Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Xmas, Ha Ha

And as we run into Xmas, isn't there lots of neat stuff happening at the moment? An untouchable, Bernard Maddox, falls. Where might his money have gone? Could be anywhere, says James Petras, of a fellow he acknowledged a few paras earlier as a zionist. In fact, says Petras, for destroying the upper class, Maddox is a hero and deserves to be sent to Israel. No really! He actually said that.

Otherwise I can't help thinking of Zim Shipping moving out of the WTC a fortnight before its collapse. Who'll give me odds that we soon see our Bernard swanning about in Tel Aviv? Along with those Jewish billionaires he 'defrauded'. If I said that the Rothschilds are giving everyone their take-it-or-leave-it marching orders, would the argument fall at the first hurdle?

The wars in the Middle East are as much about destroying the US military as they are about destroying the Middle East. And the Rothschild's Fed is destroying the US economy. So why don't we just say it? The US is in the process of being destroyed. Or let's put it this way - If the US was being destroyed by the Rothschilds (say), wouldn't the penultimate act be to destroy the wealth of the American ruling class and spirit away the assets of the Jewish Billionaires? It works for me.

Anything else going on? Assorted cables were cut in the Middle East. Again! One cable sure. Two, a mind-buggering coincidence. Three, a flat out impossibility. Last time it was actually eight cables, believe it or not. This time let's see if this current number of three doesn't climb. Me, I'm still convinced that this cable cutting is big. Dry runs are one thing but eventually it'll be the real deal. Is this it? Well, yours truly, great sage and equal of heaven, seems to have misplaced his hindsight spectacles. I'll find them eventually, and get back to you.

Otherwise Canada's Harper pulled a swifty, crushed a no confidence motion, and is now ruling without parliament until the New Year. Wow, that sounds drastic doesn't it? In Europe, Greece has dissolved into riots with the question being, when does Europe follow? Israel is set to invade Gaza. All they need is the right international distraction. Actually Israel has lots of war plans. They're just itching to have Lebanon, Syria, and Iran all 'Get Some!' Netanyahu is exactly the kind of guy who'd climb in a chopper just for the joy of machine gunning running peasants. 'Get Some!'

But I'm being premature surely - they'd never pull anything over Xmas. Xmas is sacrosanct ...really? To whom? Try to picture an attack on Xmas day. Can you imagine that? How about the Rothschilds? Might they imagine it? I don't see why not. They're imaginative people. Perhaps the most imaginative who ever lived.

One thing's for sure, if anything happens on Xmas day we'll know that this is it. A monster false flag on Xmas itself would count as a 'fuck-you' so huge that it could mean only one thing - the time is now and the New World Order is upon us. A Xmas day attack would be the spit-on-the-crucifix that makes all the other crucifix-spitting look like a ho-hum daily event in Palestine.

There'll be no questions about this in the media of course. They will be the fear-and-anger sound system that goes to eleven. If you ask them why not just make it go to ten - or any other thing - they will just look at you blankly. They will have us all know the rightness of bombing, killing and otherwise inflicting misery and suffering upon whomever. Muslims I expect. Muslims revere Jesus as much as Christians do, but never mind. That will be spun somehow - spun so that we in the West will be so angry that we'll get all-kinds-of-Old-Testament on... Hell! You tell us! We're good!

A Xmas day attack will be the end of as-we-know-it. The plans of the CFR, the Bilderbergers, and their Rothschild sponsors do not call for more of the same. The plans call for more-for-them and less-for-us. The population must be thinned. The pretence of democracy will be over. The death-and-mayhem chaos must be total. Many, many will have to die. From this chaos will rise the Rothschild's lovely one world thingy. We will have peace, love and understanding - with lovely Rothschilds uber alles. 'Oh, thank God, peace at last.'

But that's only if they blow shit up on Xmas day. If nothing blows up, ignore everything I just wrote. What was I thinking of? Madness. Just forget the whole idea and have a lovely Xmas. And you can look forward to the New Year safe in the knowledge that you've at least another year of freedom. So! Merry Xmas! I hope you and your families enjoy a day of love and laughter. And me, I'm off to the beach for the traditional Xmas day surf.

PS. If this is it, and the internet ceases to function and we never meet again, can I just say how nice it was to have met you all! It was all absolutely brilliant.

