Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama Obama Obama

Those whacky Scandinavians! What a laugh - Barak Obama as winner of the Nobel Peace Prize! Ha ha ha ha, champagne comedy! Actually knowing what I know of those Nordic midnight sunbathers as being the hardest drinkers on the planet, perhaps we'll call it 'vodka comedy'. That works doesn't it? Absolut-ly. And it's not as if you can blame them - what with the sun disappearing for months on end, and nothing for it but to go mad or get drunk, they not unreasonably choose the latter. And with drunks, all you can ever hope for is that they be funny drunks. Well, those Nobel guys crack me up. Skol!

Obama, Obama, Obama - what are we to make of this cove? He's a weird cat and no mistake. Whilst it's slowly wearing off now, the greatest part of the voter's image of him was less about who he was, than who he wasn't. Clearly he wasn't George Bush. Or to put it another way, he wasn't a smirking snuff-movie aficionado, and obvious with it. He also wasn't a Southern good ol' boy, and nor was he an uneducated git who could barely string two sentences together. Unlike the ex-cokehead Bush, Obama can deliver his platitudes unmangled - which really helps, because platitudes are a tough gig at the best of times.

And then there's the fact that Bush is American royalty, which is to say he comes from a long line of criminals, war-profiteers, spooks, and paedophiles. He is connected up the wazoo, ha ha ha. Obama on the other hand, ain't. He has no connections, he hasn't got the goods on anyone, he has no one's balls in his pocket, no one owes him, and to put it bluntly, he has no power base. Okay so how did he get to be president? Seriously? Well, he got to be president because other truly powerful people decided he was a sock puppet whose time had come. And as we all know, the best damn sock puppets are mind-control sock-puppets.

Was Bush a mind-control drone? He was royalty sure, but somehow I wonder if that would mean a lot amongst the satanist/mind-control/paedophocracy crowd. These people will sacrifice their own children you know. They're so hell bent and vicious they don't really require a child to be red-headed, or a stepchild, to treat them that way. And yep, their own kids included.

From what I've read of the mind-control world, there were those who were complete slaves and there were those who were complete masters. And then there's the idiot son. Was he slave or master? Frankly I can see a case for both. He was certainly cruel enough: I'm thinking he'd have made a great torturer. And given that every other president from Kennedy onwards was on the receiving end of 'presidential models', a la Brice Taylor (Susan Ford), I doubt that Dubya was any different.

But he was different. Did we ever see another president do this? Or this? Am I the only person who wanted to rap on his skull and ask if anyone's home? Somehow I suspect that people tinkered with the idiot son's brain, and not particularly successfully either. Not that you can blame them with his ten years spent wandering in a cocaine wilderness and his brain fried to a walnut.

What if I said the idiot son was a sort of 'hybrid model' filling in until a truly superior class of mind control slave was arrived at? Given the reality of mind-control, and given the ambition of those behind it, I figure it's just a matter of time until every president, indeed every world leader, is a mind-control zero who does whatever the fuck they're told.

And really well, of course. They'll be brilliant! They'll be as handsome as Butch and Sundance rolled into one. They'll have the wit of Noel Coward, the everyman appeal of Bruce Willis, and the gravitas of Dr Kildare. They'll play the guitar like Segovia, sing like Caruso, and dance like Gene Kelly. They will be gods of love that women will all desire and men will all turn gay for. They will be bigger than Jesus Christ.

And they'll do...
the fuck...
they're told.

Okay, so Obama ain't quite that shining all-things-to-all-men, but he's a pretty fair approximation of it. And I haven't the least doubt that he fulfils that last little prosaic quatrain. Honestly, is there anything the owners of Israel want that he won't give to them? I can't think of anything. So far he's bombed Pakistan I forget how many times, and last time I checked that was considered the 'supreme war crime'. Sure enough everything underneath that - letting the AIPAC trial die unmourned, rolling over on Israel's illegal settlements, and otherwise handing trillions to the bankers and bankrupting the US - qualifies as nothing special. Otherwise what will he stick up for? Gays in the military! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... oh man... between the drunken Swedes and the death cult, it's harder to know who's funnier.

