version of selflessness spoon-fed to the expendable many below.

The arsenal of deceit grows larger and more insidious by the day.'

i guess.. we can at least take some mental refuge in the ancient axiom...

hubris ALWAYS trips on its dick.

and also, can't wait to peruse your website mir :)

noby... the sorting is hard work... who's who?

team colors are no guarantee of; allegiance or even alliance - on /off the pitch. can't even trust that you're working from the same 'play-book'.

y, veritas the team loyalty us/them mindset and its 'ritually repetitive memes' are utilized extensively in the states, 'they' use what works. orwellian to its core.
here in the states.. quite akin to 'gang' philosophy... the gang(team, homiez) represents safety and power.

it's actively cultivated through most aspects of daily life. frm the natl MSM covered sporting event itself down to peewee team sports, also mirrored in the *snicker* 2party political sham, down to the elementary school PTA which groc store you shop at, and which brand of cola you buy........all, hovered over by the huge number of churches here in the bible belt... team jezuz vs team allah... sigh....

such an oddity remembering the 'army of 1' MSM commercials that the army commissioned a few yrs ago.. those didn't last too terribly long... a little too dangerous to cultivate that meme..

ah well, gotta scoot...

nobody said...

I'm going to let you folks have that conversation. I don't know that I have any definitive opinion on any of it. Ought I to? Probably, but I'm too dizzy. I'll just ask that everyone be nice. Mind you, I was the king of picking fights over at Les', so who am I to talk?

Um, no Su, not me. Occasionally when I can't be nobody I'll be nobby but otherwise I don't jump around from name to name. And that aforementioned troublemaking effort is still on my desktop. It would have been finished except that I had to run around and do some chores. Once it's up, ideally people on some of those Madeleine usegroups will cross post to it so that the right people see it. I swear I'll be doing my absolute level best to call some people out, ha ha. See if they don't get all kinds of angry, Grrr...

Oh, and there I was asking everyone to be nice, ha ha. Mind you, the folks here are one thing and paedophile disinfo spooks are another.


james said...

I see I have stepped on some sacred corns. Or at least, it looks like you think I have.

I posted three comments initially; parts 1 & 2 were not responses to your opinions. They were my opinions on the subject of evil and magic in its service which was the topic under discussion. I even gave a definition of the magic I was commenting on.

You extended the discussion of magic to a much wider application taking in all creativity. I considered this was actually off topic but made no comment and proceeded to offer my opinions on the topic as I understood it. So, of course, I "missed the boat" as far as you were concerned but not as far as I was concerned.

Why would you think anyone posting a comment after you who does not address your points doesn't understand what you were saying? That smacks of hubris, at least, Mir.
And this, "You may have missed the boat mate, but you're still welcome aboard when you can see past all those well-worn stereotypes."

It's not your 'boat', Mir. It's Nobby's.

Sounds like more hubris to me. Though you may have some proprietory interest in the blog that I am unaware of. In which case, you have my apologies

My third post was addressed to you. I think it reasonable to assume from that that the first two were not addressed to you or your comments. Now this third post addressed your question of "just who or what is this Great Architect anyway?" by quoting someone I thought to have some authority on the matter. Don't like the answer? Fine by me.

My second point addressed your quoting Crowley's without accreditation. Crowley is a whole universe away from what you were making a point about (everyday creativity) and you were clear in distancing yourself from that "Dark" end of the spectrum. Yet here you were endorsing his (and the OTO's) attitude and their intention is very plainly not selfless or anything close to it. I assumed you were unaware of the source and what it represented (what it was a symbol for).

I went on to add a line about the addictive and narcotic effects of pursuing power over others. One of the early tell tales along the way is hubris, funnily enough. And hubris brings with it a distortion of reality. This is the definition, almost, of hubris. I have spent decades studying the effects of power as I spent years before that personally at the sharp end of it. People aren't born massively evil nor do they get that way in a day. They get that way over time, bit by bit; just like any other addict

You said in your response to me,
"Kikz' quick deconstructions above do a fine job of punching large holes in the set of platitudes you've brought to the party."
After reading my response to Kikz, do you still believe this to be so?