Lots of love, nobody, ha ha.


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Not to be disagreeable..


In line with: Navy Research Paper: 'Disrupt Economies' with Man-Made 'Floods', 'Droughts', by Noah Schachtman

Was on (Brittish) Boxing day; remember? It was the Tsunami... dat bit SHAKY HAARP manmade earthquake under the sea, that sent a large wave to Thailand, et al.

It was a SHAKY HAARP generated Tzunami, just like quite a few land based (not all, some are natural) Earthquakes are; particulary ones that occur for particular occult and geopolitical synchronicity reasons. That one was Boxing Day, and Depopulation; among others (in my opinion).

To some the bloated dead bodies, are images of bloated phallic symbols -- I kid you not. For the 24 hour news corporate media, the Tsunami, was close to 9-11 in terms of ratings... so while some may object to the aforementioned bloated phallic bodies symbolism of the honest peasant bigots; those who sat glued to their tellies, as if watching the Jerry Springer show; what were their reasons?

"DARPA requested the SRI direct a top secret program. In the words of Pentagon director John Foster, the SRI was to develop a proposal to insure America against 'technological surprise'. Foster requisitioned a weapon that used the environment for 'technotronic warfare'. The technology was planned, as discussed in Chapters 12 and 15, in Dr. Colemans words, 'to trigger volcanos and/or earthquakes". This was linked to 'behavioural research on potential enemies and minerals and metals with potential for new weapons. The project was accepted by the SRI and code-named SHAKY."

"SHAKY was to fulfill Committee of 300 member Zbigniew Brzezinski's vision described in The Technotronic Era in which he wrote about the materials and methods predicted to control the United States and it's people."
-- Excerpt, Page 389, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

'Two Christmast Trees in Northern Virginia'

kikz said...

happy solstice noby!


nobody said...

Thanks Andrea. Well you could well be right with all that. I really should look into HAARP. But even if the Boxing Day Tsuname was man made it wasn't a false flag. The Tsuname wasn't an attack on a first party by a second who intend to pin the blame on a third, if you can dig it. I think it would more rightly be called an act of mass murder.

And anyway, it was on Boxing Day. What I was saying here was specifically for Christmas Day. Otherwise nice to have you pop in.

Solstice eh? Short for you, long for me. I shall celebrate by saluting the sky. Thanks kikz.

the Silverfish said...

Seasons Greetings from up over to Nobody in particular. We here in this small corner of the Great White North celebrate Yule and not xmas, not that it matters overly but at least we are returning to our senses while those around us are still losing theirs.

For us Yule is something that was brought back from the Old country and I pride myself that we don’t go completely stark raving mad at this time of year. For us it’s just a gathering of close friends, a massive meal, a HUGE expenditure of fuel for the fireplaces and the prerequisite hangover of hangovers that we all swear will never happen again but alas the Great Goddess of Shat has seen fit to bestow upon us selective memories, memories that seem to be genetically predisposed to not exceed 365 days.

Sooo that having been said, the Herd started gathering last night and more are expected in the morning, it’s 3.00am here now, the gathering is asleep the pig is continuing to revolve happily on the spit and will continue to do so for another 14 hours, I’m smoking a nice mellow Havana cigar while allowing a fine Glen Livet to seduce my palette.

For me this is a time of reflection and as I reflect I can’t help but think of some of the fine people I have met that frequent this place, I salute you all and may you have a prosperous and fulfilling New Year.

Also I will be thinking of you Mr. Nobody basking in the sun or riding that elusive perfect wave while I’m FREEZING MY FUCKING ASS OFF at –45c, I do so hope that there is not a Great White in your future or a Box Jelly and heaven forbid you should step on a Stone Fish (shudder) just Soooo many nasty things out there, have fun. (Wink) and may the sand in your togs always remind you that Life’s a Beach..

Oh and Andrea Even Sigmund Freud said that sometimes a Cigar is just a Smoke.

Merry We Meet

vlad said...

Hey Nobes,
If i may be so bold, could i respectfully request you please not use the abbreviation "XMAS" instead of "CHRISTMAS" this year as i believe our Talmudic friends dance a jig whenever they see this desecration of our Lord's name with an X.
Kind Regards........Vlad
All the best to you and yours

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


Get your 'dig it' false flag interpretation; and agree yours applies mostly.