Between the impossibility of Obama as a no power-base, come-from-nowhere wunderkind (who in his brief climb to power somehow became completely corrupted), and the inevitability of someone just like him as a mind-control drone, I figure the latter makes waaay more sense. And rather than laboriously go through everything he's ever done looking for examples of him as mind-controllee, why not just do the Dutch Auction thing and ask, When has he ever departed from the Rothschild line? (And citing the settlements shadow-play is not permitted - pretending to stand up to Israel has been going on since Truman). And so! Under the timeless rubric of 'if you've got the game you may as well have the name' I'm going to call him.

And here's a question: Does Obama know? And further: If he's a zombie, wouldn't his wife be too? And then there's the kids...


Miraculix (Doug) said...

This ought to generate a few colorful comments and surreptitious hits from the administration's recently outed Blog Patrol headquartered inside the DoJ.

As for those wacky Scandinavians, one of my best friends still providing illumination for the vampire shift back in West Hollyweird is a self-proclaimed Swedish "hick" (Landskrona) who actually made the census guy who visited a few years back write in "Viking" on the census form.

He is also the only guy I ever knew stateside who didn't cringe and withdraw when this sort of subject matter eventually found its way into our many late-night, post-loadout conversations back at his casa (just a couple miles from the mouth of Laurel Canyon, no joke).

My pet theory as to the wherefore and why of the now-famous rise of the Nordic rock/metal scene over the last fifteen years is that it's a combination of those long sunless days, the alcohol saturating certain layers of the social fabric and the residual cultural urge to go "a-viking" (it was a verb before it was a noun, apparently).

What does any of this have to do with Obama?

Thankfully, absolutely nothing.

Franz said...


What Obama really is ---> DEAD.

AND they're already working on his obit. Think how good it'll look:


Oh the pity. In the news biz it's called an obit, in the spy biz it's called a legend. The FBI/CIA etc ad naus just keep reverting to type.

But between the legend and the hit, they forgot to make him alive.

That's how you can tell!

(fine article btw)

james said...

Obama is certainly playing the complete puppet. What is interesting about him to me is that I just don't get any sense of the man behind the talk. Is he a shell, a 'walk-in' as they say?
I'd be pretty sure Bush jnr was subjected to SRA (witness dissociative events such as the 'My Pet Goat' episode). But even so, you still got an impression of the man (men?) behind the stunned looks and the murderous scowls.

Anonymous said...

My God seeing bush senior with those two girls sent my flesh a curling.
In the Stepford wives the husbands knew but then they wanted their women to be "perfect" - different degrees of mind control perhaps?
I recall Michelle saying she nearly left him at one time.
What on earth made her stay and then I see that photograph and the word that comes to mind is fear.

kikz said...

good writing noby:)

connected.... errrm..

i've heard that while in college.. obama was neatly tied to the intel boys...cia/nsa... 'the corp.'
no doc on that.. i've not investigated it...
but, w/o such, one can be totally sure, he/they were vetted pre selection by TPTB to be of sufficient sockpuppetry construction (including a proper sword of damocles blackmail file) - as to further 'the agenda' or at least not interefere w/it, all while rused/used in placation of blacks/latinos, and white liberals.

and well, the amazon - while 'overseer' of some large hospital, somewhere.. chi town i guess..
there were numerous instances of indigent patient dumping. very unpleasant biz.

p.s. bush wasn't/isn't a 'good ol southern boy... itza put on..eminence front....
even in the most EEEvil (one traffic light/speed trap/horror movie - town sheriff) sense of the term.. even though he does quite the sufficient affectation of said 'GOB'.

he of e. coast new england, connecticut 'superior' yankee stock, just 'raised' among texans...all hat/no cattle - a Connecticut yankee in
the tx cattle/oil barons' courts.

he's no more southern in sense or sensibility - than i am yankee.

nobel.. the whole idea is laughable anyway...i noted it and laff'd..

but i was off in another rabbit warren :) theoretic fractal physics & fractal cellular biology :)

nassim haramein & bruce lipton.
good stuff on their websites.. and some shorter vids on youtube...


nobody said...