Both you and Kikz have assumed I am Christian and of the fundo sort, it seems to me. Was it at my mention of God? My beliefs would not be welcome in any Christian church I know of.

I read your posts carefully, Mir, and I agree with almost all of it. Indeed, life and creativity are magical, though I would use the word miraculous but that is because 'magic' has a much narrower meaning for me.

kikz said...

'But that's probably because you seem to be arguing with someone else, not me because, as I said, I didn't make any of those statements or assertions.'

mind you, it's usually close to 05:00 when i reply here and i've not been awake for an hour...and granted, i may not have reached the zenith of my meager mental power for the day... but...

even if you don't claim to've made any of those statements or assertions personally, you did utilize them in/as backup/preface for your assertion, that intent is irrelevant - " ...If one pursues practices to do with power over other people by any means or objects through thought alone, then it doesn't matter what ones intentions are because of the delusional and narcotic effects of power."

why would you utilize those 'attributed' statements to preface a personal assertion on the irrelevancy of intent - if you didn't agree or find merit w/them?

and by the way, you’re negating freewill in that last statement…. not everyone who imbibes in momentary delusion and narcotic of power - suffer irreparable harm or complete/total corruption; however, I will concede that the longer the narcotic/delusion continues the greater the distance from the path of conscious reasoned intent one wanders.

and to a personal assertion you did make 'You can't have two Gods because, necessarily, one or both of them are not God by definition."

um, i think the entirety of hinduism may disagree w/you as do i…... as the issue depends on whose definition of ‘God’ one uses..

and besides if God is God, then why would/how could that negate his ability to make his presence known to man in any portion of creation thru any fractal scale of mandelbrot set imaginable to that puny man mind - macro to micro?...even if that puny man mind recognized and acknowledged God w/in other creatures of creation - and symbolically anthropomorphized it chimera like w/the head of an elephant?

or to be slightly more verbally precise – e pluribus unum.

kikz said...

kikz “but as far as US scot rite freemasonry, according to uncle Albert - Pike.. freemasons do not believe in a satan..

small correction on my part, ‘freemasonry does not hold a belief in evil incarnate as Satan’

james.. “Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?” MRD”

mrd???? blinkblink?

uh, yeah …pike did say that. are you implying pike (speaking for freemasonry) was being untruthful or deceitful on the subject?

why would someone or any group (hierarchically minded) who claim belief in an Architect of the Universe and all creative omnipotence that the title implies, ‘worship ‘ only a fractal/pole of the duality – a portion of the singularity; such a limited power/construct/egocentric ‘being’ as Satan - one who must subvert freewill by duplicity & trickery, whose best effort/trick at that subversion of freewill is to deny his own existence to accomplish his agenda?

right….. it’s just cartoonish…… *inserting the voice of ‘the Brain’ aka pinky & the brain as standin for any/all evil mastermind-dom* we of nefarious intent who wish to rule the world, worship a limited egocentric, impotent construct whose only endowment or ‘will to power’ is deceit.. *bwa-ha-ha-* *snidelywhiplash mustache twist*

kikz said...

'Both you and Kikz have assumed I am Christian '

wrong o. you assume that i actually give a shit.

my assumptions if there are any.. are based on solely on what you've brought to the table..
those statements (accredited to others) which you've utilized to preface your opinions...but apparently - according to you, are irrelevant and are in no way germane or connected in the least w/your personal opines, which you say 'we are in no way privy to' and which of course is logically why you utilized them as preface in the first place..... bait and k.. got it.

hey noby, is that appleonion:)?
it sounds all too familiar...

and then just for good measure...
you make unfounded ASSumptions while calling both of us to the mat on them.....

inre mir's unaccredited mention of '...the whole of law' as if it were trademarked/patented by crowley himself..and if the words are merely uttered - a certain mindset must prevail......

james "...Dark" end of the spectrum. Yet here you were endorsing his (and the OTO's) attitude..."

no.. you ASSumed he was endorsing a particular attitude....

the whole of the law is neither - good nor evil - but expresses the ultimate responsibility that accompanies the ultimate consequences of operative freewill.

seems to me, you're the one making ASSumptions here...

i'm callin it... appleonion or his twin..... *eyeroll*

color me unimpressed.

um... haiti.. yeah... just the latest add to the list - on the sharp end of the stick... sigh.

james said...