With following caveat: Considering the following as 'true': namely that the Tsunami was HAARP generated; and you are not obliged to believe me:

Would it fall under a false flag, i.e. an attack on a first party by a second who intend to pin the blame on a third:

Who stands on their pulpits on Sundays railing and ranting about 'armageddon' and the coming of the lord, and all the manifestations thereof in our current world; without a pipsqueek about exponential economic and population growth realities (which are manmade, based upon manmade cultural and religious cultural meme's); with the intentions of manipulating the church going flock, to believe the pastor; when the pastor ain't exactly revealing all the facts, are they?

When last you heard Joel Oelstein (for example) educate his congregation on the consequences of exponential functions of exponential economic and population growth? It is so much more easy to blame all of this on the devil, ain't it?

I once asked this very famous pastor, can't remember his name right now, but he visited from Alaska, what his thoughts were on forgiving the devil. His response was 'that's irrelevant'? I said 'you've got to be joking'. He said 'No, I'm not.'

If forgiving the devil is irrelevant, then forgiveness is irrelevant; for what would be there to forgive? That would mean redemption, can go straight to the wastebasket; and when I said 'You've got to be joking'. He said 'No I am not.'

So what happens when Pastors, allegedly call themselves 'Christians', and are spreading 'God's Word' and consider what I would venture is a fundamental precept of Christianity, namely forgiveness and redemption; as 'irrelevant'?

My pastor 'brad blanton' and my church 'radical honesty' consider forgiveness as essential; and not fake two-faced pretend forgiveness; and then you go and bitch and gossip behind the persons back; but real, gutwrenching, honest being to being sharing of honest resentments, until you get to real 'see the godness in you' of two beings, who have forgiven one another, and are in a new exciting, loving place.

So, I still cannot understand why so many people go to churches, where the pastors consider forgiveness, and redemption irrelevant. But I guess if it works for them; then I support them in doing what works for them.

Anyways, I got way off topic, well sorta. Thanks for the idea exchange.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the Tsunami was man made just not intentional or with HAARP. The explaination was that Exxon has some drilling rigs out in the ocean by the fault line. They produce natural gas mainly. Well when they release the pressure on the pocket over the course of years, that leaves nothing to support the mass above or keep the fault in check. The ground shifted due to pressure differences and a massive quake occured. Sounded plausable.

My reading into HAARP is that it is mainly for weather modification. Maybe even to tap into the energy of the ionisphere. That is one explaination for the massive blackout in 2003. They tapped into the ionisphere and a bolt of energy backed up the power stations on the grid. 9 nuke plants actually. Just a thought.

Would be nice to surf on xmas. Too cold here.


Penny said...

nobody, nobody, nobody,, I think that we won't see a false flag on Christmas.

I am really on the fence on wether another one is necessary.

The economic news is soooo bloody bad, that a false flag may be to risky, in that as the population is becoming more and more disenfranchised they are becoming increasingly hostile.......

Another attack of any kind will piss the people off further as in
what the hell is the gov doing?
and what use are they?
they'll wonder at the money spent on "security" and then swiftly realize it has been a huge fraud, all of it.

Then there will be shouts of hang the bastards, hang them high, or off with there heads.

So it is to risky.

They need to keep the people as calm and deluded as possible.
Until all the plans are ready to go, I don't think they are there yet.....
They need at least another year, I am thinking ....

But, I, like yourself could also be wrong

So, all in all, HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all. Be with people you love, and enjoy them.
Be happy, eat well, be kind, be helpful.

Food may become scarce, but kindness will become a must in the coming hard times,

Make allies

oh and btw if the internet does go
It has been a blast....

kikz:best wishes
nobody: ditto and carry on..

to anyone else that hangs here, all the best

we'll meet again....

nobody said...

Onya Silv, that was marvellous. I was so there, if you know what I mean. Have you tried Lagavulin mate? That was my fave. Mind you, I can't drink whisky like I used'ta could.

And I do love it when foreigners express concern about the critters here that will kill me, ha ha. For the record - forget all that stuff Steve Whatsisname had on his crocodile show. 99.99% of Australians have never even seen a lethal critter, never mind been bitten by one. I'd say you would be more likely to be taken by a Grizzly than I am to be taken by anything Antipodean. That being said, one should never camp by a water course in the North. Those crocs will fucking kill you.