Mir! And from the vikings to us, we anglo-saxons are all just vikings-once-removed. Even in terms of alcohol, we're not far behind them. As for your mate who didn't cringe, well that's Euros for you mate. I wonder if it isn't because they spend less time in front of the TV? I reckon I could argue the case on that one...

Thanks Frank. Spot on. He was put there to be killed. It's obvious really. Hmm... the other day someone here mentioned October 15 as the day the shooting starts. Killing Obama would be an excellent way to kick things off. Dig it - A Million Man Watts Riot, declaration of martial law, every town a New Orleans, and all rolling into the holiday season with Christmas_tration Camp carols and a plastic coffin in every stocking.

If this doesn't come to pass it certainly won't be because "Well, they'd never do that!!"

James - Well there you go. Who needs a real person when he was only ever going to get whacked anyway? Ha! A Potemkin President! (Er... actually the word 'Potemkin' is in my brain at the moment. See next piece).

Hey Anon, To be honest, I was rushed on this one. That photo isn't half as creepy as I wanted it to be. As for creepouts, welcome to the paedophocracy! I doubt that there are few topics that are so perfectly abysmal that even reading a couple of pages makes you want to take a shower.

Hey Kikz, no I did know that Bush was a fake GOB. MInd you, when he opened his mouth and that drawl/twang came out, it was hard not to go with it.

As for 'placation', dig it - it's a 'Potemkin placation'! It's a sham designed to max out the anger when he gets whacked.

As for Obama/CIA connections, I should have spent way more time on this since there's a lot out there. Does everyone know about his two years at one of those vaguely named CIA front corporations right after uni? In his autobiography this fact absurdly copped a single paragraph. And believe it or not he failed to mention the name of the company! In case you've forgotten it (and frankly it was named for precisely that purpose), it is - Business International Corporation. Honestly, only two sorts of people could come up with such a perfectly idiotic name like that: spooks or Monty Python.

Oh look! Quickly searching just now I found a Pilger piece that didn't make it to his website, and it's on precisely this subject.

As for pre-BIC, we turn to the redoubtable Aangirfan, who has been connecting the dots in their usual sterling, schoolgirling fashion.

Never mind Obama as being personally picked for special study sessions by none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama's mother, Anne Dunham, is REAL interesting. And not that Aangirfan is approaching it from this angle, but whilst you're reading it see how many pointers to spook/paedophocracy/SRA you can find. There's several, I reckon.

kikz said...

i should've added, on the placation nation... has to do w/appearances of inclusion in the 'runnin o the game' it gave the mouthbreathers of the GOP somewhere to focus their most primal fears, inside the country.
they (GOP) were tired of takin the heat anyway... legal agenda accomplished, step back behind the curtain and let the dems hang fire for a term or two.
i mean... look who the fuk they put up ? manchu'd mccain and the bulldog soccer bitch? comeon....

'it's a 'Potemkin placation'! It's a sham designed to max out the anger when he gets whacked.'

sounds about right... *shakin head*

martyr even...

i've heard - that not all... drank the koolaid... they weren't overly enamored (of its 'color')to the point of not being concerned w/its taste.... smart enuff..

but it's still gonna hurt.. ya know, some have probably already mentally crossed that possibility...earlier on, havin studied what's come about of earlier redeemers. king/evers/etc.

zbig...whew.. scary. he did say something incredibly positive the other day..

snapp'd bak, in his best strangelovian coolness inre israhell flyin over/thru US, over there.. to get to iran.