Kikz wrote-
james.. “Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?” MRD”

mrd???? blinkblink?

Mandy Rice Davies. It's a famous quote of hers uttered originally as a witness in a court case. She was refering to Lord Astor who had claimed to have never met her. The quote has appeared here on this blog once or twice lately, if my memory serves me correctly.

uh, yeah …pike did say that. are you implying pike (speaking for freemasonry) was being untruthful or deceitful on the subject?

Uncle Albert? Perish the thought.

Miraculix Augustus said...

For someone as wise and well-studied as you claim to be James, you sure have a hard time wrapping your bean around broad philosophical discourse on the subject of creativity and its seemingly "magical" link to free will and intent. I'm certainly not the only fool to propose these ideas over the last several centuries.

Widen your lens mate.

Stop hammering away at your favorite minutae for a moment and try addressing the BIG picture, as are the folks you're attempting to argue with. Or is that the entire point here?

As for the forum, it's entirely Mr. N's and I have no formal role, sitting half a world away. Must admit, I did speak in the collective without asking permission. However, that was not "hubris", just a rhetorical device colliding with an unfortunate assumption on my part; that the open-minded regulars I've seen commenting here over the last year or so DO comprehend what I was angling at about power and the systems used to create and maintain it -- as evidenced by other replies.

Only you seemed to take it personally.

Meanwhile, you seem locked into a set of assumptions (monotheism, magick as blood ritual, Crowley as the instigator of all things deterministic) that bely your supposed scholarship.

I'm going to leave Kikz to it, as I simply don't have the time to go 'round and 'round about the subject at hand (or any subject, really) with a dogmatist who would rather argue about how we are arguing than discuss the subject matter at hand and the larger philosophical propositions laid on the table.

(I am reminded here of Michael Palin's statement during the 'Argument Clinic' sketch about what makes up an argument: "yes it is, no it isn't"... =)

I said my piece and stand by it. Feel free to disagree until you're blue.

But if you want engagement and discussion from this author, at the very least you're going to have to address the larger subject as it was presented and own up to your own use of quotations, et al.

Sorry if this comes across dismissive, but it's all I've got left to give at this point besides ignoring the thread from here on out.

Over & out...

[And Kikz, if you click through the link embedded in the forum "nick", you'll get an initial taste and find a place to subscribe to an updates mailing list... =]

kikz said...

ok, nexxxxxt……yawannaaplaytag?… ya got it 

james to mir -
‘You extended the discussion of magic to a much wider application taking in all creativity. I considered this was actually off topic but made no comment’

earlier post on magic by james/pt 1
‘…Occultism is about magic and magic is about power: having power over the world through the sole agency of thought; as creativity, bringing matter into being from nothing, manifesting; as transformation, lead into gold, alchemy; and as destruction, death, and goodness knows what else, at a distance.’

by your own hand, and then by your own considered admonishment YOU are off topic… and calling mir to the mat for same…. so if you won’t mention it.. I will. coff*mote, eye*coff

when by your earlier of the two part commentary/ authoritatively accredited attributions (which were later negated as germane to any portion or scope of the discussion) could have - by virtue of its scope of application (by your own hand) ; encompassed the entire eso/exoteric metaphor of the alchemical marriage and philosopher’s stone in toto (and who knows what else at a distance).

good times… >:)

veritas6464 said...

Hey nobody,.. this dream of a dream of yours certainly put the cat among the pigeons; just for the purpose of accuracy all might consider to delete/oblique Satan for Lucifer and then you can all continue with your melee, at least the references to Pike's quote/s will then have some basis in historical accuracy. Though, I can't see the point to any of this semantic badinage.