And Vlad, well spotted. As a fellow who pays a great deal of attention to particular words, I went to and fro on whether I should use 'xmas' or 'christmas'. In the end I could see no clear argument either way and just did the lazy thing. But I think you're right. I think I shall ditch my use of 'xmas'. Christmas is actually a pretty word, in and of itself. Besides, if I detest such modern dross as 'all went pear-shaped', 'closure', and 'moving forward', why does 'xmas' get a guernsey?

Thanks Andrea. Couldn't agree more. Which is to say, I'm with you sister. You've actually struck on a theme that I've been on about here for a while, albeit with minor variations. Me, I don't care for the word 'forgiveness'. But the word 'redemption' is bullet-proof. For mine, redemption must always be offered. Or at least contemplated. Redemption is always selfless. Forgiveness is, in my opinion, an expression of selfishness. Okay, it's a bit more complicated than that but the case is arguable.

And thanks Dave. I really should look into this. At first I viewed it as all-too-fantastical. But now I have it in the all-too-likely basket.

Onya Pen. I will happily concede you could be right. I just make this shit up you know. It's the equivalent of watching a movie and trying to guess how the villains are going to get away with it. It passes the time...

notamobster said...

Noby - Nice one. I commented on this to a coworker the other day, inre: getting the Christians worked back into a froth against the Muslims; prepared for WWIII.

SF - I had a fantastical 46 (maybe 48) year old bottle of Glen Livet back in August on a trip to see a mate. Absolutely intoxicating (groans...).

Dave - Haarp, designed for weather though it may be, can absolutely be utilized as a directed energy weapon system. Radio frequency when attenuated to the proper hz can shake ANYTHING to pieces, including tectonic plates. Inre: the natty gas scenario, not likely. They have a process called hydrate remediation, or methanol injection. When a natty well begins to lose pressure they repressurize the hole thereby forcing the gas to come out of the ground (subsea), remebering of course, that it is in a liquid state, and backfilling the interstitial spaces. So, while not implausible, that scenario is unlikely.

Penny - maybe that's what they want? anarchy... total breakdown of social order. When society comes apart at the seams and all hope is lost... the people will cry out for a visionary to lead them. As a certain les visible says: "often times, when the tables are turned, we find the same people sitting on the other side".

k* you've been terribly brief, of late... still in love, me.

Sorry I haven't been as attentive lately, sir... and all. I wish everyone the very happiest of whatever your cause celebre. For mine it'll be Kwanzaa,
me thinks ;-)

notamobster said...

Correction inre my comment to SF... it was 44 years old and quite tasty for the first glass or two, might as well have been Soju, after that... :-)

the Silverfish said...

Ha ha not to much chance of getting eaten by Grizzlies here as one would have to travel some 800 miles northwest to see any and even then the chances are pretty slim. However I do have a lot of
Black Bears, Lynx, Bobcat, Cougars, Timber Wolves and the ever-present Coyotes. Lord I got's Coyotes and they raise hell with my dogs with their incessant yipping at night.

On a more serous note I was once eaten by a Polar Bear but thanks to the wilderness training I received during my formative weeks by that greatest of Canadian outdoorsmen and Dogsled Pizza delivery personal , Quito of the North I managed to by the way of using a cleverly concealed paper clip cause the bear to regurgitate me. Then by feigning the agony of botulism poisoning I managed to convince the Bear that I was not good to devour at that particular time of the year as all members of my tribe were carriers of a toxin very closely akin to the toxin found in west coast shellfish that had caused the extinction of the California Cool Bear.
The bear being of limited intellect and only dimly aware of the true history of the California Cool Bear decided to gain sustenance elsewhere as they had an all the seal you can eat down at the local KFS. Lucky me Huh? (snork)

Off again to continue happily,

Ps I’d like to float something passed you on the qt, nothing earth shattering ,but I would just like your take on something. Drop me your email addy over at my place, if Yuh don’t mind. It’s private and so no worries

nobody said...

And that... is why I always have a paper clip in my bag. No really I do. I almost feel naked without one.