"we are not impotent'. we can/will send our intercept wings up to stop them.
something to that effect..

even the mere public mention of slappin a leash/muzzle on that rabid bunch, is heartwarming...

and *big sigh*.. i guess if zbig's hafta exist.. i'm glad he plays for our team.. even if only in keepin up appearances.

playin chess on the big board..
he seems well matched to 'pootie' in pedigree and wits. and he doesn't mind callin' the 'white coats' to take the 'crazy vulcans' back to the day room for more checkers and grape ne-hi.

speakin of crazies... the south usually claim theirs. after all, its usually a given that southerners have at least one crazy in the family...
billy carter. george wallace, lbj, too many to name...

but jr.. isn't one of em.
he's a carpetbagger, 2nd gen.
no love of the land, its just a means to an end.

Penny said...

Obama, Obama, Obama, now that you mention it.... Is he being set up to take the hit?


And, what a legacy, peace prize and all.

You know when I first heard about that win, I thought it was a joke, a satirical piece, apparently I wasn't alone.

What does that tell ya?

And Bush was a complete fabrication, kikz is 100 percent!

Him and Pappy are north/eastern US.

His whole personna, including the born again crap was manufactured through a PR agency.

I wonder who created the Obama personna?

Anonymous said...


I have no idea if the pres will be whacked or not but October 15 is reportedly the day motorists in the US will be hauled off the freeway and are either given a shot in the arm or a shot in the head. You know, throwing a sicky could save your life.

According to Bryce Taylor, Kissinger once told her that Presidents are not particularly important people; in fact Ambassadors have more real power. Yes, all that was said about the Smirking Chimp but he really had a more important function as a diversion for the power behind the throne. Degradingly despicable dirty double dealing Dick Dastardly was the PTB’s prime mover. W just provided the Punch and Judy show. The PTB are nothing if not versatile so was Royalties back stage oppo just an arrangement for the times. Now we have gone from Royalty to the man from nowhere that does better sound bites and can write his own scripts it is back to normal service. But supposing he does get whacked what do we know about Joe Biden. He never gets any air play on this side of the pond. The only thing I know about him was that on taking office he remarked that Obama’s rating would be lower than ‘W’s lowest after only one year in office thereby letting everybody know he was in on the plan. Other than that, diddly squat. Was he always the chosen one who could never win an election and the black guy was only there to take the fall? All things are possible and I have become anesthetised to surprise but for the moment I am not really buying into this one.

Edo said...

In reference to Joe Bidden, a google search for "gird your loins + Biden" will reveal an interesting statement he made....

Especially now....

kikz said...

biden... i usta, kinda like him, as a loudmouth, until i finally figured out... the kit/kaboodle is just a scrimmage game... same team, different colored jerseys... so..

what i remb... workin class, loud mouth... but, bows to israel.
lost his mama quite recently, and i think...wife.

that top image.. makes me hear zeppelins' immigrant song :)

aaaaaah ahha aaaaaaaaaaaah!
We come from the land of the ice and snow,
>from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.
The hammer of the gods
Will drive our ships to new lands,
To fight the horde, singing and crying:
Valhalla, I am coming!
On we sweep with threshing oar,
Our only goal will be the western shore.
Ah, ah,
We come from the land of the ice and snow,
>from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.
How soft your fields so green,
Can whisper tales of gore,
Of how we calmed the tides of war.
We are your overlords.
On we sweep with threshing oar,
Our only goal will be the western shore.
So now you'd better stop and rebuild all your ruins,
For peace and trust can win the day
Despite of all your losing.

or as eddi izzard would his history of europe 'dress to kill'.....

'rooooow ya bastarrrrrdz!' :D

kikz said...

oh and... for a more apt image of shrubjr.

one of my daughters sent me this..
bush as the new voldemort >:)

most fitting.
funny, thinkin of zbig.. he's not 3 shades off this look normally >:)

slozo said...

You guys are starting to make me think that maybe the whole plan is to whack Obama after his great prize . . . to make him a martyr. It almost seems too obvious, but the PTB sometimes are, hidden shit out in the open.