Pike was a Luciferian nutjob of the highest Degree(grin).

No offence intended to anyone...

Love Light & Peace.


james said...

Well, the 'exercise' went 'live', didn't it?

My thanks go to both Mir and Kikz for giving such a superb demonstration of the process I was talking about.

kikz said...


"Well, the 'exercise' went 'live', didn't it?

My thanks go to both Mir and Kikz for giving such a superb demonstration of the process I was talking about"

oh, do enlighten me :)

your hegelian/marxist jig is quite amusing...

Miraculix Augustus said...

By way of sticking to one of our host's favorite themes here at Mr. N's Temple of Selflessness, that is, pointing out specific types of textbook behavior being displayed by those posting to his virtual fiefdom, the technique on display in the last post from "James" above is referred to as "baiting".

Indeed, the game is getting downright pathological at this point.

It's just trying to keep either of us engaged by poking roughly at us with a stick. Going straight for the lizard brain response (anger), or personal pride, whichever rises to the bait first.

Entirely your call whether to engage or not Kikz, but I'm not going to waste my valuable time with such a sad sack of worn out online tricks.

The technique in question was already becoming old hat in text-only Usenet circles back when the term "troll" was only just being invented, approximately '94 or so.

If it had something useful and intelligent to say, to advance the discussion -- beyond "no it isn't" over and over again, or childish baiting -- perhaps there might be some value in persistence. (Perhaps its just arguing in its spare time... =)

As it does not -- yawn -- there's only one way to deal with a "baiter", and that's to disengage. They crave the interaction, no matter how far it goes. Deny them this and eventually they will depart, seeking their strange satisfactions elsewhere.

If they persist, your staunchest ally is patience. Best of luck.

In my experience, the only thing arguing with a brick wall will earn you is a sore forehead.

A Dad said...

I've read your writing for a while Mr Nobody, and feel that you're a very decent fellow....I'm no JEW though and you don't need my approvals. Approving is he province of the Jews, or so they like to think.
The protection of the innocence of the child is a most noble calling.
Have you got any of your own ?
If not, perhaps think of finding a lovely Girl to have some with....They choose us you know...They're out there waiting to select a Mum and Dad who they'd like to grow up with....
All your knowledge will be transferred to them and I get the feeling you'd make a great Dad.
Are there any nice Girls who'd like to make Mr Nobody a Dad ?
C'mon Girls, you know you want to !!!!!

kikz said...

thanks mir, points noted ;)

occasional hegelian troll tripping can be fun >:)

nobody said...

Ha ha ha, and God bless you all, but I lost the plot on that conversation ages ago. Will anyone hold it against me if I say I didn't read most of it? I know that a fellow whose comments it is really ought to read all of them but... I didn't. Let's imagine it as me having had a bunch of people over for a smoky boozy late-nighter with the conversation turning into that variety of narky with, not so surprisingly, yours truly asleep on the sofa. One joint too many and all that.

And hello A Dad. How scarily perceptive you are. And no I've never had children. But, as I wrote elsewhere, my youngest brother was born when I was fifteen. As my father liked to say, he had three Dads.

Otherwise yes, I think women should all pile in here and stick their hand up for... well, let's make something of this. How about an on-line reality show something-or-other. We'll call it Nobody Wants a Wife. No wait... Who Wants to Marry a Nobody? How about Nobody Loves Me? Anyway, we'll sort out the details later. Meanwhile all those chicks who dream of penniless obscurity can pile in.

Very good, now let's you and I sit back and watch the frenzied action.

Any minute now...

kikz said...

speaking of black moods..
an interesting article on depression, and its possible evolutionary benefit... interesting

kikz said...

heehee noby..

sorry, that lets me out.....i already live in married, penniless obscurity... plus.. i'm a too long in the tooth cougar.


carry on :)

nobody said...

Thanx Kikz, and sure enough - no married chicks please. Otherwise mate, you'd best get out of the way because when that frenzied stampede gets here it's going to be hellacious. Not that you can tell, but I'm actually wearing a crash helmet as we speak.