Otherwise excellent bear wrestling and scotch drinking. Johnny Walker Blue anyone? Yoroshiku.

nina said...

No one thinks they shot a nuke out from under Deigo Garcia?

Holiday greetings to all. Silverfish, you are terribly funny.

Jake demanding attention, will be back later.


notamobster said...

Johnny Walker Blue, you say? Where and when? I'll bring the glasses... 3 glasses enough?
Anyone else care to join us for a fine scotch? (It's a little pricey for my wallet [$200/bottle here]) I think that old Glen Livet was many, many hundreds of dollars, but I didn't buy it :-) always better that way!

vlad said...

Hmmmmm, "get a guernsey" always confused me as a boy because i was only ever given a jersey or a jumper.
I agree with "moving forward" and i mostly hear it from the same clowns that utter the word "FRANCHISE"....and that word really gives me the willys.
I clicked that link and there is some real ball tearers in there Nobes, and im not trying to give you the bums rush but i reckon you missed a couple of corkers.

Visible said...

just wanted to stop by and say hello to one of my favorite writers and wish you the best in all things.

Much love my friend,

nobody said...

In amongst the annual dysfunctional-family Christmas tedium I wandered down to the cafe expecting not much of anything, what with this piece being in its third day. And instead find some perfectly charming people saying the nicest things.

Thanks Les. Nice to have you pop in. I hope you don't mind that I've been a bit quiet over at your place. It's not a comment on you, since I always read and always enjoy. But my brain does tend to go this way and that and sometimes piling into a hurly burly is neither this nor that, but the other.

Onya Vlad, it's unfashionable I know, but I do love a conversation about words. And 'franchise'. Tell me about it. Hi Nina, nice to have you, as ever. Diego Garcia? Nukes? What? I shall race over to wrh and see if things become clearer. You weren't being facetious were you? Is Jake giving you 'that look'? Quite right.

Hey NaM. I drank Johnny Walker Blue one time in Tokyo. It was in this tiny shot bar that only served neat liquor. The menu had two pages of malt scotch, a page of scotch blends, two pages of vodka, a page of tequila etc etc. It was almost encyclopaedic.

Being in one of those Tokyo what-the-hell moods I ordered the Johnny Blue at ¥5000 (about A$60!) for one glass. One of the immaculate and perfectly low-key waiters hand sculpted a block of pure Antarctic ice into a perfect sphere (seriously), put it in the glass and poured a generous slug of Blue over it. And yes, it was the best scotch ever.

But! It was also a transient nothing, a twinkling of an eye, a thing I shall one day forget. But I did have to say that, didn't I? To be a fellow keen to shed desire and to be waxing deliriously about some thing-to-be-desired, is what? Whatever I make of it, I expect.

Still I did enjoy sitting in that bar drinking that scotch, and all with a smart-as-a-whip girl laughing at my jokes. Funnily enough I remember the name of the scotch, but not the name of the girl. Still, I see her face perfectly and I do hope she's well and happy. It was a fabulous evening.

Anyway, I don't know about you folks but I'm steeling myself for tomorrow's greed-fest. I shall be like Buddha, a smile on my face, safe in the knowledge that this thing will end and then I can go home and have a spliff. And thanks folks, I wish you all the best and may your day tomorrow be filled with love and laughter.

su said...


Was going to take to the hammock today.
And yet after a beautifully strong cup of euphemistic tea, I went to the cupboard to get a rusk, and noticed the staleness.
So everything went out and was wiped, placed in order and acknowledged.
Hours spent reshaping this cupboard, that holds the energy of my family's food bodies.
The energy that came up doing it was remarkable.
And yet somehow we humans have stories that cleaning is an issue or anything requiring movement is a curse.
Just doing it was the reward.
Then the fridge mentioned its needs for order
then the cooking began,
nutrition for the dogs, special blends for the guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens.

Unknown seeds in the cupboard, sowed outside. Our Christmas surprise. I have a feeling they are Marigolds.

Everything is being prepared and I have no idea where this energy is coming from....

This morning I looked out of my bedroom window and there was a white rabbit in the middle of this road. Being acquainted I said good morning and clicked in a very specific way.
This creature looked up at me and ran to the gate, through the garden, up the steps, through the cat flap, and into my arms.
What a perfect start to the day.