Regardless, I await Nobody's great research on the PTB, and more in depth analysis on the bankers, the nameless bankers. Lets get some names of those guys! Let's discuss THEIR background, who they hung out with, etc, not this sock puppet called Barrack.

btw Nobody, that was an excellent link to the 57 states thing, great stuff I had never seen myself.

nobody said...

Thanks Edo, I'd forgotten about that. Does six months equal Oct 15?

And Kikz - The Immigrant Song was about vikings! I'm amazed. I must have heard it a thousand times but I never listened to the lyrics. I always thought it was about Italians or Greeks or something (they being the chief immigrants to Oz when that song came out). Anyway, cool.

And Slozo, AAARRRGGHH! You await my great research? You sure know how to make a feller run screaming. I don't know if you've noticed but the research thing has been gettting skimpier and skimpier. What with me having to use the library I barely have enough time to check personal emails, reply here, hit my regular blogs, check my statcounter, and oh look! three hours have gone by and I've just got enough time to download a couple of pages of Jeff Wells to read at home later.

Anyway the great quit-everything-freakout of 2009 is petering to a halt now and you know what my brain is full of? Yoga. Pathetic isn't it? All I want to do is meditate and do yoga.

Still Jeff Wells has been lighting a fire under my brain and I still want to unite the two camps. These being CIA/mind-control/SRA and Jews/Israel/banking. I'm thinking the media is the nexus.

Penny said...

"Gird your loins," Biden told the crowd. "We're gonna win with your help, God willing, we're gonna win, but this is not gonna be an easy ride. This president, the next president, is gonna be left with the most significant task. It's like cleaning the Augean stables, man. This is more than just, this is more than – think about it, literally, think about it – this is more than just a capital crisis, this is more than just markets. This is a systemic problem we have with this economy."

Is he going to take on the federal reserve? That was my first thought.

A systemic problem with this economy? more then capital, more then markets??

Or is he hinting at global governance?
It is a rather odd statement, isn't it?

Penny said...

off topic but nobody did you ever get to hear the interview with McGowan?
And did you notice his site is down again?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mister Nobody
Why couldn’t I get a Peace Prize – I’m peaceful!
I know, Mister Nobody, you thought I'd defected (like Mister Murdoch). No, what I have been doing is looking after Australia for you.
Please note the conviction of five Sydney muslin men who embraced violent jihad on Australian soil.
We caught these violent jihardists before they could defecate on our Australia.
I'm very tough Mister Nobody.
Also note I am allowing the Sri Lankan asylum seekers to blow themselves away, if they so choose; that’ll save on accommodation costs on Chrissie Island, won’t it?
Just dropping in to keep you up to date, I remain
Your Favourite Prime Minister of Australia
Kevin Michael Rudd

nobody said...

Hullo Pen, I think what he's saying is that whatever we have now is broken therefore we must hand the keys to the kingdom to the bankers. I doubt it'll be anything else. And sorry no, I didn't listen to the interview. I started downloading and everything ground to a halt and I had to quit.

And PM! I was wondering what you were up to. You've been busy revelling in the disarray of the Libs, I'm sure. Poor old Malcolm Turnbull, ha ha. He should have stuck to banking - you can be a law unto yourself there. Otherwise who have the Libs got aside from Mal? Joe Hockey? The mad monk? Bloody nobody! (Er... not me).

Otherwise in the face of Rupe's Wog-Panic campaign, you're doing pretty well. When you talk about refugees, if I squint and tilt my head, I could almost swear it was little Johnny Howard. Marvellous continuity.

Shades of Obama, now that I think about it. Symbolism rules! You apologise to the Aborigines and then...? Then, nothin'! Not a sausage!

Anyway, steady as she goes and then don't forget to look surprised and concerned when it all goes tits up.

Speaking of which, who was it with the October 15 date? Sack cloth and ashes for you! And me, ha ha. Mind you I was going to do it anyway, just for a laugh kind of thing.