So from this perspective, away from weather control, away from all potentialities I wish us all grace and humour.

I would so love to cook a meal for all of you.
Perhaps one day we can meet up.

So delighted to have met you along the way.

kikz said...

noby, penn, nina, nota, et al.... happy holidaze. :)

nota 'k* you've been terribly brief, of late... still in love, me. '

well, nota.. i'm still here, and tried to foster some discussion on tireless minority.. that's you isn't it? i left 3-4 comments on the next to the last entry on ELF, etc.. and never got any response frm anybody, as there are no other comments aftr mine.. oh well :)?

nobody said...

Thanks Kikz. And thanks Susana! That was marvellous. I do love that only-in-the-moment state of mind. I shall be looking to rearrange my life shortly in the hope that that mindset becomes default. Kind of thing.

And that rabbit hopped straight into your house? Unbelievable. Don't tell this to too many people or the corporations well have a brainstorm and come up with some variety of rabbit-calling pot, ha ha. "With the new Wonderbrand 'Rabbit Caller' Pot all you have to do it add the carrots and potatoes!"

Anonymous said...

December 29, 2008
Australia has no mind of its own- what the yanks tell us to do, we do. If only Mark Latham had had the guts (and the support).
Tar, brush, gillard
(not that I vote anyway) we are so piss weak.

nobody said...

Is Julia Gillard actually the Minister for anything? She'd certainly make a great Minister Of Doing What She Is Told.

Or Minister Of Declaring That Black Is White.

Or perhaps even, Minister Of Defending The Indefensible.

Or how about Minister Of Being A Shill For Zionist Murderers And Ethnic Cleansers?

Anonymous said...

heblow nblode bid yglu no we habe fbluripe im our waber.
Electronic Harassment
iminent brate- hebly feefh fro nbolw on.

Kevenj said...

The attack came a day after Christmas.

Damn Nobody, you're good.

Have a good New Year.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News
A busy local sidewalk artist in Canberra has painted a stunning lifelike image of Julia Gillard by throwing up on the footpath.
He used different types of out of date Chinese food discarded by the local Chinese takeaway to colour the 'painting'. Old Sweet and Sour for her hair, Chicken Combination for facial features, etc.
Many passers by commented on how life like the rendition was.
The artist noted that he really didn’t need for the food to be 'off' as the comments of Ms Gillard re Israel’s action upon Palestine were enough to make anyone sick. 'I've had my spew on the sidewalk and arranged it to be representative', he said.
The image took about four hours to complete as the fetid Chinese food had to be consumed before it was regurgitated to render a detail of the putrid feature. Very authentic.
‘I hope to deliver some ‘chunder art’ of Kevin Rudd as soon as I’m feeling a little better’, he said.

nobody said...

Yes KJ, I am good aren't I? I was going to protest but who I am to dispute such an insightful fellow? The only fly in the ointement was that really I was musing on the possibility of a big 911 like false-flag precisely on Christmas day. Whilst I didn't say so, I imagined it would be on Christians.

Otherwise I have a feeling that we're ramping up now and vague predictions of attacks will turn out to be right often as not.

And thank you anon (whom I idly suspect might be the PM in mufti) for that marvellous clip from the Canberra Times. I almost expected to turn the page and see a Geoff Pryor cartoon. Otherwise if the artist is up for requests I insist that Bill Keelty gets on the list somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I think for Keelty the 'artist' would use different coloured (moist) dog faeces.
By the by my previous posting after consuming our local fluorinated water (I'm back on the tank water now) was to convey the fact that we now have fluoride in our drinking water and what a boon to healthy teeth.

nobody said...

Yeah thanks Tony,

I drink it down by the bucketload. Mmmm... chock full of aluminium industry toxic waste goodness.

Penny said...

happy new year nobody and everyone else.
see you in the new year

and when my head is a bit better, I will try to haikua again

it will be good for me anyway

thanks nobody, for being a pal
of course kikz, notamobster and please no one be offended if I haven't mentioned you by name I wish you all the best health and happiness I can muster

best wishes to all...........

nobody said...

Thanks Pen. Happily the holiday season bag of grass ended yesterday and with it my dreamy lethargy. A new piece up soon. Ciao Ciao.

Oh, Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとう!